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#2656344 DEATH under Clinton, LIFE under Trump... which do you choose?

Posted by Hansel on 26 September 2016 - 05:54 PM

DEATH under Clinton, LIFE under Trump... which do you choose?

Monday, September 26, 2016
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Natural News readers have long known that my core mission in life is to protect and defend life. Hillary Clinton -- and every evil institution trying to push her into the White House -- means death to all the things that most Americans hold dear. In this article, I list some of the many things that will be put to death under a Hitlery Clinton administration.

(H/T to Michael Savage for his must-read book, SCORCHED EARTH - Restoring the Country After Obama, in which he coined the phrase "death under Clinton, life under Trump." For those interested in trivia, I actually coined the phrase "Trickle-Down Tyranny" which later became the title of an earlier book by Savage.)


#1) Death to Natural News and the entire free press


Under a Clinton dictatorship, the entire independent media (and "alt right" media) will be censored out of existence. Leaders of the indy media will likely be threatened with arrest and criminal charges for publishing stories that criticize radical Islam, Black Lives Matter or the Clinton administration itself.

Under Clinton, government will be used as a weapon against dissenting views, and the only free press remaining in America -- the alternative media -- will be systematically destroyed. See the article The WAR on Free Speech intensifies.


#2) Death to free speech


It's not just the free press that will disappear under a Clinton regime; it's also your individual right to free speech. As we've already begun to witness under the Obama regime, individuals who criticize any "protected class" in a lunatic leftist society are silenced at every level... including from all the search engines and social media giants that are desperately trying to put Clinton into the White House. This Infowars article describes how Google is now raising an army of trolls -- called "Heroes" -- to censor politically incorrect videos across YouTube.

RELATED: Amazon.com just rigged all the book reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book to eliminate low ratings. Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon, also runs the anti-America propaganda-pimping newspaper rag known as the Washington Post.


#3) Death to clean food


Known as the "Bride of Frankenfood," Hillary Clinton is a huge supporter of Monsanto and GMOs. Now that Monsanto is being purchased by Bayer, the Nazi-era chemical weapons "crimes against humanity" corporation, Hitlary will pick up where Adolf Hitler left off by poisoning people to death with corporate chemicals that are all "approved" by the EPA, FDA and USDA, working hand in hand with Monsanto, Bayer and DuPont.


#4) Death to liberty


Liberty is the enemy of totalitarianism, and that's why a Hillary Clinton victory would carry on the legacy of outright liberty destruction that's already been pursued for eight years by Obama, a Muslim traitor who despises America and seeks its total dissolution.

Under a Clinton regime, expect all your sacred rights to be obliterated: The right to free speech, the right to bear arms, the right to remain silent, the right to be free from illegal searches and seizures, the right to a fair trial, and so on. There is no liberty that Hillary Clinton won't destroy in her quest to rule over America as a domineering dictator.


#5) Death to justice


Think you can get a fair trial in the United States today? Much of the justice system has already been overrun by Obama's leftist lunatic judges who almost universally see members of the public as GUILTY on all counts.

How do you think the Oregon ranchers ended up serving years in prison for the non-crime of initiating brush fire burns on their own ranches? Why do you think the IRS is used as a political weapon to destroy conservative non-profits? How do you suppose the head of the FBI, James Comey, just happened to be working for Hillary Clinton all along?

It's all because justice is RIGGED under the Obama-Clinton regime, which is precisely why the worst criminals in America -- like Hillary Clinton herself -- are allowed to walk free after committing treason against America.


#6) Death to jobs and the economy


If you think unemployment and destitution is bad right now across America, just wait to witness the accelerated economic destruction of a Clinton regime.

If Clinton is elected, we'll see even more government policies that destroy jobs, wages and pension funds. We'll see the rapid expansion of tent cities and people living in their vans because they're lost their homes, their savings and their futures.

Hillary Clinton will thrust America into destitution and despotism, all while claiming to hold a monopoly on "compassion" and "inclusiveness." But when it comes to the wealth of the inner circle of the politically connected, you aren't included!


#7) Death to religion


If you have any religious beliefs at all, you're automatically considered a "bigot" by the lunatic left in America today. Under Obama, you're already demonized for exercising your beliefs while being relentlessly attacked by a God-hating media and Hollywood entertainment apparatus.

Under Clinton, it will only get worse: Public prayer may be criminalized altogether... churches could be bulldozed by the government... Bibles confiscated and outlawed like we already see happening in China. Truly, a lunatic leftist "purge" of religion is near the top of Clinton's list, because the one thing she cannot allow anyone to believe in is a higher power (because then they might not believe in Big Government).


#8) Death to medical freedom


Under Hillary Clinton, adults will be subjected to mandatory vaccinations at gunpoint. This will escalate into forced organ harvesting and ultimately, in order to keep Obamacare financially solvent, the forced euthanasia of the elderly.


A Hillary Clinton presidency means death panels, armed government thugs in the hospitals, the routine medical kidnapping of children and the mandatory psychiatric drugging of outspoken conservatives. (Don't they need "treatment" to think more like leftists?)


#9) Death to safety and the right of self-defense


Another pillar of a Clinton presidency is the criminalization of citizens who own guns. Under Clinton and her Supreme Court nominations, the Second Amendment will be obliterated and wiped from history. Every gun-owning citizen will be granted a brief window to turn in their guns or be arrested and imprisoned.

Your right to self-defense will be wiped away. Your ability to be safe in your own home or community will be nullified. All guns will be placed in the hands of government thugs who answer to the Clinton criminals in Washington. Supporters of the Second Amendment will be arrested, executed or imprisoned by the Clinton regime, and all gun and ammo sales to private citizens will be banned. You will wake up one day to find yourself living in a totalitarian police state run by insane leftists who seek to have you killed or imprisoned.


#10) Death to America


In all, Hillary Clinton means death to America... and that's the Obama goal, extended to a new regime. Obama, Clinton and all the leftists in Washington hold intense hatred for America and hope to see the nation destroyed from within. With the help of putrid, anti-human globalists like George Soros, liberals and leftists are dismantling America one riot at a time.


Just like Muslim Obama, Hillary Clinton absolutely will not stop until America is obliterated and replaced by global governance. Under Clinton, the American flag will be banned, the Constitution will be outlawed, and any person handing out printed Constitution handbooks will be arrested, imprisoned or executed for possessing "contraband."


A Hillary Clinton America is, in essence, a Red China America, with all the police state tyranny, political purges and internet controls that now characterize China. If Hillary is elected, she will make sure that America is overrun with illegal aliens, bombed into chaos by Islamic terrorists, and taxed into economic oblivion by more Big Government policies that make small business all but impossible to operate.


America will then become a globalist corporate-fascism totalitarian police state -- it's dangerously close to that already -- to be ruled by the United Nations, where Obama is put into power as a globalist dictator.


MUST READ: The Hillary Files white paper

To learn even more about Hillary Clinton, make sure you download and read The Hillary Files, authored by NewsTarget.com, our sister site.

It's subtitled: "How special interests that violate health, human rights and the environment have pre-purchased the Clinton presidency."


Click here to download The Hillary Files now.


LIFE under Trump

Under Donald Trump, America has a slim but legitimate chance to reverse the eight years of destruction under Obama and restore freedom, liberty and sovereignty to this once great nation.


Here are just some of the areas where Trump promises to breathe LIFE back into America:

#1) Jobs, paychecks and opportunity

#2) Liberty, Second Amendment and constitutional rights

#3) National security and border control

#4) Saving money for taxpayers

#5) Drastically reduced government regulations on small business

#6) Lower taxes for small business, which means more jobs for everyone

#7) Protecting the lives of community police officers who help protect us from violent criminals

#8) Improving race relations and finally ending the Black Lives Matter riots, arson, violence and murder that now characterizes America's cities

#9) More jobs for African-Americans, as illegals are deported

#10) More aggressive stance against international terrorism

In essence, Donald Trump promises to:

... get the government off our backs.

... get the terrorists out of our cities.

... get the illegals out of our country.

... allow small business owners to create jobs that generate paychecks for workers.

... allow working families to keep more of the money they earn.

... allow citizens to keep their firearms for self-defense.

... allow local police to do their jobs without being labeled racists.

... defend our nation, our cities, our families and our way of life against leftist lunatics who are trying to destroy everything.

This November, VOTE TRUMP or prepare for the DEATH of everything you love
What's the bottom line here? This is your very last chance to help save America. If we lose this election to the globalists, America will not survive the next eight years.


• REGISTER to vote, even if you never normally vote.

• VOTE on November 8th, no matter what.

• ENCOURAGE others to vote for Trump, and share this article to help explain why.

• SHOW your support with yard signs, blog posts, articles, local ads and anything else you can do to help make sure Trump gets elected.


Read Breitbart.com, Infowars.com and DrudgeReport.com

And visit these additional sites on the Natural News network:



We either WIN in November, or we witness the death of America. Which do you choose?

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#2677860 What zodiac sign

Posted by Atossa on 08 March 2017 - 09:32 PM

Is given to U by the fate/planets...,

Atossa - Gemini

Do you know what they say about multifaceted Gemini women...
if you have one, you have a whole harem.

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Posted by USC on 09 November 2016 - 11:41 AM


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#2659060 wow 4 min Trump speech, how can people not for this man, please watch and pas...

Posted by Mario Milano on 15 October 2016 - 04:13 AM

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#2647291 Olympian Disgrace

Posted by Mario Milano on 08 August 2016 - 03:34 AM

Olympian Disgrace
by Stephen Lendman
Washington pressured the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) to ban all Russian athletes from participating in Rio 2016 - solely for political reasons, nothing else, a reprehensible example of imperial arrogance.
WADA bowed and scraped. Its commission member Canadian law professor Richard McLaren disgraced him, preparing a trumped up report, baselessly claiming systemic doping of Russian athletes “beyond a reasonable doubt,” without providing credible evidence proving it.
IOC president Thomas Bach wouldn’t go along. Washington’s scheme fell short. Russia’s entire track and field team, its Paralympians and other athletes were unfairly banned from competition because of doping accusations against a few team members - a scandalous political stunt.
Nearly 300 other Russian athletes were cleared to participate, in Rio competing for gold, silver and bronze medals.
Washington never ceases to find ways to reach new lows, its imperial mindset even corrupting Olympism, making it more a political event than a sporting one.
I’m boycotting the games. I refuse to watch any of the competition. I’m not sure what’s sport at its best or rigged events because of Russian athletes barred from participating solely for representing the wrong country in the eyes of US policymakers.
I urge everyone to tune out. The whole sordid business warrants widespread boycott. Let sponsors anting up millions of dollars for commercial air time take the hindmost.
Olympic Games came a long way from their ancient Greek origin and more modern late 19th century version to today’s corrupted system.
It’s scandalous, prioritizing profiteering, exploitation, sticking taxpayers with huge expenses, harming the poor, other disenfranchised groups and affected communities, along with letting politicization override sport.
The best of what it should be in Rio is absent, sham and spectacle not worth watching replacing it.

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#2522110 British Bullsh*t Corporation ears losing information war as Russia Today ramp...

Posted by wirehaired on 23 December 2014 - 10:50 AM

The only thing they are being outgunned by is the truth and they don't like it,for years the western Corporate media jackals have had things all their own way,those days are over.

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#2517930 Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working

Posted by Colombo on 24 November 2014 - 03:27 AM

I am constantly intrigued and often amazed by the way nations within the global family, reflect the personal relationships we establish in our daily lives, giving each nation its own national or ethnic cultural character.  Just as our words and deeds identify us as individuals, the rhetoric, diplomacy, economics and militarism of nations identify them on the world stage.  The United States is like a spoiled child in the family of nations, or even like a schoolyard bully.  Americans are taught to be excessively proud and patriotic over their frontier history, and so the spoiled child nation becomes convinced that it is wiser in its infancy, than all the other nations, including those whose history stretches back many centuries.  I wish I had taken better advantage of my own adolescent intellect because I knew everything back then, whereas now at 62, I'm aware that the older I get the less I really know.  It's frightening to think how many centuries it may take for the USA to reach this level of introspection.  In the meantime, I suppose we can expect the USA to continue challenging all of its imagined adversaries, to childish pissing contests, which is exactly what this deeply suspect smear-Putin-campaign amounts to.  Unfortunately, these childish games create what might be described as an intellectual-leadership vacuum. Putin just happens to be bold enough, charismatic and smart enough to play with the obnoxious child, to teach it some badly needed lessons, thereby, filling that vacuum and distinguishing himself and his nation as true, competent leaders on that world stage.  And I for one, thank God that Russia and its leader also display a genuine humanitarian soul in the face of all these infantile assaults.

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#2684595 President Trump Has It Wrong on Syria – Assad Did NOT Use Chemical Weapons –...

Posted by wirehaired on 11 April 2017 - 07:52 PM

It may be true Magoo, but Trump did break his word without proof or explanation for his misdeeds,



Just look at all those Strangelove type  Generals like Mattis that Trump has surrounded himself with,thats the problem,he hasn't drained the swamp he has filled it with Piranhas.

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#2684178 Syria, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah fighters release a statement threatening U.S.

Posted by Magoo on 09 April 2017 - 08:10 PM

Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah military leaders release joint statement, threatens the U.S.
By Paul Antonopoulos - 09/04/201714


BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:50 P.M.) The military operation rooms of Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other allies have just released a new joint statement. This joint statement was spurred on by US aggression that saw the country strike the Shayrat Airbase in rural Homs with Tomahawk missiles.

The statement released in Arabic states that the allied operations room recognizes that the US is supporting the separation of northern Syria and Iraq from their respective states.

Point seven of the statement details how all US military are legitimate targets as they have crossed every red line possible and operate illegally in Syria. It then emphasizes that the joint military operations room will respond strongly to any aggression and any violation made by the US in Syria.

More at non-scrolling site.
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#2683621 Russian Defence Ministry: Most missiles missed target. Russia to boost Syrian...

Posted by USC on 07 April 2017 - 08:09 PM

inside info


Russia is responding. Today, Russian aviation bombed the positions of the  Free Syrian Army on the border of Jordan and Israel exactly where the British, Israeli, American, Saudi instructors are concentrated and where are the headquarters, warehouses and logistics centers are located.


The last time Russia bombed these positions after the "erroneous American air raid on Deir ez Zor" in September 2016. After that, Russia remained neutral until today.

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#2675014 Slavyansk self-defence shot down 3 helicopters. Fights at the outskrits of Sl...

Posted by USC on 20 February 2017 - 01:01 PM

Finally they met


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#2674655 John Mclunatic Mccain not taking his medication again?

Posted by Atossa on 18 February 2017 - 07:35 AM

The jew/nwo's antichrist cultural marxist "universal values" is mass insanity on a global scale.

The Bible says the nations have drunk of Babylon's toxic wine and have all gone mad.

John Dryden, English 17th century poet, said it this way:

" For those whom God to ruin has designed,
He fits for fate, and first destroys their mind. "

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#2673821 Dresden - Never Forget !!

Posted by Atossa on 13 February 2017 - 03:44 AM

February 13-15

Kurt Vonnegut who was a prisoner of war in Dresden witnessed the "obscene brutality" of the allied bombing raids.

" Dresden was surely among the world's most lovely cities. Her streets were broad, lined with shade-trees. She was sprinkled with countless little parks and statuary. She had marvellous old churches, libraries, museums, theatres, art galleries, beer gardens, a zoo and a renowned university."

" Thank heaven we're in an 'open city', we thought, and so thought the thousands of refugees - women, children and old men - who came in a forlorn stream from the smouldering wreckage of Berlin, Leipzig, Breslau, Munich. They flooded the city to twice its normal population... There was no war in Dresden... Dresden had no reason to prepare for attack and thereby hangs a beastly tale. "

" You guys burnt the place down, turned it into a single column of flame. More people died there in the firestorm, in that one big flame, than died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined."

Never forget !!

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Posted by Mario Milano on 09 February 2017 - 03:32 AM




will trump take america back from the rothschild bankers and free Americans from the shackles of jewish usury just like president andrew jackson did ?! 


from aol



President Donald Trump’s populist message apparently extends to his interior decorating.


According to a New York Times report, Trump on Tuesday hung a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office.




Trump has praised the 7th President calling him, “an amazing figure in American history – very unique so many ways.” White House chief strategist Steve Bannon even described Trump’s inaugural address as “Jacksonian.”




“The bold effort the present bank has made to control the government, the distress it had wantonly produced…are but premonitions of the fate that awaits the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it.” (President Andrew Jackson, warning the American people after he abolished the privately controlled central bank, the Bank of the United States. We now have another private (Jewish) controlled central bank known as the Federal Reserve






Andrew Jackson was one of the greatest American Presidents of all time. He shut down the Second Bank of the United States which was really just a central bank privately owned by jews that created America’s currency (out of nothing) and lent it at interest to the government, sinking the United States into deep debt and impoverishing Americans just like the Federal Reserve is doing today. Andrew Jackson survived a assassination attempt by a man named Richard Lawrence, a poor bloke hired by the Jew Rothschild family who sought revenge against Jackson for shutting down their usurious central bank. But this is the risk US leaders must take in order to save our country. More and more Americans are waking up to these Jewish Questions in American politics and banking. Will it be too little, too late? Will Trump risk it all to save America from the jewish money mafia and put a end to their usury that is plundering and sucking dry all the wealth, resources and life out of America ?






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#2671338 Hollyweirdos at the Women’s March on Washington

Posted by Nemesis on 22 January 2017 - 02:00 PM


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#2671337 More Than 50 Soros-Funded Groups Partnered With Women’s March On Washington

Posted by Nemesis on 22 January 2017 - 01:58 PM


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#2671051 Exclusive / Russian military police in Aleppo

Posted by USC on 20 January 2017 - 08:45 AM

switch on subtitles



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#2663440 Russian MP calls for sanctions against Soros, Nuland and Biden

Posted by Zharkov on 15 November 2016 - 03:51 PM

Good idea, there are reasons behind those sanctions that make sense.


Nuland seems to have started the war in Ukraine for no particular reason other than to embarrass Russia's government, and she wasted $5 billion of US taxpayer dollars that should have been spent in America rather than offshore.


Soros is a moron who has caused the deaths of thousands of people in his stupid pretense of "an Open Society", and "Responsibility To Protect" crazyness, the ultimate expression of which was the destruction of Libya and much of Syria.    Soros is just plain evil.


As for Biden, the guy is an Obama collaborator and deserves punishment for that.   As soon as he leaves office, Obama should also be sanctioned and placed on the banned list so he can NEVER visit Russia.    Many of Russia's most serious problems with allies has been caused by the Bush-Obama-Clinton Axis of Evil.    Every one of those people should be denied visas to visit Russia, forever.


Those same Axis of Evil people have been destroying America along with the Mid-East, and if Trump were nuts like I am, he would ban them from America as well.    Just wait for them to go on vacation to some foreign country, and then cancel their passports and let them live inside a US embassy for life, like Julian Assange.

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#2663075 Liberals unleash beatings, death threats and calls for mass murder of Trump s...

Posted by Thoth on 13 November 2016 - 07:10 AM

Democrats have created and fostered this culture. They demonized Trump and his supporters, and that process - demonization - takes away the humanity of the demonized in the eyes of the demonizers and their sympathizers. What's more, Trump now represents some kind of great evil to them, a Sauron character, a great villain to be attacked.


I'm just glad I don't live amongst these cretins. I wouldn't want to have to kill anyone.

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#2661695 WW3- which targets?

Posted by excelsior on 05 November 2016 - 06:17 PM

:hi: :hi:Wow..thank you all for your comments.  I appreciate hearing everything that has been said and posted,  I like hearing different points of views and the way people explain things in different ways.  I feel that it is our responsibility to discern what we believe to be the truth.  There is a lot of truth out there but there is a lot of bullshit too!   You remember when kids would pick a flower and pick each petal off...he loves me, he loves me not.....yada yada.  Well, that's how I discern information, I come across something and I keep that petal of information that I believe to be true and the one's that are lies are thrown away. 


I don't believe for one minute that putin wants WW3.  I like the fact that when he says he means business he shows it like sending the northern fleet.  To be quite honest I would prefer WW3 than having to endure a long, slow painful death under another Clinton presidency.....which brings me to the point that ...Hell yea....I am Trump all the way!

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