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#781 Atheris


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 05:54 PM


Indrid Cole said...

'A lie is a lie. Posting here under various pseudonyms is
unethical. Concealing the fact is deception. Denying that
it is wrong is merely a continuation of that deception."

I agree 100%, but keep in mind this lecture on deception comes from one who hails from some imaginary planet.

How many moderators are needed on this forum?

As for Indrid...he sees himself as the sophisticated anti-American who has risen above the underlings of capatilism. I have never seen a post of his that had anything positive to say about Americans. It seems to me that a moderator should not be completely biased.
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#782 Joseph Sarando

Joseph Sarando


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 09:46 PM

Please overlook the dropped "s" at the end of my surname. This was due to some glitch in the registration process that limited the length of my username (didn't happen the first time). Nonetheless it is I, Joseph Sarandos.

Now before Strelnikov, CaptainAmerica, xGenie and/or VA's little brother start their ad hominem attacks and loud protests against me, let me explain the reasons for this return:

I have no unresolved issues with Plsek or vikingamerican; I have clarified that I was never an ally or associate of RRBum or Colonel Bushtapo in our common protests against the particular Pravdaboard moderation policies which have now ceased; and the "in absentia" libels, slanders, insults and ridicules of my true identity in Pravdaboard have finally dwindled to a negligible amount (hopefully due to private admonishments by the moderators).

In the PrezBoxingForum, only Strelnikov (as DingusMcNasty) and VA's little brother (as XMan500) were left of the still-posting Pravdaboard members who had joined in with the half-dozen teenaged Jewish members of that board who were attempting to portray me as a neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, White Supremacist, racist, bigot, and every other stripe of hate-monger.

So, the primary purpose of this return is to inform all of the previously-involved parties that I am now deleting all references to both Pravdaboard and PrezBoxingForum (and members thereof) from my own board; The Full Truth Forum. (I'm replacing them with pleasant subjects and pictures in the "Stop and Smell the Roses" forum.)

VA and Plsek, I sincerely wish both of you the strength and patience you'll need to overcome the current problems and inconveniences in your private lives.

Still anti-Zionism, anti-Bush, anti-War. pro-Family, pro- Children and pro-Morality,

Joseph Sarandos
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#783 Guest__*

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Posted 23 May 2003 - 10:01 PM


I see you are back. I'm going to give you some words of advice. Don't start any of the crap you did here or on prezboxing. This will be your only warning. If I get just one complaint about you or if I see the same behavior myself, I will ban you without thinking twice about it.
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#784 Joseph Sarando

Joseph Sarando


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Posted 23 May 2003 - 11:30 PM

Originally posted by Plsek:

I see you are back. I'm going to give you some words of advice. Don't start any of the crap you did here or on prezboxing. This will be your only warning. If I get just one complaint about you or if I see the same behavior myself, I will ban you without thinking twice about it."

Let me give you some better advice, bitter woman:

Don't "macho up" for the audience. If you felt that a warning was necessary, then the ethical means would have been via email or PM.

You hold the power to again ban me any old time you again feel personally disturbed or offended, but this time it would not stem from any direct conversations between you and me. You like handing-out insults, but your skin is too thin to take any.

Only one complaint? I just read one. You don't need affirmation from some others of the "bang-gang" that you're still cuddled-up with.

I guess this means that the published rules are still not overriding here, and that all members are still subject to the caprice, emotions and moods of the moderators.

I certainly am not going you start a dialogue with you, so this will be my only comment on this subject, whether or not you ban me in another fit of personal anger.

Finally, even though I've deleted the forum and threads relating to the previous situation, I now intend to post in my board the text of the email I'd sent (twice at your request for re-send), but you'd never replied to. I will of course omit you name and address. You'll soon find it posted in the "Miscellaneous" forum of TFTF, URL: http://pub156.ezboar...hforum60735frm6

You will also find there copy/pastes of my original and this post and your replies.


The email---

The copy/paste--
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#785 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 12:02 AM


I don't want to spar with you so I'll keep this brief. I posted your warning here, because it is you that like to keep everything public remember?

But yes, one complaint is enough considering your past actions. To tell you the truth, I just might be over-ruled on this anyways by the admins. I think it's safe to say they don't want to have to deal with you anymore either. You shouldn't have worked so hard to burn your bridges here if you were planning on coming back.
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#786 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 12:13 AM

You have me on ignore, so how can you compare me to American Samurai?

On that note, I use one member ID in this forum. I have no need for a second ID as I give my opinion as Vikingamerican - which gives what is posted further weight as I have spent (ie: invested) quite a bit of time using this ID to establish both my background and ideology. When I post, I want the reader to know the source and the reader with a memory doesn't have to ask the same silly question time after time as they become familiar with what I write.

I do not have to use any proxy software to hide what IP I use. I present the same IP segment. I have no need to use Bushtapo's tactics (using multiple proxies). My Information Technology background allows me to protect myself to a certain point, but my public IP doesn't change except for when it is attacked on occasion (after I post at certain websites by bots in wait) and even then, what it is changed to then remains the same until the next attack.

Now why is Indrid bringing up the same crap over and over again. What is his agenda?

My feeling is that he craves what I have and that he lacks (you'll notice he states "campaigning moderator" - coincidence?). Otherwise, he would not be so obsessed with my standing here at Pravda. Also, he brings up issues as if they were fact. He states he suspects that that I am posting as another member name. He is presented with facts from Plsek that the IP's are totally different. Then Indrid discounts that response since I am I.T. savvy, thus questioning the methods used to identify me. Then he continues to accuse me of being American Samurai as if he has facts or evidence that I am, in fact, Amewrican Samurai. He uses his perceived strength at people's use of sentence structure and ideology as his (defacto) evidence.

Why does he do this? People should be asking, what is Indrid's agenda when he does this (especially when I am supposedly on his ignore list and thus should be off his radar)?

The other Moderators and the administrator's know who I am. My IP is on my email header and it stays consistent from all 3 email address's I use. I also remain consistent regarding my background and ideology and take quite a bit of heat using my Vikingamerican ID (if I was using another ID, I would use that one as the lightning rod, not my Vikingamerican ID). Vikingamerican is the ID I have used on the Internet since 1994. I am proud of what I stand for and have no reason to use another ID to project my views or ideology. My ID was registered before I became a moderator, so since they made me a moderator, I continue to use the ID I registered.

If Indrid has any evidence to the contrary, he should present it to the other moderators and administrators of this forum. Otherwise, he should just shut the hell up and talk about issues instead of talking about other members (who he claims to have on ignore).

I'll say this once, he is much like Reven..... not worthy of my time.

By the way, I have posted maybe 11 posts since last week as I am in the middle of an Active Directory rollout at my company. I don't have the time to address this fool, let alone do as he claims.
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#787 Joseph Sarando

Joseph Sarando


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 12:21 AM

Plsek wrote:
"...You shouldn't have worked so hard to burn your bridges here if you were planning on coming back."

Is she daft? Please everyone, go back and read my original post in this series. Did I fail to clearly explain the reasons for this return? Did I somehow imply that I was resuming active and contributing membership here?

WTF did she infer all the crap she responded to? I did not write anything between the lines.

But again, somebody has to take an opportunity to falsely and deceitfully accuse ME of "starting crap". I have NEVER initiated an attack against ANYONE, ANYWHERE. When I GET attacked, I respond in kind UNLESS a moderator does his/her job and WARNS THE INITIATORS, which is a pretty tricky proposition when A MODERATOR IS THE INITIATOR of the "crap".
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#788 Joseph Sarando

Joseph Sarando


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 12:40 AM

There have been 48 views of the forum in which the mentioned email and this exchange of posts here have been posted, just since my posting the threads there:

When is this woman going to learn that she's not talking on a telephone?

Did she enjoy having to "be nice" in order to re-build the membership here following her last "vendetta-bannings" and interboard-stalkings?

EDIT: In case anyone wonders why I had sent a compassionate email to Plsek in the first place, it was after reading about her personal plight in this thread that she had started in Pravdaboard;
"Life sucks".
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#789 Indrid Cole

Indrid Cole


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 12:41 AM

Vikingamerican is the only person I've ever seen
who takes 1000 words to tell someone they aren't
"worthy of his time...." Why is that? Could it be because
he enjoys the sound of his own voice so much that
he simply cannot resist the urge to spout? That
would be my opinion, and it's certainly verifiable
from his "contributions" to the forum.

I won't bother to go through his windy and sanctimonious
post to point out all the factual errors since no one,
including myself, really cares what he thinks about
anything anyway. Oh, except his family and friends
who manage to pop up to his defense every time
his mouth runneth over too freely.

I did find the parts about how everyone envies his
Big Powerful Position here on the little Pravda forum
a valid attempt at comedy however, though probably

Then of course we have the references to all his petty
childish 'enemies' and the evil net fiends who mock
him so continuously. I guess we all have to wonder how
it is that a person who is that tattered from abuse can
voluntarily choose to keep coming back for more --
over and over, like some halfwitted abused wife.
Oh, I said wife. Do I get banned for that? :D
Or will it merely be cause for a day-long whining session
about VA's many family tragedies and sundry personal
crap that no one cares about either.

How nice of Pravda to give this strutting, whining fool
the chance to express himself so fully and publically.
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#790 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 12:59 AM

so I am not on your ignore list.


Listen to me you sanctimonious gasbag....... if you say no one cares what I think anyways... why the hell did YOU bring it up and even put the question to everyone. Why did you generate a thread or poll?

Because you are the one with the agenda. You are the one who cares. Because if you didn't, you woudn't even bring my name up and would avoid me.

As for your sarcastic comments about my family and my reactions to attempts directed towards me that deal with my family, I'll be more than happy to leave your comments up as an example of what you are.... a sanctimonious gasbag.

As for my detailed explainations regarding where I stand, it is called defending oneself. Would you like me to point out your many lengthy diatribes about how a member is usually wasting your time?

And you won't address my assertions point by point because you think it is a waste of time.... (yet you allege I am being dishonest with forum members, but won't convey evidence in how you come to this conclusion)? I say, who is actually being dishonest?

As for my continuing to post in a forum when my family is verbally dragged through the mud, I continue to post because:

1. I can.
2. I won't give the jerks the satisfaction of winning.
3. Because I have a pretty high pain tolerance.

As for your feelings about people who you don't even know (my family), may your family reap what you sow. Maybe your perspective would change.
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#791 Indrid Cole

Indrid Cole


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:11 AM

Let's see. I say VA is sanctimonious in my post and he
proceeds to call me a sanctimonious gasbag twice in his
response. I guess the advantage of having a limited
vocabulary is that you can simply use someone else's words
when you run out of your own.....

As to your family and the poor abused people who
must be submitted to your vile presence in real life, I offer
them my heartfelt condolences. But probably not for the
reasons that you whine and moan about so continuously
on this, and at least two other forums.....

And then we have the supposed wars and the FBI and police
and Homeland Security who is always apparently right on
the verge of apprehending the horrid people who dare to
laugh at you. Are they coming for me too? LOL!

I knew you couldn't resist the urge to come here and whine
and pout; then alternately strut and threaten. Adrenaline
addict and drama queen that you are. All anyone has
to do is mention your name and the ego kicks in and you're
off to the battle -- no matter how childish.

Ignore List? Why bother? You can always send another
of your sockpuppets to jump into my threads just as you
did to poor Jezman when he was in your sights. You abuse
your position here and apparently my Russian comrades are
too busy to notice, or get so sick of your whining that
they'll let you do whatever you like just to shut your silly
mouth for two seconds.

God how they must laugh at you in Moscow.
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#792 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:19 AM

you are sounding more like Bushtapo daily (and you must be very enamored with me to visit the same forums I do).......

As for those who are on the verge of being outed...... why are they suddenly quiet? Unless they fear that which might happen.

As for you mocking of my pain........ you just show yourself to be a spineless idiot. And to use your words, not worthy of any response or my time.

I'm laughing at your inferior singular wit.
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#793 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:20 AM

actually, another Campaigning Moderator we don't need.

If Dmitry or the others deem you worthy, one day you'll see "moderator" in your profile, much like what happened to Adrian, Plsek, and myself.
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#794 Indrid Cole

Indrid Cole


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:26 AM

Yes, VA. We are ALL Bushtapo. Everyone who posts here
that is sick of you is Bushtapo in disguise. It's a big old
ugly Bushtapoesque plot to ruin your fragile sanity and
laugh at your horrible, terrible, mindwrenching series
of tragedies and personal bumbles that you can't seem to
get out of every topic on the forum, but don't want mentioned. :rolleyes:

I'm glad you're laughing VA. That makes two of us.

No, at least three: I'm sure the police and the FBI and
all those other agencies do their share of laughing at you also. But that's assuming those people ever got involved in
your petty little net flamewars; which is really, seriously very

You'll just do anything to get attention, won't you?
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#795 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:33 AM

I was rather quiet....

until you opened your pie hole and went on an agenda at trying to discredit me.

As for your laughing............ at least you show your true self. And everyone now knows who you are and what you stand for. You have lost what credibility you have. It was only a matter of time.
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#796 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:34 AM

you are a jar head?

How about Pravda having an Ex-Marine as a moderator (that would be me).

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#797 Indrid Cole

Indrid Cole


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:38 AM


Is this VA psyops? You tell me I've lost my credibility and
I fall into a whining puddle on the floor and start crying about
my poor family and all the horrible people who are "stalking"
me with their keyboards? Some Marine. Were you in the
Marine Drama Corp? Russians aren't made aware of the
intricacies of how your military keeps it's men entertained,
but somehow I doubt listening to a guy whine and sing
about his poor loathesome life did much for morale.
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#798 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:42 AM

the more you post, the more credibility lost on your part.

I actually am cheering you on hoping for more (looking to see what other crap you'll post).

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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#799 Indrid Cole

Indrid Cole


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:45 AM

Well, that one did it. I fell on the floor and let out a
three minute long soliloquy about my poor wife, her many
courageous battles, all my stalkers, and a full chorus of
God Save the Drama Queen.

You've beaten me. I guess the Marine Drama Corps really
is more effective at this whole psyops thing than I would
have imagined.
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#800 Guest__*

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Posted 24 May 2003 - 01:55 AM

:) I have already received over 10 PM's about how people are not surprised by your sudden change in sentence structure and demeamor.

Lookin' for more.:D
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