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Ahmadinejad Holocaust Speech on 3 June 2009, Rome

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Posted 19 July 2009 - 03:39 AM

The question is: what is the philosophy that led to the Zionist regime's founding? Could the events of the Second World War represent the philosophy and the reason for creating such a cruel and harsh regime? Sixty million people lost their lives during the Second World War in Europe. Why is it that only a part of those dead are always brought to mind? Why is it that Europeans have for sixty years had to continue paying political and economic reparations to a small, tiny group?

What part did the generations living today in Italy or Germany have in the events of the Second World War?

Today in Europe it seems the Holocaust can no longer be talked about freely. I hope that some governments manage to free themselves from the Zionists in order to let the black box of the Holocaust be opened.

There are many unanswered questions. Now, let's suppose something happened: where did it happen? Did it happen in Palestine, or somewhere else? Who committed the crimes, the Palestinians or someone else? Why must it be the Palestinians who pay the price?

It's been said that the Jews were without a homeland and that a homeland had to be given to them. Why did it have to be the land of Palestine? If we accept the reasoning based on the historical roots of this [inaudible, land or people?], then we'll have to undo all the present borders in the world.

What is it that renders the Zionist regime immune to questions like human rights, freedom and civil rights? The things this regime does are a disgrace to all mankind. Why is it that some governments in Europe must give the Zionist regime their absolute support? On the grounds of what mission assigned to it? There are important questions.

Now perhaps the time has come in Europe for thinkers, men of culture and thought, to try to give an answer. Maybe you know that in Germany, in a park, they have installed a symbol of the Holocaust; they bring innocent German boys and girls to visit this monument, telling them: "Here's the crime committed by your fathers and you have to feel mortified and pay the price for this crime that your fathers committed". But what country behaves this way with its own children? Shouldn't governments tell the new generations about the honorable and beautiful things that their fathers have achieved?

And if we assume the hypothesis that there was a Holocaust, we'll be speaking about a part of the 60 million people who died during the Second World War. And where are the other dead? Does anyone talk about them? And does anyone talk about paying a price for them? Is there any humiliation of other European peoples for all the others killed? And does any government think of paying something for the other harm done? Why is it that all truths must be sacrificed on the altar of the Zionist regime?

Millions of people with no homeland, hundreds of thousands killed, a threat against all the Middle Eastern countries, and this Zionist regime feels bound by no law. Can the world be made to move forward this double standard? I do not think so.

Now, we believe that the post-Second World War literature has come to an end. And the mission assigned to the Zionist regime has come to an end. And there will thus be an implosion. And I say this with full knowledge of the facts. Because it's something they too know about quite well, there will be an implosion. We're proposing a humane solution: hold a referendum amongst all Palestinians to decide their own destiny. Why are the Zionists against this? This is a democratic solution and we don't understand why it's not accepted. It's a solution for human beings.


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