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#2677860 What zodiac sign

Posted by Atossa on 08 March 2017 - 09:32 PM

Is given to U by the fate/planets...,

Atossa - Gemini

Do you know what they say about multifaceted Gemini women...
if you have one, you have a whole harem.

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#2647291 Olympian Disgrace

Posted by Mario Milano on 08 August 2016 - 03:34 AM

Olympian Disgrace
by Stephen Lendman
Washington pressured the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) to ban all Russian athletes from participating in Rio 2016 - solely for political reasons, nothing else, a reprehensible example of imperial arrogance.
WADA bowed and scraped. Its commission member Canadian law professor Richard McLaren disgraced him, preparing a trumped up report, baselessly claiming systemic doping of Russian athletes “beyond a reasonable doubt,” without providing credible evidence proving it.
IOC president Thomas Bach wouldn’t go along. Washington’s scheme fell short. Russia’s entire track and field team, its Paralympians and other athletes were unfairly banned from competition because of doping accusations against a few team members - a scandalous political stunt.
Nearly 300 other Russian athletes were cleared to participate, in Rio competing for gold, silver and bronze medals.
Washington never ceases to find ways to reach new lows, its imperial mindset even corrupting Olympism, making it more a political event than a sporting one.
I’m boycotting the games. I refuse to watch any of the competition. I’m not sure what’s sport at its best or rigged events because of Russian athletes barred from participating solely for representing the wrong country in the eyes of US policymakers.
I urge everyone to tune out. The whole sordid business warrants widespread boycott. Let sponsors anting up millions of dollars for commercial air time take the hindmost.
Olympic Games came a long way from their ancient Greek origin and more modern late 19th century version to today’s corrupted system.
It’s scandalous, prioritizing profiteering, exploitation, sticking taxpayers with huge expenses, harming the poor, other disenfranchised groups and affected communities, along with letting politicization override sport.
The best of what it should be in Rio is absent, sham and spectacle not worth watching replacing it.

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#2522110 British Bullsh*t Corporation ears losing information war as Russia Today ramp...

Posted by wirehaired on 23 December 2014 - 10:50 AM

The only thing they are being outgunned by is the truth and they don't like it,for years the western Corporate media jackals have had things all their own way,those days are over.

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#2517930 Readers Comments Show anti-Putin Propaganda Not Working

Posted by Colombo on 24 November 2014 - 03:27 AM

I am constantly intrigued and often amazed by the way nations within the global family, reflect the personal relationships we establish in our daily lives, giving each nation its own national or ethnic cultural character.  Just as our words and deeds identify us as individuals, the rhetoric, diplomacy, economics and militarism of nations identify them on the world stage.  The United States is like a spoiled child in the family of nations, or even like a schoolyard bully.  Americans are taught to be excessively proud and patriotic over their frontier history, and so the spoiled child nation becomes convinced that it is wiser in its infancy, than all the other nations, including those whose history stretches back many centuries.  I wish I had taken better advantage of my own adolescent intellect because I knew everything back then, whereas now at 62, I'm aware that the older I get the less I really know.  It's frightening to think how many centuries it may take for the USA to reach this level of introspection.  In the meantime, I suppose we can expect the USA to continue challenging all of its imagined adversaries, to childish pissing contests, which is exactly what this deeply suspect smear-Putin-campaign amounts to.  Unfortunately, these childish games create what might be described as an intellectual-leadership vacuum. Putin just happens to be bold enough, charismatic and smart enough to play with the obnoxious child, to teach it some badly needed lessons, thereby, filling that vacuum and distinguishing himself and his nation as true, competent leaders on that world stage.  And I for one, thank God that Russia and its leader also display a genuine humanitarian soul in the face of all these infantile assaults.

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#2727190 BREAKING: Syrian troops find chemical weapons made in Salisbury

Posted by zhurnalist on 19 April 2018 - 08:52 PM

Check out Azerbaijan Baku airport used as ferrying post of chemical weapons to western backed terrorists in Syria

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#2724936 The Skripal Affair is a Hoax. If Russia is “No Longer to Blame”, What Next?

Posted by LebenUndLieben on 07 April 2018 - 04:35 PM

Good observation, wirehaired. And they loved to torture people into confession which they and the USA considers a proper method to determine guilt.

In USA war on Vietnam, the USA tortured thousands of Vietnam people to death, and USA considers the torturers heroes.

USA loves to build "Veteran memorial monuments" to these wars & the people who killed & got killed   to perpetuate these criminal operations.

Not a single US  politician has even been accused of so much mass torture, mayhem & murder let alone punished. 

We always blame the victims. The more a politician murders & lies, the more we praise him.

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#2724891 This Bitch and those like her must go

Posted by Nemesis on 07 April 2018 - 11:10 AM

 ikki is a big crybabby and has gotten me blocked several times. How long until I am blocked for posting this???



@nikkihaley You don't belong at the UN. The UN needs to put a muzzle on you. It's a place to work for world peace and cooperation, not for some skank to agitate for war and the interests of empire and imperialism.  

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#2723493 “Putin” – the Documentary Sure to Change Everything You Thought You Knew Abou...

Posted by USC on 26 March 2018 - 06:06 PM





A groundbreaking new film by Andrei Kondrashev. “Putin” dives into depth about the man who we all hear so much about, but who we know so little about. From the early tumultuous days of the presidency – dealing with the terrorist situation, the Kursk tragedy and a demoralized Russia – to Putin now, the leader of a reenergized and recovered Russia. A year in the making with personal stories that have never been told on camera before. Some will be shocking and stunning. Attempts on the president’s life and the toll of the presidency on Vladimir Putin himself – all of it has been brought together in the most complete portrait of Vladimir Putin that has been done to date.




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#2722564 Ominous ME developments - Syrpers posters

Posted by Tatarewicz on 20 March 2018 - 10:02 AM

the Thylacine

Monday, 19 March 2018 18:04 (my amendments and emphases)
Today, a meeting of the Ministry of Defense of Russia was held, at which Colonel-General Rudskoy, the head of the Main Headquarters of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff) made the following speech:
“Even earlier, a few days ago, Valery Gerasimov, the chief of the Russian General Staff, made an open statement to all the world’s media.

In his address, Comrade Gerasimov said that Russia is aware of the impending sabotage in the Eastern Guta region. The opposition, controlled by a coalition led by the United States, is preparing to use the world’s banned chemical weapons.
We told you that we are aware of the facts that “actors” and equipment were already brought into the alleged attack area, with the help of which the whole world was later to see a film about how the troops of the government of Syria, that is, the army of Assad, violate the world legislation and applies chemical weapons against civilians.

So, at the moment, our intelligence has replenished, in connection with which we simply have to warn:
First. All that humanitarian aid of the Western coalition, which was supposed for civilians of East Hut, suffering from terrorists, was directly at the disposal of these same terrorists.
Not only that the Western coalition provided the militants with everything necessary, so it also contributed to their ranks being replenished. How? It’s simple. Terrorists give the civilians food, in exchange for their assistance.

The second. We have data that are not doubted that fifty kilometers from the US military base (near the town of At-Tanf), American specialists are training specially formed groups of terrorists whose mission is to conduct provocative actions using banned chemical weapons in the southern part of the country .
Earlier this month, these militant detachments were sent to the area of the settlement of Deraa, which is under the control of the “Free Army of Syria”.
And now, these units are directly preparing to commit provocations, preparing explosives with poisonous chemicals.

The plan is also clear: after a series of such explosions, charges will be brought against government troops. Thus, the US is trying to “untie one’s own hands,” to launch aggressive actions against the Assad regime.
We absolutely know that everything necessary for the manufacture of poisonous shells has already been brought to the southern part of de-escalation [zone]. By the way, all imported was disguised as humanitarian aid [by] private American companies.

Also, the militants were provided with fuses, which were brought under the guise of tobacco.
At the disposal of terrorists there are twenty containers with a substance like chlorine, which will be used in alleged provocative attacks.
All the preparatory measures are thoroughly masked, and the consequences of the attacks are planned to be widely publicized.

The main purpose of these provocations is to strike a large-scale strike by the US Army through the territory of Syria, in particular on government and state facilities.
We are also aware of the stages of preparation for this blow. In several sea squares, the United States creates an enhanced grouping, which is armed with cruise missiles.

So, in connection with all of the above, we consider it our duty to inform you that the Russian General Staff is very closely monitoring all changes in the situation concerning Syria.
We are also obliged to warn that if, on the West’s side, a blow to Damascus is struck, in the government quarters, among which are servicemen of the Russian army. And not only servicemen, but also diplomatic employees, advisers, military police and the Center for Conciliation of the parties.
So, if this blow is [struck], in this case, the Russian side will strike back not only on the missiles themselves, which will not have time to reach the target, but also on the square from where these missiles will be launched.

This we guarantee.
Thank you for attention.”
The events on Saturday and Sunday, as well as today’s speech by General Rudskoy has not been mentioned EVEN ONCE by the regular mass-media in the United States or in Europe. Citizens of the West of blissfully unaware of just how close we are to the physical breakout of World War 3.


* these were NOT Rudskoi’s exact words.


A US campaign against the Islamic State never existed.

ISIS was incubated in America’s Camp Bucca prison system in Iraq. In 2012, General Michael Flynn, head of the Defense Intelligence Agency at the time, wrote a report for the Obama administration outlining the intelligence revealing the US backed insurgency in Syria as dominated by Wahhabi/Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda Iraq and that their intentions were to establish an intolerant, violent Islamist state in northeastern Syria. In an interview with Mehdi Hasan on Al Jazeera’s Head to Head, Flynn stated flatly that the administration made a “willful decision” to use those armed jihadist groups as assets in order to put pressure on President Assad.


Muslim Dude

1. Trump apparently threatens to pull US troops out of South Korea.


This withdrawal would have been as ‘punishment’ to South Korea for the Americans running a trade deficit with the US.

This just signifies the rapidly declining nature of the US which is admitting it is broke, short of money and wants to either save money or make sure ‘beneficiaries’ of its military ‘protection’ (semi-occupation) pay up. This is taking place even before the arrival of the PetroYuan.

2. Trump has till this day made no mention of eastern Ghouta on his twitter.


UN chief demands Hezbollah withdraw from Syria, condemns group\

“The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, demanded this past weekend that Hezbollah completely withdraw from Syria, adding that they should stop meddling in foreign affairs.”

I guess he just got the memo from Tel Aviv. Note to Guterres, Hezbollah was invited to Syria, unlike Turkey, the US and their 57 flavours of jihadists. Mr. Guterres needs to chill out, have a glass of port, put on some Fado, I recommend Mariza and quit meddling in the foreign affairs of Syria. He needs to tell those who aren’t there at the request of Syria, to go home. Well, we know who he is in bed with. I sure hope he is using a condom, or more likely lube.


JewSA War Crimes in Syria

Teetering on the Edge of Nuclear War


within the JewSA there is a divergence of command, where rogue operators, allegedly under Israeli or “other” command, are able to stage provocations, even influence policy, outside of normal procedures.

Veterans Today editor, Colonel James Hanke, stated repeatedly that that US Army is largely infiltrated with “rogue operators” and that several top commanders have been “off the reservation” for years.

Hanke has cited that the Pentagon has seized policy initiative from both the State Department and the Presidency on several occasions.


‘The West’ gets ready for war! – It’s 2 minutes to midnight!
The Doomsday clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists website now has the final singularity moment that will bring civilization to nuclear annihilation, at two minutes to midnight. The closest it has been to this time, was in 1953, when the US successfully tested the hydrogen bomb.




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#2726512 Donald Trump declares US ‘locked and loaded’ for more strikes on Syria

Posted by USC on 15 April 2018 - 12:36 PM


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