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What's the Consciousness of the Living Process?

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#1 bishadi


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Posted 22 April 2015 - 06:05 PM

This age old question is old.

Max Planck had no idea. He is a particle man. For example, 'h' is based on 'speed' and a direction to the distribution of energy. (see plancks constant).

Planck retained no concept to the state of energy oscillating upon mass. For example; to combine any 2 elements to become a molecule the electron 'state' of energy must be elevated by a photon (em) to jump shells to valance and share between the 2 elements to become a molecule. That is basic chemistry.

When we eat, we consume mass. We use the energy (state) and the structures to sustain the energy (wavelength).

The organism as a living process, is consuming/exchanging energy within its environment. Breathing, eating, etc..

My point is the 'speed' of the particle electron is no increasing, nor is the state increasing by speed of a photon, but the wavelengths of the fields of light (see spectrum to note consistency of the 'fields' throughout the whole of all em).

All mass is resonating. That resonance is what 'heat' is.

The coherence of the brain enabling a conscious life to know itself, is by light. All cases!

Memories of the body are affixed like exciton/polariton/soliton of physics. A field of em, held upon structure of mass and recalled.

That capability to sustain memories is about like imaging on a window pane and the light is constantly a part of it, with all other memories entangled to the same state.

The old school consider the direction of time to a flowing chemical reaction, as if binary which satisfies the physics when defining to a direction of energy as speed.

But that coherence of states is closer to a feshbach than Heisenberg form to field. Then a progression, an output of conscious awareness of the collective to a point product, the self, can be mathematically represented.

The easiest method to explain why the defining of a conscious mind has taken so long, is the science prior was not focused on the fields upon the mass but now most every discipline of the sciences is observing, the wavelengths, the light, the reactions, the molecular structures, even the very hadron itself, operates on em fields and the progression is unfolding faster than can be published.

ie..... the coherence of even the worlds knowledge is coming together soon.

The pinnacle objective of the conscious life is to understand itself.
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#2 bishadi


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Posted 22 April 2015 - 08:18 PM

To assist with what I wrote above here is a paper to help.

I know the paper is 6 yrs old but most have no idea what is actually happening in the labs globally on this very aspect of a coherence of energy.

We presented a scheme to generate and verify non-
local correlations between two material particles involv-
ing macroscopic superpositions of the spatial wave func-
tion. This is achieved by violating a Bell inequality us-
ing single-particle matter wave optics and simple position
measurements. We conclude by summarizing the advan-
tages of the presented scheme. First of all, it does not
require interferometric stability between the two inter-
ferometers, which allows one to reach truly macroscopic
separations. Moreover, the restriction to the coherence
properties between the early and late wave packets as a
whole means that only port-selective measurements are
needed, requiring neither prominent spatial nor tempo-
ral resolution. This renders the nonclassical correlations
largely independent of the shape of the wave packets and
of the particular implementation of the position measure-
ment. Finally, the low velocity of the propagating atoms
in principle allows one to check the particle positions by
laser illumination whenever one wishes. One might thus
think of a demonstration experiment, where only after
the dissociation of the particles the experimenter makes
the conscious decision whether she wants to check the
correlation of the emission times (by \looking" at the
particles in front of the interferometers) or whether she
wants to check the nonlocal correlations (by \looking" at
the particles behind of the interferometers). This way,
by performing such an experiment with proper, material
particles and on truly macroscopic scales on the order
of centimeters, nonclassical quantum correlations would
be made amenable to anyone who understands the basic
concept of the position of a particle, even to a layman
who is ignorant of physics. All this renders the proposed
setup a rather robust and striking test of nonclassicality
in the motion of material particles with the potential to
push the corresponding quantum regime into the macro-
As an outlook, it would be illuminating to investigate
the in
uence of various sources of decoherence. For the
experimental proposal in [5], the eect of scattering of
o-resonant photons and the scattering of background
particles was already found to be controllable. In partic-
ular, it would be interesting to check to what degree the
present setup can be used to test possible unconventional
collapse theories, which predict a loss of coherence in the
motion of material particles due to purported quantum
gravity eects, on the centimeter scale accessible for the
rst time with the present measurement scheme

That was a summary of the paper but the full write up is here. http://arxiv.org/pdf/0901.2253.pdf
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#3 bishadi


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Posted 04 September 2016 - 03:47 PM

Also look up Penrose and Hammeroff on this

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