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ALL nine "accidental" Presidents knew it in advance - 9 reduced to ZERO - ONLY Obama TRULY accidental

End Times Reductionism Accidental Presidents Last Prophet Matt John Tyler US presidents murdered

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#1 MattMarriott


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Posted 12 February 2014 - 10:46 PM

Accidental presidents: ALL official 9 knew it prior to their predecessor's death (6 real and 2 staged) or resignation (only case: Gerald Ford)
US Presidents: End Times Reductionism: in a few lines Last Prophet Matt exposes worldwide first several facts:
- how many murdered presidents;
- how many US presidents  did the illuminati murder;
- how many US presidents faked their death;
- how many "accidental" presidents.
This done only a few lines are required to expose:
- how many TRULY accidental Presidents;
- how many accidentally relected presidents, a concept that officially can't exist but is in fact contradicted by reality.
Paradoxically a reality caused by its simulation.
ALL nine "accidental" Presidents knew it in advance -  9 reduced to ZERO
An accidental president is defined as a non-elected president, empowered because the elected  president  didn't complete his term in office due to death (officially eight), resignation (one) or impeachment (none). 
John Tyler was the first official accidental president.
All nine accidental presidents already knew as vice-presidents, weeks, months or in some cases even years before their oath, that they would be "forced" to become the next president.
SIX US presidents murdered:
End Times Reductionism: after the previous revelation no longer need to say that two presidents who supposedly died of a natural death were in fact murdered.
TWO US presidents faked their death
Two of the eight presidents who "died in office" as well as the only one who resigned  knew in advance what their script was.
The reason is simple: they belonged to the same secret society as not only the vice-presidents who succeeded them, but also of the other seven officially accidental presidents.
More precisely the illuminati, whose leader not necessarily writes but in any case validates these scripts.
SIX US presidents murdered by the illuminati
End Times Reductionism: this is what the the previous revelations imply.
Read more:
Obama's presidential tables include ELEVEN where he's alone FOREVER - EIGHT of them  officially
- George Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton, Obama: the accidental presidents paradox in the termination of the USA
- End Times Paradox: Accidental presidents: Fake Obamessiah was the *** FIRST *** and the LAST, the nine official ones knew it in advance:
Only the relevant text, transcripted from Illuminati's Wikipedia, the 8 presidents who died in office:
During the history of the United States, ninepresidents have died in office. Of those eight, four were assassinated and four died of natural causes. 
In all ninecases, the Vice President of the United States took over the office of presidency as part of the United States presidential line of succession.
William Henry Harrison caught pneumonia and died, 1841. He holds the dubious record for shortest term served, holding the office of presidency for 31 days before dying.
Zachary Taylor died from acute gastroenteritis, 1850.
Abraham Lincoln was the first president to be assassinated, 
James A. Garfield was assassinated ater, 1881, .
William McKinley died from complications after being shot, 1900.
Warren G. Harding suffered a heart attack, and died 1923.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt collapsed and died as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage, on April 12, 1945.
The most recent president to die in office was John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated with two rifle shots 1963, in Dallas, Texas.
Illuminati jokes: Wiikipedia lists only 2 of the 10 f"accidental" presidents" ( Zachary Taylor, Ford).
The list additionally includes GW Bus, who is neither offcially not truly one.
For presidents staging fake deaths start with Roosevelt, the one where the "death"'s exact date is really important. 

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#2 Colombo


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Posted 13 February 2014 - 03:22 AM

I've never seen this interesting correlation of dead presidents.  I believe that in addition to the nine whose deaths and funerals were allegedly faked, resulting in closed casket services followed by burial of empty caskets, I can also point to one case where the person buried in the presidential grave may not be the president at all, but an unfortunate look-alike police officer.  I'm talking, of course, about the grave of John F. Kennedy, which may in fact be occupied by murdered Dallas cop, JD Tippit.


Sifting through the mountain of evidence resulting from the populist investigation into JFK's murder, one finds a few indications that those who plotted the assassination, may have ordered Tippit's death too, because he was a JFK doppleganger and his body could, therefore, be switched with Kennedy's during, and perhaps after, the theft of the president's body as part of the criminally fudged autopsy procedures.  I won't get into further details unless it's requested, because this is not a JFK forum.

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