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McDonald's unionbusting, obesity issues, animal rights etc

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Posted 19 January 2011 - 06:03 PM


McDonald's unionbusting
www.aflcio.org www.ufcw.com

Is KFC a partial funder as it organizes Christians to boycott Mcd?
http://forums.sinsof.../390489/page/2/ example of the 'kill chickens for Christ'
movement secretly funded by KFC

Solution: boycott both McDonald's is the world's biggest unionbuster, disease spreader,
deforester, litterer, obesity causer, and animal agony creator.

Why do McNuggets look like pink toothpaste before they are rinsed in ammonia?
Cosssack thread:

More on Unionbusting
Nixon: accepted 1 million from Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's, and kept his promise.. introducing legislation to exempt fast food chains from minimum wage. Even today McDonald's
is known with Walmart as one of the top 5 unionbusters.

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Posted 19 January 2011 - 06:30 PM

  • http://www.peta.org/...3-mccruelty.gif

    McDonald's leafleters declared not guilty after arrest

    McDonald's lawsuits, a tiny sliver of them

    Transcript of the longest trial in British history The judge ruled that McDonald's
    was guilty among other things of cruelty to animals

    (see also the book McLibel)

    Unionbusting fast food chains

    Eating meat is the biggest factor in global heating

    McDonald's ordered to pay 1 million for having put lard (sheep tallow) in their french fries
    Lawsuit by Hindus and other vegetarians

    On April 30, Steve Inskeep of NPR reported that a Kuala Lumpur appeals court has
    ruled McDonald's has no standing to prevent another restaurant from naming itself

    McCurry. As millions of Scots have said, McDonald's doesn't own the prefix Mc

    Before the NAACP and Charles Griffis, a Los Angeles franchiser, sued, McDonald's did not
    allow black franchisers to buy in white neighborhoods. The case was settled out of court.


    In return for 1 million dollars from Ray Kroc, Richard Nixon agreed to exempt fast food chains
    from minimum wage laws. Later Congress repealed the law.


    Annie Besant, founder of the Theosophical Society, wrote that places involving murdered
    animals attract violence. The San Ysidro McDonald's massacre


    Both Prince Charles and his father Prince Philip have made public statements, the former
    that McDonald's should be shut down, the latter that McDonald's was destroying the rainforest.

    Unconstitutional court gag orders which violate the 1st amendment prevent the public
    from knowing the results of the tens of thousands? of lawsuits against McDonald's
    for food poisoning and many other situations.

    National Public Radio was the recipient of 200 million dollars from Joan Kroc, Ray Kroc's
    Unfortunately several times a week the NPR staff work in product placement
    ads for the chain. Marketplace, Morning Edition, All Things Considered etc. How can there
    be unbiased coverage of news when such a financial incentive to promote a company is

    Pitcher Goose Gossage of the San Diego Padres was suspended for saying McDonald's
    was poisoning the world with cheeseburgers.

    The fried head of an innocent chicken was in an order at a Hampton Roads Virginia McDonald's

    Cargill, the largest private equity firm in the US (little public supervision) is one of
    many slaughterhouse operations McDonald's employs.

    The Consumer Freedom group is funded by multinational corporations. Its CEO subsidizes
    attacks on animal rights activists.

    McDonald's had had 70 legal complaints about hot coffee burns (2nd and 3rd degree)
    before someone finally won.


    Is McDonald's the world's biggest butcher of mammals?
    http://www.meatout.org/ http://www.meatrix.com/

    Hygiene: admittedly it's hard to make the serving of cadavers a clean business.

    Animal flesh is the world's biggest cause of annual deaths, from heart disease, strokes,
    food poisoning, many kinds of cancer, kidney breakdown (carnivores have 5 times our
    kidney size per lb.


    Animal flesh is an addiction
    The trioxypurine or uric acid or preurine in animal muscle cells is more addictive than
    caffein, dioxypurine (3 oxypurines to 2). You can break the chains which cause animal agony.

    McDonald's generates the most litter in England and around the world.

    While McDonald's has accommodated many different cultures with McFalafel in some Arab
    countries, no cow flesh in India, and veggie burgers in European countries, it has
    never yet followed Burger King and several other fast food chains in offering a vegan burger
    in the US. It has no soy icecreams.

    . fast food chains unethically market to children
    . fast food chains' advertising budgets shout down good nutrition
    . fast food chains create litter
    . fast food chains add to global heating
    . fast food chains spread obesity
    . fast food chains generate millions of food poisoning incidents

    Fast Food Nation
    Supersize Me

    Judge Keeps FLSA Claims Against McDonald's Alive
    Law360, New York (February 12, 2009) -- A federal judge has dealt a blow to McDonald's Corp. in its bid to dismiss federal overtime claims brought by a group of Missouri employees.

    On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Charles Shaw ruled in favor of plaintiffs Amy Doyel, Michael Doyel, Alex Prodes and Dan Pryor on their Fair Labor Standards Act claims

    McDonald's hired London police as agents to infiltrate London Greenpeace

  • 04-30-2009 09:46 PM

    Wikipedia lists only a tiny sliver of lawsuits against McDonald's

    McDonald's legal cases
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Type Public (NYSE: MCD)
    Founded May 15, 1940 in San Bernardino, California;
    McDonald's Corporation, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois
    Founder(s) Dick and Mac McDonald McDonald's restaurant concept;
    Ray Kroc, McDonald's Corporation founder.
    Headquarters Oak Brook, Illinois, USA
    Number of locations 31,000+ worldwide[1]
    Area served Worldwide
    Key people James A. Skinner
    (Chairman) & (CEO)
    Industry Restaurants
    Products Fast Food
    (hamburgers • chicken • french fries • soft drinks • coffee • milkshakes • salads • desserts • breakfast)
    Revenue US$ 22.79 billion (2007)[2]
    Operating income US$ 3.879 billion (2007)[2]
    Net income US$ 2.359 billion (2007)[2]
    Total assets ▲ US$ 29.391 billion (2007)
    Total equity ▼ US$ 15.279 billion (2007)
    Employees 400,000 (2008)[2]
    Website McDonalds.com

    This box: view • talk • edit
    McDonald's has been involved in a number of lawsuits and other legal cases in the course of the fast food chain's 68-year history. Many of these have involved trademark issues, but McDonald's has also launched a significant number of defamation suits, including 'the biggest corporate PR disaster in history'[3] .

    McDonald's has been criticised for its liberal use of the court system, which its opponents say has been used to silence criticism and stifle competition from other businesses[citation needed]. McDonald's contends it is merely protecting its corporate interests from undue attack.

    1 Defamation
    1.1 McLibel (UK)
    2 Trademark and copyright
    2.1 Cases brought by McDonald's
    2.1.1 MacJoy (Philippines)
    2.1.2 McCoffee (US)
    2.1.3 Norman McDonalds' Country Drive-Inn (US)
    2.1.4 McChina Wok Away (UK)
    2.1.5 McMunchies (UK)
    2.1.6 McAllan (Denmark)
    2.1.7 McCurry (Malaysia)
    2.1.8 South African trademark law
    2.1.9 The real Ronald McDonald (US)
    2.2 Cases brought against McDonald's
    2.2.1 H.R. Pufnstuf / McDonaldland
    2.2.2 McSleep (Quality Inns International)
    2.2.3 Viz top tips (UK)
    2.2.4 Beef french fries
    3 Labour
    3.1 Coalition of Immokalee workers (US)
    3.2 Strip-Search Suit (US)
    4 Advertising
    4.1 Fries advertisement (UK)
    4.2 "McMatch & Win Monopoly" Promotion (Australia)
    5 Health and safety
    5.1 The McDonald's coffee case (US)
    5.2 The Fast Food Obesity Case (US)
    6 See also
    7 External links
    8 References


    McLibel (UK)
    Main article: McLibel

    'The McLibel two', Helen Steel and David Morris, during the suit against McDonald's.In 1990, McDonald's took environmental campaigners Helen Steel and Dave Morris to court after they distributed leaflets entitled "What's Wrong with McDonald's?" on the streets of London. The high-profile trial, which came to be known as the McLibel Case, lasted seven and a half years, the longest in English legal history.

    Though a High Court judge eventually ruled in favour of McDonald's, it was something of a Pyrrhic victory. The extended legal battle was a PR disaster, with every aspect of the company's working practices being scrutinised and the media presenting the case as a David and Goliath battle. Additionally, the damages received were negligible compared to the company's estimated ?10 million legal costs because the court ruled in favour of a number of the defendants' claims, including that McDonald's exploited children in its advertising, was anti-trade union and indirectly exploited and caused suffering to animals. McDonald's was awarded ?60,000 damages, which was later reduced to ?40,000 by the Court of Appeal. Steel and Morris announced they had no intention of ever paying, and the company later confirmed it would not be pursuing the money. Steel and Morris went on to challenge UK libel laws in the European Court of Human Rights, claiming that the lack of access to legal aid and the heavy burden of proof that lay with them, as the defendants' requirement to prove their claims under UK law was a breach of the right to a fair trial and freedom of expression. The court ruled in their favour[4] and the UK Government was forced to introduce legislation to change defamation laws.

    Trademark and copyright

    Cases brought by McDonald's
    McDonald's has also been criticized for its approach to preserving its image and copyrights[citation needed]. It has threatened many foodservice businesses with legal action unless they drop the Mc or Mac from their trading name.

    MacJoy (Philippines)
    In 2004, McDonald's sued Cebu-based fast food restaurant MacJoy for using a very similar trade name. In its defense, MacJoy insisted that it was the first user of the mark under the title "MACJOY & DEVICE" for its business in Cebu City which started in 1987, five years before McDonald's opened its first outlet in the same city. MacJoy stated that the requirement of “actual use” in commerce in the Philippines before one may register a trademark pertains to the territorial jurisdiction on a national scale and is not merely confined to a certain locality or region. It added that "MacJoy" is a term of endearment for the owner's niece whose name is Scarlett Yu Carcel. In response, McDonald's claimed that there was no connection between the name Scarlett Yu Carcel to merit the coinage of the word "MacJoy" and that the only logical conclusion over the name is to help the Cebu restaurant ride high on their (McDonald's) established reputation.

    On February 2007, the Philippine Supreme Court upheld the right of McDonald's over its registered and internationally-recognized trademarks [1][2][3]. As a result, the owners of MacJoy, the Espina family, was forced to change its trademark into MyJoy [4], which went into effect with the re-opening of its two branches in Cebu City on August that year.

    [edit] McCoffee (US)
    In 1994, McDonald's successfully forced Elizabeth McCaughey of the San Francisco Bay Area to change the trading name of her coffee shop McCoffee, which had operated under that name for 17 years. "This is the moment I surrendered the little 'c' to corporate America," said Elizabeth McCaughey, who had named it as an adaptation of her surname.[5]

    Norman McDonalds' Country Drive-Inn (US)
    From the early 1960s to the mid 1980s, Norman McDonald ran a small "Country Drive-Inn" restaurant in Philpot, Kentucky called simply "McDonald's Hamburgers; Country Drive-Inn", which at the time also had a gas station and convenience store. As a play on the real McDonald's, Norman also included a couple of lit "golden arches". McDonald's the restaurant chain forced Norman to remove the arches and add the full Norman McDonald's name to its sign so customers would not be confused into thinking the restaurant was affiliated with the McDonald's restaurant chain. The restaurant is still open to this day (though it no longer has the gas station) and is located in front of the Daviess County Fairgrounds.

    McChina Wok Away (UK)
    In 2001, McDonald's lost a nine-year legal action against Frank Yuen, owner of McChina Wok Away, a small chain of Chinese takeaway outlets in London. Justice David Neuberger ruled the McChina name would not cause any confusion among customers and that McDonald's had no right to the prefix Mc[6].

    McMunchies (UK)
    In 1996, McDonald's forced Scottish sandwich shop owner Mary Blair of Fenny Stratford, Buckinghamshire to drop McMunchies as her trading name. Mrs. Blair did not sell burgers or chips. She said she chose the name because she liked the word munchies and wanted the cafe to have a Scottish feel. The cafe's sign reflected this, featuring a Scottish thistle and a St Andrew's flag. But in a statement to Mrs. Blair's solicitors, McDonald's said if someone used the Mc prefix, even unintentionally, they were using something that does not belong to them[7].

    McAllan (Denmark)
    In 1996, McDonald's lost a legal battle at the Danish Supreme Court to force Allan Pedersen, a mincemeat sandwich vendor, to drop his shop name McAllan[8]. Pedersen had previously visited Scotland on whiskey-tasting tours. He named his business after his favorite brand of whiskey, MacAllan's, after contacting the distillery to see if they would object. They did not, but McDonald's did. However, the court ruled customers could tell the difference between a one-man vendor and a multi-national chain and ordered McDonald's to pay 40,000 kroner ($6,900) in court costs. The verdict cannot be appealed.

    McCurry (Malaysia)
    In 2006, McDonald's won a five year legal battle in Malaysia against a small restaurant named "McCurry". The defendant claimed that McCurry stood for Malaysian Chicken Curry, but a High Court judge ruled that the prefix Mc and the use of colors distinctive of the McDonald's brand could confuse and deceive customers[9]. In April 2009 however, McCurry won the case again after a retrial.

    [edit] South African trademark law
    Apartheid politics had prevented earlier expansion into South Africa, but as the apartheid regime came to an end in the early 1990s, McDonald's decided to expand there. The company had already recognized South Africa as a potentially significant market and had registered its name as a trademark there in 1968.

    Under South African law, trademarks cease to be the property of a company if they are not used for a certain amount of time. McDonald's had renewed the 1968 registration several times, but missed a renewal deadline. The registration expired and McDonald’s discovered two fast food restaurants in South Africa were trading under the name MacDonalds. Worse, a businessman had applied to register the McDonald’s name.

    Multiple lawsuits were filed. The fast food chain was stunned when the court ruled it had lost the rights to its world-famous name in South Africa. However, the company eventually won on appeal[10].

    [edit] The real Ronald McDonald (US)
    The company waged a 26-year legal action against McDonald's Family Restaurant which was opened by a man legally named Ronald McDonald in Fairbury, Illinois in 1956.[11]

    [edit] Cases brought against McDonald's

    [edit] H.R. Pufnstuf / McDonaldland
    In 1973, Sid and Marty Krofft, the creators of H.R. Pufnstuf , successfully sued McDonald's, arguing that the entire McDonaldland premise was essentially a ripoff of their television show. In specific, the Kroffts claimed that the character Mayor McCheese was a direct copy of their character, "H.R. Pufnstuf" (being a mayor himself). McDonald's initially was ordered to pay $50,000. The case was later remanded as to damages, and McDonald's was ordered to pay the Kroffts more than $1 million.

    McDonaldland itself, as it was depicted in the commercials, was a magical place where plants, foods, and inanimate objects were living, speaking characters. In addition to being the home to Ronald and the other core characters, McDonaldland boasted "Thick shake volcanoes", anthropomorphized "Apple pie trees", "The Hamburger Patch" (where McDonald's hamburgers grew out of the ground like plants), "Filet-O-Fish Lake", and many other fanciful features based around various McDonald's menu items. In the commercials, the various beings are played by puppets or costumed performers, very similar to the popular H.R. Pufnstuf program.

    McDonald's had originally hoped the Kroffts would agree to license their characters for commercial promotions. When they declined, McDonaldland was created, purposely based on the H.R. Pufnstuf show in an attempt to duplicate the appeal.

    After the lawsuit, the concept of the "magical place" was all but phased out of the commercials, as were many of the original characters. Those that remained would be Ronald, Grimace, The Hamburglar, and the Fry Kids.

    McSleep (Quality Inns International)
    In 1988 Quality Inns was planning to open a new chain of economy hotels under the name "McSleep." After McDonald's demanded that Quality Inns not use the name because it infringed, the hotel company filed a suit in federal court seeking a declaratory judgment that "McSleep" did not infringe. McDonald's counterclaimed, alleging trademark infringement and unfair competition. Eventually, McDonald's prevailed. The court's opinion noted that the prefix "Mc" added to a generic word has acquired secondary meaning, so that in the eyes of the public it means McDonalds, and therefore the name "McSleep" would infringe on McDonald's trademarks. Quality Inns Int'l v. McDonald's Corp. 695 F. Supp. 198 (D. Md. 1988).PDF

    Viz top tips (UK)
    In 1996, British adult comic Viz accused McDonald's of plagiarising the name and format of its longstanding Top Tips feature, in which readers offer sarcastic tips. McDonald's had created an advertising campaign of the same name, which showcased the Top Tips (and then suggested the money-saving alternative - going to McDonald's). Some of the similarities were almost word-for-word:

    "Save a fortune on laundry bills. Give your dirty shirts to Oxfam. They will wash and iron them, and then you can buy them back for 50p." – Viz Top Tip, published May 1989.
    "Save a fortune on laundry bills. Give your dirty shirts to a second-hand shop. They will wash and iron them, and then you can buy them back for 50p." – McDonalds advert, 1996
    The case was settled out of court for an undisclosed sum, which was donated to the charity appeal Comic Relief. However, many Viz readers believed that the comic had given permission for their use, leading to Top Tips submissions such as: "Geordie magazine editors. Continue paying your mortgage and buying expensive train sets ... by simply licensing the Top Tips concept to a multinational burger corporation."

    Beef french fries
    Lawsuits were brought against the McDonald's Corporation for including beef in its french fries despite claims that those french fries were vegetarian (Block vs. McDonald's Corp., Sharma vs. McDonald's Corp., Bansal v. McDonald's Corp., Zimmerman v. McDonald's Corp.) PDF was brought against McDonald's for claiming that its french fries were vegetarian in the early 1990s, when in fact beef flavoring was added to the fries during the production phase. The case revolved around a 1990 McDonald’s press release stating that the company's french fries will be cooked in 100% vegetable oil and a 1993 letter to a customer that claims their french fries are vegetarian [5]. The lawsuits ended in 2002 when McDonald's announced it would issue another apology and pay 10 million dollars to vegetarians and religious groups. Subsequent oversight by the courts was required to ensure that the money that was paid by McDonald's: "to use the funds for programs serving the interests of people following vegetarian dietary practices in the broadest sense." There was some controversy in this ruling, as it benefited non-vegetarian groups such as Muslims, who cannot eat McDonald's fries as they are non-halal, and research institutions that research vegetarian diets but do not benefit vegetarians. In 2005, the appeal filed by vegetarians against the list of recipients in this case was denied, and the recipients of the 10 million dollars chosen by McDonald's was upheld.

    Further ingredient related lawsuits have been brought against McDonald's in 2006, as McDonald's had placed its french fries on its website as gluten-free. After they changed the recipe, it is claimed that suffered children severe intestinal damage as a result of McDonald's unpublicized changes to its recipe. More recently, McDonald's has included a more complete ingredient list for its french fries. Over 20 lawsuits have been brought against McDonald's regarding this issue, and the McDonald's Corporation has attempted to consolidate these lawsuits.


    Coalition of Immokalee workers (US)
    In March 2001, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a group of South Florida farmworkers, began a campaign demanding better wages for the people who pick the tomatoes used by McDonald's and other fast food companies.[12] McDonald's was the second target after the group succeeded against Taco Bell.[13]

    McDonald's Corporation has claimed that their SAFE (Socially Accountable Farm Employer) program is equal to or superior to the agreement between the CIW and Taco Bell. SAFE was initially represented, in November 2005, by CBR Public Relations Firm. According to their website, CBR-PR has "in-depth" experience handling "activist response management." SAFE, unlike the Taco Bell agreement, does not include a wage increase, worker participation, worker support or basic buying transparency. The program is run by the Florida Fruit and Beverage Association and the Redlands Christian Migrant Association, a childcare provider with no experience in labor issues. As the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association represents farmers who have an interest in reducing costs, often at the expense of farmworkers, this represents a conflict of interests. Under SAFE, farmworkers themselves continue to be excluded from monitoring the conditions under which they work.[citation needed]

    According to the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights, "By partnering with SAFE and embracing its weak expectations — which don't include even such fundamental labor standards such as the right to overtime pay and freedom of association — McDonald's is setting the bar even lower for its American agricultural producers than it does for its suppliers in communist China."[14]

    Strip-Search Suit (US)
    Main article: Strip search prank call scam

    Fries advertisement (UK)
    In 2003, a ruling by the UK Advertising Standards Authority determined that the corporation had acted in breach of the codes of practice in describing how its french fries were prepared[15] A McDonald's print ad stated that "after selecting certain potatoes" "we peel them, slice them, fry them and that's it." It showed a picture of a potato in a McDonald's fries box. In fact the product was sliced, pre-fried, sometimes had dextrose added, was then frozen, shipped, and re-fried and then had salt added.

    "McMatch & Win Monopoly" Promotion (Australia)
    In 2001, 34 claimants (representing some 7000 claimants) [16] failed in a class action against McDonald's for false and misleading conduct arising from the "McMatch & Win Monopoly" promotion, before Justice John Dowsett of the Federal Court of Australia[17]

    Health and safety

    The McDonald's coffee case (US)
    Main article: Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants
    In 1992, Stella Liabeck, a 79-year-old woman from Albuquerque, New Mexico, sued McDonald's after she suffered third-degree burns after she spilled hot coffee that she ordered at one of the company's drive-thrus.[18] a.k.a. the "McDonald's coffee case", is a well-known product liability lawsuit that became a flashpoint in the debate in the U.S. over tort reform after a jury awarded $2.9 million to a woman who burned herself with hot coffee. The trial judge reduced the total award to $640,000, and the parties settled for a confidential amount before an appeal was decided. The case entered popular understanding as an example of frivolous litigation;[19] ABC News calls the case "the poster child of excessive lawsuits."[20] Trial-lawyer groups such as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America and other opponents of tort reform sometimes argue that the suit was justified because of the extent of Liebeck's injuries.[21]

    The Fast Food Obesity Case (US)
    In 2002 a Bronx man named Caesar Barber announced through his lawyer, Samuel Hirsch, that he intended to to sue a number of fast food restaurant chains, including McDonald's, for making him obese and causing health problems.[22] The case never went to court.

    McDonald's official worldwide website
    McSpotlight, an anti-McDonald's site, which includes extensive coverage of legal cases from an anti-Capitalist viewpoint. Mainly contains older information up to 2005.
    McDonald's in the news - an extensive list of links to news articles about McDonald's, including coverage of legal cases, from a website aimed at franchisees of the company.

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    ^ See Gerlin. See also Ralph Nader & Wesley J. Smith, No Contest: Corporate Lawyers and the Perversion of Justice in America (1996) ISBN 0375752587, 268
    ^ Fox News,"Ailing Man Sues Fast-Food Firms"

  • 04-30-2009 09:48 PM

    link for previous post

    hepatitis lawsuit
    Company hack
    Court Pares Down McDonald's Employment Suit
    Law360.com, New York (August 29, 2008) -- Just days after denying class certification, a federal judge has granted partial summary judgment to McDonald's Corp. in a suit that claims the chain fails to provide its workers with meal and rest breaks, keeps inaccurate records and deprives employees of overtime pay.

    Judge Philip S. Gutierrez of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California is the McDonald's

    European Court orders McLibel defendants be
    paid 57,000 pounds.

    McDonald's, sponsor of countless sports events, is asked
    to use less brutal slaughter method, CAK or Controlled Atmosphere


  • 05-01-2009 05:14 PM
    Bilbo Baggins

    Friends don't let friends bloat themselves into blimps on McBlimpburgers


  • 06-17-2009 04:55 PM

    Some history

    McDonald's Has Resisted Change
    re environment, nutrition, civil rights, unions, animals, etc.


    In India, the flesh of no murdered cow is served at McD. In France, McDonald's has been required to give 5 weeks
    vacation and many more $ per hour to its employees.
    Though McFalafel is available in the Mideast and veggieburgers in
    Europe, McDonald's, because of its connection to
    worldwide meat distributors has had to be sued or boycotted
    into every major change. The US
    has the worst service of all from
    this CIA backed corporation.

    Do the management of McDonald's love animals?
    If so, why not offer a vegan burger, baked potatoes,
    vegan pizza systemwise?
    Why not offer a variety of fresh fruit juices.. (e.g., in Europe
    pear juice is widely available. In India mango juice is ubiquitous.)
    Why not the variety of vegan coconut, rice, and soybean
    icecreams? Why not bean burritos?

    It took Vermont Senator Stafford's threats of legislation and environmentalists
    to cut down on styrofoam.
    It took the NAACP and a franchiser.. to sue McDonald's
    over redlining.. before McDonald's allowed a black owner
    to own a store in a white neighborhood. http://www.naacp.org/
    Charles Griffis was the Los Angeles franchiser who settled out of court.
    SPIRITUALITY A large coalition including those whose
    religions mandate vegetarianism sued McDonald's over
    the sheep tallow in which its fries were soaked. A judgment
    against the company was issued.

    The attorneys general of New York, California and Texas in the past forced McDonald's to pull ads which claimed its food was

    It took PETA and others for McDonald's to begin
    to monitor the skinning alive which took place in some
    of its slaughterhouses. http://www.petatv.com/

    It has refused to make available systemwide vegan burgers
    .. Burger King has a veggieburger. Taco Bell has a vegan
    bean burrito.

    It has muzzled the truth about Mad Cow, Mad Chicken, Mad
    Pork, Mad Fish and all the other spongiform encephalopathies
    which jump species when one animal eats the remains of
    another .. whether from ingredients in animal food or from
    the wild. It has done this through its relationship with former
    USDA head Ann Veneman, who was mentored by the American
    Meat Institute and is now head of UNICEF from which post she
    harms children around the world promoting the cancer diet.
    http://www.mad-cow.org/ http://www.madcowboy.com/
    It took environmentalists to reduce the nonrecycled paper
    content at McDonald's.

    TAXES: McDonald's taxes have been an ephemeral
    thing.. often skirting local tax laws.


    In February of 2005 the longest trial in British history (15 years)
    ended. http://www.mcspotlight.org/

    McDonald's has spent millions fighting not only obesity lawsuits,
    but the right to file obesity lawsuits. It has bought state legislatures.

    Yet the courts and legislatures have limited smoking and drinking.
    Meat kills more people annually than traffic accidents, alcohol,
    and smoking combined. Meat related heart disease accounts for
    MORE THAN HALF of all deaths in the US. Advertising of cigarettes
    and alcohol has been legally limited. Yet meat the most
    lethal of all is promoted by fleshmongers who saturate the airwaves, magazines, and mailboxes
    with promotions of a toxic product.

    As more lawyers realize that the trioxypurine or uric acid in
    meat is addictive, it will be easier for them to file lawsuits.


    McDonald's PR machine ballyhooed as ridiculous the lawsuit
    over its coffee scalding people. What the Fortune 500 linked
    media did not tell the public was that there were 7000 previous
    complaints of McDonald's coffee scalding people.

    With its relationship with war profiteer owned tv networks,
    McDonald's has promoted the war in Iraq by adding
    tens of billions in advertising.

    http://www.mcspotlight.org/ 4 year transcript of the longest
    trial in British history.

    To those who defend the organization saying
    that it gives people what they want, the response is
    "McDonald's spends billions a year attempting to create
    what people want."

    2 of McDonald's CEO's have died at young ages in the last
    5 years.. of the effects of eating animals.

    The 4 year trial, longest in British history, which pitted
    McDonald's against London Greenpeace.. is on the
    web at http://www.mcspotlight.org/

    The world is changing. Millions more become vegetarian every
    year. Hunting is down 1/3 among 18 to 24 year olds in
    the US. Figures for other countries not known.

    The media did not show us any of the pictures of 100 McDonald's
    under water because of Katrina. .. photos of varying
    stages of the waters either totally submerging the 'golden arches'
    or of a sea of water with the arches (gates to slaughterhouses)
    above the level.

    There are some who will continue to eat at McDonald's..
    Many are part of a permanent boycott because of
    1. unionbusting.. biggest in world (Ray Kroc gave 1 million
    to Nixon and in return was exempted from minimum wage,
    something the congress overturned.) http://www.ufcw.org/
    A Mexican union of 85,000 members fought a long time to keep
    McDonald's out of Mexico, but failed because of those who like former
    Coke exec
    Vincente Fox have a corporate allegiance.
    2. animal slaughter.. more than any company http://www.worldanimalnet.org/
    3. environmental desecration associated with animal agriculture
    4. health issues http://www.pcrm.org/
    a. cancer http://www.drday.com/
    b. heart disease
    c. food poisoning.. ecoli is colon bacteria.. on the cadavers,
    on the hands of those who serve corpses
    d. arthritis
    e. choking on meat
    f. McDonald's is a major factor in making Americans
    the most overweight people in the world. Isocaloric
    studies indicate animal eaters weigh 23 lbs. more than vegans
    and 12 lbs. more than vegetarians, with fruitarians weighing
    the least. http://fruitarians.blogspot.com/
    See the film SUPERSIZE ME
    http://www.supersize...rd.aspx?page=27 (has forum)
    g. There are carcinogens occurring when meat is cooked
    at over 300 degrees.. among them malanaldehyde and
    methylcholanthrene.. and paradoxically pork must be cooked
    in high enough temperatures to kill trichinella worms
    causing trichinosis. Creiophilic bacteria survive in frozen meat.
    Thermophilic bacteria survive in meat cooked at high temperatures.
    5. litter http://www.mcspotlight.org/
    6. fast food places attract crime
    7. American fast food places attract the anger of the
    victims of the regime's violent wars
    8. A percentage of the world's observant members of
    different faiths
    do not eat where flesh is served.
    9. Marketing to children. A British court ruled that McDonald's was liable
    for unethical marketing to children and several other offenses.
    Transcript at http://www.mcspotlight.org/

    If McDonald's stopped advertising flesh and fish
    and offered a wide variety of vegan foods,
    it would join the future rather than being chained to the past.

    Bibliography (some of these books are not currently published
    but are available on internet)

    Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser
    McLibel John Vidal environment editor of the Guardian
    Slaughterhouse Gail Eisnitz
    Animal Liberation Peter Singer
    Vegetarianism A Way of Life Dudley Giehl
    Vegetarian Sourcebook Keith Akers
    Radical Vegetarianism Mark Braunstein
    The Vegetarian Alternative Vic Sussman


  • 06-25-2009 05:58 PM

    McDonald's causes leukemia in children, childhood obesity and diabetes,
    animal agony, deforestation, global heating, countless diseases,
    etc. with its summer reading program. Libraries which cooperate
    are helping establish lifetime overeating habits.

    Palm Beach Library promoting animal agony, disease


  • 06-25-2009 06:03 PM

    Originally Posted by sb11 file:///I:/prmcdonalds6610_files/viewpost.gif
    McDonald's causes leukemia in children, childhood obesity and diabetes,
    animal agony, deforestation, global heating, countless diseases,
    etc. with its summer reading program. Libraries which cooperate
    are helping establish lifetime overeating habits.

    Wow, we should load our bombers with McDonalds and drop them on our enemies. They are more deadly then nuclear weapons!

  • 06-26-2009 12:59 AM
    Bilbo Baggins

    Originally Posted by Hereorthere file:///I:/prmcdonalds6610_files/viewpost.gif
    Wow, we should load our bombers with McDonalds and drop them on our enemies. They are more deadly then nuclear weapons!

    I wouldn't want to be hit by bloated, overweight yank blimps falling out of the sky:yikes:

    Russia will have to deploy its anti-fat blob missiles:lol:

  • 07-02-2009 02:51 PM

    National Public Radio has 200 million dollars in McDonald's
    a violation of lack of bias in broadcasting
    as well as investment in animal agony, global heating,
    human diseases of all kinds, energy waste, obesity, litter,

    Several times a week, NPR promotes in the guise of
    news items its dinosaur investment in the past.
    Where there are slaughterhouses, there will
    be battlefields said Leo Tolstoy.
    Rush Limbaugh, chickenhawk warjock
    prostitute of war profiteers,
    will make a buck
    anyway he can, including secret payments from
    McDonald's for working the world's biggest
    animal killer into phony news stories.

  • 07-05-2009 10:06 AM


    Given MacDonald's wealth, and given their market, wouldn't they be the logical group to invest in research into growing beef muscle-tissue and chicken muscle-tissue in vats (and cod muscle-tissue in vats too... although I really think they need some consultation about their fish burger before going any further with that... and in case you didn't know, they're getting their cod by paying Russians to wipe out the arctic cod stock).

    Of course that won't happen insolong as their management structure is still being organized by the same kind'a twits wishing they'd finished business school with grades high enough to get them into the class of cats high up enough to collapse the western banking system while collecting bonuses for the job, but maybe they could be compensated with thoughts of how they destroyed chicken factories and beef factories of the sort where neither chickens nor cows ever see the light of day in their cramped little pens.

    Or would that executive-MBA's problem be that people (aka, in their minds, competitors) were not hurt enough?

    Crumb... Explain to them how much tar they will be rubbing in the face of those smart-alecks they competed for grades and job-offers in business school against. They don't have to be told they're actually doing something good for the planet... they just need to feel a power-rush rush from destroying the factory animal farms owners and seeing it as economic competition.

    Plus... when the next generations of kids come along and if they are educated, then MacDonald's advertizer's will find themselves with a gold-pot of advertizing goodness to show how MacDonalds does not kill factory chickens nor factory cows... rather... it serves the cleanest, most biologically pure muscle-tissue there is (although the advertizers will probably not call it muscle tissue... unless the linguistic standards of the upcoming generations changes).

  • 07-05-2009 10:30 AM

    I mean, crumb... if there's still any oldtimers around at MacDonalds to remember this, then they'll know about a prescedent, and what to do about it.

    Back in the days before Reagan-Bush, when the economy actually had Umpires, MacDonald's was told they couldn't introduce their chicken-burger until MacDonalds' had set up vast chicken farms (they got built in Kentuky) to provide the chicken meat for their chicken burgers in order to not disrupt the flow and cost of chicken to American supermarket consumers.

    Have it be that those old-timers get to give wisdome-experience by consulting to the current management-pups on how to get it set up for MacDonalds to organize those new muscle-tissue sources for their product.

    In that case animals stop getting tortured, everybody keeps working with minimal disruption of jobs so their kids eat, and I bet you dollars to doughnuts that engineering advances will happen as they work out ways to do it better (as long as those tinkleberry MBAs jerking off with copies of GQ don't get into management like they did with their faery ideas of flitting out sub-prime mortgages... that's not an attack on gays - spelled fairy- ... I'm against evil faerys in the old-time Irish sense).

  • 07-11-2009 04:25 PM

    Inside McDonald's Unhappy Meals

    2005 information.. Since then Mr Cantalupo
    has died

    CANTALUPO, JAMES R. 375,521 18-Feb-04 (CEO died at young age)
    SKINNER, JAMES A. 146,238 12-Sep-05
    LUBIN, DONALD G. 57,380 25-Apr-05
    ROGERS, JOHN W. JR. 55,000 25-Apr-05
    MCKENNA, ANDREW J 38,000 27-Feb-04


    Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
    DODGE & COX INC 60,225,126 4.75 $1,875,410,423 31-Mar-05
    FMR CORPORATION (FIDELITY MANAGEMENT & RESEARCH CORP) 49,458,883 3.90 $1,540,149,616 31-Mar-05
    STATE STREET CORPORATION 47,563,804 3.75 $1,481,136,856 31-Mar-05
    BARCLAYS BANK PLC 46,320,143 3.65 $1,442,409,253 31-Mar-05
    HARRIS ASSOCIATES L.P. 35,856,369 2.83 $1,116,567,330 31-Mar-05
    AXA 31,750,156 2.50 $988,699,857 31-Mar-05
    VANGUARD GROUP, INC. (THE) 28,385,755 2.24 $883,932,410 31-Mar-05
    PUTNAM INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT, LLC 25,052,944 1.98 $803,197,384 31-Dec-04
    MONTAG & CALDWELL, INC. 23,653,280 1.87 $736,563,139 31-Mar-05
    WELLINGTON MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LLP 22,374,959 1.77 $696,756,223 31-Mar-05


    Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
    DODGE & COX STOCK FUND 29,380,400 2.32 $914,905,656 31-Mar-05
    VANGUARD 500 INDEX FUND 11,834,631 .93 $379,418,269 31-Dec-04
    PUTNAM FUND FOR GROWTH AND INCOME 9,641,900 .76 $312,301,141 31-Jan-05
    DODGE & COX BALANCED FUND 9,079,850 .72 $282,746,529 31-Mar-05
    VANGUARD/WELLINGTON FUND INC. 9,062,300 .71 $299,780,884 28-Feb-05
    COLLEGE RETIREMENT EQUITIES FUND-STOCK ACCOUNT 7,354,174 .58 $235,774,818 31-Dec-04
    WASHINGTON MUTUAL INVESTORS FUND 7,000,000 .55 $217,980,000 31-Mar-05
    FIDELITY MAGELLAN FUND INC 6,947,400 .55 $216,342,036 31-Mar-05
    DIAMONDS TRUST SERIES I 6,013,869 .47 $175,304,281 31-Oct-04
    OAKMARK SELECT FUND 6,000,000 .47 $192,360,000 31-Dec-04

  • McDonald's, unionbuster, has joined with unionbuster Campbell's soups
    to provide high priced soups... not a single vegan one!

    The soups are 2.79! a bowl.... for a little condensed soup paste plus water.
    They are vegetable with beef, chicken noodle, and broccoli with cheese.

    McDonald's also is the stingiest of fast food chains in regards to seniors.

    McDonald's is so aligned to animal agony agriculture despite plummeting
    demand that it is a highly risky investment, even for those with no ethics.

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Posted 19 January 2011 - 07:14 PM

Goldman Sachs orchestrated the destabilization of Greece, Ireland


Goldman Sachs is a major investor in Burger king and with Henry Paulson plotted
to turn Nature Conservancy wilderness shrines into cattle concentration camps to
supply BK with mammal flesh
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Posted 19 January 2011 - 07:24 PM

Wonderful thread SB11 :)

I boycott them for different reasons. I don't want my Grandchildren fed pure garbage.

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Posted 20 January 2011 - 04:26 PM

http://engforum.prav...ld-s-Day-Oct-15 This is called by Youtube poster "McDonald's gay ad in France"
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Posted 05 February 2011 - 04:13 AM


The Food Liberation Army in Finland has stolen a Ronald McDonald
(as have groups in Columbus, Georgia, Burlington Vermont and other
places in the US) and has a number of questions for the corporation.
Major search engines are hiding links which expose
Pension funds invested in McDonald's are jeopardizing
the hardwon funds of workers.

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Posted 05 February 2011 - 04:50 AM

Italians offended by McDonald's pseudonationalism

Polystyrene issues at McD

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Posted 05 August 2011 - 06:30 PM

Cargill's, one of the 4 biggest US slaughterhouse operations, supplies
McDonald's with eggs.

http://www.mcspotlight.org http://www.mccruelty.com
University professor's campaign against dirty playgrounds gets her banned from McD

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