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LUZON Exposure 2003

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Posted 09 March 2003 - 08:46 AM

Part 1 (location and brief history)

Luzon is a island in South East Asia and the biggest landmass of Philippines.
Luzon is hosting the capital city of Manila in the central part of

The region has been under Spanish rule for some 400 years. During that time, the local tribesd got a infusion of South European blood and also Christianity (mainly Catholic) were introduced as the medium for worshipping.

Later in history , Americans take over the Management or rule of the same country.
The Americans has left some magnificient inprints, erspecially in Luzon.
They developed Baguio City as a fine and modern city high up in the mountains (very foggy and humid there). Baguio was allready minted during the Spanish time, but they never did any serious developement on the place.
Further, the Americans developed two other fine cities , Angeles City and Olangopo City which is hosting the big naval base.
All those three places is at present time deteroating due to substandard local management.

Luzon also hosted the landing site for Gen. Mc Arthur during
II world war. The site(s) of Japanese Gen. Yamashito last stand agains Americans is north of Mc Arthur's landing place and very frequent passed trough by 'Reven' this days.

Next time

Cont. part 2 (local troublemakers)

Untills then

Take care / Reven

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Posted 10 March 2003 - 01:31 AM

A prayer to my Family:

Father, I'we done as commanded. At the very least I'we tried. This is judged by the capacity of my mind. Not many issues remain.

I'we travelled the whole Earth. I'we learnt and lived with all (nearly all) tribes on your Earth.
Father, your Elders toldme WHY I had to do it and I was crying to my fate at the time. Now I do understand the wisdom of Your Council.

I will proceed and carry out the remaining deeds and shall return to Your House when it's over and Your world is clean again.

This is me, without name, and known only by
Your number(s)


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Posted 29 March 2003 - 08:10 AM

Part 02 , local troublemakers

29 March 2003 :

The "operatives" of Commander Romano Frias (Aminjanan) and
Subcommander Pabling Ranos has accellerated activity.
During a recent visit to the area , it is revealed they have now begun attack foreign nationals.

I'm told that the evening 25 March , they mounted a attack on a "Foreigner" living in the area. Command Pabling Ramos used 5 operatives to attack. They assaulted with heavy stones 1-1.5 kg , and made injury to the foreign national.

Commander Romano Frias,Aminjanan ,Mangatarem,Pangasinan
Philippnes is a acting Barrangay Capt. and the area is fully in control by him and his operatives. Those 'operatives' did escape from Sitio Dueg in San Clemente/Tarlac and they moved only some 5km to nearby province of Pangasinan and protected by a Phil. Government official (Romano Frias).
The Barrio people is fully under his control since HE IS SUPPORTING ONLY SUSPECTED NPA/ABU-SAYAF OPERATIVES.
All others he will not entertain and alwhys write his "reports" in favor of those terrorist group members. He is know to not even have visited the "Americano", whom was assaulted 25 March.... The same Romano Frias is a previous Phil. Army member , but he was discharged without pension due to some error in his service. He sure hate Phil. Government and sure the Army. Still he is able to run election and hold a Government position in Pangasinan/Philippines....Recently I'm told , he was also caught with illegal logging (700 board-feet) in the mountains, but he is still holding his Government office.

Really.....a terrible , terrible story.

Their 'operation' is very,very secret. Their veapons is consealed in safehouses and Subcommanders to Commander Frias claims "they are only our relatives" . Phil. Army and Police appears to be helpless because of no veapons/evidence. When they operate = they alwys ensure NO EVIDENCE is left.
Our fellow "American" is apparently worried they will mur