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Famous Vegetarians, Vegans, Fruitarians

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Posted 13 August 2006 - 05:06 PM

Posted Image painted by Vincent Van Gogh who after visiting the
abbatoirs of Southern France became a vegetarian


http://engforum.prav...threadid=174591 ongoing thread
You Tube Famous Vegetarians
4 min 35 sec

http://www.soystache.com/famousaz.htm -
http://en.wikipedia...._of_vegetarians -
http://home.netcom.c...gie/celebs.html -

It is inevitable that you will be on this
list for it is a Book of Life.. and since there are a billion vegetarians in the world (300 million in India of the 700 million in India who eat no cow flesh) the full book is visible to God.

Vincent Van Gogh
Leonardo Da Vinci fruitarian http://fruitarians.blogspot.com
Peter Max
Steve Jobs vegan founder of Apple
Isaac Tigrett who sold the Hard Rock
Cafes upon becoming veg.
Gary Pruitt CEO of McClatchy Newspapers**
Cicely Tyson
David Duchovny.. X files
Alec Baldwin.. got pate out of Clinton
White House
Kim Basinger
Danny DeVito
Mary Lu Henner
Dennis Weaver
Semantha Eggar
Bill Maher
Efrem Zimbalist
Dustin Hoffman
Milton Berle
Gwyneth Paltrow
Johnny Cash
J D Fortune of inxs
Gloria Steinem
C Salamone developed World Women For Animal Rights,
an ecofeminist network of many thousands
Karen Messer
Susan B Anthony
Clara Barton
Molotov (born Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Skryabin. )
Former SD senator James Abourezk
Former Rep Andrew Jacobs Indianapolis
THe president of Serbia
Fidel Castro
Yasser Arafat*
Former Gov. Lamm of Colorado who instructed his chef not to tell
cattle ranch dominated Colorado
his diet.
Ace Young KMET
Bill Gordon KSDO
Paul Harvey
Colman McCarthy, former Wash Post
Captain Alan Jones USMC world record
holder 17,003 consec. situps
Captain Rick Corbin went through
Rangers as a vegetarian
Yehudi Menuhin, violinist and peacemaker
Wagner (wrote against vivisection)
Casey Kasem
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Peace Pilgrim, a vegan who vowed
not to stop walking til humankind
achieved peace.. she walked 8
times across the US before she died
John Harvey Kellogg MD
Neal Barnes MD and several hundred other vegan physicians at PCRM
Steve Kaufman, MD http://www.christianveg.com
Dr Klaper http://www.vegsource.com/klaper
Jeff Rense vegan http://www.rense.com
Uri Geller urigeller.com
Albert Einstein http://www.jewishveg.com
Dr Donald Barnes resigned from USAF rather than irradiate chimps
at Brooks Air Force Base Movie Project X about his work
Mary (according to the Gospel of Mary)
Shaikh M R Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
St Francis
Jonathon Chapman Appleseed.. fruitarian
St Clare
Martin de Porres
Sai Baba over 100 million followers
millions of Hindu monks
John Wesley, founder of Methodists
Ellen White, founder of Seventh
Day Adventists who do vegan
international relief
Bramwell Booth, son of founder
of Salvation Army.
Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist leader
nominated for Nobel Prize by Dr King
Trappists (some)
Cistercians (some)
Benedictines (some)
St John Chrysostom
James the hermit
tens of thousans of yogis, gurus,
self realized masters
Dick Gregory dickgregory.com
ran across US on fruitarian juices
Goose Gossage fined by the Padres
for criticizing McDonald's http://www.mcspotlight.org
Peter Burwash tennis pro
Johnny Weissmuller, broke 6 world
swimming records as a veg, star of
Charlotte Bronte
F M Esfandiary
Leo Tolstoy
Bronson Alcott, father of Louisa Mae
was a fruitarian
George Bernard Shaw
Mary Shelley who wrote Frankenstein
at age 19
Friedrich Nietzsche
Will and Ariel Durant
Alexander Pope
Walt Whitman
* Abraham, John India
* Chawla, Juhi India
* Deol, Esha India
* Dev, Rahul India
* Govritikar, Aditi India
* Kapoor, Kareena India
* Kapur, Shahid India
* Khan, Aamir India
* Koirala, Manisha India
* Madhavan India
* Rao, Amrita India
* Sherawat, Mallika India
* Tandon, Raveena India
* Takia, Ayesha India
Robert Cohen http://www.notmilk.com
Ingrid Newkirk http://www.peta.net
Alex Hershaft, concentration camp survivor http://www,meatout.org

Everyone is equally divine for all
have the same Indweller. Only
the size of the opening to the Light
Within differs.

*piscatarian.. ate fish
** save trees.. read news on the web
or at the library

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Posted 13 August 2006 - 05:27 PM

Vegetarian Sports Personalities

Hank Aaron (home run champion in major league baseball) Source: A Teen's Guide to

Going Vegetarian

B J Armstrong (US Basketball star)

Al Beckles (body builder)

Sorya Bonali (ice skater)

Les Brown (veteran runner)

Peter Burwash (tennis)

Andreas Cahling (body builder)

Chris Campbell (1980 world champion wrestler)

Joanna Conway (ice skater)

Sylvia Cranston (triathlete)

Sally Eastall (Marathon runner - UK No 2, vegan)

Di Edwards (runner, Olympic semi-finalist)

Cory Everson (bodybuilder, Ms Olympia 6 times)

Katie Fitzgibbon (marathon runner)

Clare Francis (sailer)

Louis Freitas (body builder)

Carol Gould (marathon runner)

Estelle Gray (cyclist) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

Sammy Green (runner)

Ruth Heidrich (3-time Ironman finisher, marathoner, age-group record holder, Pres.

Vegetarian Society of Honolulu) (vegan) Source: personal acquaintance, also...her

book--A Race for Life

Sally Hibberd (British Women's Mountain Bike Champion)

Sharon Hounsell (Miss Wales Bodybuilding Champion)

Desmond Howard (formerly w/Washington Redskins, now w/Jacksonville Jaguars)

Source: PETA mailer

Roger Hughes (Welsh National Ski Champion)

David Johnson (BAA coach)

Kathy Johnson (Olympic Gymnast)

Alan Jones (British ski jumper)

Billie Jean King (tennis champion) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

Killer Kowalski (wrestler) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

Jack LaLanne (Fitness guru) (vegan)

Donnie LaLonde (Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. (Lost title to

Sugar Ray Leonard)) Source: Article in San Jose Mercury News

Tony LaRussa (Manager of St. Louis Cardinals - US team) Source: PETA, Animals

Agenda, Animals Voice, Veg Times, others

Silken Laumann (Olympic rower) Source: Cooking Television Show

Judy Leden (British, European & World Hang Gliding champion)

Marv Levey (Buffalo Bills Coach)

Jutta Müller (multiple Windsurfing World Cup Champion) Source: Flutlicht 95/6/18 on

Südwest 3 (German TV program)

Jack Maitland (triathlete and fell runner)

Cheryl Marek (cyclist) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

Leslie Marx (fencer;1996 woman's epee national champion)

Kirsty McDermott (runner)

Lindford McFarquar (body builder)

Robert Millar (cyclist)

Monika Montsho (weightlifter, 2 x runnerup GB Championships 60kg, NW woman

weightlifter of the year 1991)

Edwin Moses

Martina Navratilova (Retired Tennis Champion) Source: Magazine Interviews/Genesis


Paavo Nurmi

Bill Pearl (Bodybuilder, Mr America) Source: Getting Stronger by Bill Pearl, pg 399

Bill Pearl (Mr. Universe and bodybuilder) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

Dennis Rodman (Basketball for Bulls) Source: Oprah, episode sometime in May, 1996

Dave Scott (five time winner of the Ironman Triathlon) (vegan) "The New Laurel's

Kitchen" cookbook

Debbie Spaeth-Herring (Georgia State power-lifter) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going


Jonathon Speelman (chess)

Lucy Stephens (triathlete - vegan)

Kirsty Wade (runner)

Bill Walton (basketball player) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

17,003 Consecutive Pushups: World Record Held By Vegetarian

US Marine Corps Captain Alan Jones of Quantico, Virginia was struck by polio when he was five years old. Now a vegetarian, Alan could be the fittest man on Earth by amassing a record of physical accomplishments unmatched by any human that ever lived. He holds the world record for continuous sit-ups (17,003 times). In a 15-months period, he accomplished possibly the most remarkable array of physical achievements ever attained by a human being:


Lifted a 75-pound barbell over his head 1,600 times in 19 hours.


Made 3,800 basketball free throws in 12 hours, with 96 pc hit rate.


Swam 500 miles in 11 days, down a river to the ocean.


Skipped rope 43,000 times in 5 hours.


Skipped rope 100,000 times in 23 hours.


Swam 68 miles in a swimming pool without a sleeping break.


Swam half a mile in zero degree Celsius water without a wet suit.


Performed 51,000 sit-ups in 76 hours.


Lone Gunman


Sports Personalities veggie.org Vegetarian Sports Personalities

* Hank Aaron (home run champion in major league baseball) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* B J Armstrong (US Basketball star)

* Al Beckles (body builder)

* Sorya Bonali (ice skater)

* Les Brown (veteran runner)

* Peter Burwash (tennis)

* Andreas Cahling (body builder)

* Andreas Cahling (bodybuilder)

* Chris Campbell (1980 world champion wrestler)

* Joanna Conway (ice skater)

* Sylvia Cranston (triathlete)

* Sally Eastall (Marathon runner - UK No 2, vegan)

* Di Edwards (runner, Olympic semi-finalist)

* Katie Fitzgibbon (marathon runner)

* Clare Francis (sailer)

* Louis Freitas (body builder)

* Carol Gould (marathon runner)

* Estelle Gray (cyclist) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* Sammy Green (runner)

* Ruth Heidrich (3-time Ironman finisher, marathoner, age-group record holder, Pres. Vegetarian Society of Honolulu) (vegan) Source: personal acquaintance, also...her book--A Race for Life

* Sally Hibberd (British Women's Mountain Bike Champion)

* Sharon Hounsell (Miss Wales Bodybuilding Champion)

* Desmond Howard (formerly w/Washington Redskins, now w/Jacksonville Jaguars) Source: PETA mailer

* Roger Hughes (Welsh National Ski Champion)

* David Johnson (BAA coach)

* Kathy Johnson (Olympic Gymnast)

* Alan Jones (British ski jumper)

* Billie Jean King (tennis champion) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* Killer Kowalski (wrestler) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* Jack LaLanne (Fitness guru) (vegan)

* Donnie LaLonde (Former Light Heavyweight Champion of the World. (Lost title to Sugar Ray Leonard)) Source: Article in San Jose Mercury News

* Tony LaRussa (Manager of St. Louis Cardinals - US team) Source: PETA, Animals Agenda, Animals Voice, Veg Times, others

* Silken Laumann (Olympic rower) Source: Cooking Television Show

* Judy Leden (British, European & World Hang Gliding champion)

* Marv Levey (Buffalo Bills Coach)

* Jutta Müller (multiple Windsurfing World Cup Champion) Source: Flutlicht 95/6/18 on Südwest 3 (German TV program)

* Jack Maitland (triathlete and fell runner)

* Cheryl Marek (cyclist) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* Leslie Marx (fencer;1996 woman's epee national champion)

* Kirsty McDermott (runner)

* Lindford McFarquar (body builder)

* Robert Millar (cyclist)

* Katherine Monbiot (world champion arm wrestler and nutritionist) (vegan) Source: The Vegan Society UK

* Monika Montsho (weightlifter, 2 x runnerup GB Championships 60kg, NW woman weightlifter of the year 1991)

* Edwin Moses

* Martina Navratilova (Retired Tennis Champion) Source: Magazine Interviews/Genesis Awards

* Julie Ann Niewiek (Basketball commentator) Source: Grand Rapids press/ Image Magazine

* Paavo Nurmi

* Robert Parish (Center - Warriors, Celtics, Hornets, Bulls) Source: Hearsay

* Bill Pearl (Bodybuilder, Mr America) Source: Getting Stronger by Bill Pearl, pg 399

* Bill Pearl (Mr. Universe and bodybuilder) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* Anthony Peeler (NBA Grizzlies basketball player) Source: NBA web site profiles

* Dave Scott (five time winner of the Ironman Triathlon) (vegan) "The New Laurel's Kitchen" cookbook

* Debbie Spaeth-Herring (Georgia State power-lifter) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

* Jonathon Speelman (chess)

* Lucy Stephens (triathlete - vegan)

* Jacques Vaughn (All American point guard, #1-ranked Univ of KS Jayhawks) Source: Lawrence (KS) Journal World (numerous editions)

* Kirsty Wade (runner)

* Bill Walton (basketball player) Source: A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian

VEGSPORTS this list is from http://groups.msn.com/cleveland

(and has not been checked against above lists to eliminate


Austin Carr of the Cleveland Cavaliers.. one of 3 vegetarians on that


Johnny Weissmuller.. broke 6 world swimming records as vegetarian..

played Tarzan in the movies

Ruth Heidrich Six-time Ironwoman, USA track and field Master's champion http://www.pcrm.org

Carl Lewis, Olympic long jump twice http://www.meatout.org

Nicky Cole

First woman to walk to the North Pole http://www.mccruelty.com

Bill Walton.. Portland Trailblazers.. went to press conferences

with LOVE ANIMALS DON'T EAT THEM t shirts http://www.ivu.org/recipes

Cheryl Marek and Estelle Gray

World record holders, cross-country tandem cycling http://www.sierraclub.org http://www.egroups.c...ages/nomow108/1

Dick Gregory trained at the Univ of Il ran 3000 miles

across the USA on a fruitarian diet http://www.dickgregory.com http://spot.acorn.net/fruitarian

Surya Bonaly Olympic figure skating champion http://www.vegweb.com/food

Andreas Cahling.. world class weight lifter..

Swedish champion bodybuilder, Olympic gold medallist in the ski jump


http://groups.msn.co...dcowlinks1.msnw 10,000 Mad Cow Mad Pig Mad Chicken mad Fish links

Debbie Lawrence World record holder, women's 5K racewalk

Alan Jones when captain in USMC did 17,003 consecutive

situps as a vegetarian.. at that time a world record

Ingra Manecki

World champion discus thrower

Johnny Weissmuller.. Tarzan movie star.. broke 6 world

swimming records as a vegetarian

Martina Navratilova

Champion tennis player

Dr Irving Fisher at Yale found that randomly selected

vegetarians could hold their arms at length 9 times

longer than Yale football players* http://www.neavs.org

Jane Wetzel

U.S. National marathon champion

Ridgely Abele Winner of eight national championships in karate

Charlene Wong Williams

Olympic champion figure skater

Peter Burwash Davis Cup winner and professional tennis star

(once lost a tournament because he would not step on a column of ants

which had entered the courtyard)

Peace Pilgrim vowed to walk til humankind found peace.. not to

eat less offered food.. for the next four decades she

walked 8 times across the USA as a vegan http://www.nonviolence.org

Chris Campbell

Olympic wrestling champion

Keith Holmes

World-champion middleweight boxer

Desmond Howard

Professional football star, Heisman trophy winner

Peter Hussing

European super heavy-weight boxing champion

Sixto Linares

World record holder, 24-hour triathlon

Bill Manetti

Power-lifting champion

Ben Matthews

U.S. Master's marathon champion

Dan Millman

World champion gymnast

Martina Navratilova

Champion tennis player

Paavo Nurmi

Long-distance runner, winner of nine Olympic medals and 20 world records

Bill Pearl

Four-time Mr. Universe

Bill Pickering

World record-holding swimmer

Stan Price

World weightlifting record holder, bench press

Murray Rose

Swimmer, winner of many Olympic gold medals and world records

Dave Scott

Six-time winner of the Ironman triathlon

Art Still

Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs MVP defensive end, Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame

Goose Gossage of San Diego Padres.. was in past suspended

for saying McDonald's cheeseburgers poisoned the world

Part excerpted from The Food Revolution, by John Robbins, published by Camaro Press. John Robbins, vegan Baskin Robbins heir

is a Kucinich endorser.

*not an endorsement of Yale endowment invested in earth

abusers, nor of their primate and other animal abuse

Austrian vegetarian


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Posted 13 August 2006 - 05:31 PM

WRITERS ivu.org
* Abu 'L-ala Ahmad bin Abdallah al-Ma'arri Syria
* Adams, Scott USA
* Alcott, Louisa May USA
* Anthony, Piers
* Arnold, Sir Edwin (1832-1904) UK
* Barker, Clive USA
* Bass, Jules
* Bentham, Jeremy ?? (1748-1832) UK
* Berry, Rynn USA
* Breathed, Berke USA
* Brewer, Gene
* Borges, Boris
* Bronte, Charlotte UK
* Bush, Wilhelm (1832 - 1908) Germany
* Byron, Lord (George Gordon) ?? (1788-1824) UK
* Cameron, Skyla Dawn Canada
* Clark, Stephen UK
* Coe, Sue
* Coetzee, J. M. South Africa
* Conant, Todd
* Confucius China
* da Vinci, Leonardo (1452-1519) Italy
- Leonardo da Vinci
o Italiano - Leonardo da Vinci
* Diamond, Marilyn ?? USA
* Elliot, Rose UK
* Ensler, Eve
* Gach, Gary
* Goldsmith, Oliver (1728-1774) UK
* Gross-Foster, Karen
* Guatemala, Alberto Chavez
* Ha, Peter Vietnam
* Hardin, Valerie
* Harrison, Ruth UK
* Hood, Thomas (1799-1845) UK
* Howard-Johnson, Carolyn
* Hughs, Ted (??-1998?) UK
* Ihomocl, Mutaka
* Kafka, Franz (1883-1924) Germany
* Kay, Tonya USA
* Kaplan, Helmut F. Austria
* Kingsford, Anna
* Lane, Carla UK
* Lappe, Frances Moore ?? USA
* Mayson, John
* McGinn, Colin
* Milligan, Spike (1918-2002) UK
* Mandeville, Bernard de ?? (1670-1733) France
* Mehta, Alka India
* Midgley, Mary UK
* Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de (1533-1592) France
* Naipaul, V.S. India
* Newton, John Frank (1770-?1827) UK
* Plato Greece
* Redfield, James
* Regan, Tom USA
o Italiano Tom Regan
* Rendell, Ruth UK
* Rifkin, Jeremy UK
o Italiano - Jeremy Rifkin
* Ritson, Joseph (1761-1830) UK
* Robbins, Anthony ?? USA
* Robbins, John USA
* Romanov, Alexandra Russia
* Roth, Geneen
* Rousseau, Jean-Jacques ?? (1712 - 1778) France
* Salt, Henry (1851-1939) UK
* Sanminiatelli, Bino Italy
* Sarma, Seshendra India
* Schnell, Donald
* Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1950) UK
o Español - George Bernard Shaw
o Italiano - George Bernard Shaw
* Shaw, Joanne Canada
* Schirneck, Hubert
* Schwartz, Richard USA
* Shankar, Sri Sri Ravi India
* Shelley, Mary Wolstonecraft (1797-1851) UK
* Shelley, Percy Bysshe (1792-1822) UK
* Singer Isaac Bashevis (1904-1991) USA
* Singer, Professor Peter Australia
o Italiano Professor Peter Singer
* Southey, Robert ?? (1774-1843) UK
* Spencer, Colin UK
* Theroux, Paul ??
* Thiruvalluvar India
* Thomas, Dilip
* Thomas, Rev.Dr. Donald (1953- )
* Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862) USA
o Español - Henry David Thorea
* Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich (1828-1910) Russia
o Español - Leo Nikolayevich Tolstoy
* Tryon, Thomas (1634-1703) UK
* Voltaire ?? (1694-1778) France
* Walker, Alice
* Westerfeld, Scott USA
* Wynne-Tyson, Jon UK
* Zephaniah, Benjamin UK
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Posted 13 August 2006 - 05:36 PM

# Senator Abourezk, James G. USA
# Advani, L.K., India
# Anthony, Susan B.
# Bhandari, Shri. Sunder Singh India
# Banks, Tony, MP UK
# Bartlett, Andrew Australia
# Barton, Clara USA
# Benn, Tony MP, UK
# Besant, Annie UK, India
# Braun, Nathan USA
# Campbell, Anne UK
# Chailert, Sangduen (Lek) Thailand
# Chang, Yung-fa
# Chavez, Cesar
# Clarke, Alan UK
# Clinton, Chelsea USA
# Cohen, Harry UK
# Craigavon, Viscount UK
# Cripps, Sir Stafford UK
# Das, Radha Krishna
# Desai, Morarj India
# Dinshah, H.Jay (1933-2000) USA

Lord Dowding (1882-1970) - Lady Dowding (1908-1993) UK
# Drees, Willem Netherlands
# Eisner, Michael USA
# Erskine, Lord (Thomas)?? (1750-1823) UK
# Fischer, Joschka Germany
# Franklin, Benjamin (1706-1790) USA
# Gandhi, Maneka India
# Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand (1869-1948) India

* ÖÐÎÄ - Īºº´ï˹¡
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Posted 13 August 2006 - 06:03 PM


# Adams, Kaye UK
# Armstrong, Pamela UK
# Barker, Bob
# Carling, Julia
# Cool, Phil UK
# Cotton, Fearne UK
# Davies, Alan UK
# Drucker, Michel
# Engelke, Anke Germany
# Eubanks, Kevin ?? USA
# Forrester, Philippa ?? UK
# G, Andrew Australia
# Groothuizen, Angela Netherlands
# Hamburger, Neil
# Hertsenberg, Antoinette Netherlands
# Holt, Viola Netherlands
# Hughes, Sean ?? Ireland
# Jordan, Diane Louise UK
# Kasem, Casey
# Kappenberg, Kimmi ?? USA
# Kelder , Jord Netherlands
# Lake, Ricki USA
# Landini, Tina UK
# Maher, Bill ?? USA
# Martin, Paul UK
# Miller, Nick USA
# Morasca, Jenna USA
# Osbourne, Kelly USA
# Phillips, Fiona UK
# Pierobon, Fiorella Italy
# Red Ronnie Italy
# Roberts, Julia UK
# Rogers, Fred USA
# Seinfeld, Jerry USA
# Simpson, Lisa USA
# Snyder, Julie Canada
# Sperling, Sy
# Strachan, Michaela ?? UK
# Thomas, Jonathan Taylor USA
# Turner, Anthea ?? UK
# Turner, Wendy UK
# Tyler Moore, Mary USA
# Wood, Victoria UK
# Wai Lana (yoga) USA
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Posted 13 August 2006 - 06:04 PM

ACTORS ivu.org
# Affleck, Casey
# Aherne, Caroline UK
# Anderson, Gillian ?? USA
# Anderson, Pamela ?? USA
# Anglehart, Raynald USA
# Arthur, Bea
# Asner, Ed USA
# Astin, John
# Astin, Sean USA
# Bach, Richard & Leslie
# Baldwin, Alec ?? USA
# Baldwin, Billy (William) USA
# Bardot, Brigitte France
# Barrymore, Drew ?? USA
# Basinger, Kim ?? USA
# Baxter, Meredith
# Begley, Ed Jr. USA
# Belding, Stephanie Canada
# Bell, LakeUSA
# Beloff, EvanCanada
# Benedict, Dirk
# Benson, Amber
# Bergen, Candice USA
# Berkley, Elizabeth
# Bingham, Traci USA
# Birch, Thora
# Bloom, Orlando ??
# Bogdanovich, Peter
# Briers, Lucy UK
# Brown, "Downtown" Julie USA
# Bubbles USA
# Burstyn, Ellen ??
# Butler, Brett
# Cameron, Kirk
# Cardinale, Claudia Italy
# Cauffiel, Jessica
# Christie, Julie UK
# Cinnamon, Cindy
# Clarke, Margi ?? UK
# Cleese, John ?? UK
# Conant, Sean
# Connelly, Jennifer USA
# Cook, Racheal Leigh
# Corbett, John UK
# Cromwell, James
# Cruz, Penelope ?? USA
# Cush, Sandra
# Dafoe, Willem
# Danson, Ted
# De Generes, Ellen USA
# DeVito, Danny
# Diaz, Cameron ?? USA
# DiCaprio, Leonardo ?? USA
# Dombasle, Arielle France
# Duchovny, David USA
# Eastwood, Clint USA
# Edelstein, Lisa USA
# Elise, Christine USA
# Ferris, Pam UK
# Fischer, O.W. Germany
# Fox, Jorja
# Fox, Michael J. USA
# Frost, Sadie
# Furlong, Edward USA
# Garofalo, Janeane ??
# Garth, Jennie USA
# Gere, Richard USA
# Gielgud, Sir John UK
# Greene, Stephanie Dawn USA
# Gries, Jon USA
# Gunter, Bob
# Hannah, Daryl USA
# Harper, Valerie
# Harrelson, Woody USA
# Hartnett, Josh
# Hauer, Rutger Netherlands
# Hawthorne, Nigel UK
# Hemmingway, Mariel ?? USA
# Henner, Marilu ?? USA
# Hoffmann, Dustin USA
# Holmes, Katie ?? USA
# Hopkins, Anthony UK
# Imbruglia, Natalie
# Jackson, Samuel L. USA
# Jennings, Kevin Robert
# Judd, Ashley ?? USA
# Kappenberg, Kimmi ?? USA
# Kemp, Martin UK
# Kennedy, Gerard
# Keymah, T'Keyah Crystal
# Krause, Brian USA
# Law, Jude ?? USA
# Leachman, Cloris
# Lenk, Tom
# Lennon, Jarrett
# Leto, Jared USA
# Louis-Dreyfus, Julia ?? USA
# Love, Willamina
# Lumley, Joanna ?? UK
# Maguire, Tobey
# Marceau, Sophie France
# Marcil, Vanessa
# Martin, Steve ?? USA
# Martin, Ty
# Mathis, Samantha
# McClanahan, Rue ?? USA
# Mckellen, Sir Ian UK
# Milano, Alyssa USA
# Milligan, Spike (1918-2002) UK
# Mills, Hayley UK
# Moore, Demi
# Morales, Esai USA
# Murphy, Brittany?? USA
# Muti, Ornella Italy
# Nealon, Kevin & Linda
# Newman, Paul ?? USA
# Nimoy, Leonard USA
# Paltrow, Gwyneth ?? USA
# Paquin, Anna
# Paul, Alexandra USA
# Pearce, Guy
# Penn, Kal USA
# Peterson, Cassandra
# Phoenix, Joaquin
# Phoenix, Rain
# Phoenix, Summer
# Pitt, Brad ?? USA
# Plimpton, Martha
# Portman, Natalie
# Powers, Stephanie
# Raven, Robin
# Redford, Robert USA
# Regalbuto, Joe
# Riley, Lisa UK
# Roache, Linus UK
# Roberts, Julia ?? USA
# Sarandon, Susan USA
# Sawalha, Julia ?? UK
# Seagal, Steven ??
# Sellers, Peter UK
# Serkis, Andy UK
# Shatner, William USA
# Shaw, Martin UK
# Shields Brooke USA
# Silverstone, Alicia USA
# Simpson, Lisa USA
# Stamp, Terence ?? UK
# Stiles, Julia ??
# Stoltz, Eric
# Stoner, Lynda Australia
# Sullivan, Larry USA
# Sumner, Peter Australia
# Suvari, Mena USA
# T! Alexander
# Talbert, Jonathan Tristan
# Thewlis, David UK
# Thiessen, Tiffani-Amber ?? USA
# Thomas, Jonathan Taylor
# Tyler, Liv ?? USA
# Tyler-Moore, Mary USA
# Vandamme, Jean-Claude Belgium
# Vaughn, Vince ??
# Ventimiglia, Milo
# Wagner, Kristina
# Wagner, Lindsay USA
# Ward, Sophie UK
# Watts, Naomi
# Weaver, Dennis
# Wile, Noah USA
# Winslet, Kate
# Witherspoon, Reese ?? USA

* Abbot, Nick UK
* Benitez, Maria Spain
* Bergenhenegouwen, Jos Netherlands
* Blackburn, Tony UK
* Brooks, Hildi USA
* Casey Kasem USA
* Eligon, Ian D' Goose USA
* Free, Louie
* Glass, Ira USA
* Greening, Kevin UK
* Griffin, Meg USA
* Imus, Don USA
* Jackie O Australia
* Mitchell, Chris USA
* Mulder, Tom Netherlands
* Peel, John UK
* Riley, Marc UK
* Robert, Pierre USA
* Scott, Rik UK
* Skinner, Nancy USA
* Sullivan, Sarah
* Travis, Dave Lee UK
* Visage, Michelle USA
* Walden, Shelton USA
* Walker, Jonny UK
* Wilkes-Johnson, Shirley
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Posted 13 August 2006 - 06:08 PM

* Baez, Joan USA
* Behrens, Hildegard Germany
* Butler, John ?? Australia
* Caballe, Montserrat
* Cage, John USA
* Cohen, Leonard Canada
* Coltrane, John William USA
* Davies, Rick, and Sytek, Jane (Sytek and Davies)
* Dickson, Barbara UK
* Dylan, Bob USA
* Harris, Emmylou USA
* Holst , Gustav UK
* Johannesson, Axella Australia
* Jonas, Peter Germany
* Mangelsdorff, Albert Germany
* McKay, Nellie USA
* McPhee, Tony
* Menuhin, Yehudi (1916-1999) UK
o Español - Yehudi Menuhin
* Mullova, Viktoria
* Musselwhite, Charlie
* Paterson, Robert
* Paterson, Victoria
* Safka, Melanie
* Sanders, Ric UK
* Sharp, Cecil (1859-1924) UK
* Twain, Shania USA
* Wagner, Richard ?? (1813-1883) Germany
* Yoakum, Dwight USA

* Abram, Tom
* Adams, Bryan
* Albarn, Damon UK
* Ament, Jeff USA
* Amorrossi, Vanessa ??
* Anderson, Brett UK
* Anderson, Jon UK
* Apple, Fiona
* Arco Iris
* Armstrong, Billie Joe USA
* B52s
* Badu, Erykah
* Barlow, Gary UK
* Barre, Martin UK
* Barrett, Bucky USA
* Beatz, J
* Beck, Jeff
* Beck, Roscoe
* Beloved Binge
* Beltramo-Shay, Andi
* Blalock, Gene
* Blur UK
* Bolan, Marc UK
* Bolton, Michael
* Bono ?? Ireland
* Boston
* Bowers, Chris
* Boy George UK
* Boyd, Brandon ?? USA
* Brandy
* Bunbury, Enrique
* Burchill, Charlie
* Burke, Clem USA
* Burrow, Brian
* Bush, Kate UK
* Butler, Bernard
* Butler, Biff
* Campbell, Vivian
* Carcass
* Carlisle, Belinda ??
* Chalk, Matthew
* Chester,: Ilan Venezuela
* Clayden, J.S.
* Cobain, Kurt USA
* Cocker, Jarvis UK
* Codling, Neil UK
* Cody, Jessica
* Coffey, Jefferey S. "King"
* Cole Paula
* Collen Phil
* Dale, Dick
* Dangers, Jack
* Davies, Ray & Dave UK
* Deakin, Douglas
* Delp, Brad
* Dennis, Cathy UK
* Depeche Mode UK
* Donots Germany
* Eighty-Six UK
* Etheridge, Melissa
* Feldmann, John
* Franti, Michael
* French, Sally UK
* Frischman, Justine
* Froese, Edgar
* G-7 Welcoming Committee Records
* Gabriel, Juan Mexico
* Gabriel, Peter
* Gentille, Linda
* Gibb, Barry Australia/UK
* Gibb, Robin Australia/UK
* Gonzalez, Tito Grecha Panama
* Gordon, Mike USA
* Green, Derrick
* Greenwald, Alex
* Greenway, Barney
* Hakim, Omar
* Hammett, Kirk USA
* Hamill, Christopher
* Hammond, Marie-Lynn
* Hariharan, Vijay
* Hatfield, Julianna
* Harlow, Leah
* Harrison, George UK
* Haslam, Annie
* Hayes, Darren ??
* Hetfield, James ?? USA
* Houston, Whitney ?? USA
* Howe, Steve UK
* Hurst, James
* Hynde, Chrissie
* Idol, Billy
* Ildjarn
* Incubus
* India, Arie
* Indigo Girls ?? USA
* Jackson, Eddie
* Jackson, Michael ?? USA
* Jett, Joan
* Jocz , Steve
* Johansson, Richard Sweden
* Johns, Daniel
* Johnson, Eric
* Johnson, Jack USA
* Jones, Howard
* Jones, John Paul UK
* Jorgenson, John
* Jovanotti Italy
* Kallio, Santeri Finland
* Kerr, Jim
* Kiedis, Anthony USA
* Kowalczyk, Edward
* Kravitz, Lenny ??
* Kula Shaker
* Laine, Olli-Pekka "Oppu" Finland
* Lang, K.D. Canada
* Lange, Robert John"Mutt" USA
* Lavigne, Avril ??
* Lee, Jon from Sclub7 ?? UK
* Leigh-Chantelle
* Lenchantin, Paz
* Lennon, John and Yoko ??
* Loeb, Lisa ??
* Lopez, Cesar "Vampiro"
* Lovich, Lene USA
* Luca, Martello
* Lyngstad, Anni-Frid Norway
* Madonna ?? USA
* Marr, Johnny UK
* Marshall, Steve
* Martin, Billy
* Martin, Chris UK
* Martin, Ricky ??
* May, Brian UK
* McCartney, James UK
* McCartney, Paul and Linda UK/USA
* Mclachlan, Sarah ??
* McReynolds, Ryan
* Meatloaf USA
* Mel C UK
* Mendel, Nate USA
* Merchant, Natalie
* Mey, Reinhard Germany
* Minogue, Dannii ?? Australia
* Mitchell, Neil UK
* Moby USA
* Moore, Christie
* Mae Moore Canada
* Miles, Ellen
* Molina, Pablo
* Morissette, Alanis
* Morley, Paul UK
* Morrissey UK
* Morse, Steve UK
* Mullen Junior, Larry Ireland
* Munter, Rose and Hamlin, Faye
* Murray, Keith USA
* Naked, Bif
* Namubiru, Olivia Uganda
* Nekro
* Nico (? - 1988) Germany/USA
* Nova, Heather UK
* Nya
* O'Riordan, Dolores Ireland
* Oberst, Conor
* Owen, Mark ?? UK
* Page, Jimmy UK
* Perry, Steve
* Pertusi, Ciro
* P!nk ??
* Phoenix, River
* Prince (The Artist Formerly Known as) USA
* Rage Against the Machine
* Ramone, Joey USA
* Rhodes, Nick UK
* Rockett, Rikki
* Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar
* Safka, Melanie
* Savor, Doug ??
* Scholz, Tom
* Schwartzman, Jason
* Scilipoti, Antonietta
* Shelter
* Shiflett, Chris USA
* Sines, Todd NY, USA
* Sioux, Siouxsie UK
* Skinny Puppy??
* Sky, Bobby
* Slick, Grace USA
* Smith, Robert?? UK
* Smiths, The UK
* Spears, Britney ?? USA
* Starr, Ringo UK
* Static, Wayne
* Sting ?? UK
* Stipe, Michael ?? USA
* Tankian, Serj
* Taylor, Ben USA
* Timberlake, Justin USA
* The Used, Quinn Allman
* Thompson, Richard
* Thumb Germany
* Tiller, Felicia
* Tootsie
* Turner, Tina ?? USA
* TV Smith
* Twain, Shania USA
* Urlaub, Farin Germany
* Vai, Steve USA
* van Zalm, Peggy
* Vedder, Eddie USA
* Ward, Bill UK
* Way, Pete
* Weir, Bob USA
* Welty Ron
* Wiedlin, Jane
* Williams, Vanessa
* Williams, Wendy O.
* Wray, Link
* Yankovic, "Weird" Al
* Yes UK
* Ylonen, Lauri Finland
* Yorke, Thom UK
* Zanella, Santiago
* Zappa - Dweezil, Moon, Ahmet, Diva?? USA
* Zavala, Cedric Bixler
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Posted 13 August 2006 - 06:11 PM


# Agnon, Shmuel Yosef (1888-1970) Israel
# Amritanandamayi, Mata India
# Besant, Annie (1847-1933) UK/India

* Español - Annie Besant
* Português - Annie Besant

# Booth, General William (1829-1912) UK
# Buddha ?? India
# Cowherd, Rev. UK
# Dalai Lama of Tibet, His Holiness the XIV India
# Ferrier, Rev. John Todd (1855-1943) UK
# Fuchs, Stephen
# Graham, Sylvester (1795-1851) USA

* Español - Sylvester Graham

# Gross-Foster, Karen
# Hai, Supreme Master Ching Vietnam
# Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi aka Yogi Bhajan India
# Jesus & the early Christians
# Krishnamurti, Jiddu India
# Krishna, Anand
# Maimonedes (Rabbi Moses ben Maimon) ?? (1135-1204)

* Español - Maimónides

# Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati
# Mahavira, founder of Jainism, India
# Maitreya
# Metcalfe, Rev.William (17??-1862) USA
# Prabhupada, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami (1896-1977) India
# Rajneesh, Bagwan Sri (Osho)
# Ramana Maharshi India
# Raynaud de la Ferriére, Serge
# Sathya Sai Baba
# Shankar, Sri Sri Ravi India
# Soper, Dr. Donald UK
# St Brendan Ireland
# St.Francis of Assisi ?? (1181-1226) Italy

* Deutsch - St. Franziskus von Assisi
* Italiano - San Francesco d'Assisi
* Magyar - Assisi Szent Ferenc

# Suma Ching Hai, Vietnam
# Swedenborg, Emanuel (1688-1772) Sweden
# Thich Nhat Hanh
# Wesley, John UK
# White, Ellen G. (1827-1915) USA
# Whitworth, Maria
# Yogananda, Paramahansa (? - 1952) India/USA
# Yogi, Maharishi Mahesh India
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Posted 13 August 2006 - 06:13 PM

Shiva Bala Yogi
St Therese Neumann

Vegetarian and Vegan Elite of the World


Profession Category

Total: 800 Record(s), Page 2/16 Page(s), Records Per Page, Page Previous | Next Page

Dustin Hoffman

American actor, two-time Oscar winner; Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner

George Harrison

British musician, member of the Beatles

Joaquin Phoenix

American actor, 2006 Oscar nominee for Best Actor

Linda Blair

American actress, Oscar nominee for Best Supporting Actress; Golden Globe award winner and People's Choice Awards winner, and animal rights activist

Lindsay Wagner

Noted American TV actress, multiple Emmy award winner

Marian Hailey-Moss

Acclaimed American actress, writer and humanitarian

Richard Gere

Michael J. Fox

Canadian actor

Paul McCartney

British musician, member of the Beatles

Paul Newman

Americna actor and film director, 1986 Oscar award winner for Best Actor

Ringo Starr

British musician, member of the Beatles

Steve Martin

Multi-talented American artist: writer, producer, script writer and actor

Tobey Maguire

American actor, starred in many movies including "Spider-Man"

Jesus Christ

Spiritual teacher and founder of Christianity

Shakyamuni Buddha

Spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism

Herbert George Wells

British writer of science fiction

Percy Bysshe Shelley

British romantic poet

Leo Tolstoy

Russian novelist, pacifist, moral thinker


Publius Ovidius Naso, Roman poet and writer

Coretta Scott King

American Civil Rights activist and leader, wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Manmohan Singh

The 14th and current Prime Minister of India, known as India's most respected politician

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The current President of India; notable scientist and engineer

Dennis Kucinich

House Representative, US Congress

Mahatma Gandhi

Indian political leader and humanitarian

Paramahansa Yogananda

Indian spiritual teacher

Early Christians

Disciples of Jesus Christ


Chinese saint and philosopher

Lao Tzu

Chinese saint and philosopher

St. Francis of Assisi

Italian Christian saint, founder of the Franciscan order

Thich Nhat Hanh

Aulacese Buddhist monk and writer

Yogi Maharishi Mahesh

Indian writer, philosopher, leader of Transcendental Meditation


Iranian founder of Zoroastrianism

John Robbins

American writer and promoter of vegan diet

Mark Twain

American writer


Greek writer

Henry Ford

American founder of Ford Motors

Susan B. Anthony

American leader of Woman's Suffrage movement

Janez Drnovsek

President of Slovenia

Pamela Anderson

American actress

Ashley Judd

American actress

Brigitte Bardot

French actress

John Cleese

British actor

David Duchovny

American actor

Cameron Diaz

American actress

Richard Gere

American actor

Daryl Hannah

American actress & environmental activist

Katie Holmes

American actress

Demi Moore

American actress

Ian McKellen

British actor

Brad Pitt

American actor

Gwyneth Paltrow

American actress

Total: 800 Record(s), Page 2/16 Page(s), Records Per Page, Page Previous | Next Page
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Posted 13 August 2006 - 06:38 PM

Peter Singer re Hitler's vegetarianism:
If Hitler had a nose, should I cut off mine?

Hitler though he did not eat flesh got bull testicle shots,
bombed untold millions of animals, provided animal flesh for the Germany
army, yet one of his last acts was to free the animals of the Berlin Zoo
that they be on their own in trying to escape Churchill's civilian bombings.
Hitler was responsible for the deaths
of billions of animals.
Churchill was not a vegetarian but instructed his butler (rather than himself)
to put a ladybug outside.


Name Occupation Birth Death Known for
Dan Abrams
20-May-1966 Host of MSNBC's The Abrams Report
Bryan Adams
5-Nov-1959 Canadian Rocker
Scott Adams
8-Jun-1957 Creator, Dilbert
Victoria Adams
17-Apr-1974 Posh Spice
Casey Affleck
12-Aug-1975 Ben Affleck's brother
Damon Albarn
23-Mar-1968 Frontman for Blur
Rick Allen
1-Nov-1963 Def Leppard's one-armed drummer
Pamela Anderson
1-Jul-1967 Star of Baywatch and home movies
Rasmus B. Anderson
12-Jan-1846 2-Mar-1936 America Not Discovered by Columbus
André 3000
27-May-1975 The skinny half of OutKast
Piers Anthony
6-Aug-1934 Xanth, Incarnations of Immortality
Fiona Apple
13-Sep-1977 Tidal
Christina Applegate
25-Nov-1971 Married With Children
Dario Argento
Film Director
7-Sep-1940 Deep Red
Rosanna Arquette
10-Aug-1959 Desperately Seeking Susan
c. 304 BC 232 BC Emperor of India 273-32 BC
John Astin
30-Mar-1930 Gomez on The Addams Family
Amitabh Bachchan
11-Oct-1942 Top Hindi megastar, Zanjeer
Erykah Badu
26-Feb-1971 R&B vocalist, Baduizm
Joan Baez
9-Jan-1941 Protesty folk singer
Alec Baldwin
3-Apr-1958 The talented Baldwin
Brigitte Bardot
28-Sep-1934 Voulez-vous danser avec moi?
Bob Barker
Game Show Host
12-Dec-1923 The Price Is Right
Drew Barrymore
22-Feb-1975 Flashed David Letterman for his birthday
Kim Basinger
8-Dec-1953 Prostitute in L.A. Confidential
Angela Bassett
16-Aug-1958 Got her groove back
Meredith Baxter
21-Jun-1947 The mother on Family Ties
Ed Begley, Jr.
16-Sep-1949 Meet the Applegates
Dirk Benedict
1-Mar-1945 A-Team's Lt. Templeton Peck
Amber Benson
8-Jan-1977 Tara Maclay on Buffy
Candice Bergen
9-May-1946 Murphy Brown
Elizabeth Berkley
28-Jul-1972 Showgirls
Jessica Biel
3-Mar-1982 The Rules of Attraction
Traci Bingham
13-Jan-1968 Baywatch, Surreal Life
Linda Blair
22-Jan-1959 Head spins in Exorcist
Rachel Blanchard
19-Mar-1976 Cher Horowitz on Clueless
Peter Bogdanovich
Film Director
30-Jul-1939 The Last Picture Show
Michael Bolton
26-Feb-1954 Love Is a Wonderful Thing
Lisa Bonet
16-Nov-1967 Denise on The Cosby Show
Berke Breathed
21-Jun-1957 Cartoonist of Bloom County
Christie Brinkley
2-Feb-1954 Supermodel
Julie Brown
31-Aug-1962 West Coast Julie Brown
Bebe Buell
14-Jul-1953 Liv Tyler's mom
Ellen Burstyn
7-Dec-1932 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Geezer Butler
17-Jul-1949 Bass player for Black Sabbath
Kirk Cameron
12-Oct-1970 Growing Pains actor turned evangelist
David Carradine
8-Dec-1936 Grasshopper
Shaun Cassidy
27-Sep-1958 One-time teenage heartthrob
Dan Castellaneta
10-Sep-1958 Voice of Homer Simpson
Sarah Chalke
27-Aug-1976 Fake Becky on Roseanne, Dr. Reid on Scrubs
Margaret Cho
5-Dec-1968 Loud-mouthed standup comic
John Cleese
27-Oct-1939 Monty Python, Fawlty Towers
Chelsea Clinton
27-Feb-1980 Daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton
Leonard Cohen
21-Sep-1934 Everybody Knows
Holly Marie Combs
3-Dec-1973 Piper Halliwell on Charmed
Rachael Leigh Cook
4-Oct-1979 She's All That
John Corbett
9-May-1961 Chris the DJ on Northern Exposure
James Cromwell
27-Jan-1940 Babe, L.A. Confidential
Penelope Cruz
28-Apr-1974 Woman On Top
Leonardo Da Vinci
15-Apr-1452 2-May-1519 Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
Jack Dangers
Electronic Musician
1967 Meat Beat Manifesto
Mos Def
11-Dec-1973 Black On Both Sides
Guillermo del Toro
Film Director
9-Oct-1964 Hellboy
Bo Derek
20-Nov-1956 10
Laura Dern
10-Feb-1967 Blue Velvet, Citizen Ruth
Morarji Desai
Head of State
29-Feb-1896 10-Apr-1995 Prime Minister of India, 1977-79
Danny DeVito
17-Nov-1944 Short loudmouth from Taxi
Peter Dinklage
11-Jun-1969 The Station Agent
David Duchovny
7-Aug-1960 Mulder on The X-Files
Bob Dylan
24-May-1941 The Times They Are A-Changin'
Dr. Dean Edell
Radio Personality
c. 1944 Syndicated call-in radio doctor
Albert Einstein
14-Mar-1879 18-Apr-1955 Theory of relativity
Shannon Elizabeth
7-Sep-1973 Nadia in American Pie 1 and 2
James Ellroy
4-Mar-1948 L.A. Confidential
17-Sep-1949 Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
John Hart Ely
3-Dec-1938 25-Oct-2003 Democracy and Distrust
Omar Epps
23-Jul-1973 Now you got the juice
Will Estes
21-Oct-1978 The New Lassie
Kevin Eubanks
Jazz Musician
15-Nov-1957 Bandleader on The Tonight Show
Chris Evans
13-Jun-1981 The Fantastic Four
Chris Evert
21-Dec-1954 The Ice Maiden
Perry Farrell
29-Mar-1959 Gangly lead singer of Jane's Addiction
Corey Feldman
16-Jul-1971 One of the Coreys
Marty Feldman
8-Jul-1933 2-Dec-1982 Eye-gor in Young Frankenstein
Jorja Fox
7-Jul-1968 Sara Sidle on CSI
Michael J. Fox
9-Jun-1961 Marty McFly in Back to the Future
Benjamin Franklin
17-Jan-1706 17-Apr-1790 American founding father
Michael Franti
21-Apr-1967 Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy
Kinky Friedman
31-Oct-1944 Texas Jewboy
Sadie Frost
19-Jun-1965 Dracula
Aaron Funk
Electronic Musician
11-Jan-1975 Venetian Snares
Edward Furlong
2-Aug-1977 Terminator 2 and Pecker
Mahatma Gandhi
2-Oct-1869 30-Jan-1948 Proselytizer of nonviolence
John Nance Garner
22-Nov-1868 7-Nov-1967 U.S. Vice President 1933-41
Janeane Garofalo
28-Sep-1964 Actor, Comedian, Author, Activist
Jennie Garth
3-Apr-1972 Kelly on Beverly Hills 90210
Uri Geller
Paranormal fraud
20-Dec-1946 Thinks he has us snowed
Boy George
14-Jun-1961 Karma Chameleon
Richard Gere
31-Aug-1949 Gerbil rumors completely unfounded
Ben Gibbard
1977 Death Cab for Cutie
Sara Gilbert
29-Jan-1975 Darlene on Roseanne
Bobby Gillespie
22-Jun-1962 Primal Scream
Gary Glitter
8-May-1944 Rock and Roll Part 2
Crispin Glover
20-Apr-1964 Once kicked at David Letterman
Bernhard Goetz
1947 Subway vigilante
Bill Goldberg
27-Dec-1966 Pro wrestler
Bobcat Goldthwait
26-May-1962 Shakes the Clown
Glenn Gould
25-Sep-1932 4-Oct-1982 Canadian pianist, Bach soloist
Percy Grainger
8-Jul-1882 20-Feb-1961 Country Gardens
Fred Grandy
29-Jun-1948 Congressman, Gopher on The Love Boat
Dick Gregory
12-Oct-1932 Autobiography: NIGGER!
Stacey Grenrock-Woods
22-Nov-1971 The Daily Show
Nina Hagen
11-Mar-1955 Unbehagan
Larry Hagman
21-Sep-1931 J.R. Ewing on Dallas
Matt Hale
27-Jul-1971 White supremacist
Kirk Hammett
18-Nov-1962 Guitarist for Metallica
Daryl Hannah
3-Dec-1960 Mermaid in Splash
Shalom Harlow
5-Dec-1973 Face of Chanel's Coco fragrance
Woody Harrelson
23-Jul-1961 Woody from Cheers
Josh Hartnett
21-Jul-1978 The Virgin Suicides
Anne Hathaway
12-Nov-1982 The Princess Diaries
Davey Havok
20-Nov-1975 AFI
Nigel Hawthorne
5-Apr-1929 26-Dec-2001 The Madness of King George
Tippi Hedren
19-Jan-1930 The Birds
Marilu Henner
6-Apr-1952 Taxi
Doug Henning
3-May-1947 7-Feb-2000 Extremely flamboyant magician
Chrissie Hynde
7-Sep-1951 Lead singer, The Pretenders
Natalie Imbruglia
4-Feb-1975 Torn
Don Imus
Radio Personality
23-Jul-1940 Imus in the Morning
Jonathan Jackson
11-May-1982 Lucky Spencer on General Hospital
La Toya Jackson
29-May-1956 Confirmed ophiophile
Michael Jackson
29-Aug-1958 Lover of children everywhere
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Posted 31 August 2006 - 03:00 PM

from nndb.com
Susan Saint James
14-Aug-1946 Wife in McMillan and Wife
don't know current status

Steve Jobs
24-Feb-1955 Co-founder, Apple Computer
Daniel Johns
22-Apr-1979 Frontman of Silverchair
Orlando Jones
10-Apr-1968 Drumline
Ashley Judd
19-Apr-1968 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
Franz Kafka
3-Jul-1883 3-Jun-1924 Metamorphosis
A. P. J. Kalam
15-Oct-1931 11th President of India 2002+
Carol Kane
18-Jun-1952 Simka on Taxi
Casey Kasem
Radio Personality
27-Apr-1932 American Top 40 Countdown
Andy Kaufman
17-Jan-1949 16-May-1984 Brilliant comic, prankster, professional wrestler
Kenneth Kaunda
Head of State
28-Apr-1924 President of Zambia 1964-91
Jim Kerr
9-Jul-1959 Frontman for Simple Minds
Anthony Kiedis
1-Nov-1962 Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman
Masta Killa
18-Aug-1969 Wu-Tang Clan
Ghostface Killah
9-May-1970 Wu-Tang Clan
B. B. King
16-Sep-1925 King of the Blues
Billie Jean King
22-Nov-1943 Defeated Bobby Riggs in '73 Battle of the Sexes
Coretta Scott King
27-Apr-1927 30-Jan-2006 Widow of Dr. Martin Luther King
Killer Kowalski
13-Oct-1926 Professional wrestler 1947-76
Lenny Kravitz
26-May-1964 Wants to fly away yeah
Dennis Kucinich
8-Oct-1946 Congressman, Ohio 10th 1997-
Jack La Lanne
Fitness Guru
26-Sep-1914 Fitness guru
Ricki Lake
Talk Show Host
21-Sep-1968 Formerly John Waters' go-to lardass
kd lang
2-Nov-1961 Majuscule-deficient lesbian singer
Jude Law
29-Dec-1972 Gattaca
John Lennon
9-Oct-1940 8-Dec-1980 Beatle
Annie Lennox
25-Dec-1954 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)
Tea Leoni
25-Feb-1966 Nora Wilde on The Naked Truth
Chandra Levy
14-Apr-1977 1-May-2001 Gary Condit's dead intern
Carl Lewis
Track and Field
1-Jul-1961 Olympian
G. Gordon Liddy
30-Nov-1930 Watergate criminal cum talk-show-host
19-Dec-1958 Lead singer for Kajagoogoo
Meat Loaf
27-Sep-1947 Bat Out of Hell, Bob in Fight Club
Kenny Loggins
7-Jan-1948 Footloose singer
Bj�rn Lomborg
6-Jan-1965 The Skeptical Environmentalist
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
13-Jan-1961 Elaine on Seinfeld
Joanna Lumley
1-May-1946 Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous
Melanie Lynskey
16-May-1977 Heavenly Creatures
Benji Madden
11-Mar-1979 Good Charlotte
Tobey Maguire
27-Jun-1975 Spider-Man
Vanessa Marcil
15-Oct-1969 Gina Kinkaid on Beverly Hills 90210
Ziggy Marley
17-Oct-1968 Reggae for white people
Billy Martin
15-Jun-1981 Guitar, Keyboards for Good Charlotte
Chris Martin
2-Mar-1977 Lead vocals, Coldplay
Ricky Martin
24-Dec-1971 She Bangs
Steve Martin
14-Aug-1945 The Jerk
Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers
8-Jan-1854 20-Nov-1918 Founder of The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Samantha Mathis
12-May-1970 Jack and Sarah
Linda McCartney
24-Sep-1941 17-Apr-1998 Beatle wife and photographer
Paul McCartney
18-Jun-1942 Beatle
Wendy McCaw
c. 1950 Billionaire
Country Joe McDonald
1-Jan-1942 Country Joe and the Fish
Ian McKellen
25-May-1939 Gandalf the Grey
Alyssa Milano
19-Dec-1972 Who's the Boss, Charmed
Michael Milken
4-Jul-1946 Convicted financial executive
Radha Mitchell
12-Nov-1973 Love and Other Catastrophes
11-Sep-1965 Play, Animal Rights, 18
Demi Moore
11-Nov-1962 Bruce Willis' former old lady
Mary Tyler Moore
29-Dec-1936 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
22-May-1959 Frontman of The Smiths
Kate Moss
16-Jan-1974 Supermodel known for toothpick figure
Misty Mundae
16-Oct-1979 Spiderbabe
Cillian Murphy
13-Mar-1974 Disco Pigs
Kathy Najimy
6-Feb-1957 Voice of Peggy on King of the Hill
Martina Navratilova
18-Oct-1956 Nine-time Wimbledon winner
Kevin Nealon
18-Nov-1953 Saturday Night Live
Isaac Newton
25-Dec-1642 20-Mar-1727 Father of modern physics
Leonard Nimoy
26-Mar-1931 Commander Spock on original Star Trek
Tatum O'Neal
5-Nov-1963 Paper Moon
Conor Oberst
15-Feb-1980 Emo cloud responsible for Bright Eyes
Gwyneth Paltrow
27-Sep-1972 Shakespeare in Love
Anna Paquin
24-Jul-1982 The Piano and X-Men
Alexandra Paul
29-Jul-1963 Lt. Holden on Baywatch
Guy Pearce
5-Oct-1967 Memento, L.A. Confidential
Kal Penn
23-Apr-1977 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
Piper Perabo
31-Oct-1976 Slap Her... She's French
Lori Petty
14-Oct-1963 Tank Girl
Dedee Pfeiffer
1-Jan-1964 The Sky Is Falling
Lawrence Phillips
12-May-1975 Troubled former pro football player
Joaquin Phoenix
28-Oct-1974 Gladiator
River Phoenix
23-Aug-1970 31-Oct-1993 My Own Private Idaho
Summer Phoenix
10-Dec-1978 The Laramie Project
Sir Isaac Pitman
4-Jan-1813 12-Jan-1897 Stenographic Soundhand
Brad Pitt
18-Dec-1963 Sexiest Man Alive
Martha Plimpton
16-Nov-1970 The Goonie who dated River Phoenix
46 AD c. 120 AD Lives
Natalie Portman
9-Jun-1981 Queen Amidala in Star Wars
Monica Potter
30-Jun-1971 Lori Colson on Boston Legal
Stefanie Powers
2-Nov-1942 Hart to Hart
7-Jun-1958 Purple Rain
Tommy Rettig
10-Dec-1941 15-Feb-1996 Jeff Miller in Lassie
Little Richard
5-Dec-1932 Tutti Frutti
Tony Robbins
29-Feb-1960 Toothy motivational speaker
Rick Rubin
Music Producer
1963 Ubiquitous record producer, Def Jam
Maya Rudolph
27-Jul-1972 Saturday Night Live
J. D. Salinger
1-Jan-1919 Catcher in the Rye
Fred Schneider
1-Jul-1951 Lead singer, The B-52's
Tom Scholz
10-Mar-1947 Founder and songwriter behind Boston
Albert Schweitzer
14-Jan-1875 4-Sep-1965 Humanitarian and theologian
Steven Seagal
10-Apr-1951 Under Siege
Peter Sellers
8-Sep-1925 24-Jul-1980 Inspector Clouseau in Pink Panther movies
Captain Sensible
23-Apr-1954 Ex-bassist, The Damned
Andy Serkis
20-Apr-1964 Gollum in LOTR trilogy
George Bernard Shaw
26-Jul-1856 2-Nov-1950 Irish dramatist and pamphleteer
Mary Shelley
30-Aug-1797 1-Feb-1851 Frankenstein
Percy Bysshe Shelley
4-Aug-1792 8-Jul-1822 Prometheus Unbound
Brooke Shields
31-May-1965 Jailbait of the 1970s and 80s
Alicia Silverstone
4-Oct-1976 Clueless
Russell Simmons
4-Oct-1957 Def Jam Records
Isaac Bashevis Singer
14-Jul-1904 24-Jul-1991 Yentl, the Yeshiva Boy
Peter Singer
6-Jul-1946 Animal Liberation
Marina Sirtis
29-Mar-1959 Half-Betazoid empath Deana Troi on ST:TNG
Grace Slick
30-Oct-1939 Jefferson Airplane and Starship
Dick Smothers
20-Nov-1939 A Smothers Brother
Ringo Starr
7-Jul-1940 Beatle
Michael Stipe
4-Jan-1960 Lead singer of R.E.M.
Eric Stoltz
30-Sep-1961 Chicago Hope
Rider Strong
11-Dec-1979 Shawn on Boy Meets World
David Suzuki
24-Mar-1936 Television nature host
Loretta Swit
4-Nov-1937 Hot Lips on M*A*S*H
Serj Tankian
21-Aug-1967 System of a Down
155 AD 222 AD Early church father
John Tesh
TV Personality
9-Jul-1952 Ex-Co-Anchor Entertainment Tonight
Nikola Tesla
9-Jul-1856 7-Jan-1943 Invented alternating current
David Thewlis
20-Mar-1963 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Tiffani Amber Thiessen
23-Jan-1974 Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
8-Sep-1981 Randy on Home Improvement
Henry David Thoreau
12-Jul-1817 6-May-1862 Reclusive author of Walden
Leo Tolstoy
28-Aug-1828 20-Nov-1910 Russian novelist
Peter Tork
13-Feb-1942 Guitar and vocals for The Monkees
Shania Twain
Country Musician
28-Aug-1965 You're Still the One
Liv Tyler
1-Jul-1977 Daughter of Aerosmith frontman
Carrie Underwood
Country Musician
10-Mar-1983 American Idol 2005 winner
Nia Vardalos
24-Sep-1962 My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Eddie Vedder
23-Dec-1964 Lead singer, Pearl Jam
Milo Ventimiglia
8-Jul-1977 Jess Mariano on Gilmore Girls
Lindsay Wagner
22-Jun-1949 The Bionic Woman
Richard Wagner
22-May-1813 13-Feb-1883 Ride of the Valkyries
Bill Ward
5-May-1948 Drummer for Black Sabbath
Keenen Ivory Wayans
8-Jun-1958 A Wayans Brother
Dennis Weaver
6-Jun-1924 24-Feb-2006 Sam McCloud in McCloud
H. G. Wells
21-Sep-1866 13-Aug-1946 The War of the Worlds
Betty White
17-Jan-1922 TV sitcom and game show mainstay
Ellen G. White
26-Nov-1827 16-Jul-1915 Adventist seer of visions
Persia White
25-Oct-1972 Lynn Searcy on Girlfriends
Jane Wiedlin
20-May-1958 Guitarist / vocalist for The Go-Go's
Reese Witherspoon
22-Mar-1976 Pretty Election star
Noah Wyle
4-Jun-1971 Dr. John Carter on ER
Weird Al Yankovic
23-Oct-1959 Take an egg and beat it
Father Yod
4-Jul-1922 25-Aug-1975 Founder and Deity of The Source Family
Thom Yorke
7-Oct-1968 Radiohead singer
Moon Unit Zappa
28-Sep-1967 Daughter of Frank Zappa
Stephanie Zimbalist
8-Oct-1956 Remington Steele
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Posted 31 August 2006 - 03:01 PM

Famous Vegetarians and Vegans

Note - the following list is not comprehensive - it excludes many famous contemporary vegetarians and vegans (musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, etc, as well as many writers, etc. Please go to the linked pages for these.

Scott Adams (writer/artist of comic strip "Dilbert")
Louisa May Alcott (author of the novel Little Women)
Clive Barker (Author of Hellraiser series, Weaveworld, etc.)
Clara Barton (founded American Red Cross)
Annie Besant (Theosophist)
Jeremy Bentham (Philosopher)
William Blake (18th century visionary artist and mystic)
Berke Breathed (US Cartoonist -- writes and draws Bloom County and Outland comic strips)
Charlotte Bronte (famous Victorian novelist)
General William Booth (founder of the Salvation Army)
Cesar Chavez (involved with United Farm Workers union in 1960s.)
St John Chrysostom (Christian mystic)
Clement of Alexandria
Sir Stafford Cripps
Leonardo Da Vinci
Charles Darwin
Thomas Edison
Ralph Waldo Emerson (American lecturer, essayist, and poet)
Albert Einstein (certainly supported, perhaps also practised)
Amanda Feilen (writer and poet) (vegan)
Henry Ford (Documentary film at Greenfield Village claimed Henry Ford was a vegetarian. Interestingly, he also believed in reincarnation)
Mahatma Gandhi
Henry Heimlich M.D. (created Heimlich maneuver)
Dr John Harvey Kellog (brother of W K Kellog who founded the Kellog Company) (vegan)
Dr. Anna Kingsford (19th century feminist, Theosophist, anti-vivisectionist; probably vegan)
Steven Jobs (founded Apple computer company)
Franz Kafka (Writer) Source: Vegetariana Cookbook
Krishnamurti (Spiritual teacher)
Carla Lane (Writer & TV scipt writer & animal welfare )
Martin Luther
Caitanya Mahaprabhu (Indian Vaishvanite saint born 1486 c.e.)
Mahavira (founded the Jain faith, India, 6th century b.c.e.)
S. L. MacGregor Mathers (occultist, co-founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, probably vegan)
Moina Mathers (his wife, occultist, probably vegan)
Eustace Miles
Alan Moore (Comics writer, Watchmen, V For Vendetta, Marvelman, etc.)
Sir Isaac Newton (English scientist, astronomer, and mathematician)
Canakya Pandit (Indian philosopher and prime-minister of King Chandragupta - 300 b.c.e.)
Sir Isaac Pitman
Alexander Pope
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (founder - Krishna consciousness)
Sir C. V. Raman (Nobel prize-winning physicist - 1930s?)
Srinivasa Ramanujan (Probably the greatest Indian mathematician in the last 1000 yrs.)
P.V. Narasimha Rao (Prime Minister of India (1991-1996)
Serge Raynaud de la Ferriére (Founder of Universal Great Brotherhood) (vegan)
Ruth Rendell (writer) Source: BBC Vegetarian
Ilya Repin (Russian artist in 1800s)
Anthony Robbins (Success Motivational Coach) (vegan)
John Robbins (author of Diet for a New America and May all be Fed) (vegan)
Jean Jacques Rousseau (French writer and political philosophers)
Richard St Barbe Baker
Henry Salt
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba (Indian holy man)
Albert Schweitzer (German philosopher, physician, musician, clergyman, missionary, humanitarian)
George Bernard Shaw (writer)
Percy Shelley (poet)
Upton Sinclair (American writer)
external link Isaac Bashevis Singer (Writer - Nobel Prize winner in Literature)
Prof Peter Singer (Philosopher, author of Animal Liberation)
external link Socrates
Dr Benjamin Spock (child rearing)
Chandrashekar Subrahmanyam (Nobel prize-winning astrophysicist - 1983)
Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)
Nikola Tesla (Inventor; too many to list, including AC Current)
Henry David Thoreau
external linkLeon Tolstoy
Mark Twain
Alan Watts (writer on Zen, psychedelic experience, etc)
H.G. Wells (British author, the father of modern science fiction)
John Wesley
Ellen G. White (Founder Seventh Day Adventists Church)
William Wordsworth
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Posted 31 August 2006 - 03:17 PM

Famous Vegetarians

Miss Piggy
and Dr Dolittle
...Buddha Jesus
and Ramanujan
of math theses
list from postpoems.com

July 2003 Famous Vegetarians
Kalpana Chawla, astronaut aboard the space shuttle, was a vegetarian.
For another list of famous vegetarians go to www.ivu.org/global/people
or to http:// www.ivu.org main menu Also http://www.chickpages.com has famous vegetarian list
Please download on cotton, rice, scrap, 100% recycled or other
relatively tree friendly paper.
Mr. Hagelin of the 2000
Reform Party .. one wing..
ate vegetarian food.

.Spiritual Leaders . Health Activists .Organic Farmers . Union Organizers.
. Artists . Scientists and Mathematicians .Writers .Chefs .Actors
.Comedians .Cartoonists . Athletes . Politicians . Military . Journalists
.Engineers .Singers .Activist Attorneys . Psychiatrists .Environmentalists
.Businesspersons . Physicians and Healers .Philosophers .Cartoon Heroes
.Teachers .Embassy Employees
(We welcome your questions, additions, feedback at fishcannotscream@yahoo.com
(The writer considers herself in the bottom 10% of the population in
personal will.. if she can maintain vegetarian diet for over 30 years so far,
others' transitions should be easier.) (If all are temples of God, then
the same Light burns within all..Therefore there is a spiritual equality among
all.)(We do not believe that vegetarians are better than nonvegetarians, but
that vegetarianism is kinder, more healthful, more ecological, more
economical than nonvegetarianism.) God sends angel battalions to break our
various addiction chains. (All who give love are spiritual leaders. The list
below is of those whose work has been less anonymous)
The founders of 6 of the world's major religions have been
vegetarian. Jesus of the Christians, (if you disagree see file 8) Rama of
the Hindus, Buddha of Buddhists, Mahavira of the Jains,
Guru Nanak of the Sikhs, Eve and Adam of Judao Christian Moslem lineage
abstained from animal flesh.. Some dispute that Jesus was a total vegetarian
and think he ate fishes. In addition, Moslems abstain from pig flesh (pork)
and alcohol. Other spiritual leaders are Kwon Yin, Chinese deity of
Divine Mother mercy, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaiah, Dr. Ruth Bates, Presbyterian
minister and former Presbyterian minister Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers'
Neighborhood,, Catholic stigmatist Theresa Neumann, Hindu Avatars and masters,
Rabbi Noach Valley and former Chief Rabbi of Ireland David Rosen,
former actor and minister Lew Ayres, some of
the Dalai Lamas, Gandhi, General and Mrs. Bramwell Booth of the Salvation
Army, Moslem mystic Bawa Muhaiyyadeen, Ellen White and many Seventh Day
Adventists, John Wesley, founder of Methodism and of the Pentecostal movement,
Mahavira, founder of the Jain religion. Munishree Chitrabhanu and most Jains,
Albert Einstein, St. Clare, Francis of Assisi and many Franciscans,
Jonathan Chapman (Johnny Appleseed), Guru Nanak and many Sikhs, the
prophets Ezekiel, Daniel, Methusaleh, Thich Nhat Hanh (nominated for a
Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King), Dr. George Amoako MD of Ghana,
Cistercian monks, Trappist monks, Yogananda (perhaps the founder of the
1st U.S. vegetarian restaurant), Rev. G. Young of the Haven of Rest, Rev. Joan
Beth Clair, Unitarian minister, Rev. John Shirkey of the Methodists,
Srila Prabhupad, founder of the Hare Krishnas whose group has given away
millions of free vegetarian meals, Dr. Fanibunda, of the Zoroastrian
faith, Moslem Dr. Bashidruddin of Osmania University, peace teacher Colman
McCarthy, former Trappist monk and syndicated writer for the Washington Post,
T S Khanna, Clement of Alexandria, early Benedictine monks, Mormons Scott
Smith and Gerald Carson, authors of books on LDS vegetarian principles.
St. John Chrysostom, Origen, Clement of Alexandria, Bawa Muhaiyyadeen
(Moslem saint), Bhakti Theertha Swami of Tanzania, Fr. Daniel Berrigan of
Prince of Peace Plowshares and a Jesuit priest, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, the
Dukhobors of Russia who emigrated to Canada. The Peace Pilgrim. Fred
Rogers of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Frankfurt ministers Christa and
Michael Blanke, Krishnamurti Jiddu, Rod Serling's Indian teacher. All
life is sacred to the Native American culture, Leo Tolstoy, author of The
Kingdom of God Is Within You and nonviolent mentor of Gandhi and through
him of Dr. King, Thomas Merton, who, many believe, was killed in his attempt
to bring monks of the East and West together, Samson who followed the
Nazarite vow of no flesh and no hair cutting, St. Paul and John the Baptist
who followed the same vow, Mary Baker Eddy (write vrc@tiac.net), Dr.
Wong Ang Peng, Julia Butterfly Hill (treesitter)
ACTORS: Bill Cosby, Dustin Hoffman, Mary Tyler Moore, Michael Fox, Woody
Harrelson, raw vegan, Ted Danson, Gavin MacLeod (Murray in Mary Tyler Moore)
Peter Falk, cohost of the 99 Meatout, Jarrett Lennon, Mariel Hemingway,
Doris Day,*3 Cicely Tyson, Ally Sheedy, Peter Sellers, Casey Kasem,
Patrick MacNee, Semantha Eggar (after appearing in Dr. Dolittle), Jean
Marsh, star of Upstairs Downstairs, Julie Christie, narrator of "Animals",
Dennis Weaver, Milton Berle, Danny De Vito, Susan St. James, Candace
Bergen, Cloris Leachman, William Shatner, (narrator of the film
Vegetarian World), River Phoenix, K D Lang, Gavin MacLeod (Murray on
Mary Tyler Moore), David Carradine of Kung Fu, Dyan
Cannon, Gloria Swanson, Daryl Hanna, clown Michael Orock and his wife
Marlo Thomas, Hayley Mills, Carol Burnett, Nealors of Sat. Nt Live
Kim Basinger (protector of circus elephants, lab beagles, and all
beings) and her husband Alex Baldwin,< Alicia Silverstone of Batgirl, a
member of the Moody Blues, Elvira, Rue McClanahan of Golden Girls,
Ephrem Zimbalist, Rue McClanahan (Meatout cosponsor), Barbara Feldon
of Get Smart, Woody Harrelson (based on newsreport that he banned the
showing of any meat in his movie Palmetto) Marissa Berenson, Susan
Richardson of Eight Is Enough, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward ! (May Wm
Shatner rejoin the ranks), Peter Cromwell of the movie Babe, Leonard DiCaprio
(In a recent X files segment, Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully refused to eat
the flesh of a lobster and David Duchovny as Fox Mulder opened his
frig to reveal only fruit juice.) Joaquin Phoenix the movie star, 24 year
old vegan for 21 years, is doing a veggie spot for PETA
Kevin Neiland Sat Nt Live, Sara Gilbert (Roseann's Sitcom daughter)
*3 Doris Day Animal League http://www.ddal.org
Jerry Seinfeld, Barbara Walters' daughter (Barbara Walters began to
question animal products for her baby daughter long ago) Jean Marsh,
Jim Carrey, Drew Barrymore, Brigitte Bardot, Pamela Anderson Lee
The following are from the chickpages.com list:
Elizabeth Buckley, Kim Alexis, Eddie Furlong, Juaquin Phoenix, Sheryl Lee,
Rider Strong, Fiona Apple, Ben Vareen (raw food diet says Sunday Parade)
Comic Margaret Cho
ARTISTS: Leonardo da Vinci, Ravi Shankar, Vincent Van Gogh, Yehudi Menuhin,
classical guitar teacher Eveline Bernard, Little Richard, Rodin, Peter
Max, Jan Freundschuh, Kali S. Hoare, Walt Rave, Frieda and Ernest Muller,
Clyde Lassell, Greg MacCray, pianist Steve Schneider, playground sculptor
Leopold Stokowski, Victoria Adams and Mel C of the Spice Girls
Shana Twain, C&W singer< Meatloaf who has changed his name after changing
his diet
(Helen Hunt and the male lead in the movie "Twister" both avoided meat.)
BIBLICAL VEGETARIANS: Adam 930 years (Eve's not mentioned) Seth 912 years
Enoch 905 Canaan 910 years Jacob 962 years Enoch 2nd Methusaleh 969 years
Samson and Paul the evangelist both took the Nazarite ow of no haircutting
and no flesheating
CIVIL RIGHTS: Dick Gregory, Mpfo Tutu of S. Africa,
President Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia (May God release him from jail)
CLASSICAL TIMES OF ROME AND GREECE: Pythagoras, Seneca, Plutarch, Porphyry
COMEDIANS: Milton Berle, David Letterman?, Jerry Seinfeld & 3 of his
supporting cast (Elaine played by Julie Dreyfus, Kramer, and George
eat tofu dogs on the set), Bob Cummings, Toby Maguire, David Letterman
performer (?: Letterman's private Connecticut health food store shopping
is very different from his sponsors)
Steve Martin, Dan Castellaneta, the voice of Homer Simpson
GENIUSES: (We believe that since all are temples of the same God, all have
the same inventor or genius capacity. Some have greater sized openings
to their divinity within.) Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, (for
most of his life before Paris, including that time in which he charted
the Gulf Stream and discovered electricity),
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Posted 31 August 2006 - 03:18 PM

Dr. Chandrasheka
Subrahmanyam, (Nobel laureate astrophysicist), mathematician Ramanujan,
Albert Einstein (except for l bite of meat a year on Jewish holidays to
appease his wife), Pythagoras, Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate who
discovered 6 new elements. Those who promoted vegetarian diet but had some
lapses include Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare.*9*
Ramanujan, mathematician
(Sherrill Durbin SDURBIN@VM.TULSA.CC.OK.US wrote about King's College (UK)
research in August of 95 studying pediatric clinics of N. America. It
was found that vegetarian children have a higher than average IQ)
HUNGER ACTIVISTS: John Denver, Episcopalian Laura B, Cath. Daniel Marshall
HEALTH AND PURE WATER WORKERS: Irene Seiberling Harrison (108 years
young) centenarian Harriet Barrett, Mike Ploski, Michael Jacobsen of Center
For Science In The Public Interest
ORGANIC FARMERS: Al Couch, 500 members of The Farm Summertown Tn 38483
Natelson and Aviva Cantor, cofounders of CHAI, Cleveland Amory, Parade
columnist, Margaret Nofziger, niece of Lyn Nofziger, Greg Coleridge of
Amer.Friends Svc.Comm .Professor Tom Regan of NCSU who participated in a
sitin at NIH, NY policeman Frank Serpico who risked his life fighting official
corruption, Dr. Donald Barnes who resigned from the Air Force rather
than irradiate chimpanzees at Brooks Air Force Base, Emma Wood who
prepares free meals for outpatients of St. Elizabeth's, Clint Hockenberry
campus organizer, Dr. George Cave, philosophy professor at Penn State
who organized a successful end to cat barbiturate experiments at Cornell
W H Offutt, computer design and advocate for the rights of rats,
Emma Wood, formerly of the Dept. of Interior, prepares and donates
meals to outpatients of mental hospitals, Jeremy Ri**in of Beyond Beef,
Amy Bertsch, a staffer with PETA in Virginia
James Voelker (chess champion), Sylvester Graham,
inventor of the Graham cracker, Charles Darwin,
D.P.Ghadiali, inventor of a color healing machine)
Leonardo Da Vinci can be listed under art, science, and sports, since
he was one of the strongest men in Florence.
Dr. Donald Barnes, about whose refusal to irradiate chimps at Brooks Air
Force Base the movie Project X was made, starring Matthew Broderick.
Dr. Art Dupre of Rutgers, Pythagoras of the Pythagorean theorem
Ramanujan, Dr. Richard Schwartz, Jewish vegetarian activist
Arthur C. Clarke, Nobel Prize nominee, astrophysicist Carl Sagan
UNION ORGANIZERS: Cesar Chavez, United Farmworkers Union,
John C Lehman Jr, United Steelworkers Union, Henry Spira, Maritime Workers
Diane Nixon, former UFCW organizer
WOMEN'S RIGHTS:: Martina Navratilova, Clara Barton, Louisa Mae Alcott, Nita
Nickol, Janet Pichette, Susan B. Anthony,
Constantina Salamone, Aviva Cantor, freelancer for MS Magazine, Ingrid
Newkirk, and many million others
WRITERS: Susan B Anthony, Harriet Beecher Stowe, George Bernard Shaw,
Alexander Pope, Marcus Aurelius, Pythagoras, Henry D. Thoreau,
Nobel Laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer, Robert Burns, Mary Shelley (author
of Frankenstein), Percy Bysshe Shelley, the Berenstains (and their bears),
Helen and Scott Nearing, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Maurice Maeterlinck, Ariel
& Will Durant, Ovid, Seneca, Diogenes, Porphyry, Aviva Cantor, Romain
Rolland, Reinaldo Arenas, Cuban poet, John Harvey Kellogg, Plutarch, Hans
Christian Andersen,
Franz Ka**a, Henry Salt, Dr. Herbert Shelton, Tom Raber, Dalya Massachi,
Piers Anthony, Janet Barkas, Vic Sussman, (now an AOL exec) Mark
Braunstein, Dudley Giehl, Dr. Wm Harris, Victoria Moran, Dr. Neal Barnard,
James Marcus, Hesiod, Herodotus, Professor Andrew Linzey Oxford University,
Irving Wallace and his son David Wallechinsky, screenwriter Arnold
Schulman, Larry L. Miller, Ambrogio Vittadini, Norman Cousins (says
Cleveland Amory) Persian Moslem writer F M Esfandiary, Pandeva Zagar,
Ann Free, whose husband writes for the Birmingham News (Several dozen
writers listed in the bibliography could also be listed here), Malcolm
Muggeridge, Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet For A Small Planet,
children's author Jean Ure, Paul and Clare Barrett Obis
Jan and Stan Berenstain (Bears), Oliver Goldsmith, Alphonse de Lamartine,
Linda Goodman, who sold 60 million books on the Star of Bethlehem and
other topics, E B White, author of Charlotte's Web, James McCartney,
son of Linda and Paul CHEFS: Clare Barrett Obis and her husband Paul
who got Mike Royko
to include vegetarian gluten ribs in his contest, Fr. Ron Pickarsky
who has developed soyburgers for international chains
PBS' Christina Cooks
CHAT ROOM LEADERS: Karen Iacobbo, P Zagar of AOL
ASTRONAUT: There is a vegan astronaut, says Jane Brody of the NY Times
LAWBREAKERS: Heidi Fleiss, jailed LA madam,
Maury Reishtein, Polsky's exec and peace activist who illegally distributed
thousands of dollars of cigarettes paid for by himself on hospital
wards to the nicotine starved
CARTOONISTS: Author of Gumby strip, author of Berke Breathed
Alan Moore of Dilbert
Dick Gregory who ran across the United States on a fruitarian diet,
fruitarian Leonardo da Vinci considered the strongest man in Florence,
Samson, Biblical hero whose strength was legendary, took the Nazarite
vow of no flesh consumption and no haircutting,
Bill Walton*, formerly with the Portland Trailblazers, Austin
Carr, Jim Brewer and Campy Russell of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Goose
Gossage of the S,D.Padres, Captain Alan Jones, who did 17,003 consecutive
pushups, Pitcher Lee of the Boston Red Soc, Johnny Weissmuller who broke 6
world swimming records as a vegetarian, Murray Rose, Olympic swimmer,
Tony LaRussa of baseball,Rick Sessions, Peter Burwash, tennis champion, Ray
May of Denver Broncos, Connie Hawkins. weight lifter Andreas Cahling, former
tennis champion Eustace Miles.. Women vegetarian athletes number in the
hundreds of thousands. (See World Women For AnimalRights in sources). George
Spitz, marathon runner, Dr. Joan Ullyot, sports medicine MD in San
Francisco, recommends vegetarian diet. Tennis champion Peter Burwash
runner Greg Johnson of Australia, Glenn
former Steeler and NY Giant (John Feinstein NPR Sports: Bill Walton shot
21 successful baskets of 22 attempts),vegan power lifter Pat Reeves
has won British masters for 8 years,
(last but not least the pig mascots of Bill Murray's St. Paul minor
league baseball team)
Raw food vegetarian Stephen Arlin, weightlifting authority
Larraine Day, wife of Leo Durocher, (Yankee manager) and actress
.. has her own website about healing her body of cancer
POLITICIANS OR THEIR LOVED ONES: President Francisco Flores of El
Salvador, the mayor of Honolulu and his staff, Former President Kenneth
Kaunda of
Zambia, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat (piscatarian), former Mayor Goode of
Philadelphia, Mpfo Tutu, daughter of
Bishop Tutu, former Prime Minister Moraji Desai of India,
(former PM), Yasser Arafat (say media traveling with him in 98) Jawaharlal
Nehru, first PM, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the
President, and Patti Davis, daughter of former President Ronald Reagan,
Rep. Andrew Jacobs of Indianapolis, former Senator James Abourezk of S.
Dakota, former Gov. Lamm of Colorado, Lord Dowding, chief air marshal
of the Battle of Britain, SR energy chief of the UN, Italian PM
Craxi's brother, Maneka Gandhi, daughter in law of Indira Gandhi,
and environmental activist, Senator LaFollette, dynamic activist of
Wisconsin's Farm Labor Party, MP Tony Hall, Sir Q.K.J. Masire, the President
of the Republic of Botswana, Andrew Bartlett, Senator in Australian
Parliament, Moritz Leuenberger, Swiss minister for Traffic and Energy,
Alan Simpson UK Labour MP Nottingham South (may he be joined by former
Senator Alan Simpson), one of the editors of Muhammad Speaks
ANIMAL LIBERATIONISTS: Leonardo Da Vinci who used part of his commission
to buy birds in the Florence market and set them free
MILITARY LEADERS: Captain Rick Corbin of the Army, Captain Alan Jones
of the Marines (record breaker) Army nutritionists. The armies of Sparta
and of Caesar. (Source: Will and Ariel Durant quoted by Washington Post)
Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd, former Marine
JOURNALISTS: American radio personality Paul Harvey,
Pegeen Fitzgerald, WOR, Bill Gordon, KSDO, San Diego, Ace
Young of KMET Los Angeles, Alan Bickley of WBBM Chicago, Gary Null of
NYC 5, Dan Gaffney formerly with WAKR Akron, Regina Brett, Akron Beacon
Journal, Father Ron Lengwin, KDKA Pittsburgh, Paul Feroe, formerly
with College Press Svc of Denver, CNN's Elissa Free, writer and freelancer
for the Atlanta Constitution Lew Regenstein, Lisa MaCree of Good Morning
America who declined to taste what the guest chef made
Karen Iacobbo, former writer for the Providence Journal

Mary Giehl, vegetarian artist, is the cousin
of vegan Dudley Giehl, founder of Animal Liberation
and author of Vegetarianism a Way of Life.
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Posted 31 August 2006 - 03:20 PM

Caroline Knapp, writer of Pack of Two and columnist for the Boston Phoenix
on NPR: "I was never much of a meateater.", Cleveland Amory, former editor
of the Harvard Crimson and Parade columnist
ENGINEERS: Roller coaster engineer Brody Nickol SINGERS: Chrissie Hinde,
Michael Jackson, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Wendy O Williams, George
Harrison, Melanie, R.I.M., The Smiths
Yes, (album Meat Is Murder) B52, Magpie, Donovan, a Moody Blues singer
Captain and Tennille, Smokey Robinson
MAGICIANS: Doug Henning, Dr. Fanibunda of Bombay.. awarded by Intl
Brotherhood of Magicians for new magic technique, Michael Orock,
Mime and spiritual storyteller John Gardiner (JonGStoryz@aol.com)
ACTIVIST ATTORNEYS: Valerie Stanley, Holly Hazard, Roger Galvin
Esther Dukes, Gary Francione
PSYCHIATRISTS: Leonard Rack, who lived ascetically, serviced the
poor of 4 hospitals and funded many charities. Samuel
Sandweiss of San Diego, Neal Barnard (www.pcrm.org), Dr. Jonathan Lief of
Boston who vegetarianized the cafeteria at a Boston hospital
R D Laing (and his wife Peggy Mason), Louis Tartaglia of Toledo, Dr.
Murry Cohen of PCRM
ENVIRONMENTALISTS: Jean Metzler, E E Lynch, former curator of Adirondack
parks, John Denver, Robert Kennedy Jr., David Kidd who works with
government officials in Ohio to plant millions of trees, Don and Diane
Papes, Jeremy Ri**in of Beyond Beef, whistleblower on genetic engineering
David Gee, ex Director of Friends of the Earth, Juliet Gellatley, founder
and director of Viva, Dr. Carl Phillips of the Univ. of Minnesota
Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney, according to Sabrina Nelson who says it is
in his autobiography, published by Random House,
Todd Oldham, fashion designer, whose line regularly
carried on MTV, Former owners of Fruit Of The Loom: Andrew Ri**in and
his father, founder of all the Hard Rock Cafes, Isaac Tigrett, who sold them
after he became vegetarian, the original owner of Jack In The Box
(who felt that his own habits were a separate issue from the business
he owned), Linda McCartney who markets dairy vegetarian entrees.
Chris at the antique store, Maury Reishtein, Polsky's executive
who spent his spare time ministering to the mentally ill,
Merv Griffin, John Ballard (son of Akron's former mayor and VP of Holland
Oil), Lady Dowding (wife of the military leader of the Battle of
Britain and founder of Beauty Without Cruelty, manufacturer of
animal=free cosmetics), Polsky's executive Maury Reishtein,
Bill M and Bea S of IRS, Bob Pinkus, mailing list executive,
owner of Fusion Records, Lillian Blanchard, former Disney employees
Vic Sussman, Internet Programming director for America On Line (author
and former Washington Post columnist), vegan Stephen Jobs, Apple founder,
and his wife
are vegans who prepared a vegan meal for President Clinton, and that
President Clinton often eats Boca Burgers (a veggie burger) (Vegetarian
Times is the source)
Michael Milken, the junk bond king
PHYSICIANS AND HEALERS: Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. Joan Ullyot, sports
medicine specialty, Pathologist Dr. Dasu, Dr. Neiman who collects veg.
cookbooks for his patients, Dr. Gandee, Dr. Jonathan Lief,
Lemmuel Shattuck Hospital, Dr. Owen Parrett, Dr. Mervyn Hardinge,
Dr. Wm Harris, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Michael Klaper, over 6000
physicians in PCRM, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of Kellogg
Cereals (originally made only with whole grain and fruit sugars
such as corn syrup)
PHILOSOPHERS: Plato promoted vegetarian diet in The Republic.
fruitarian Dr. Marvin Katz, fired from a NE Ohio University with 5 of
his peers for taking a stand against the war in Vietnam, Joe Fulton whose
grandfather founded Fulton Airport, Prof. Stephen Clark of the
Univ. of Liverpool srlclark@liverpool.ac.uk
ATTORNEYS: Esther Dukes, Joyce Tischler, Gary Francione, Roger Galvin,
Valerie Stanley, Wm Dailey
Prof Andrew Linzey of Oxford, Prof. Art Dupre of NJ,
Prof. Richard Schwartz of Staten Island
TEACHERS OF YOGA: nearly all
MD of British Embassy, BK of Israeli Embassy
COMMUNITIES: The Farm, a vegan community in Summertown Tenn 38483, makers
of Iced Bean and other soyproducts 2. Yogaville in Virginia 3. Iskcon
in Moundsville W Va and elsewhere
FLIGHT ATTENDANTS: Diane Fairechild, 30 year veteran.. author of
a book on healthful flying www.flyana.com
Lisa Simpson,Bugs Bunny, King Kong, Topanga, Roseann's eldest daughter
(Both Wonder Woman Linda Carter and Batgirl Alicia Silverstone)
Dharma of Dharma and Greg
TAXI DRIVERS: While he was a taxi driver, Milt Radney maintained a
vegetarian diet. (also Danny DeVito, taxi dispatcher)
CORPORATIONS: Microsoft was one of many corporations which had a
vegetarian meal for their employees on Great American Meatout Day.
INSTITUTIONS: The San Francisco Dept. of Prisoner Services is networking
with other prison systems which provide vegetarian meals for inmates.
Such meals have less adrenalin, animal fat, and uric acid. These 3
biochemicals are correlated to violence and their absence to
VEGETARIAN ADVOCATES: William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night, Isaac Newton
CITIES: The Boston Vegetarian Folk Art Festival ix expected to
draw over ten thousand this year.
(In a recent X files segment, Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully refused to eat
the flesh of a lobster and David Duchovny as Fox Mulder opened his
frig to reveal only fruit juice.) Little Richard, Sarah Bernhardt, Greta
Garbo during the time she was with Leopold Stokowski
ADVERTISING: Thank you to Wishbone Salad Dressing (but not to Lowry's
Marinade) for
its pro-fruit ad.
Those we are to protect, accdg to Genesis: elephants, dolphins,
horses, gorillas, chiimpanzees
Those we are to help with transition according to Isaiah 65: all beings
The quotes of many women are contained at http://www2.acorn.net/doc/avquotes.doc
(or the quotes section on the home page). Thank you to Dudley Giehl,
founder of Animal Liberation, who published 36 quotes in 1970 and to Gentle
World for these particular quotes which were published in 1988.
Buddha: All beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life.
See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?
Leo Tolstoy: Vegetarianism serves as the criterion by which we know that
the pursuit of moral perfection on the part of humanity is genuine and
Francis of Assisi: Animals have the same source as we had. Like us, they
derive the life of thought, will, and love from the Creator.
Plato: The gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies..
they are the trees and the plants and the seeds.
Rabindranath Tagore: We manage to swallow flesh, only because we do not
think of the cruel and sinful thing we do. If after our pity is aroused,
we persist in throttling our feelings simply in order to join others
in preying upon life, we insult all that is good in us. I've decided
to try a vegetarian diet.
Gretchen Wyler: In December I shall celebrate 20 years of vegetarianism.
Having excluded dead animals from my diet, I feel more alive physically and
Ralph Waldo Emerson: You have just dined and however scrupulously the
slaughterhouse is concealed in a graceful distance of miles, there is
Pythagoras: Alas, what wickedness to have one living creature fed by the
death of another.. in the midst of such wealth as Earth, the best of
Mothers, provides.
Porphyry: He who abstains from anything animate.. will be much more careful
not to injure those of his own species.
Alexander Pope: I cannot think it extravagant to imagine that mankind are
no less, in proportion, accountable to the ill use of their dominion
over the lower ranks of beings than for the exercise of tyranny over their
own species. The more extremely the inferior creation is submitted to
our power, the more answerable we must seem for the mismanagement of them.
H G Wells: In all the round world of Utopia, there is no meat. There used
to be, but now, we cannot stand the thought of slaughterhouses. (In Utopia)

Artist Mary Giehl is the vegetarian cousin of vegan
Dudley Giehl, founder of Animal Liberation and
author of Vegetarianism A Way of Life.
Composer Daniel Kellogg is a vegetarian and
husband to world renowned pianist Hsing Ay-Hsiu
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Posted 31 August 2006 - 03:21 PM

Lew Ayres: star of All Quiet On The Western Front, an antiwar movie
of many decades ago: I am vegetarian because I abhor the treatment
of simpler life forms. There may have been a time and place when mankind
needed animal flesh to survive. That time is neither here nor now. Ultimately
vegetarianism cannot fail to prevail.
Ally Sheedy: I am a vegetarian because the honor love and respect I have
for my brother and sister animals and for the whole world is a reflection
of the love I have for the divine spark within us.
Bob Barker: Let's not eat anything that had a mother and a father.
George Bernard Shaw (in the last century): The average
Dennis Weaver: Common sense tells me that vegetables and fruits are
more natural foods for peple to eat, rather than meat. No one wants
to live next to a slaughterhouse, but we enjoy a little garden patch or
peach tree in our yard.

UNVERIFIED: B B King and Madonna, it is reported, wants to open a
vegetarian chain.
* until his later years in Paris where he said venison and venery
did him in
** While neither Thomas Jefferson nor Brigham Young were totally
vegetarian, both advised that meat should be used sparingly as a
*** Newton promoted vegetarian diet in his writings
! Paul Newman, says Jay Dinshah of American Vegan Soc., promised his
wife as a New Year's Resolution to become vegetarian. His 2 vegetarian
daughters were also urging this.
#### Rep. Dennis Kucinich, highly respected member of the House of Rep,
stated on Ch 19 Cleveland that he eats no meat, turkey or chicken.
*%*%*: Thank you to Henner and Seinfeld for making people laugh.
Mary Lu Henner eats no meat or dairy but eats fish and eggwhites.
Jerry Seinfeld occasionally showed his cast eating fish in his sitcom.
Terry Garr publicly opposes fur, has not yet made the plunge.
We mention this only because both have promoted fisheating on television.
**** Please ask the pet store you might patronize to carry vegetarian
***** The Villcabamba of Ecuador, the Hunzas of Tibet, the Azerbaijans
of the Caucasus are centenarian vegetarian peoples.
There are 200 to 300 million vegetarians in India, but that is
a minority of the Indian population
****** Peter Sellers had a brief lapse on his honeymoon.. plane
oysters.. which made him violently ill.
People love Peter Sellers not because of his diet or his romantic history
but because Peter communicated that he loved us and wanted to lift our
spirits through laughter.
(Dave Scott, winner of the Iron Man athletic contest, eats a little
fish but no red or white meat.)
******* One of Walt Rave's oil paintings was of a farmer who loved his
cow.. tears streaming down his face as he hugged her goodbye for he
saw no other way.
** Barbara Walters who in 1970 questioned giving milk to her baby daughter
announced on the 5th of April to a network audience that she is becoming
more and more vegetarian.
For the article on Little Richard from the Los Angeles Times written by
Candace Wedlan, write peta1@mailhost.infi.net
## Several believe that Mr. Gaffney was fired by his radio station for
taking a strong stand against growth hormones in milk.
Passed on from Gentle World:

Thank you to VP Gore for having gone to bat for a vegan community, The
Farm of Summertown Tenn, when he was a senator.
PROPONENTS OF VEGETARIAN DIET: Thomas Edison, Ralph Waldo Emerson,
Isaac Newton
Thank you to Eric Reynolds for the information on Arthur C. Clarke
(AmericaOne mentioned Bob Cummings' book on his health diet.)
**The following have given of their time for the world.
Have publicly opposed research on animals: C S Lewis, the Christian
children's writer, Albert Einstein, Richard Wagner the musician
Kelsey Grammer of Frasier who behind the scenes gives love to the dog
he pretends to have antagonism for
Workers for Peace: Ruth and Jim Thomas, Adele and John Looney, Tim Davis
and Mark Anthony formerly of Vietnam Vets Against the War, Lois Lichty,
George Lyons (subjected to HUAC liberty invasion), Nick and Kathy
Syracopoulos, and infinite others, Catherine Rohner 81 years a
resident of Summit County, who refused in 1938 to give a Heil
Hitler while visiting her relatives.. and was nearly arrested..
Women's Rights Workers: Adele Looney, C Salamone, Judge J. Nicely,
members of Biblical Equality movement., Eva Rohner, (in the first
handful of women in Summit County to receive a driver's license)
Fran McGovern, Geneva Sager of Ohio Bell, Pat Wilson and millions of
anonymous women..
Human Rights Workers: Martin Sheen, Ned Beatty, Congressman Ron Dellums,
Ed Begley Jr., Richard Mazur, Daniel and Philip Berrigan, Elizabeth
Coop Movement Workers: Mark Looney of Akron who raised $800,000. for the
establishment of Washington DC coops
Animal Protectors: Richard Wagner (who seemed to love animals more
than people), Senator Lowell Weicker who initiated legislation
to improve the conditions of animals in planes (to reduce deaths
from thirst, crate smashing in the baggage dept., neglect deaths
from unclaimed freight (and from fright) etc.
Mary Tyler Moore, Rue McLenaham (of Golden Girls)
Betty White (of Golden Girls), Ellen DeGeneres, Loretta Swit,
Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley, Peter Falk, Jim Kerry
Bob Barker who refused to do a beauty show because of furs
Environmentalists: Sun Bear, Ted Turner, Councilman Bruce Kilby,
Robert Redford, Chief Justice William O Douglas (see the m
Health Activists: Meryl Streep works to rid fruit of insecticides
Public opponents of hunting: Levy, former coach of the Buffalo Bills,
Mo Vaughn of the Boston Red Sox Bill Maher of Politically Correct
Antinuclear educators: Patrick MacNee of the Avengers
who said that the Los Angeles earthquake was caused by underground
nuclear testing. Wm. Shatner is narrating a film of 340 nuclear
explosions since 1945 by the United States.
May all beings be established by God in joy. May slaughterhouses,
hunger, and disease disappear now from our universe.

Pamela Anderson Lee, a television star, is doing an anti-fur ad
campaign for PETA.
Alicia Silverstone, not Batgirl but Batwoman, is an animal rights

a. Mel Gibson.. that he divest himself of Australian cattle ranch
(Prayers work gradually. Mr. Gibson on Nov 15th narrated a story about
a vegetarian meeting a nonvegetarian tiger. The vegetarian won.)
b. Elizabeth Clare Prophet.. that she divest herself of sheepranching
(it is unusual for someone who claims Eastern religious connection to be
involved in animal slaughter)
c. Ted Nugent.. that the arrows of his bow and arrow hunting be turned
into the laser beams of public leadership in nonviolence
d. The Mormon Church is the biggest supplier of U.S. nuts. May its
business in nuts grow.. and may it divest itself of the world's
biggest cattle ranch (says Time Magazine of August 97).. 312,000
acres of the Desert Ranch near Orlando. If it is planted in
nut and fruit trees and the cows allowed to live out their lives
among the trees, the world will be a better place.
Vegetarians in the Mormon church include Scott Smith, vegetarian magazine
editor and book author (ssmith138@compuserve.com), Jim Catano,
jimcatano@worldnet.att.net, VegWest@aol.com and manhy others.
So LDS are catching up.
(The average vegetarian Adventist lives 7 years longer than the average
nonvegetarian Mormon. These 2 groups were selected for an over decade
long study by the government because they refrain from drinking, smoking,
and the use of caffeine.).
e. May any religious group invested in businesses which harm people or
animals divest of those businesses.

May none be punished. May all be healed by the change which comes
from nonviolent compassion.
How we invest our dollars is how we vote with our souls..
When we are held accountable for our investments, good change

Often seen shopping at his local health food store.. David Letterman,
about whom a NY pizza store has named a special..
100% vegetable pizza topping (no pepperoni.. only peppers)

Supporters of http://www.LCAnimal.org which is Chris De Rose's
Last Chance For Animals include Kim Bassinger, Alec Baldwin,
Tippi Hedron (of the Hitchcock Birds movie) and John Travolta.
Jill Clayburgh in "Who Gets the Friends?" I hate to sit on the skins
of animals (about leather couches).
Hugh Downs: Stop eating the fruit bats.
Karla Faye Tucker's final meal was bananas, peaches, and a tossed salad
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Posted 02 September 2006 - 02:26 PM

wow, that's a lot of veggies. Thanks sb11. By any chance do you happen to be a vegetarian, vegan or fruitarian? I'm a fruitarian, and I've never met any others in my entire life. I keep hoping...

Anyway, I thought I'd mention one caution. Even though these people were vegs, many of them were bad people, so it is dangerous to blindly admire them for their diet (just like it's dangerous to blindly disparage all meat-eaters).

Example: Thomas Edison was an animal abuser. He experimented on dogs and cats with his electrical obsessions. He even electrocuted an elephant to death in 1903 to show off his great discovery. He filmed it:

True, most vegs I've met are respectable, benevolent folks. But some suck! Cheers. :cheers:
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Posted 05 September 2006 - 06:26 AM

Originally posted by soupy
wow, that's a lot of veggies. Thanks sb11. By any chance do you happen to be a vegetarian, vegan or fruitarian? I'm a fruitarian, and I've never met any others in my entire life. I keep hoping...

Anyway, I thought I'd mention one caution. Even though these people were vegs, many of them were bad people, so it is dangerous to blindly admire them for their diet (just like it's dangerous to blindly disparage all meat-eaters).

Example: Thomas Edison was an animal abuser. He experimented on dogs and cats with his electrical obsessions. He even electrocuted an elephant to death in 1903 to show off his great discovery. He filmed it:

True, most vegs I've met are respectable, benevolent folks. But some suck! Cheers. :cheers:

Soupy, what exactly is a fruitarian? I'm a carnivore, so thanks for not hating me.

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Posted 05 September 2006 - 01:00 PM

Soupy, thank you so much for the link about Edison..

he also publicly demonstrated
his electric chair with a prisoner whose bones caught on fire

Why did you become fruitarian?

(the above link was erased
with tens of millions of
others by Microsoft)


A fruitarian is someone who

eats the products of trees, vines,

berry bushes, and plants..

the fruit gifts of the plant which

do not involve killing it.


I am an aspiring fruitarian..

I make my salads with avocado
tomato cucumber peppers.. not
lettuce, carrots or celery.

I buy olive oil and occasionally use soybean margarine
and icecreams made of coconut or rice.

Plutarch was a vegetarian.

Edited by sb11, 11 September 2011 - 09:51 PM.

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Posted 05 September 2006 - 04:50 PM

Originally posted by Cascade
Soupy, what exactly is a fruitarian? I'm a carnivore, so thanks for not hating me.


lol, some of my favourite animals are carnivores (wolves, seals & whales) so I won't hold it against you :P
Like sb11 says in the post above, fruitarians are people (or animals) who eat only the products of plants without killing or harming the plant itself.

Fruit = the reproductive offshoot of a plant, so that includes yummy stuff like eggplant, beans, nuts, tomatoes, grains and my favourite... cocoa (chocolate)! So it's not as hard as you think. A lot of people are mostly fruitarian, and they don't even realize it :)
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