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All the indipendence wars bgin with terrorism

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#1 pacific


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Posted 15 February 2003 - 08:01 AM

Author Topic: All the indipendence wars begins with terrorism.
pacific posted 01-29-2003 19:50

All the wars of indipendence begin with terrorism and barbarian act of opposition against the rulers or against the invaders or against who seems like an invader.
The world needs a new way of life to conquer the spirits and the souls.
Only a new way of life commonly accepted in all the world can give us peace and hope if it will not be the wars sums theyself to the wars.
You can call it terrorism from your side and they call it war of liberation from their side, there is not a point of meting without a new proposal of way of life.

This is most of all.

pacific posted 01-29-2003 20:05
There is in some sides of the world a race to the disgregation of the wide states in favour of the little.
This seems the new way of life a religious and ethnical and territorial closure against everyone is considered a stranger a different person or people.
A race to disintegration seems to be the new way of life.
The imperialistic and tyrannic ones don't want the wide states because they cannot control these ones without democracy.

The Tyrannic system of power can work only with little or mid states entity the wide states need democracy to live in peace.

Bleedsredwhiteblue posted 01-29-2003 20:55
What do you mean by a new proposal way of life?
I personally believe that the world will be a better place when people learn to tolerate the differences between people. We may all not agree on the same thing, but at least we can agree to everyone's right to be different.

pacific posted 01-29-2003 21:24

Extremism begins from the fundamentalism and fanatism opposite to them there is the tollerance, tollerance means to accept the stranger the one who has difference from you the one who thinks different from you.
This world loses tollerance every day.
This world is every day less tolerant and more fundamentalist and fanatic, this means a race toward the wars.
The Americas (north and south) are meltin'pot the other parts of the world are not traditionally a meltin' pot.

There are not only the Americas.

There are also country without a multi-ethnical tradition.

The multi-ethnical society don't born from a day to an other, it wants time most time to become multiethnical and a meltin'pot.

The multiethnical society are more tollerant than the single ethnical society and states.

There are not only the Americas.
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#2 fabius


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Posted 15 February 2003 - 08:32 AM

Gandhi showed another way to independence without terrorism.
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#3 pacific


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Posted 22 August 2004 - 12:36 PM


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