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Sai Baba

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Posted 13 February 2004 - 04:50 PM

Sai Baba has over 100 million followers who believe Baba is
the Avatar or God the Father come to earth.

After reading Arnold Schulman's Baba poster became a believer in Baba
She then read
Sam Sandweiss' The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist

and went to see Baba.. staying at his ashram for 3 months..
it cost in 1980 $1 a day.. there was no work required
.. only that except in ones room one be silent within ashram
walls (for the loquacious the nearby village beckons).
She witnessed many miracles.. materialization..
healing... the awakening of hearts.. the unfolding of hearts

She has read some of the over thousand books about Baba
by Russian yoga teacher, African Christian, San Diego Jewish
psychiatrist, Hollywood screenwriter, Catholic priest,
Muslim professor.

The Muslim professor's book
is free online at

3 at least of Indian prime ministers have been or are Baba's followers.
They include Indira Gandhi, Moraji Desai, and Vajpayee.

Baba has followers in all paths and encourages people
to stay in the faith in which they are most comfortable.

http://www.vahini.org/downloads online books
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Posted 17 February 2004 - 10:39 PM

There are now 71 volumes of Baba's discourses online at
There are 41 volumes of collected lectures called Sathya Sai Speaks.
There are 14 volumes of summertime lectures called Summer Showers
There are 16 volumes of spiritual category books (e.g. love, detachment etc.)
In addition there are thousands of authors in many countries, faiths who have written books about Baba and millions of individually moderated websites

Some of the numberless movies and videos of Sai Baba online

Music of peace.. video

Sai Baba singing Govinda Krishna Jai

Baba chanting the Gayatri Mantra

http://www.video4vie...anting The Atri


Baba materializes amrita, the nectar of immortality


Baba materializing a linga


Baba with devotees


Baba .. sliver of videos


Darshan video with music


Sundarupaya.. Baba embodiment of beauty.. duplicate of YouTube


Divine Song


Rishi Kapoor sings of Baba


Online Movies Shirdi Ke Sai Baba a beautiful movie


Shirdi Sai Baba pujua


Who is Sai Baba by Wilson Kumar Bagga


Shirdi Sai Baba serial arati


Divinity among us


108 Names of Shirdi Sai Baba


Sumar Manva a movie about Shirdi Sai Baba


Bhajans of Baba in Telugu


Baba Kanulo Mandara


In November of 1962 the Chinese Army invaded India. There was fighting

for 2 weeks and then the Chinese Army withdrew. On Nov 23, 1962

Baba told the masses assembled for his birthday that he had turned

the army around, that India has divine protection and no need of

military protection.


Reply to previous post: There are thousands of authors of Baba books and


Russian yoga teacher Indra Devi, British animal rights activist Peggy Mason,

Australian Theosophist Howard Murphet, chief of the British press section

at the illegal Nuremberg trials,

African Christian Victor Kanu, Italian priest Don Mario Mazzoleni,

Parsi oral surgeon Eruch Fanibunda, Malaysian, Indonesian Vietnamese, Hungarian, and Japanese

authors, Jewish psychiatrist Sam Sandweiss,

Muslim writers including poet Zeba Bashiruddin, Scandinavian meditater Lowenburg, pilot Charles Penn, Hollywood screenwriter

Arnold Schulman, Icelandic professor Haroldsson, Israeli metal bender Uri Geller, Connecticut Catholic lawyer

Charles DiFazio, Brooklyn nun Karen Fromer Blanc etc. etc. Rod Serling of

the Twilight Zone was a devotee who made a film documentary of Baba's

miracles. Isaac Tigrett, founder of the Hard Rock Cafes who sold them

upon becoming vegetarian, R J Karanjia,

editor of a Marxist magazine have published their experiences. Karanjia

might have been at the ashram next to the New Zealand property manager

for Mobil Oil. Baba's

magazine Sanathana Sarathi (Eternal Charioteer) is published in Spanish,

Hungarian, English, several Indian languages and many other languages.

Baba's devotees include several Indian Prime Ministers, an Italiam Prime Minister,

ambassadors to and from the US, Hollywood stars, Belgian and British royalty.

Baron Rothschild.

Visitors to the ashram have included Ravi Shankar, the Beatles, American jazz

musician Maynard Ferguson.



Online books

http://www.sssbpt.info/english/sss.htm 69 volumes of Baba's discourses and writings

http://www.geocities...bakodaikanal96/ Summer discourses at Kodaikanal

39 vol of Sathya Sai Speaks, as well as Vahinis,

Summer Showers (Baba's summer courses)

http://www.saibaba.org/saisatc.html Sai Satcharitra

http://sss.vn.ua/sb_mm.htm Sai Baba and the Muslim mind by Zeba



American former financier Isaac Tigrett who sold the Hard Rock Cafes

he founded

Uri Geller, famous Israeli metal bender, is a devotee of Baba

http://www.uri-geller.com/baba.htm There is an online book he has written about Baba

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram 4 volumes by Narayana Kasturi, formerly of All India Radio


Volumes 37 and 38 of Sathya Sai Speaks now join 67 other volumes of

Baba's words online


In addition to these, not yet online but available in print

at Baba's ashram is Amrita Vahini, the 17th in the Vahini



Online version Sai Baba Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet, chief

of the British press section at the illegal Nuremberg trials

Stream Of Love by artist J.C.

Online Articles: A Sliver of the Tens of Millions


Colonel Diaz Herrera, former asst. to Noriega, was the subject of

a Wall St. Journal article .. in regards to his guru


A Russian scientist writes about Baba

Indian nuclear physicist becomes veena musician for Baba


R K Karanjia of editor of the Marxist Blitz Magazine


World famous jazz musician Maynard Ferguson spoke of his guru Sai Baba

who among other things materialized a crystal japamala for him



Catholic writer Caroline Myss speaks of Baba


Devotee Bon Giovanni


Michael Goldstein MD on Baba

Richard Wallis, retired property manager for Mobil Oil, New Zealand

http://loveismyform....a-sai-baba.html (reminds this poster that Baba comes for people of all political

parties, all faiths, all races... not just for socialists)

These include 39 volumes of Sathya Sai Speaks, 16 volumes of the Vahini

series, and 14 volumes of Baba's Summer Showers series but not yet

Amrit Vahini.






Ashram Address

Prashanti Nilayam


Anantapur District

Andhra Pradesh India 515134

Links to Baba books

The Wish Fulfilling Tree by Catholic priest Don Mario Mazzoleni


Baba Magazines

Sanathana Sarathi (Eternal Charioteer) in Spanish




Baba Links




http://www.sssbpt.info/html/sss.html 35 volumes of

Sathya Sai Speaks, all Vahinis, all Summer Showers



SAI RADIO http://www.radiosai.org


Online: Kasturi's biography of Swami SATHYAM SIVAM SUNDARAM http://laluni.helloy...aram/index.html http://www.sathyasai.org/


http://www.askbaba.net Geetha Vahini, Prema Vahini,

Dhyana Vahini, Upanishad Vahini, etc.






Bhagavatha Vahini



Sai Satcharitra is online

http://www.vahini.org/sss/index.html Sathyam Sivam Sundaram

Professor Kasturi's 4 volume biography of Swami


http://www.eaisai.com/baba these 2 links have many of Baba's speeches

http://www.hinduism.co.za/drama-.htm Kalidasa

play Shakantula


1 Isaac Tigrett Baba devotee founder of Hard Rock Cafe about his 15 year odyssey in selling the chain

JC's Stream Of Love about her meditative

relationship with Swami is online

Dr Zeba Bashiruddin book on SAI BABA and Muslims is online



http://groups.msn.com/saibabalinks... huge list of online Baba books








on line book Sai Baba and the Muslim Mind



















http://www.osssbi.org/Bhajans/bhajan.htm#Mâdhavâ Gopâlâ



























http://jcandbaba.blogspot.com/ an online book poem to





has a webpage on Baba


http://www.connieshaw.com Colorado devotee




Islam A Sai Perspective

Online book by

C A Karim



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Posted 20 February 2004 - 03:37 PM

You guys certainly brighten up the joint.;)
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Posted 21 February 2004 - 03:21 PM


Russian Followers... links and books

A Small Fraction Of the Thousands of Books Written By Followers of
Baba about Him

A Catholic Priest Meets Sai Baba by Don Mario Mazzoleni
(Un Sacerdote Incontra Sai Baba)
An Eastern view of Jesus Christ : divine discourses of Sathya Sai
And The Greatest Of These Is Love by German author A.M.
Aura Of Divinity by Richard Bock, Hollywood film producer
whose miracles with Baba were recounted on the Larry
King Show by Shirley Maclaine.
Baba / translated by Lee Hewlett & K. Nataraj
Baba by Hollywood screenwriter Arnold Schulman publ. orig. by Pyramid
Baba Sathya Sai by Ganapati
Bapu To Baba by V K Narasimhan who has written other
books as well about Baba
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by V K Gokak, former
ambassador from India to the US (a devotee as was
Kenneth Keating, former ambassador from the US to India)
Conversations with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba J Hislop
Cutting The Ties That Bind by Phyllis Krystal
Divine Memories of Sathya Sai Baba by Diana Baskin
Embodiment of Love by British animal rights activist Peggy Mason
From Where Did You Come by Connecticut Catholic lawyer Chas. DiFazio
Glimpses of the Divine by Birgitte Rodriguez
Heart of Sai by Scandinavian Lowenburg (contains one of
many of Baba's different meditations for different people)
I We And He by Indulal Shah 1997 who has also written
Sixteen Spiritual Summers 1980, We Devotees (1983), Spiritual Blueprints of My Journey (1993) and I, We and He (1997). He had also produced the popular film in Hindi on Sai
Baba of Shirdi, Shirdi Ke Sai Baba.
Islam: A Sai Perspective by C A Karim
Letters From Sai Baba Land by Susan Caffery
Life Is A Game.. Play It by Joy Thomas
Living Divinity by Shakuntala Balu London, Sawbridge, 1984.
Love Is My Form by Ranganathan Padmanaban, Ranganathan publ by
Sai Towers
Maker Of Miracles by Pittsburgh resident Anita Bacha
Modern Miracles by Univ of Iceland prof. Erlendur Haraldsson
My Baba And I by former TM head John Hislop
My Beloved by pilot Charles Penn
Other Than You, Refuge There Is None by Nasthi
Pathways to God by Jonathan Roof
Purifying the Heart by John Goldthwait
Sai Baba And The Muslim Mind by poet Zeba Bashiruddin
Sai Baba Avatar by Howard Murphet
Sai Baba God Incarnate by African Christian Victor Kanu
1981, Sawbridge Enterprises, London. 87 Kanu, African Christian, writes of the similarity of teachings by Jesus & Baba
Sai Baba Kara No Okurimono by Yuriko Hozumi (The title is translated
from the Japanese as Gift From Sai Baba)
Sai Baba Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet Australian Theosophist
and chief of the British press section at the illegal preexecution
Nuremberg trials and author of other Baba books http://books.google....summary_s&cad=0
Sai Baba The Ultimate Experience by Phyllis Krystal
Sai Humour by British animal rights activist Peggy Mason
Sai Yoga by Russian yoga teacher Indra Devi
Sathyam Sivam Sundaram 4 volumes by Narayana Kasturi, formerly of All
India Radio
Spirit And The Mind by Sam Sandweiss, MD
Sri Sathya Sai Baba. A Life (New Delhi, Penguin Books India, 2004) Bill Aitken, writer on Indian travel
The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist by Sam Sandweiss of San Diego
Birthday Publishing
The Ultimate Experience by Phyllis Krystal
The Wish Fulfilling Tree by Don Mario Mazzoleni
Vision Of The Divine by Parsi oral surgeon and award winning
magician Eruch Fanibunda
Who Is In The Driving Seat? by Madeleine Guillemine
Former Brooklyn nun Karen Fromer Blanc has written a short book about Baba

Books J Jagadesan

am in the process of combining the above list
with this one


02. AJOURNEY TO LOVE - David Bailey Rs 150

03. "ALEX" THE DOLPHIN - JohnimaWintergate Rs 90

04. BAPU TO BABA - V.K.Narasimhan Rs 120

Chadan Rs 555


07. DEATHING - AnyaFoos-Graber Rs. 195


09. GLIMPSES OF THE DIVINE - Birgitte Rodriguez Rs 150

10.GOODCHANCES -Howard Levin Rsl20

11. GOD AND HIS GOSPEL - Dr. M.N.Rao Rs 120

12. GOD DESCENDS ON EARTH - SanjayKant Rs 60

13. HEART TO HEART -Howard Levin Rsl20

14. KNOW THYSELF -GerardT.Satvic Rsl80

15. MESSAGES (JAPANEESE) -Dr. M.N.Rao Rs.l50


17. MUKTI THE LION FINDS HIMSELF - GinaSuritsch Rsl 75

18. NARANARAYANA GUFA ASHRAM Part III - Swami MaheswaranandRs 20

19.PRASANTHIGUIDE - R.Padmanaban Rs 50

20. SAI BABA GITA - AI. Drucker Rs 180

21. SELF REALISATION -AI. Drucker Rs35

22. SATVIC FOOD & HEALTH - Gerard T.Satvic Rs 35

23. SAI SANDESH - Sai Usha Rs. 50

24. SAI MY DIVINE BELOVED - Sai Usha Rs. 50




28. SATVIC STORIES - Benjamin Kurzweil Rs. 30

29. SAI HUMOUR - Peggy Mason & Others Rs. 65

30. SPRINKLES OF GOLDEN DUST - JeannetteCanith Rs. 65


32. SONGBIRD - LightStonn Rs. 80



35. THE PROPHECY - Barbara Gardner Rsl20

36. TEN STEPS TO KESAVA -JohnimaWintergate Rsl50

37. THY WILL BE DONE -C.D.Mirchandani Rs. 90

38. WAITING FOR BABA -V.Ramnath Rs. 95


01. AT THE FEET OF SAI - R.Lowenberg


03. ASHES, ASHES, WE ALL FALL DOWN - Gloria St. John

04. ANANDA IS GOD - K.Ramchandani






10. IN THE DEPTH OF SILENCE - K.Ramchandani

11. LADDER - Lightstonn

12. LET ME SOW LOVE - Doris May Gibson





17. SAI UPADESH - Sai Usha

18. SAI DARSHAN - VimlaSahni

19. SAI's STORY - Shaila Hattiangadi

20. SAI NAMAVALI - Jagat Narain Tripathi


22. THE HEART OF SAI - R. Lowenberg

23. THE GRACE OF SAI - R.Lowenbwg


25. YOGA THERAPY - R.Lowenberg





01. 365-Treasures of Our Beloved Monica Sahu 60.00

02. 9-Gems To Be Youths 55.00

03. And The Greatest Is Love AnnemarieMarwaha 60.00

04. AumAmuAum J.Jagadeesan 15.00

05. AumSriSathyaSaiRam K.KrishnaRao 20.00

06. Baba The Super Human A.B.Sarma 34.00

07. Baba:Satya Sai Part I Ra. Ganapati 25.00

08. Baba:Satya Sai Part II Ra. Ganapati 50.00

09. Balvikas Bhajan Book 100.00

10. Before The Curtain Raises Loma E. Harding 60.00

11. Beloved Friend Little Heart 40.00

12. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. My Divine Teacher Curth Orefjaerd

13. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The Mission And The Message
J.Jegathesan 60.00

14. Bhakthi And Health Dr. Charanjith Ghooi 51.00

15. Baba - The Super Human A.B. Sarma 34.00

16. S.S.S.B. E Patal Bhuvaneshwar (Italian) G.K. Kai-navar 360.00

17. Children's Baba R. M. Vishwamitra 10.00

18. Divine Glory V.Balu 60.00

19. Dramatic Moments With Human Values Suresh Govind 80.00

20. Education in Human Values Teacher's Hand Book 125.00

21. Everyday Human Values J.Jagadeesan 180.00

22. From Where Did You Come? Charles P. Difazio 125.00

23. Face to Face With God V. I.K.Sarin 120.00

24. Facets of Sai - An Anthology Reflecting the beauty & breadth of
SSB's Sandra Levy 160.00

25. Foot Prints at Shirdi &Puttaparthi G.R.Sholapurkar 60.00

26. Fragrance B.G.Pitre 30.00

27. Glimpses of Divinity RMohanRai 75.00

28. God Lives in India R.K.Karanjia 25.00

29. Holy Mission Divine Vision Sai Usha 25.00

30. Human Values And Education S.P.Ruhela 40.00

31. Immortal Quotations of Bhagavan S.S.B. S.P.Ruhela 60.00

32. In Defence of Jesus Christ
& Other Avatars Vinayak Krishna Gokak 30.00

33. In Search of Sai Divine S.P.Ruhela 100.00

34. Island of Divinity Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Expert from Trinidad &
Tobago Subash Calpu 98.00

35. Jaya Sai Sankara Lakshmi Ramanan 35.00

36. Look Inside You - Meditation on the Light 120.00

37. Love of Sai P.P.Arya 30.00

38. Living Divinity Shakuntala Balu 60.00

39. My Divine Sai Kiran Kapur 100.00

40. Mantras & Slokas 35.00

41. Meditation The Light Within J.Jagadeesan 25.00

42. Miracles Are My Visiting Cards Eriendur Haraldsson 180.00

43. Miracles of Mankind's Great Saviour Zoroaster to Satya Sai
M.N.Das 75.00

44. My Garland For You 60.00

45. My Loving Son Sathya Sai Sai Ma Sakunthala 50.00

46. Nine Gems of Love Little Heart 40.00

47. On Christ and Christianity J.Jagadeesan 20.00

48. Our God And Your Mind Dr. M.N. Rao 1 10.00

49. Our Sai Beyond Miracles Jaishree D.Menon 60.00

50. Reawakening The Spirit In Work: The Power of Dharmic Management
Jack Hawley 215.00

51. Sai Baba - The Rose Fire of Heaven Krishna Nandan Sinha 85.00

52. Sai Baba Avatar Howard Murphet 48.00

53. Sai Baba Invitation to Glory Howard Murphet 45.00

54. The Fourth Dimension J.Jagadeesan 260.00

55. Sai Baba Man of Miracles Howard Murphet 55.00

56. Sai Baba The Source of Light, Kailash Kumar Love and Bliss &
Jorgen Hovgaar 75.00

57. Sai Baba and His Message S.P. Ruhela 35.00

58. Sai Baba on Human Values And Education S.P. Ruhela 40.00

59. Sai Consciousness Jaishree D.Menon 75.00

60.SaiGayathri Devdas Baboo Menon 120.00

61. Sai Humour Dr.M.Veeravahu 70.00

62. Sai Realization Jaishree D.Menon 60.00

63. Sai Service & You R.T. Sundaram 150.00

64. Sai System of Education and World Crisis S.P.Ruhela 95.00

65. Sathya Sai Baba Incarnations, Philosophy &Teachings Vanathy
Ravindran 45.00

66. Sathya Sai Baba The Embodiment of Love Peggy Mason & Ron Laing

67. Sathya Sai Baba and the Universal Reality of Mankind Mata Betty

68. Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Lesson Plan - Group-1 Year-1 160.00

69. Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Lesson Plan - Group-1 Year-2 160.00

70. Sathya Sai Bal Vikas Lesson Plan - Group-1 Year-3 160.00

71. Satvik Stories Vol-l Benjamin Kurzweil 30.00

72. Service & Spirituality 150.00

73. Shirdi To Puttaparthi Dr. Ram Kakade 40.00

74. Shri Sathya Sai : The Yugavatara S.D.Kulkami 45.00

75. S.S.Sai: The Fount ofVedic Culture S.D.Kulkami 35.00

76. Songs of Sai Kingdom Sai Power & Glory Sumangala Neelakantan

77. S.S.S.B. & The Future of Mankind S.P. Ruhela 45.00

78. S.S.S.B. : The Man & The Avatar V.K.Gokak 60.00

79. Sri Sathya Sai Baba His Life & Divine Role S.P.Ruhela 45.00

80. S.S.S.B. - A Story of God As Man Dr. M.N. Rao 40.00

81. Sri SathyaSai as Kaiki Avatar S.P.Ruhela 90.00

82. Sri Satya Sai Satya Charita 0m Das Raghu 20.00

83. Study Circle-Some Suggested Topics J. Jegadeesan 35.00

84. Sai Baba: My Beloved Mother Jayanthi Kumari 90.00

85. Sri Sathya Sai - A Ray from the Supreme Krishna Nandan Sinha

86. The Life & Message of the Buddha J. Jegadeesan 20.00

87. Tablets of Truth Andrew Shaw 90.00

88. The Educational Theory Of S.S.S.B. S.P.Ruhela 45.00

89. The Eternal Ocean of Brahma Hema Myer Sood 60.00

90. The Glory ofPuttaparthi V. Balu 95.00

91. The Husband Memorandam J.Jagadeesan 20.00

92. The Lord And His Devotee Are One PoojaKapahi 180.00

93. The Miracle Man Sri Satya Sai Baba B.K.Chaturvedi 25.00

94. The Omni All Bhagavan S.S.S.B. Kharidahal Venkata Rao 25.00

95. The Philosophy of S.S.S.B. of Puttaparthy SarvajitSingh 276.00

96. The Pilgrimage M.L.Kaul 25.00

97. The Sai Incarnation SudhaAditya 25.00

98. The Sai Path to Immortality. The Way of Life AmalaChaudhuri 50.00

99. The Sai Trinity S.P.Ruhela 40.00

100.The Way Divine Sangeeta&Kavita 40.00

101.The Wife Memorandum J.Jagadesan 25.00

102.The Yoga of service. According to Baba P.P.S. Sarma 20.00

103.Trinkets of Love SmitaSrivastava 15.00

104. The Touch of Baba II Joyce Darlene Barki 120.00

105. Unique Graciousness Little Heart 66.00

106. When God Walks The Earth Vol I Jack Shemesh 108.00

107. When God Walks The Earth Vol 2 Jack Shemesh 108.00

108. WhenSaiLiveslnUsVol.l Jack Shemesh 90.00

109. Where The Road Ends Howard Murphet 71.00

11O. Where to Find What in the Sai Literature 900.00

111. Words of Truth Andrew Shaw 65.00

112. Devotees' Experiences H.H.Narasimhaswami 45.00

113. God Who Walked On Earth Rangaswami Parthasarathy95.00

114. My Life With Sri Shirdi S.B. Memories of Shivamma Thayee S.P.
Ruhela 60.00

115. Pictorial Sai Baba 10.00

116. Sai Baba : The Saint of Shirdi Mani Sahukar 25.00

117. Sai Baba Of Shirdi Unique Saint M.V.Kamath &V.B.Kher 120.00

118. Sai Baba The Master AcharyaE.Bharadwaj 90.00

119. Saint Shah Waris Ali and Sai Baba B K Narayan 50.00

120. Shirdi Diary 15.00

121. Shirdi Sai Baba BasavarajGunaki 125.00

122. Shri Sai Satcharita NageshVasudevGunakai 60.00

123.Shri Sai The Superman Swami Sai Sharan Anand 15.00

124.Sri Sai Babas Charters & Sayings H.H.Narasimhaswami 40.00

125. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba -The Universal Master S.P. Ruhela 60.00

126. Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Avatar S.P. Ruhela 15.00

127. The Incredible Sai Baba Arthur Osbome 60.00

128. The Life and Teachings of S.B. of Shirdi Antonio Rigopoulos

129. What Researchers Say On S. Shridi S.B. S.P.Ruhela 80.00

130. Worship of the Manifested Shri Sadguni Sainath Zarime 60.00

ROD SERLING did a film length documentary of Baba, his guru
which was not released before his death
Shirdi Ke Sai Baba by Indulal Shah

Other Gurus And Books
Autobiography of a Yogi (online)
Course In Miracles
God Calling and God at Eventide
http://www.twolisten...Calling TOC.htm

Book Lists
Tustin California Sai Baba book center

Other Gurus And Books
Autobiography of a Yogi (online)
Course In Miracles
The Mahabharata (90 volumes)
The Ramayana
The vedas and stotras
http://www.twolisten...Calling TOC.htm
Bhagavad Gita online http://asitis.com/
(Poster has some disagreements with the Iskcon Gita which
downgrades the 3rd person of the Trinity, Shiva, to subordinate
status... but many appreciate the original Sanskrit and its
transliteration and then translation)
God Calling and God at Eventide

http://loc.gov The US Library of Congress lists books
about an individual.
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Posted 23 February 2004 - 11:47 PM


The most heinous sin is to harm the feelings of another

To ask love in return is to be a coolie demanding wages

All beings are beautiful seen through eyes of love
http://www.worldlightcenter.com (search for Sai Baba)

"The actor who slapped you on the stage waits behind the curtain to congratulate you on your performance
http://www.vahini.org/downloads ."
"If the fruit is green it will not fall to the ground even if you beat it with a sharp
stick. When it is ripe it falls of its own accord in the silence of the night."
"You must be a lotus, unfolding its petals when the sun rises in the sky, unaffected by the slush where it is born or even the water which sustains it!" http://www.sathyasai.org
"Nature can be modified by nurture; Dogs too can cease to relish meat when they are trained to relish only vegetarian food. Sathya Sai Speaks Vol XII, Chap. 36." http://www.pcrm.org
"Diamonds shine more brightly foiled by black velvet." (said to His devotees who were
upset about a book attacking Him) http://groups.msn.com/saibabaleelas
"Not in the morning (mourning) pond does the lionwash his blood." (said in meditation
to a devotee) http://www.egroups.c...s/saibabaleelas
"It is easy to conquer anger through love, attachment through reasoning, falsehood through truth, bad thoughts through good and greed through charity."

"I have been stressing the vital importance of people giving up this habit of eating non-vegetarian food even from my boyhood days. Meat eating fosters animal qualities in man making him descend to the demoniac level; it is a heart-rending sight to see cows being slaughtered to serve as food for man. The cow has been worshiped as mother in Bharat since ancient times... Cow-slaughter is reougnant to the culture of this country. The provision of drinking water to the people and putting an end to the killing of animals for food are two prime needs for the country to regain its pristine glory. Violence in any form is evil and to kill innocent animals in tantamount to blatant savagery. I bless the prime Minister (of India) and expect him to get there two things accomplished furing his tenure. Sanathana Sarathi December 1994 p. 322." http://www.ivu.org/recipes

"Get the flower, and you have its beauty and fragrance.In color see harmony, in light see joy.In outward form and in the depths of things, behold your Self.You are the Truth."

"To light a fire, strike one match to start;To light your life, take one word to heart."

"The house of the material body is on fire from the momentof birth."

"Be content if your seva (service) is to lift a lame lamb over a stile."

"Do not cultivate too much attachment to things of the world, which appeal to carnal desires and sensual thirsts. A moment comes when you have to depart empty-handed, leaving all that you have laboriously collected and proudly called your own."

"Love is the rose. Lust is the thorn. http://www.sathyasai.org

"A sannyasi takes no desire-caused action."

"I have a Task: To foster all mankind and ensure for all of them lives full of ananda (bliss). I have a Vow: To lead all who stray away from the straight path again into goodness and save them. I am attached to a work that I love: To remove the sufferings of the poor and grant them what they lack. I have a reason to be proud, for I rescue all who worship and adore me, aright. I have my definition of the devotion I expect: Those devoted to me have to treat joy and grief, gain and loss, with equal fortitude. This means that I will never give up those who attach themselves to me.(in a letter to Baba's brother)."

"As much as possible sleep under the midnight sky. (said to a woman attempting to end a relationship)."

"Sow an action, reap a tendency; Sow a tendency, reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a character; Sow a character, reap a destiny. You are the maker of your destiny. You can do or undo it."

"Do not admit doubt into you. Want of faith or steadiness is not as destructive as the venom of doubt."

"As the saying goes,’ Like the mole in the eye, the stone in the shoe, the thorn in the foot, the faction in the home; isthis doubt in the brain’. When such doubts assail Arjuna, who is the representative Man, it means they are Humanity’s own doubts. They can be solved only by Madhavawho is beyond and above Humanity.-Sai Baba GV-P61."

"God looks on sin as a mother looks on her baby's firsthalting attempts to walk."

"Brahma was in existence well before mind and intelligence came into existence.Brahma cannot be understood be one's mind or intelligence."

"The actor who slaps you on stage waits behind the curtain to congratulate you on your performance."
"She is right in her conspiracy theories.. but one mustsee the agent as God and speak to him of God."
"I give you what you want so that you will want what I have to give."
"God stands outside all mathematical equations no matter how long.. ready to render a plus or minus, multiplication or division."
"Fire is hidden in wood and God in Man."
"If you would be delivered of a block of negative karma,chant the Ganapati Stotra in the muladhar."
"Happiness will seep into your life as soundlessly as dew into a coconut."
"Humans seek to change the foods available in nature to suit their tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.(a reference to the health of uncooked fruit)."
"Nishidda Karmas relate to acts which are to be eschewed. For instance, the spiritual aspirant has to observe certain regulations regarding food. He must totally eschew rajasic food like alcoholic drinks and meat. The nature of the food determines the nature of one' s thoughts, feelings and actions. If one' s conduct is to be right and proper, one should carefully observe the disciplines regarding diet."

"I know the agitations of your hearts, the aspirations, the waves and whirlpools; but, you do not know My heart. I react to the pain you undergo, the joy that you feel. For, I am in every heart. That is the temple where I dwell."

"If 899 matches go out, the 900th is enough to set the world aflame. (paraphrased from imperfect memory of poster) http://www.vahini.org/downloads."

"When worldly attachment hinders the path of duty, when ambition blinds the eyes ofsympathy, when hate shuts out the call of love, let us listen to theGeetha."

"You limit God by your assumptions."

"Just as a child yearns for its mother's bosom,a lost calf for its mother in a herd, and a widow cries for her lost husband in a corner, you too must aspire for the proximity of Sai and reap joy therefrom."

"Those who ask for love in return are coolies demanding wages."

"All beings are beautifulseen through eyes of love."

"What is true Love? Pure, unselfish Love towards all living beings, considered as embodiments of the Divine, with no expectation of reward, is true Love. (Sanathana Sarathi, June 1985:117ff)."

"Money comes and goes.Morality comes and grows."

"More fragrant than the sweet-smelling flowerslike the Jasmine and the Champak, Softer than the cheese and the butter,More beautiful than eye of the peacock,More pleasant than the moonlight,Is the love of the mother."

"I have come especially for those of you who have never known a mother's love (said to TB of Charlottesville, Va)."

"Why does the dead ball moon shining with stolen light have more power on earth than the vastly larger self luminescent stars? Proximity Sai Baba http://www.vahini.org/downloads."

"You are all separate beads strung together on that one thread - God."

"Transcending pain comes by not identifying with the body. (paraphrased)."

"There is in this world no austerity higher than fortitude, no happiness greater than contentment, no punya (good deeds) holier than mercy, no weapon more effective than patience."

"God whose form is peace."

"God is the Doer, You are the instrument."

"God has a million names ... a million forms. Select any name of His that appeals to you. Choose any form of His. Every day when you awaken to the call of the brightening East, recite the Name, meditate on the Form. Keep the Name and Form as your companion, guide, and guardian throughout the waking hours. When you retire for the night, offer grateful homage to God in that Form, with that Name - for being with you, by you, beside you, before you, behind you, all day long. Know that within the many forms and many names, God is present is all of them. The inner being is, in reality, only One."

"As long as you believe in sin, it will have power in yourlife."

"Inside the wrath of the chalice is the blood of Jesus.(said to a follower)."

"Rats build homes in the little waterfallsalong the river's journey.Some birds soar high and hearthe distant sound of the great waterfall."

"If you had wanted to, you would have done so by now. (in response to a follower who asked if she shouldbecome a sannyasi)."

"There is God everywhere and there is no second entity anywhere."

"Be silent like the rose which communicates onlythrough fragrance."

"As the more strands, the stronger the rope,so the more chords of love, the stronger it is.-paraphrased-."

"Dharma protects those who protect Dharma."

"As men squeeze juice out of the fibrous cane and drink only thesweetness, as the bee sucks the honey in the flower, regardless of its symmetry and colour, as the moth flies towards the brightness of the flame, ignoring the heat and the inevitable catastrophe, the Sadhaka (Spiritual Seeker) should yearn to imbibe the Karunarasa (the expression of the emotion of tenderness, pity and compassion) that the Ramayana is saturated with, paying no heed to other subjects.in Baba's Ramakatha Rasavahinihttp://www.vahini.org."

"Take one step toward Me. I shall take 100toward you."

"There is only one nation, the nation of humanity; There is only one religion, the religion of love; There is one language, language of the heart; There is only one God and He is Omnipresent."

"It is Truth and Truth alone, that is one’s real friend and relative. Abide by Truth and tread the path of righteousness and not even a hair of your body will ever come to harm."

"Look out into the universe and contemplate the glory of God. Observe the stars, millions of them, twinkling in the night sky, all with a message of unity, part of the very nature of God. You can see the moon which orbits the earth on a perfect path, a path which can be calculated by scientists for centuries ahead."

A barking dog in a room full of mirrors sees only enemies.
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Posted 24 February 2004 - 04:10 AM

Posted Image

planets, Milky Way, the moon

Banning The Slaughter of Cows
Baba's devotees have instituted already in many states His request
that cow slaughter be banned everywhere in India.. preparatory to an end to
the slaughter of beings in India and everywhere else

Some of Baba's many Jewish devotees

Rod Serling producer of the Twilight Zone follower of Swami before his death produced a movie length
film of Baba's miracles.. but Baba did not want it shown.

A master of suspense and the bizarre, Rod Serling is best remembered for his groundbreaking sci-fi television anthology series The Twilight Zone (1959-1965). Born in Syracuse, NY, the son of a wholesale meat dealer, Serling had a life-long interest in science fiction and the supernatural. During WWII, he served as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army 11th Airborne Division. While in the military, Serling was also a noted boxer. Following an honorable discharge in 1946, the result of a shrapnel wound, he attended Antioch College and majored in physical education and then literature. While there, he began writing, directing, and acting in locally produced radio plays. In 1949, he sold his first television script, "Grady Everett for the People." He came to Hollywood to write teleplays full-time in the mid-'50s. Early on, Serling was noted for his intelligent and offbeat scripts. His teleplay Patterns earned him his first of five Emmys. With the Twilight Zone, Serling served as the host and oversaw each of the two stories presented per episode. He wrote many of the stories himself, most of which were known for their ironic twists. Serling also wrote a few screenplays, including Planet of the Apes (1968). Later, he returned to television to launch other anthology series such as Rod Serling's Night Gallery. He also was noted as the distinctive narrator of the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau documentaries. In addition to his television career, Serling often did cross-country college campus lectures and for a time was a professor at Antioch College. He died in 1975 during open-heart surgery. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

Sam Sandweiss San Diego psychiatrist and author
of The Holy Man and the Psychiatrist

Arnold Schulman author of Baba published by Pyramid
.. Schulman Hollywood screenwriter for Goodbye Columbus,
Love With The Proper Stranger

Judy Warner
cofounder of Leela Press

JF.. a woman to whom Baba gave a vision of 3 Catholic nuns
watering a rosebush on Hitler's grave

LH who has spent a lifetime giving away free books
and videos

Al Drucker who recounts that he was on a train
going East as a young man in WW2 Germany when
a Nazi officer, with gloves, riding crop, shining boots
etc. came into his cabin, sat down and told him to go
West to escape. He followed the advice.
Years later at Baba's ashram, Baba said to him "I came
to you as a Nazi officer".

Jonathan Lief, psychiatrist, who vegetarianized a Boston
hospital cafeteria

A Rhode Island attender of an Orthodox temple who found
in the Birnbaum hymnal Ha Siddur Ha Shalom a hymn based
on a Middle Ages rabbi's vision of God.. whose name is Truth,
whose robe is red, whose hair is first grey and then black.
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Posted 24 February 2004 - 03:59 PM

One of the thousands of films about Baba
ROD SERLING did a film length documentary of Baba, his guru
which was not released before his death

Other Gurus And Books
Autobiography of a Yogi (online)
Course In Miracles
God Calling and God at Eventide
http://www.twolisten...Calling TOC.htm

Directory Of Books About Sathya Sai Baba on SaiBabaLinks.org


Sai Baba: God looks on sin as a mother looks on her baby's
first halting attempts to walk.

Jillelamudi: The Mother sees no fault in any of her children.

Rajneesh: Darkness is the absence of light.
Absences do not exist. Darkness does not exist.

Albert Einstein: taught that the unified field theory of
physics, that there is only One Doer, God, is another
angle of Hindu advaita or nonduality.

Baba's parable: The green fruit will not fall to the ground even
if you beat it with a sharp stick. When it is ripe it drops of its own accord in the silence of the night.

Icebergs of frozen form melt sooner or later
in God's Spirit.

Unknown: To understand all is to forgive all.

66 of Baba's books are available free online at
There are 36 volumes of Sathya Sai Speaks, as well
as volumes of the Summer Showers and Vahinis series.

(when poster was at ashram a
Japanese man in a wheelchair
who had come for a healing said
Baba spoke better Japanese than he
did.. Baba understands all languages)

Dr Eruch Fanibunda, a Parsi, is an oral surgeon from Mumbai.
He is also a magician awarded by the International Brotherhood
of Magicians for his development of new magic technique.
He wrote the book VISION OF THE DIVINE.

by Phyllis Krystal of California,
the meditation teacher of Isaac
Tigrett, founder of the Hard Rock
Cafes, who upon becoming a
vegetarian sold the restaurant chain.

The following is an online biography
of the Saint of Shirdi, who left His body
in 1918. He is called Shirdi Sai Baba
by millions.


<hr> God inside you expand joylovepeace inside you and all beings in all ways and always


(see links file as well)


Never at any Baba center around the world have I been asked
for money

Baba's ashram cost when I was there 27 years ago..
Baba has the power to materialize worlds and universes
He needs no paltry tinsel and trash, the coins human beings

Baba's free hospitals have done hundreds of thousands
of free operations. However he says
"Vibuthi is for people of faith. Hospitals are for people without
faith." and "Of those who come, I heal one third right away,
one third slowly which is best, and one third not yet, for
their hearts have not learned yet the lessons of their

Hard Rock Cafe Founder Isaac Tigrett broke a record in
not getting an interview with Baba after 14 years as
an international visitor, until he sold the animal murdering
Hard Rock Cafes. He donated much money to build a free hospital
in Bangalore which does tens of thousands of free operations
annually. Loan shark insurance companies in the US pay
for plane fare to India for operations.

There are perhaps 450 million vegetarians and 700 million
Hindus who do not eat beef. There is much work to be done
in India. Baba has asked His followers to begin by banning
cow murder, and this has been done in several Indian states.

<hr> God inside you expand joylovepeace inside you and all beings in all ways and always
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Posted 26 February 2004 - 11:10 PM

Books by Sai devotees

Vegetarian Cats & Dogs (Paperback)
by James A. Peden

Baba singing a prayer of offering of food to God

Brahmarpanam Brahma Havir
Brahmagnau Brahmana Hutam
Brahmaiva Tena Ghantavyam
Brahmakarma Samadhinaha The act of offering is God, the oblation is God
By God it is offered into the Fire of God
God is That which is to be attained by him
who sees God in all

Aham Vaishvanaro Bhutva
Praninaam Dehamaa Ashritaha
Prana Pana Samayuktah
Pachamyannam Chaturvidham
Becoming the life-fire in the bodies of living beings
mingling with the upward and downward breaths,
I digest the four kinds of food.

Baba singing the Gayatri mantra

Ahimsa or Nonviolence

Lord Mahavira, founder of the Jain religion: Kill not. Cause no
Oath of Hippocrates: (Hippocratic oath taken by all physicians):
First do no harm.
From a science journal: The fact that metal has memory is indicated
by its tendency even after perfectly reflattened.. to bend in the
direction it was previously bent.
From the movie "The Education of Little Tree" with Australian actor
James Cromwell: One should be able to feel the earth through his
moccasins. (This is not an endorsement of leather.. but an
affirmation of Native American sensitivity to all living beings.)
Sai Baba of Shirdi: Never harm a snake or a scorpion. He will only
harm you if ordered to do so by God. If so ordered there is nothing
you can do about it. (Nevertheless Swami protect us all from attacks
by snakes and scorpions.)
Why pluck a flower and hasten its death.
-Sai Baba-

Baba on the consciousness of matter: (v 7 pg 428 of Sathya Sai
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Posted 28 February 2004 - 07:18 PM

Arnold Schulman's Baba - (poster has not printed the entire

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Posted 28 February 2004 - 07:21 PM


In the case of his interviews with one of SB's sisters he had to be content with TWO interpreters, one from her Telugu into Hindi and the other from Hindi into English. Schulman suspects that during this time-consuming process, "what the writer was told the sister said might very well have been something quite different from what she actually said." (p. 124)

Schulman also makes the following valuable assessment - "In trying to discover what Sathya's childhood was like, the writer ran across every possible variation from "he was an ordinary child, like the rest of us" to stories of precocious saintliness which told of how, when he was only five years old, he frequently went without food so that he could sneak it out of the house [possibly Subbamma's house, not his parents'] and give it to the beggars and blind men of the village." (p. 125, italicised comment added)

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Posted 28 February 2004 - 07:23 PM



Screenwriter Arnold Schulman describes in his book 'Baba',(Pyramid) his first meeting with Sai Baba in the late 1960
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Posted 29 February 2004 - 12:44 PM

you cannot prove the existence of love..
yet perhaps it is more written about than anything

you cannot see radio waves..
do they exist?

when Spirit is not clothed in matter, or observable
measurable phenomena... it cannot be proven

Sai Baba:

science is a glowworm in the light of a billion
blazing suns

all beings are beautiful seen through eyes of love

from cosmicharmony.com

In 1976, a small number of deer were brought from the Madhumalai forest to Brindavan, and the grounds were cordoned off for the deer cage. Everyday, Bhagavan Baba would feed the deer with apples. One day, as Bhagavan was coming towards us after feeding the deer, looking at our faces pressed against the mesh, with a twinkle in His eye He indicated the students and told an elderly devotee, "These are two legged 'dear'. Those are My four legged deer. All are dear to me."

Years later, it was a hot summer day in 1988. The time was around 2:30 p.m. In the place of the old bungalow, now stood the new Trayee Brindavan. A few boys observed a strange spectacle. A female deer was looking longingly up at the window of the rooms on the first floor, where Bhagavan lived. There is only one language - the language of the heart. What prayers the deer (who was among the first deer to come to Brindavan) addressed to the Lord, we shall never know. But the response was swift. The doors of Trayee opened, and Sai Baba walked quickly down the marble steps, across the hot marble floor, instructing the students to get some apples. He entered the cage and patted the deer affectionately. As the fruits were brought on a tray, Bhagavan Baba fed the deer with His own hands. The deer ate the apple pieces quickly. Bhagavan finished feeding her, and after patting her lovingly, He left. After a few minutes the deer collapsed. Her hour had come. The Lord had entered the cage to release the soul encaged as a deer. Had he not said, "All are dear to me."

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Posted 29 February 2004 - 01:09 PM

Gandhi said one factor besides mostly fruitarian diet
in his energy levels.. was his celibacy...
the retention of his energy was a factor in his 20 hour days



After 3 years as a strict vegetarian, Fr. Mario Mazzoleni, author of "A Catholic Priest Encounters Sai Baba", speaks of a desire for meat.

I would be a hypocrite if I led the reader to believe that I was strong enough to be perfectly faithful to my Lenten resolution. ..I
hadn't yet completely resolved my desire for meat - and so the repressed desire
was floating to the surface. It is a fact that the minute I would sit down to meditate, the most succulent meals would pass in front of my mind, full of fragrant roasted chickens and various sausages. What to do? If I was going to ruin all my meditations for a
roast chicken, it would be better to eliminate the problem by facing it head on. And so after 3 years of strict vegetarianism, I decided to get rid of the desire once and for all by satiating myself with a meat dinner. After all, I told myself to quiet my sense of guilt, "It isn't a crime to eat meat, and I can't say that because I'm vegetarian I'm better than many people who are carnivorous." It was almost a traumatic experience. I remembered an analogous experience of Gandhi's that he recounted in his autobiography. Convinced by a friend that India could be liberated only by the grit
of someone who ate meat, he hid himself on a river bank to consume some barbecued baby goat meat, and the next night he could feel bleating in his chest. Instead of enjoying the coveted snack in peace, the minute this little faithbreaker set his teeth into the cruel repast* (* a reference to Dante's Inferno.. in which
meat is described as a cruel repast in XXXIII.1) he was himself bitten by remorse and anxiety. I kept seeing the animal alive in front of me, and this inhibited the desire that was so enticing when it was simply mental. I immediately noticed some other effects, physical as well as psychic. My intestines held that food much longer than they kept vegetables,and my sense of smell, made sensitive by several years of vegetarianism,
was able to detect the odor of the cooked animal on my skin. It was a disagreeable sensation. As for my psyche, I noticed that my mind, which during my 3 year "Lent" was no longer seriously agitated by unwanted thoughts, suffered a set back from that carne-vale (meat festival); polluting throughts started to enter again in triumph."

(the trioxypurine or uric acid in meat is more addictive than
the dioxypurine in coffee)
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Posted 02 March 2004 - 08:42 PM


When I type an "o"
where there is no O,
it is often Baba
telling me not to post
that particular item

when He wants to warn
me about someone.. He will
cause the very common syllable
'co' to have a p on the end of it

He has a variety of other ways
He warns poster.. such as showing
her the red aura around someone
who is angry..
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Posted 02 March 2004 - 08:45 PM

re ... AQUILA NON CAPTAT MUSCAS. AQUILA NON CAPIT MUSCAS. "The Eagle does not catch flies. ... "

no.. he eats cadavers

Baba's north and south truths are opposed. He does not
lie when He emphasizes different directions at different
times, for all directions are contained within His truth.

As Krishna kept the many burning arrows
in Arjuna's chariot from bursting into
flame, so Baba gave a devotee a sign
of an arrow He deflected from a devotee to Himself..
it passed through the top of Baba's ultraviolet and uncuttable hair


Another site with Baba's discourses

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Posted 02 March 2004 - 09:06 PM

Baba in the fall of 1980 called in center heads for an interview.
Among those present were members of the St. Louis, Mo, Santa Clara and other centers. At that time He stated that He would always answer a question if it pertained to an immediate fork in the road, if the asker were surrendered to the answer, and if the question pertained to ones own sadhana. He also said that one should select from 4
symbols: 1 for yes, 1 for no and 2 for wait. Since hearing this the
writer has found that opening His or any book at random one can also
find an answer.
Once she decided to surrender her coffee and ask for permission each
time. Over 3 days she got 9 no's in a row and obeyed.. but then
stopped asking. 9 no's with a head and tail coin is 1 in 512 chances,
if God is not arranging the process. Because she has disobeyed about
caffeine, she has had eyesight damage, bone loss, irritability and
other problems. She prays that Baba will break all addiction chains
now to caffeine, nicotine, meat (whose uric acid trioxypurine is more
addictive than caffeine's dioxypurine), overeating, harmful
relationships, and all other chains which tie us to cages made by our
own desires.
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Posted 02 March 2004 - 09:08 PM

This story was passed onto us by a Charlottesville woman: GF:

An Australian school teacher was at the ashram (spiritual village)
of Sai Baba and decided to follow the highest path (not required)
that she would not leave the ashram without Baba's permission.

She had before arriving in India signed a contract for her first
year as a school teacher in Australia.

As the time of her departure approached Baba did not give permission.
Day after day went by.. but she obeyed. Finally, 3 weeks into
the term, she received permission.. and quickly left the ashram,
boarded the plane.. deplaned in Sydney.. and rushed to her school
and into the principal's office. As she excitedly told her story,
the principal said to her: I don't know what you are talking about.
You've been here the whole time.

Ash Necklace
One Baba follower picked up a longsleeved black dress she saved for
formal occasions.. and saw on it a necklace of vibhuti beads... ash
held onto the fabric by Baba's power. A friend took a photo of it.

Handed A Ticket At The Airport
Baba one year had 2.3 million devotees
at His birthday celebration and gave darshan
from a helicopter. He has advised devotees
through meditation that it is better to worship
Him in ones home in ones heart altar.

No one can come to Puttaparthi unless Baba wills
it. No one can stay away if He calls.
One devotee who wanted very much to go had no
money.. and was at an airport one day.. when
a stranger came up and said "Baba told me to
give you this." It was a ticket to India.
Another person who has tried to go found an
airline strike the day he attempted to leave
for India, and since, other obstacles.

Anyone whose desire to go is great and whose
love is strong will attract the grace of the guru..,

Animal Rights In The UK
Before her death after many many decades of animal rights
work in the UK, Peggy Mason, wife of R D Laing, wrote
a book about Baba, who was her guru, as well as about her work. It is called
Sathya Sai Baba, The Embodiment Of Love as well as the book
Sai Humour, a quarterly Baba magazine, plays.

Same Energy
Baba told E to have the same purity with men and women... not to put out sexual energy to the opposite gender.

Autobiography Of A Yogi
Baba indicated to the writer that she had been in her last life a follower
of Yogananda living in California. In this life, she bought Yogananda's Autobiography
Of A Yogi... but it sat on her shelf for 11 years. Yogananda in it advises
to repeat the name of a guru 3 times. If one says Lahiri Mahasaya and Babaji
together, Sai Baba is the link between the names of these 2 kriya yogis.

Yogananda said to the writer in meditation:
The star of India is within you.

He wrote: Kashmir is montcrowned, lake-garlanded, and flowershod.

African Translations
Baba spoke to a delegation of Africans. Over 30 dialects were
spoken in the group. Each person heard Baba in his or her
own language, without UN translaters.

Virginia Bhajans
Hitchhiking can be very dangerous, exposing the hitchhiker to
violence, theft, etc. One person, though, not wanting to be late for Arlington
Virginia bhajans, was confidently hitchhiking, and was picked up by a kind carful.
When he said he was on his way to bhajans, the man in the back said "I just
left Bangalore 3 days ago, and Baba told me He would constantly remind me of
His presence in the US."

Orange Squash
D Giehl, a vegetarian author, came to Maryland for a visit. With his
irrepressible iconoclastic humor, mimicry, and chameleon actor talent, his response to a description of many Baba miracles was "Baba give me orange.. Baba give me orange". In those days there was a fruit market on New Hampshire
Ave. In the back was an area where bruised and other fruit was discarded.
D went into the back and picked up a huge squash, not shelved because it was so
large. Coming home he cut it into 6 bowls, and still half was left. Orange was everywhere. Then he said
to Dudley "Next time you ask Baba for something, please be more specific."

Is anything more prolific than the fruit of the Edenic Garden.. 450,000 lbs. an
acre or more?

Vertical Rainbow
Joel of Los Angeles sarcastically referred to Him as the ‘character’.

Joel started for Puttaparthi cracking a joke among friends. “This character is said to materialise all sort of things. By this he is attempting to cover the lands from India to America, like a rainbow sweeping from one end of the horizon to the other! I shall expose him by asking them to create a rainbow”.

Before having a darshan of Baba, Joel was sitting on a hillock along with his wife Diana and another lady Pamela who had accompanied them. When Joel chanced to look over the shoulder of his wife eyes were transfixed.

In a few seconds he changed to trembling. He was sweating profusely. Tears pierced through his eyes. “Did I speak so slightingly of so great a power?”

What happened? Beyond the shoulder of Diana, up in the skies there had formed the spectrum of a rainbow. In no time it raced up the sky, hit the zenith and bent down opposite.

There was brilliant sunshine then, not a cloud in the sky. The firmament was fresh as though swept clean. If there be a rainbow in this, won’t there be a shock and a shake-up?

Joel’s amazed reaction turned the other two also to see the rainbow. For a time, they stood astounded. Being of the fair sex they broke into sobbing.

Dissolved in devotion to Baba they came to Prasanthi Nilayam and sat for darshan. The Legend of Love, without an inkling of the wondrous in Him came out of the Mandir (temple). The warmth of love to remove the ‘shivering’ of Joel was glowing in Swami’s eyes. A smile sneaked along the betel-red lips.

“Well, Character! How did you like the rainbow?” He asked.

From Ra Ganapati's exquisite book BABA SATHYA SAI

Samuel Sandweiss, San Diego Psychiatrist
The book, SAI BABA, THE HOLY MAN AND THE PSYCHIATRIST, by Sam Sandweiss has had an extremely wide
circulation. Some believe the title is compelling.. others that the laser beam
intensity of Swami's Shiva gaze on the cover is magnetizing. Sandweiss as traveled
to many Sai centers giving talks .. his holiness is apparent.

Birthday Publishing

Kicking Sand
One woman devotee knelt down in darshan line in front of Swami and He kicked sand
in her face. This woman had many masochistic fantasies, one of which Baba fulfilled.

The Avatar is Asritakalpalateeka, the wishfulfilling tree.

A vedic astrologer who like gifted Hindu astrologers can predict the day of death
was called in by Baba. Baba asked him what day it was. He suddenly realized
that his death day had passed. Baba indicated that He had prolonged his life.
He told the man to move to the ashram, and handed him a packet which contained
all the documents he needed.

Another man protested that his life line was short. Baba slapped his hand
and in so doing doubled his life line.

For the story of Isaac Tigrett:

Holding The Avatar's Hands
One man was holding Baba's hands in greeting. He wanted to touch Baba's feet.
Baba said no. The man said "why Baba may I not touch Your feet if I am holding
Your hands" and Baba telepathically let him know that the people he was with
were not ready for the boon of padnamasakar.

Summer Showers 1978: The tamasic receive darshan. The rajasic .. interviews.
The satthvic.. padnamasakar.

*tamasic.. the dull guna satthvic .. the good guna rajasic.. the aggressive guna

A River Of Supply.. or Money Miracles
The writer covered the Democrat and Republican conventions in 1988 for the
animal rights movement, though she was short on funds. On her return trip with her sister's credit card she traveled, sleeping in the car and bathing in motel and hotel pools. She had left California traveling east with 25 cents cash. She came to a Stop n Shop in Kansas and upon going in saw that the clerk was denying a man in his 30's the right to buy beer, though he was not the driver, because he did not have
ID. Disliking force, she bought it for him with the credit card. Unsolicited, he
handed her $7. A few miles down the road was a toll booth, the only one she encountered on Rt 70 between California and Ohio. God gave her cash right before
she needed it. (Nevertheless like a broken record she usually hounds Him for more.)

Another time she was in Sandusky, Ohio, without resources to get home.. when
suddenly there was $20 floating in Lake Erie.

A third time, with no money for rent, she opened the door of her Maryland home
and saw Nimbo there from Melsatosa, a fruitarian temple, who told her he had $2000
left, and that God had told him to give her some of it. He handed her 9 one hundred
dollar bills.

Her family has been a constant Ganga of supply.

God Calling: The branch need ask no support of the vine.
Baba: The baby does not ask her mother for milk.

Saiananda's Five Dollar Bill

Saiananda had once said that Baba does not materialize money. Some time elapsed
and he gave away his last $5... and then realized he had no money to buy his
dog Sathya some food. He was in a drug store when he felt money materializing
on his arm.. it was a $5 bill yellow with age. Later Mark B had called him
and said that Baba was causing coins to drop from the ceiling.

Pilot's Life Saved
Charles Penn has a spiritual pen as well as a passion for piloting planes.
Baba saved his life.

Guha Ashram Akshaya Patra
As Droupadi had an akshayapatra, a vessel which filled with food every day for all she wanted to feed.. but would empty for the day after she ate, so there is a Guha ashram of Baba's very advanced disciples in the Himalayas where there is such a vessel.. which fills daily with the desired food of each.. these yogis are so proficient that all of them have passed the test of being impervious to freezing snow.

The replacement apostle after the death of Judas was chosen by lots.

Baba called the heads of the Saint Louis, Santa Clara and one other center in
1 day.. and told them if they had a question He would always answer, provided
a. they were surrendered to the answer b. it was something which required
an immediate decision c. it was each's own sadhana, and not another's. He said
they should take 4 symbols (pieces of paper, etc.) and make 1 of them YES, another
NO, and the 3rd and 4th WAIT.

One woman thought her significant other was lying to her about his fidelity.
She asked Baba if he'd been faithful, and got a no. She told him this.
9 more times, she got a no. On the 10th time, he told her about his affair.
They subsequently parted. The odds on a random basis of getting 10 no's in
a row out of 4 choices are 1 in 1,048,576 (4, 16, 64, 256, 1024, 4096, 16384,
65536, 262144, 1048576)

*sadhana: path toward God

9 No's
The writer resolved to surrender coffee .. and decided to ask Baba before each
cup for permission. Over 3 days, she got 9 no's in a row (she was asking on a yes
or no basis.. or a 1 in 512 chances to get 9 of the same answer in a row.
She obeyed for 3 days.. and after that stopped asking. Please pray that her addiction
and all addictions to harmful substances and behaviors be broken.

One of Baba's universal family had resolved to leave her home situation for what
she thought was greener fields. As she got up to leave, the picture of Baba
in an absolutely still room catapulted off the table. As she examined it, a bolt
of lightning which manifested as cracked glass emanated from Swami's third eye.
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Posted 02 March 2004 - 09:09 PM

Subject: Meditation On Light, one of untold different
meditation techniques Baba has given to different devotees
since each has unique karma, samskaras, genes, aura, etc.


Humanity is Divine.
One can purify himself into perfect Divinity,
by the process of Dhyana
(meditation), taken up with eagerness and
followed with faith, by various individuals. As
regards the technique of Dhyana, different
teachers and guides have different methods.
But I shall give you now the most universal
and the most effective.

Set aside a few minutes, every day, in the
beginning for this; later, you are sure to
extend the period, when you experience the
thrill of peace. Let it be the hours before dawn.
This is preferable because the body is
refreshed by sleep and the peregrinations of
day-time have yet to impinge on the senses
and distract physical and mental energy.
Have a lamp, with a bright little flame, steady
and straight, or a candle before you. The
flame does never diminish in lustre, however
many lamps may be lit thereform. So the
flame is the most appropriate symbol of the
eternal Absolute. Sit in the padmasana or any
comfortable asana, in front of the flame. Look
on the flame, steadily and closing your eyes.
Try to feel it inside you, between your eyebrows.
From there, let it descend down into
the lotus of your heart, in the center of the
chest. Imagine that the petals of the lotus bud
open out, one by one, bathing every thought
and feeling and emotion and impulse in
the Light and removing darkness.

There is no space now for darkness to
take refuge; it has to flee before the flame.
Imagine that the Light becomes wider, bigger,
brighter. It pervades the limbs. (Baba
is telling this to John Hislop, who has now left
his body.) Hislop asks: Is there a particular
pathway along which the flame, the jyoti,
should be moved into the body?

Sai: The light is first moved into the heart
which is conceived as a lotus, the petals of
which will open. The jyoti is then moved to
other body parts. There is no particular
sequence. But important is the final body
station, which is the head. There the light
becomes a crown enshrining and covering the
head. The light is then moved outside, from
the particular to the universal. Move the light
into relatives, friends, enemies, trees,
animals, birds until the entire world and all its
forms are seen to have the same light as their
centre as has been found to be within oneself.
The idea of moving the light into the universal
phase, the idea of universality is that the same
divine light is present in everyone and
everywhere. To impress this universality on
the mind, we do the spreading of the light
outside ones own body. One should
understand that what comes about in
meditation as one moves deeply into it, is not
the thinking of the light, but the forgetting of
the body and thereby the direct experience
that the body is not oneself. This is the stage of
contemplation when the body is totally
forgotten. It cannot be forced. It comes about
by itself and is the stage that naturally follows
correct concentration. Vivekananda told that
in meditation he was unable to find his body;
where was his body? He could not find it.
Seeing the light and moving the light here and
there is to give work to the mind, to keep the
mind occupied in the right direction so that
the mind will not be thinking of this and that
and thus interfering with the process of
becoming more and more quiet. Spreading
the light into its universal phase, sending the
light into every other body, when one is so
concentrated in that he is no longer conscious
of his body is the stage of contemplation. As
contemplation deepens, the stage of
meditation comes about of its own volition. It
cannot be forced. If the meditator remains
conscious of himself and that he is engaged in
meditation, then he is not meditating but is
still in the preliminary stage, at the beginning
of concentration.

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Posted 03 March 2004 - 05:16 AM

Baba has said that light is of form and sound of essence.
One example of this is that the voice remains more constant
than the form as the body ages.

He has also said that it is better to be a kavi, writer
than ravi, painter

Poster's question is..
why then does sound travel at only 600 some mph
while light travels at 186,000 miles a second?


In purity has fallen into the Sanskrit character Om.... the snow of Mt. Kailash.

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Posted 03 March 2004 - 05:27 AM

Baba often jokes with His followers. To one devotee whose dharma had been slipping
He came in a dream. When the follower went for padnamasakar (touching the feet of
the Guru) Baba had socks on. Yet it was also a gentle chastisement.

Darshan Line
Sometimes twice a day, sometimes more, when Baba is at an ashram
(Puttaparthi, Bangalore, Ooty or other) He walks by the seated crowds at dawn and dusk, accepting letters, materializing vibhuti or other objects, calling people in for interviews. In the evening, thousands of birds chatter in the trees as they too come for darshan. The saris of the women are a rainbow of infinite shades.

One woman handed Baba a letter and was heartbroken when He immediately
threw it back at her.. but later she realized that he had materialized
a reply to her letter on the paper she had handed Him.

A man held up a book his father D in Connecticut had written about Baba, hoping
Swami would touch it. But as Baba went further away, the man became
downcast. Suddenly like the Red Sea parting, all those between
Baba and this man parted. Baba came quickly toward him and touched
the book.. it became so hot the man could not hold it. Later
the shakti was also transmitted to the man's mother.

Another man who had often criticized Baba but had come along with his partner
for the trip... said about his first sight of Baba's light: "an ocean of joy swept
over me".

Darshan line is for those of great discipline.

Ganges Cataract Of Words
Baba asked a Nobel
Prize candidate in science, to translate for him..
Bhagavantam said Baba's cascade of speech
was so forceful and fast.. that only 1/3
of it could be translated into English.

Telugu is 90% Sanskrit.

The fact that the man was asked to translate
was a great privilege.. Baba is omniscient and has often supplied an English, Italian, or other
word that Dr Kasturi or other translators could not provide.

Mirrored Fibonacci

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1,1 The Fibonacci sequence occurs often in nature.

11:23 Baba's birthday

The Saffron Rose
The writer disobeyed the ashram rules.. and followed her heart as she followed Baba to the Gokulam in Bangalore. As He got out of the car she knelt in front of Him.
He asked me "Where are you from?" She answered
'from your heart'.. He threw her an orange rose which He materialized.. and as she walked back to Bangalore the sky was an orange rose
full of petals of fire..then Dr. Bopaya came up to her with a stack
of books.. which out of his huge heart he was simply giving to her. There
are hundreds of holy cards at the ashram.. visible in one of the books was a holy card with an orange rose on it which said
' be silent like the rose which communicates
only through fragrance'.. The mind is a boat on a pathless sea.. opinions divide while Spirit unites..

Baba used to remind the writer about silence.. she would be gazing at His picture and see a ring of light around His throat.. many other
ways He has told her in kindness
(dreams visions meditation) to be silent
.. Baba does not fawn over His followers. He
is often a stern taskmaster.. and those
closest to Him are sometimes disciplined the most
for their infractions of His messages..
Sometimes 2000 or 200,000 people at the ashram have
had dreams the same previous night.. each
with a unique message for his own path..
yet there is no force.. we only harm ourselves
when we do not follow the light.

Baba Underlining Attachments
There is a master artist living near Kent Ohio.. whom writer has met..
she has done many portraits of Baba in black and gold paint.. they are magnificent..
Her sister dreamt that Baba came in a convertible to give her a ride.. she wanted to put on her earrings first.. and when she came out He was gone.. Becky J of Mass dreamt that Baba came and she was worried about her children..
He vanished.. Writer dreamt that He did not
wait while she went for a pen to write what
He said down.. He underlines that our attachments
block us from closer association from Him..
Bette Midler says " From a distance" (God
is watching from a distance).. He is also
watching from inside..

John Hislop, TM Leader
John Hislop was a leader of TM in America before he became a follower of Baba and
wrote My Baba And I.

JH: I write many letters to Swami about activities, problems and
accomplishments in the American Sai
Organization. But often I think it is silly to describe problems
and events, since I know from my own direct
experience that Swami is omnipresent and knows all about the

SAI: People start to think they need do
nothing, that Swami will do everything! Then they do not bother
to do even their daily duty. In spiritual life, the
relationship between you and Swami is heart to heart. But in
worldly life, Swami has given you work to do. This
requires work in the world, activity in the world. You are
required to do your duty to the very limit of the task. So
far as writing is concerned, the writing of letters to Swami is
for your satisfaction.

JH: For my satisfaction, Swami?

SAI: Yes, for your satisfaction. You write to Swami, and your
mind is then free of the matter. It is not that Swami
does not know. Suppose you withhold some troublesome point, you
then have a guilty feeling. But you tell Swami,
and there is no guilty feeling. Do your duty fully and
in the work which Swami has given to you.

Quoted in
My Baba and I, pp 214, 215.

Chant The Ganapati Stotra In The Muladhar
Mrs. Balu in THE GLORY OF PUTTAPARTHI, SB Publications, 1 S Cross
Road, Basavanagadi Bangalore 560004recounted that Baba told a woman to dissolve a negative block
of karma by chanting the Ganapati stotra in her muladhara
(base chakra) (where karma is stored)

The writer did not know the Ganapati stotra. There are many attributes
of Ganesha described in v 8 of Sathya Sai Speaks in the Aug 24th
discourse and so she vibrated the names of Ganesha in her muladhar. Baba gave
her a sign that her imperfect offering was accepted.


Asking God In Books
Souls further along than the writer know immediately in their hearts
what to do. The writer usually does not ask about her activities, but when at
a crossroads of many possible directions she asks God in meditation, through
chits, or by methods such as opening one of His books to a random page.

In London on her way to the ashram, she wanted to see England and
asked Baba for permission. The answer in the Gita was
'although the Lord is omnipresent He is situated in one place'.

They had been given a Pan Am round the world ticket for $1100.. which allowed
visiting 12 cities. Returning to the US from India they went to Miami, and then
asked Baba when to return to DC. In Sathya Sai Speaks she opened to 'today is Uttaryana when the sun begins its northward journey'.

They were watching JF's dog Cayuga while J was in India.
Cayuga had hip dysplasia. The writer asked Baba if it was creating
a permanent dependency to help Cayuga into the car and opened to
' be content if your seva (service) is to lift a lame lamb over a stile'

Another time she desired to reproduce a picture of Baba which would be freely
distributed without going through the timeconsuming
process of official ashram permission and opened to "the thief so intensely desired
the jewels that Krishna poured them into his lap".

Every Iskcon devotee she has ever met personally.. was exceptionally
intelligent, generous, devoted, pure, and compassionate. One, Papasteya, drew in 3 minutes time the sweetest little crying piglet inside 2 pieces of
bread...another animal rights group began using the drawing which had been given
to the writer to put on t shirts as a way to fund animal rights. She was feeling
uncentered about this and asked Baba.. she opened to
"the teacher should be happy when a student takes over her work"

She was speaking to people at the meat counter of a Safeway store about animal
flesh as a cause of cancer, heart disease, animal agony, world hunger, environmental devastation etc. Coming out to the car, disquieted, she opened to "When the fruit
is green it will not fall to the ground if you beat it with a sharp stick. When
it is ripe it falls of its own accord in the silence of the night."

During a period of intense emotional pain she opened to "the waves
pound most fiercely when one is closest the shore". which could either
mean that one is not established in the depths of meditation or that ones victorious
journey is almost completed.

HS and writer awaited the birth of writer's nephew.. there seemed to be a problem
and she prayed to Baba and then opened to the only book she had with her..
one of poetry. The line which struck her was
"A sudden blow: the great wings beating still
Above the staggering girl" in the poem Leda and the Swan by Yeats.
Shortly after, her nephew was born.

An evicted man wanted to move into our home. It would have meant giving up
D's meditation room. We prayed together and opened in the Bible to
"I was a stranger and you took me in."

The Purple Butterfly
Karanjia, editor of Blitz, Communist magazine
The elephant Sai Geeta's kissing trunk
Hitchhiking in Arlington
Hitchhiking in Pennsylvania

Cofounder Of PETA
The writer accompanied her friend to a Washington shelter and while he arranged to borrow a humane
trap, she went into the area where animals were waiting to be sent to the next world. She
went around the cages giving each dog vibuthi. Ingrid Newkirk, later with Alex Pacheco cofounder of PETA, walked into the room and said "Whatever are you doing?!". The writer explained, and Ingrid asked to have the
vibhuti and tasted it. Later she said "That was so stupid of me.. what if it had been poison?"

The focus, brilliance, compassion, and constant hard work of Alex, Ingrid, and other PETA workers
is an inspiration to countless numbers.

Suburban Hospital And The Growing Ring
JF, a follower of Baba, for a while was a ward secretary at Suburban Hospital in Maryland, where some of the nursing assistants were jeopardizing patient health by an oppositional attitude. She prayed that Baba would give her courage to speak to the individuals involved. Day by day, over a year's time, the jaw on her ring of Baba became larger, as simultaneously she felt courage growing in her. She did
speak.. to the management and to the assistants... and worked out an agreement.

Nevertheless when it was all finished she felt she should have followed the
Bhagavad Gita's "It is better to do ones own dharma poorly than another's well." Baba: "I give you what you want so that you will want what I have to give."

This post is not writer's endorsement of the pharmaceutical domination, pricegouging, overworked interns, staph infections, turning away of the poor from emergency rooms, millions of iatrogenic deaths, toxic food etc. which are commonplace in American hospitals. But there are shining examples of selflessness
such as Dr Jonathan Lief of Boston, who vegetarianized his hospital's cafeteria.

Baba has said "Vibhuti is for people of faith. Hospitals are for people without faith." Yet He has built the world's best equipped free hospital, in Bangalore, India, where tens of thousands of free heart operations and other surgeries have been performed.


Long before either Israelites or Sumerians were
the Sanskrit speaking Indians.. whose Ramayana alone
was written over 20,000 years ago.. and remains in the same
form today.. described by William Jones of the Asiatic
Soc. as 'more perfect than Latin, more copious than Greek
and more exquisitely refined than either'.

Sanskrit is the only language whose character as written
matches the sound vibration pattern.

Poster is ignorant.. knowing only a few hundred Sanskrit
words.. but has read that it has 8 conjugations and 8 declensions

Sanskrit is the mother of all language, Indo European and not


Arnold Schulman, Hollywood
screenwriter who wrote screenplays for Love With the
Proper Stranger, Goodbye
Columbus, etc and received $500,000 for each play, had
a ring materialized for him by
Baba. When he came back to
Hollywood, he had the diamond
and sapphire ring appraised
and was told it was worth
several hundred dollars.



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