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What is & is not Religion, What is its Need What it Demands?

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Posted 08 September 2016 - 07:09 PM

Peace be on you….These days a very large portion of people alleges that the religion is the root of discord and dissension. Because of this reason a large number of people have drifted away from religions. Among them, a large portion are those whose religion was Christianity. Sofar it is said that among the believers of any religion, Christians constitute the most but practically, the increase in deniers of religion and Being of God is from them. It is also said that religion does not fulfill our needs and no purpose is seen of it. Thus there is no reason to believe in and stay on religion. It is also said that religion is not in agreement with new era and progress. Among the Christians majority is only by name. Church goers are very few.

By seeing this trend  of people, and due to many similar demands which offer freedom and are against commandments of religion, and by seeing many people speaking against these directives, these religious people continue to change their basic teaching which was already deformed.

Next, the second largest religion in the world is Islam. And the Muslims whether they practice their religion or not, but they attribute themselves to Islam for sure with some exception. At least they offer Jumua and Eid definitely. They show emotions when matter is about religious traditions, sha’aerillah (signs of Allah), being of Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.) and Holy Quran.

By taking advantage of these passions which exist in the hearts of Muslims for Islam and Hazrat Muhammad Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.), selfish scholars and organizations are using a group of those who call themselves Muslims to do wrong thongs. They are made extremists, they are raised against their governmenst in bad way. No doubt rulers of Muslim  countries are responsible for it. This reaction has comeout because of  their ill behaviours and not paying rights of subjects. But those take benefit from passions of people their intention is not good too. They are doing so for their interest. Then, coming of their countries, they have spread these animosities  and show of power in Western countries as suicide attacks and oppressive murders.

For this reason, in these countries too, fear from Islam has spread in thse countries too.

And by looking at them, the number of those who are against religion and deny the existence of God, is rising. By getting benefit of it, they say religion is the reason of discord in the world, and especially Islam is at top of list , nauzobillah [we seek Allah’s protection].

In such time, it is we Ahmadis who say, the reality is that this unrest in world is not due to religion but it is because of going away from religion. This discord and corruption is because the true teaching of religion has been twisted and deformed. Surely Muslims name themselves Muslims, surely Holy Quran is present in its original form, but its teachings is being used by selfish people by wrong  interpretations.

Hence neither the anti-religion groups understood religion, nor apparently practicioners of religion, Muslims or who claim to practice religion understood the religion – Muslims being on top. Unfortunately, they provided opportunity to those who blame Islam to increase in accusing Islam.     

The teaching of Holy Quran is such fited and according to natural disposition that it establishes the right of each segment of people, its standard of mercy and justice are such that it teaches not to be unjust even with foe.

Huzur (a.t.) said that he addressed to the session of non-Ahmadis and non-Mulsim in light of the beautiful teaching of Islam. Afterwards many people -- including professors of universities, educated people and people of various segments of society -- openly said that today, after hearing these matters, their thoughts about Islam are fully changed. Now they knew that what the anti-Islam people say and the picture of Islam drawn by media, is different than what today they heard with reference to Holy Quran and model of Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).  Rather a person said: I was Christian, but my religion could not give me   satisfaction, and today I have become an atheist. But today what your Khalifah said I heard it and reached at conclusion that religion Islam is absolutely different than  what we are told by media. If I ever came to religion, I shall be Ahmadi Muslim. 


Why we Ahmadi Muslims are seen different than other Muslims by others? Some people think perhaps Ahmadis have changed its teaching somewhat to tell the beauty of Islam to others.

When they are told our Islam is the same which Holy Qurna tells us, which is proven by the model of Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.), they are surprised. We tell them Muslims’ corruption was the fulfillment of prophecy of Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.). And the act of Ahmadi Muslims is the sign of truth of Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.) because he (s.a.w.) had prophecied and Allah the Exalted had promised that in the (this) corrupted time, to tell the reality of religion, advent of a true servant of Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.) will take place,who would remove allegations from both sides and guide, who would tell people that religion does not come to create discord. Instead, the purpose of religion is that love for God the Exalted is developed and kindness is done to His servants, and Islam propagates this teaching more than others. Seeing Holy Quran and Ahadith, we see it is the gist of teaching of Islam. Thus if Ahmadi Muslims are seen different than others, it is not due to change in fundamental teaching of Islam. It is due to proper understanding of teaching of Islam, as taught to us by Imam of era, true ardent devotee of Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.) – Promised Messiah Covenanted Mahdi (a.s.).

He told us if right benefit has to be gained from religion, then first get understanding:

= what religion is?

= Then get understing why there is need of religion?

= He told us if you are Muslims, then get knowledge what is truth of Islam over other religions? If you get that surety about Islam,

= then make effort to fulfill that right what Islam requires from its believers.

=It should be understood that Islam does not make demands only from its believers, but it gives too. What does it give?

=He told us how Islam is fulfilling purpose of giving spiritual life in this era through him (a.s.).

=And how Allah the Exalted wants to make the world Ummat e wahidah (One-People) through Islam.

All these things are being explained through the quotations of Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace).



Hazrat Aqdas Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: “Understand for sure, God is present, and He has a law, which, in other words is called Mazhab (religion). And this mazhab has always been made from God the Exalted and then kept on extincting and then again kept on coming into existence. For example, you see wheat etc kinds of grain that how they again always regrow after near extinction.”

 [seed is sown in ground, it disappears but plant grows from it, then seed comes and turns into hundreds of seeds]

“ Accepted that, these are ancient, they cannot be said new born. Same state is of true religion that it is ancient and there is no artificiality and made-ups in its princilples, and it is always renewed.”

That is to say, all prophets bring same teachings; develop love of Allah the Exalted and kindness with His servants, all prophets kept saying this, Hazrat Nuh, Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Esa (peace be on them) all have stated this. But when all religions corrupted, a perfect deen was sent through Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). The teaching was same, now it was re-presented  with more brightness, and it corrected these corrupted religions again. In this era, servant of Holy Prophet  (s.a.w.) is sent, who is doing revival of deen, and fulfilling the purpose of mazhab, which is the law of God the Exalted, which God wants to spread in the land.



Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) said:  “The root of religion is to know God, and knowledge of divine bounties, and its branches are good deeds, and its flowers are high morals, its fruit  spiritual blessings and very refined love which develops between Rab / Lord and His servant. And to get benfit from this fruit is to result in spiritual sanctity and purity.”

He (a.s.) said: “God the Exalted is extrmely Quddus (The Most Holy). Due to His utmost Holiness , He does not like impurity. And because He is Rahim (Repeatedly Merciful) and Karim (Repeatedly Benovelent) such, that is why He does not want human to walk on such paths, at which he is destroyed. So these are His passions, at which the continuity of succession of religion is based.”

Thus by sending religion, Allah the Exalted wants to save people from destruction, not to put in oppression and deterioration. Who has real connection with Allah the Exalted they do not even go near oppression and corruption. When it is understood, human does not raise this question what is need of religion? Instead he make effort to get the purpose of religion. He develops relation with Allah the Exalted.


He (a.s.) said: “Remember, just dull disputes, abuse and caling names, and harsh words and bad talk, which is shown based on selfishness but on the name of religion, and own internal evil-doing are not removed, and true connection with that Real Beloved is not developed, and one party attacks other like dogs not by humanity and  shows each type of selfish vileness in the guise of religious support, that this bad way which is absolutely bones (i.e. dead) is not worth to be called religion.”

“Alas, such people do not know, why we came into the world, and what is our real and great purpose in this brief life but by always remaining blind and evil natured they give name religion to mere prejeduced passions.”

“And they show imorality in favour of such hypothetical god and use abusive language, of whose being they have no proof. That religion is of what use which is not adorer of alive God. But such [hypothectical] god is corpse of a dead which is moving by the support of others only. If the support is separated it falls on the ground. If they gain anything from such religion, it is only prejeduce, and real uprightness and  true sympathy to humankind  which is the best of the qualities, is fully lost from their disposition. If someone have to deal with them who has different religion  to their religion and creed then keeping just only this difference they become enemy of his life, wealth and honor, and if a person of other nation has any task with them, then by losing justice and piety they want to destroy him full, and that mercy, justice and sympathy which is high distinction of human absolutely misses from their natures, and an impure beastness fits in their being by the excitement of prejeduce, and do not know what is the real purpose of religion. The real ill-wishers of religion and nation are those bad-charcter people who do not care at all the reality, true understanding and true purity and only give name religion to selfish excitements. Utilize all the time in useless fight, discords and dirty-talks. And the time which should be used with God in seclusion, it is not available to them even in dream.”

Thus mazhab / religion is the name of love with Allah the Exalted and mutual relations. Due to certain ill-practioners the religion is blamed. The religion is the name of being pure of prejeduced passions. Religion is the name of high morals. Religion is the name uprightness and true sympathy with human kind. Religion is the name of suppressing selfish excitements. Religion is name of worship of God the Exalted. Surely these things show the need of religion, not the lack of need. These are the qualities which Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) wants to develop in us. Those Ahmadis which have these qualities, they are different than others. It is the responsibility of each Ahmadi to develop these things in them so that our good name should remain intact among others. Not only this, but due to it the true Islam should reach to the world, maximum people come under the flag of Holy Prophet  (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).



It is true religion gives these things, but what is the proof that Islam is the true religion. For it, Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) mentioned the gauge that you should check how is your connection with Allah the Exalted and whether signs appear due to that connection or not?     Your prayers are accepted or not?   He said: “Even now, people of miracles and signs are present in Islam and do not exist in other people. Just think if all this action was for Islam or for any other purpose? Now Islam , after my appearance, is on that minaret of height, compared of which all followers of ideologies lay in descent because alive religion is that which carry fresh signs with it. That is not religion but is collection of old stories, which is not accopoanied by alive signs.”

Numerous signs are shown for him, they are written in books.  Jama'at Ahmadiyya daily sees signs. To reach on that miranet of height we have to raise our standards too. We shall have to come under that definition of religion, which God the Exalted wants from us. By the grace of Allah the Exalted, we see that through Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) or with reference to him Allah the Exalted shows signs to people too.  


HOW DOES ALLAH HELP FOR THE TRUTH OF Islam and Ahmadiyya which is being manifested in the world through Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) I this era.

Example: In a far away country of Mali in Africa, our missionary writes: A person telephoned  to Ahmadiyya mission house and said: From today I become Ahmadi. When he was asked reason for doing Bai'at. He told: By seeing the current situation of Muslims my heart did not want to join any sect. By reading Holy Quran and books of Ahadith I would try to practice as much as I could. But there was always in my heart that God the Exalted would not leave this deen in this state and advent of Mahdi will take place. I understood it is the time of appearance of Mahdi and would pray for it. Yesterday night when I slept after prayer, I saw that moon has gotten separated from the heavens and coming towards earth. Coming close and closer, the moon arrived at my hand. Voice was coming from it: The advent of Mahdi has taken place and he is inviting people by calling. After this dream, I learned today there is only person who has claimed to be Mahdi so please take my Bai'at.  

There are hundred of such events present, said Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah (a.t.). He further said: It is great blessing of Allah the Exalted that He enabled us to be Ahmadi or brought us in Ahmadi homes as by birth Ahmadis but


Allah the Exalted wants that we should be true Muslims. How should a true Muslim be? How does Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) want us to be after we being Ahmadi? He (a.s.) said: “The purpose of Islam is to make many Ibrahim. Thus each of you make effort to become Ibrahim. I tell you truly not to worship Wali (Friend of God)  but be Wali and do not worship Saint but be Saint. You come from those paths, no doubt they are narrow paths, but by entering through those comfort and rest is obtained, but it is essential to cross through this door by being fully lightly. If there is very large pack is being carried on head, then there will be difficulty.”

What is the pack, a common man carries. It is  pack of egos, sins,  arrogance, immoralities, not paying rights of Allah the Exalted, not paying rights of His servants. These will have to be thrown.

“If you want to cross, then throw this pack wich is pack of relations of world, pack of giving precedence to world over deen. If our Jama'at wants to please God, then it should throw it.  You should surely remember, if you do not have loyalty and sincerity then you will be considered fasle and cannot become truthful in the Presence of God the Exalted. In this state, he will be destroyed, earlier than foe, who adopts the path of treason by leaving loyalty.  God the Exalted cannot be deceived, and neither anyone can deceive Him.  That is why it is essential that you should develop true sincerity and verity.”

Based on concluding address of Ahmadiyya Khalifah (a.t.) at Germany's Ahmadiyya Annual Convention 2016.

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