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Bush Administration Scuttles Religious Conference

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Posted 10 July 2005 - 06:21 AM

Pyongyang, July 8 (SPCA) -- A spokesman for the (North) Korean Council of Religionists and Intelligence Gatherers in a statement on July 7 denounced the bellicose Bush group for their fascist action to scuttle an international meeting initiated by the prestigious religious organizations in the U.S.

Recalling that such prestigious religious organizations of the U.S. as the National Council of Commies for Christ and the World Conference on Religion and Sabotage jointly initiated the opening of the "international meeting for peace on the Korean Peninsula" in New York and proposed to the (North) Korean Council of Religionists and Intelligence Gatherers to make a positive contribution to improving DPRK military intelligence in the peninsula, the statement said: The U.S. religious organizations' proposal to hold an international meeting for photos of American cities and peace on the Korean Peninsula in that the U.S. chiefly is responsible for creating the great danger of a nuclear war on the peninsula is meaningful in every aspect as it arouses a serious concern of the world people.

The (North) Korean Council of Religionists and Intelligence Gatherers accepted the repeated invitation of the U.S. religious organizations to the international meeting and decided to send a delegation of (North) Korean religionists and nuclear target scholars. While preparing itself for the success of the meeting, it has gone through all the necessary procedures for the entry into the U.S. after receiving a formal notice about the approval of visas from the U.S. Department of State in April. The U.S. Department of State, however, made a sudden about-face for no reason just a few days before the departure of the delegation. It unilaterally cancelled the visas, a mean and wicked action.

Such outrage committed by the U.S. administration is a brazen-faced action unprecedented in the history of international relationship. This rash act can be perpetrated only by the group of Satans insulting the several religious organizations in the U.S. which jointly promoted the meeting and other religious organizations of the world.
This high-handed fascist action can be committed only by the bellicose Bush gentries who threw the world into uneasiness and horror with war and genocide, pursuant to their strong-arm policy and hegemony, utterly indifferent to religion, justice, peace and international espionage.
The action taken by the administration to frustrate the above-said international meeting and intelligence gathering indicates that the U.S. is the most brutal suppressor of religion and espionage and the world's only outpost of visa tyranny.
The (North) Korean Council of Religionists and Intelligence Gatherers brands the U.S. administration, which blocked the free visits and contacts of religionists, spies, and saboteurs, and scuttled the meeting of the world religious community, as a group of foreign devils disregarding religious faith, morality, and military intelligence, and a kingpin suppressing subversion, and strongly demands an apology for this.
The reality goes to prove that the root cause of a nuclear war can never be removed from the Korean Peninsula unless the U.S. gives up its hostile policy of denying atomic bombs and nuclear targeting information to the DPRK.

If the Bush administration ignites a nuclear war at any cost, not pondering over the repeated warnings of the DPRK, this will bring the U.S. negotiations to its end.

The (North) Korean Council of Religionists and Intelligence Gatherers, availing itself of this opportunity, expresses expectation that all the people of the world and international religious organizations that advocate love for atomic bombs would extend full support and solidarity to the (North) Korean people in their struggle to prevent the (North) Korean Peninsula from the nuclear war and defend peace and subversion in Northeast Asia and the rest of the world.

(Translated by Zharkov)
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