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AMERICANS FOR BRICS AND VLADIMIR Dear President Putin and people of Russia.....<posted by macaense>

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Posted 02 May 2016 - 10:53 AM

                                   AMERICANS FOR BRICS AND VLADIMIR

Dear President Putin and people of Russia,

Recently I sent out a letter titled: ‘Open Letter ToAll Killers’. I have been subject to questions such as, “Do you mean Russia and Putin in their defense of Syria?” Of course not. Defense and Protection of the oppressed is not killing – it is an act of compassion and love. Case closed on that subject. I bless and honor Russia’s acts and President Putin’s bold and brave international stance. He is a life saver.  ”There is a time for all things.”

Life-saving can take many forms and this next subject defines one of Earthsides most needed attentions. Forgive now, a bit of the writers experience in seeking to do this. As a young boy of sickly and small stature, I was continually the brunt of bullies – even small girls, not just unknowing boys. Bloodied noses almost weekly, rock bruises were humiliating and hurtful to ego as well as flesh, somewhat like the old Charles Atlas ads you might remember. I am sure you, Vladimir, remember them. A similar situation occurred to Charles. He later became a rare exponent of overcoming and commercial success with his bodybuilding course – which fell into my hands -saved me, built me to world record fame in humility. Earned the hard way. I am now an amazing 88.

It is not bad taste to refer to the snide remarks about your height, Vladimir for we learn from our needs to succeed or find self-worth. The three of us have much in common and we faced it well. It’s how spiritual giants are made.

Throughout the planet, bullying of small nations is rampant, hideous and few have faced it like the new Russia and the new Vladimir with BRICS as the impetus and example of real manhood and stature among visionary people who  waited…

What beside freedom, to live honorably and healthily can be done besides freeing nations to plot their course without such bully bravado? The Christ said a remarkably deep thing:

“I would above ALL things that you prosper and be in good health.” Listen to that, for it incorporates my reason for this main part of my letter. Recently, Vladimir you began a fabulous move to make Mother Russia the single lead nation raising and distributing Organic Food of all kinds. You have the continent, size and resources to stagger all smaller efforts, who at present charge far more than necessary or practical for poor families. And my solution to add to your movement can make changes in health and family prosperity unheard of…please listen all peoples:

Another young man, famous Jack La Lanne in America, a friend of my youth had his height problems - which resulted in unbelievable world records of athletic and bodybuilding marvels, as he set goals with a solid jaw. He is now legend, lived to almost 100. Jack came to me at his death and said, “I guess you will have to take over for me, Roy.” A real true incident that has pushed this envelope to you who are reading. Why me, why Vladimir, why Russia? Isn’t it obvious – Eyes are on us, we who care and have abilities – not just opportunistic greed…We do care.

Imagine now this Truth that Jack’s mentor, Dr. Paul Bragg placed into Jacks future, which if you read about Jack’s overcoming, amazing life might assure you that he learned and used some rare secrets - hidden by media and physicians that Dr. Bragg’s love for Mankind pulled out of the fires of disease and death that others used for self…alas.

Bragg’s many books are Godsends, one especially needs your attention: ‘WATER’.   Why water? Common water of which you are made – 70% of your body. Seems such a fact would get more attention and research. It has, by the opportunists and uncaring scoundrels who now are buying up water sources like oil fields and placing it in ”SAFE” cheap plastic for quick profits – plastic that they tell you, “Does not leach out the chemicals in the plastic and imbed into your system”. – causing Cancer or your choice of death. A RACKET, SHAMEFUL and sheer robbery of innocent young athletes and desperate oldsters lives!

This message to you readers and you dear President Vladimir has only begun in what you, Russia and the world can realize in health and prosperity as Christ avowed. Your progress and safety - or your extinction depend on service to other -you know that, here is a way that is undefeatable.  Listen and see this happening in Mother Russia alongside the Organic Food gift to the people, the jobs created, the happiness: Steam Distilled water, packaged in Russian GLASS, coated with unbreakable plastic with a strap for shoulder carry convenience. More? You who do not yet know of Dr. Bragg’s findings and success at healing the worst of ailments and injuries will, when you read his newly re-published book. A bombshell of hope and commonsense personified! Get it, curl up with it, rejoice in what it can mean to you and millions. A must breakthrough that has been suppressed for over centuries!

Russia can lead the way in so many things, a people who are sincere, loyal and neighborly despite media’s vile nonsensical lies and propaganda. But more:

There is a series of present products that don’t just clean your foods and body but protect it with an organic shield that’s so pure it’s edible, no harmful super chemistry sets, pure. And this adjunct placed, available, with Russia’s organic food supplies can more than change poor nations health and hygiene  -it can also be their source of new prosperity, managed by Russian genius and compassion.

Thus, glass bottled pure, Steam Distilled water, indestructible by coating, reusable, (not expensively re-cycled) is the idea and cultural need whose time has come! Economically Russia needs this adventure in commonsense disposition of its many and unlimited resources. Russians cry out for jobs and plenty, noble lives helping others.

So get that book, WATER by Dr. Bragg a natural restorer of health, mentor and coach to Hollywood stars and athletes worldwide. He knew his stuff and you need to know what he found in ridding disease and old age discrepancies that falsely created a billion dollar pharmacy and medical profit fiasco monthly.

 A hint my research has found:  This - Eating just every other day extends life into awesome health and longevity. Yes, we overload our digestive system and lade our bodies with fat and we die young. See Dr. Roy Wolford’s research at USC for his phenomenal research proof with white rats that was vilified and lied about to keep ‘commoners’ fat, dumb and happy with overeating and poisonous preservatives. Those rats lived FIVE GENERATIONs LONGER than the counter species… enough said? One last book by Dr. Bragg, “The Miracle Of Fasting” will give everyone hope in an ancient practice that can dispel Nicotene and Alcohol, create new Brain cells and a clean Liver which is your bodies Watch Dog.

Pardon my zeal, pain and funerals are far too common to ignore and even funerals rob the poor. Time for change, Brother Vladimir. You can do this wonder of management with your teams. And if you so decide let your heart know that me and my ‘Crew’ of American BRICS advocates aim to build a series of Small Villages across America for similar, even greater projects to totally free all peoples. WE ARE THE AMERICAN BRICS CREW hand in hand with your powerful lead. If a part of this recommendation hits you as it has us – Perhaps your gratitude for this letter and future magnificence worldwide will choose to help us get our Villages up and running for we have given you here a sincere and enormous profit in decent measures via volume markets - not in graft per capita. Cooperate, work with us as you are led. Thanks in advance, for your alertness to this opportunity of ‘being’ the Russia we have waited for. Americans, real Americans love you. We anticipate your recognition and soon reply.


Roy-David Woodward


Additional info will be sent upon your request.



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Posted 08 May 2016 - 12:43 AM


and our neighbor nations:
This is THE CALL to you who are not fence sitters in a chaotic world situation. Nathan Millet and I have created a spinoff of BRICS to unite small groups of dynamic helpers who represent all nations. We  are, like you, fed up  with inaction, ready NOW to rally and do what has to  be done on local levels as well as national. No more waiting!
No more wimps, complaining, fearing. Ready!
Here's what we present: You know the cities are a doomed process waiting to go  down in riots, anarchy and lack of basic needs. We want you men who know this and care for your families to  band with us. Some of you have plenty of resources, some have land just sitting there in the boonies, most of you are occupied supporting your corporations or family and haven't been quick enough for all the crisis confronting you. 
Blind, lazy stupid, pollyanna types bewildered by shocks and dangers not seen - due to  MEDIA BRAINWASHING. But now jaw set, alert and motivated to do something.
Here's the 'something' we present: You folks who have land acreage with water, access to power and love for America and BRICS put it in the pot for us to  build the first of BRICS  SMALL VILLAGES across America - A prototype that exceeds anything done in the past - in simplicity, technology, frugality and beauty for all people to reside in peace, strength and safety - cooperatively...
All together now in one purpose - existing in Truth
Beauty and Goodness as EXAMPLES of what can happen when masses awaken to  how things can be. Shaking off all past mistakes, greeds, monopolies and limited thinking...into possibilities unheard of at present.
That's it, contact us and give what you have in land, bucks and ideas. No strings here as to religion or politics -that didn't work, got it? Just commonsense,
brotherhood and compassion. Yes, we will screen any and all who want in, wouldn't you?
Any form of tangible need or talent you have, large or small is fine, just get with it unselfishly. We have references aplenty to  satisfy your head scratching. 
Isn't it time YOU do  something noble and exciting for all Infinite Father-Source has given to us to perfect while others deal in bloodshed, wars and greed. So  simple - Just do it..
Roy-David Woodward and Nathan Millet for BRICS
162 South 500 East # 101
Provo, Utah 84606
Send for your free application,references, large SASE, recent photo and suggestions. We listen.

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