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Pentagon Prepares To Kill Everyone On Earth

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Posted 27 May 2016 - 09:03 PM


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Posted 09 July 2016 - 05:19 PM

CHEMTRAIL FLU: Doctor's shock claim planes make us sick so medical firms can cash in A DOCTOR has made shocked claims we are purposefully being poisoned - so the pharmaceutical industry can cash in on the cure.
PUBLISHED: 16:39, Wed, Jun 29, 2016 | UPDATED: 18:10, Wed, Jun 29, 2016


Dr Horowitz claims contrails like these contail harmful chemicals on purpose.

Dr Leonard Horowitz, 48, a former university medical researcher, has been branded "dangerous" by many medics because of the outlandish conspiracy theories he pushes on his website, which also promote natural and alternative therapies.

One of Dr Horowitz's most long-standing claims is governments have conspired with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick, through the spraying of certain chemicals into the air through the so-called "chemtrail" emissions of jet planes.

He claims a mystery flu-like illness has been increasing since the late 1990s.

Dr Horowitz said: "We have seen this type of an epidemic since the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999.

"People have been hacking and coughing with this bizarre illness that does not seem to follow any logical viral or bacterial onset and transition period.

"If it was a really bacterial or a viral infection, it would have caused a fever but it didn’t. 

“It lasts for weeks, if not months. Sinus congestion, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise. People have been feeling ‘off’.

“I believe the chemtrails are responsible for a chemical intoxication of the public, which would then cause a general immune suppression, low grade to high grade, depending on exposure. 


“The immune dysfunction allows people to become susceptible to opportunistic infections, such as this micoplasma and other opportunistic infections.”


He claims to have investigated the content of jet plane contrails after they were sprayed over his home in Northern Idaho.

The Centers for Disease Control Toxicology confirmed they contained an amount of ethylene dibromide in jet fuel, he said.

Dr Horowitz said ethylene dibromide was a chemical carcinogen that was removed from unleaded petrol for health reasons, but he believes it is purposefully added to the jet fuel of high-altitude military aircraft to make the general population sick.


So why would they do this?



Dr Len Horowitz speaks at a conference.

"I believe the chemtrails are responsible for a chemical intoxication of the public, which would then cause a general immune suppression, low grade to high grade, depending on exposure."

Dr Leonard Horowitz

This is where his conspiracy theory gets even more sinister.

Dr Horowitz claims there is a "black" government agenda to produce people who are chronically ill and state dependent. 


This, he claims is where the pharmaceutical firms come in to sell the cure.

He said: "You create a dependence and thereby you weaken the population, and weakened populations are easy to control.

"They don’t want to totally eliminate populations completely, just certain populations. 


“And isn’t it, from their perspective, wonderful? They’ve got a covert depopulation agenda that nobody’s picked up on yet. It’s ideally what they want to produce."


The claims made by the former dentist are that Aids, swine flu and ebola were all man-made to devastate populations.

He also believes in the Illuminati, an alleged secretive and satanic organisation which actually run the world’s governments, and are constantly trying to bring about a New World Order and exert more control over us.

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Posted 20 August 2016 - 12:44 AM

US military used Zika mosquito as biological weapon against Communists

(NaturalNews) As the first confirmed cases of Zika infection are now being reported in the U.S., the truth about where this virus came from and how our own government actually intended to use it as a weapon of mass destruction against Communist enemies after World War II is starting to emerge.

Sarah Laskow from Atlas Obscura tells the hidden story of Zika in a new investigative report, uncovering a little-known plot by the American military to use Aedes aegypti mosquitos, the main carriers of Zika, as a biological weapons delivery system during the McCarthy-era "Red Scare."

Though tons of American money was poured into eradicating Zika from areas throughout the Caribbean where it was ravaging soldiers and local populations, the U.S. was also one of the last countries to engage in A. aegypti eradication within its own borders as part of a hemisphere-wide effort to combat yellow fever. That's because the federal government secretly realized that Zika could be used to its political advantage.

At the same time that South America had all but completely eliminated Zika during the 1950s, the American military was busy studying how insects like mosquitos could be used as carriers of silent weaponry. Researchers at Fort Detrick, the military's biological weapons base in Maryland, figured out that A. aegypti could be "deployed" like a tank or plane to engage in combat.

Experiments that were previously hidden involved raising hundreds of thousands of A. aegypti mosquitos for the purpose of studying their spread. Chemical Corps reports published in 1960 show that A. aegypti mosquitos were intentionally released throughout Florida and parts of Georgia -- the same areas where Zika-spreading mosquitos are causing problems today.

The success of these operations resulted in the Chemical Corps setting up an A. aegypti production system, of sorts, where 500,000 new mosquitos could be bred monthly. Scientists would rear the creatures using a combination feed made up of sugar water and blood, and later release them into the wild.

Contaminating these mosquitos with Zika, it was quickly realized, could be accomplished simply by mixing the virus with the sugar water and blood solution, which ended up infecting the new eggs. The operation was such a success that the Chemical Corps had planned to construct an entire facility in Arkansas capable of incubating millions of Zika mosquitos per month, though the plan never came to fruition.

Are US government experiments from the '50s responsible for Zika today?
The U.S. government's position towards Zika has long been duplicitous, this particular piece of history exemplifying that. The U.S. Public Health Service was supposedly trying to eradicate Zika and its carrier mosquitos in alliance with South America at the same time that the U.S. Army was trying to produce more of them for biological weaponry.

It makes no sense until you realize that our nation's military has an extensive history of performing biological experimentation behind a cloak of secrecy, often unawares to even other branches within the same government apparatus. In this case, Zika and A. aegypti mosquitos were intentionally brought into the U.S. and used for research, begging the question: is this why Zika is still with us today?


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Posted 03 September 2016 - 02:33 AM

South Carolina succeeds in 'nuke' test of aerial chemical weapons of mass destruction

South Carolina has successfully deployed an aerial "nuke" chemical weapon designed to kill pollinators and obliterate the food supply.

This deliberate carpet-bombing of neurotoxic chemicals onto civilian populations is part of an insidious strategy to damage the brains of the population (and make people more submissive and easy to control).


-- Widespread hunger: Most Americans never think about going hungry because a) there are supermarkets all over the place, and B) even if you don't have a job the government will provide you with the means to purchase food, via tax-supported entitlement programs. But what most don't realize is that food logistic chains in the U.S. are so fragile that no U.S. city will be able to feed its population in the event of an collapse. Hunger will lead scores to raid store shelves, emptying them in a matter of minutes. After that, the only food that will be available to anyone who has not stocked up on long-term storable foods or who has no ability to grow some will be whatever is trucked in by the government. And since the economic collapse will be nationwide, the government's ability to distribute food will be maxed out immediately.

-- Sporadic public services: In a collapse situation, expect widespread looting and rioting – which will also put a major strain on available public services, including fire, EMS and police. Anyone who does not have the ability to protect and defend themselves will be at greater risk, and that is likely to be most people, especially those living in large gun-free zones called American cities. Healthcare services will also be heavily strained, if they don't collapse outright.

-- Social unrest, widespread unemployment, chaos: An economic collapse will mean that, overnight, unemployment will skyrocket, reaching 50, 60, 70 percent or higher. This will only add to the panic and social chaos and unrest, as tens of millions of Americans take to the streets as a means of trying to support themselves and their families. Regular employment will take months or even years to return, as millions of small, medium and large businesses go bust. The only "economy" that will emerge in the short- to mid-term is a barter economy, so it's best now to begin collecting items that are very useful to barter.

-- Transportation: With little to no money to spend, Americans won't be able to afford gasoline for their vehicles. Companies won't be able to buy fuel for their transport services, and public transportation will also likely collapse because cities will devolve into war zones. Having alternative forms of transportation – like gas-sipping motorcycles and scooters, or even bicycles – will be a major benefit to you.

-- Housing woes: This might actually be the least of your worries. If the economy goes belly up and you lose your job, the bank may come after your house, or it may not. In 2007/8 during the height of the Great Recession, foreclosures skyrocketed, a phenomenon that went on for years afterward. But a great collapse will lead to far more loan defaults than what took place then. What will banks do with so much excess property on their hands? They won't be able to sell it, so it's possible they won't act to foreclose on it. But if they do, you're going to need to find somewhere to go.


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Posted 27 September 2016 - 03:24 AM

Military whistleblower exposes existence of chemtrails

By now, if you’re a regular consumer of Alternative Media – and you should be if you value truth in reporting – you’ve learned about the phenomenon of chemtrails. As more time passes, we come to find out that not only are they a real thing, but that there is some sinister purpose behind them.

The latest to confirm this is a nine-year Air Force vet, industrial hygienist and environmental specialist Kristen Meghan. In a recent interview with Luke Rudkowski, Meghan said that in spite of being a federal employee for 12 years, she has been motivated to speak out because of the uses of chemicals on the population.

“I used to think it was crazy,” she said of geoengineering – the more formal name for chemtrails.

While millions of people write off chemtrails as a wild conspiracy theory, testimony and whistleblowing from people like Meghan and former NASA scientists who have firsthand knowledge, make the phenomenon difficult to dismiss.

She said that it is the responsibility of people like herself and other government employs involved in her line of work – improving the environment – to speak out and “wake up” other people.

As to why there aren’t any pictures as evidence, Meghan said that hangers containing the sprayed chemicals are under armed guard, and that anyone who would try to take a picture in such restricted spaces would wind up “with an M-16 in your back,” indicating that armed guards have orders to physically detain violators.

She went on to note that many of the elements tied to chemtrails occur naturally in the environment, but most definitely not at the levels or in the form that she has discovered through testing. “So how did it get there?” she asks rhetorically.

She said that she initially considered theories about government contaminating the environment via contrails as “incredibly disrespectful” to her and her line of work, as she believed she was working on behalf of the government to clean up the environment. But then she says she began looking into the issue, initially to disprove it, but found that the more she learned, the more questions she had.

And eventually, she found that she could no longer ignore the truth.

“I started noticing things,” she told Rudkowski. “I started noticing large quantities on the system where I would approve chemicals that did not have a manufacturer name, wasn’t tied to a building, and that was normal protocol.”

At that point, she said, she began asking questions and was quickly “demonized.” She said she began asking about the mysterious chemicals a couple of years later, after she began to be more vocal about it on social media, but was threatened with losing her daughter and being “thrown into a mental institution” – an incident which most definitely changed her view of the military and government in general.

Bottom line? Meghan says she believes the technology is being used as “weather warfare,” to take away people’s ability to grow food and subsist. What’s more, she says, the technology “isn’t new … they’ve done it since the ’40s.”


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Posted 27 September 2016 - 02:47 PM

i bet Drumpie will save the world, after he fleeces it of its wealth

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Posted 28 September 2016 - 04:47 AM

Hillary loves mass murder...


US Propaganda Machine Now in Overdrive to Fight Russia in Syria

By Joachim Hagopian

Over the weekend the Western press is blasting Russia and Syria for alleged war crimes in their assault on the terrorist controlled part of East Aleppo.


A typical headline from The Washington Post reads “the US accuses Russia of ‘barbarism’ and war crimes in Syria.”


Meanwhile, the Long War Journal declares “the US hits another Islamic State chemical weapons facility in Iraq.”


UK’s foreign minister Boris Johnson is crying foul that Russia should be investigated for war crimes.


The Western media, of course, is now in high gear fanning the flames, charging Putin and Assad with war crimes due to apparent heavy civilian losses. Reports range up to 139 casualties this weekend alone. If readers take these latest proclamations at face value, they would automatically conclude that America and its Western vassals are the true holier-than-thou good guys in the Middle East fighting the bad terrorists Islamic State while Russia and Syria as the US demonized enemies are the ultimate bad guys mercilessly committing crimes against humanity.

Let’s first address the report that the US bombed a terrorist chemical weapons factory in Iraq.


Hands down the US is the single biggest perpetrator ever using chemical warfare in crimes against humanity.


Between dropping two atomic bombs when Truman knew that a defeated Japan was already wanting to surrender to the unprecedented tonnage of napalm bombs used over Tokyo in the final year of World War II (in just a two-day period in March 1945, the US dropped over 1500 tons of napalm bombs), to the even more napalm used at 125 tons a day for three years less than a decade later to kill upwards of 5 million Koreans during America’s first undeclared war, followed by 400,000 more tons of napalm and  20 million gallons of Agent Orange dumped during the Vietnam War that eliminated up to 3.4 million South East Asians (Vietnam Red Cross estimated 4.8 million deaths from Agent Orange alone), the US has a very long history of flagrantly violating international law banning chemical and biological warfare ever since the 1925 Geneva Protocol to its 1993 renewal. Not that a law ever stopped US exceptionalism from wrongdoing, those wars were just the beginning.

Depleted uranium left behind in both Afghanistan and Iraq’s both Gulf War rubble and then the white phosphorus poured down on Fallujah residents in Iraq in the last decade, not to mention in 1988 giving Saddam Hussein made-in-America mustard gas that Washington knew would be used on his own Kurdish citizens and Iranian troops for which US intelligence helped deliver target coordinates,


America has used chemicals that have helped kill millions during every single decade since the 1940’s. That’s seven decades in a row! On top of that, the US regularly uses internationally outlawed tear gas on its own citizens who exercise First Amendment rights to protest. America’s militarized police illegally unleash chemicals and batons as counterterrorism weapons against peaceful assembly to break up protests like the Occupy movement. No other nation comes close, although at least two Empire buddies also use US-made chemical weapons. Israel deployed white phosphorus on Palestinians in Gaza and Saudis are now using the same US supplied skin-melting WMD on victims in Yemen. Birds of a feather…

Then there was the sarin gas chemical weapon launched on the Damascus suburb back in August 2013 by US-supported terrorists that Obama wrongly blamed Assad for in his false flag attempt to first commit airstrikes on Syria. Met with strong opposition worldwide, among them 91% of Americans and UK parliament along with the last minute brokered a deal by Putin allowing Assad to turn in his chemical weapons, Obama was successfully thwarted from potentially starting WWIII the first time around.


Still possessing among the largest stockpiles of outlawed chemical weapons and by far history’s worst offender using them, a claim that the US recently destroyed a chemical bomb factory in Iraq hardly turns Empire into a good guy. The same can be said when every now and then the US kills a high profile terrorist, making a big deal as if it covers up the fact that Obama and his neocons are in bed with terrorists.

Under totalitarian regimes, information and disinformation are always used as propaganda fodder in a war to control and brainwash people’s minds. Inevitably history teaches us that the truth becomes every tyrannical government’s enemy and lies are the standard weapon deployed to justify and cover up actual evil. In this war in Syria and broader Middle East, if the truth be known, US-led coalition forces are the true bad guys protecting their fellow bad guys as their proxy war terrorist allies that the US itself created decades ago while at the same time combating the only true fighters against terrorism in Syria – Russia, Syria, Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah and Syrian Kurds.

Washington neocons never fail to utilize their hypocritical standby attempting to feebly take the moral high ground always justifying their overt military aggression in the name of humanitarianism. Without any evidence to back up her completely bogus claim, the US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power keeps accusing Putin as the perpetrator of what turns out most likely to be another US staged terrorist rocket attack that a week ago destroyed 18 of 31 trucks killing 21 in a UN aid convoy, thus resulting in suspension of relief efforts to the people of Aleppo.


While the Russian military spokesman maintained in addition to neither Russia nor Syria standing to gain from attacking the convoy, the damage to the vehicles and remnant traces appear to be from shells fired by tanks, cannons or RPG’s that al-Nusra Front (deceptively renamed last month Jabhat Fateh al-Sham) is equipped with and was visibly active in the area where the attack occurred. Even the UN retracted earlier statements and moved away from placing the blame on Russia. In any event, the US and its fellow terrorists would obviously benefit the most by blaming Russia. And both Empire and terrorists have the means to carry out such an attack.

In a Sunday emergency session of the UN Security Council, Power led the flimsy high and mighty charge:
Instead of pursuing peace, Russia and Assad make war. What Russia is sponsoring and doing is not counterterrorism. It is barbarism.

It was the United States that pressured and insisted the UN deliver aid relief against both Syria and Russia’s warnings that insisted the terrorist controlled road to Aleppo was unsafe for passage. But the neocons had an agenda to pressure the UN to get clearance for the convoy delivery. It’s now come to light that a privately funded NGO security firm owned by a former British military intelligence officer (not unlike Blackwater) hires fake first responders that pose as Syria Civil Defense covertly operating with Western security forces most often in terrorist embedded areas. They’re called the white hats and most likely last week worked in cahoots with the local terrorists to pull off the false flag so that Empire could conveniently blame Putin for the so-called airstrikes out of some twisted revenge that only diabolical forces of the US crime cabal could dream up. Coldhearted Russia and Syria would be blamed for not permitting humanitarian assistance to the long-suffering residents of Aleppo. Washington and hired white hat first responders would insist that Russian bombers flew overhead for hours blowing up the convoy at the loading docks while food supplies were being lifted onto trucks 15 miles from Aleppo, thus also “proving” that Putin and Assad had no interest in either the September 9th ceasefire nor peace.

The other part of the now shattered US-Russian brokered peace proposal was that the US would entice or coerce its infamously labeled “moderate rebels” to uphold the ceasefire agreement while physically separating themselves from so-called “bad terrorists,” ISIS/al Qaeda/al-Nusra Front. Instead the Syrian government stated that the US-backed moderate opposition groups violated the agreement over 300 times from September 12th to the 19th, and at no time did the US follow through on its preposterous role to impose its backed rebels leave Aleppo in order to distance themselves from the terrorist groups ISIS/al-Qaeda/Jabhat Fatah al-Sham entrenched in the besieged city of Aleppo. It was a sham from the start and Defense Secretary Carter and his generals knew the ceasefire would expose their pretend game. Peace was never part of the US agenda as anyone who knows anything realized long ago that there’s no difference between so-called moderates and ISIS except that the moderates are completely dependent in close alignment with the big boys ISIS/al-Qaeda/al-Nusra.

Obviously, the most damning evidence indicating that the US never intended to honor the ceasefire agreement came when US-led coalition jets attacked a Syrian Arab Army position near Deir Ezzor airbase on Saturday, September 17th that the US feebly claimed was “an accident.” The Russians had to call the Americans twice for the hour long airstrikes to finally be called off. The incident that killed at least 70 Syrian soldiers and wounded over 100 allowed sufficient air cover for nearby ISIS terrorists to wage a successful assault within seven minutes after the airstrikes began to advance forward to overtake the attacked Syrian high ground. The Damasus government intercepted a conversation between the US military and ISIS just prior to the airstrikes, confirming they were premeditated, well-coordinated, and deliberate acts of aggression that violate international law and more than anything else expose US Empire’s true intentions all along in the Middle East to protect its terrorist ally.

The UN convoy attack two days later was mere camouflage in a vain attempt to disguise US criminality for the Saturday airstrikes involving the US, Australian, and UK warplanes. Because the Syrian government forces were clearly winning the war against the terrorists and closing in on the final ISIS strongholds of East Aleppo and Raqqa, the Washington neocons were deceitfully using the ceasefire and months of Vienna talks as opportunity for its proxy terrorist allies to regroup and then launch its latest volley in the propaganda war to smear both Assad and Putin with this most recent barrage of verbal attacks. That’s what nations do just before the all-out war, they demonize to dehumanize the enemy as propagandized mental prepping for war. Right now Washington is conditioning Americans for a world war against Russia.

Still another hugely significant development from last Tuesday receiving a Western media blackout again proves that the US Empire and its Western puppets are behind the terrorists. A Russian missile attack destroyed a secret field operations room in west Aleppo province just three days after the Syrian soldiers were killed in the US airstrike. Three caliber missiles from Russian warships were responsible for killing 30 military intelligence officers from the US, Israel, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, confirming  that the US Empire is leading all terrorist operations in Aleppo province.

Once the US shifted its game-changing strategy to “accidentally on purpose” murder Syrian soldiers, Putin and Assad have been forced to change their rules of engagement, now taking out any forces deemed hostile to the Damascus government, regardless of what nation they belong to. The US airstrike and Russian missile attack have ratcheted up hostilities to extreme risk that war breaking out between the US and Russia appears inevitable.


The Russians now realize that the US can never be trusted, that Washington neocons never had any intention of making peace in Syria, and that using the Vienna talks as a smokescreen only enabled terrorist factions to regroup and subsequently prolong Empire’s regime change war by securing a safe haven. As such, the Russian-Syrian led coalition is now resolved to unilaterally finishing off the terrorists themselves by over the weekend stepping up their air campaign on terrorist controlled East Aleppo. Where there is no will to achieve peace through diplomacy, as the double-crossing US has demonstrated, Russia, Syria, and Iran have concluded that the only solution is through achieving a military victory against all the terrorists as well as their Western sponsors in Syria.

Similarly, Iraq also painfully knows that the US has only led a fake war against ISIS, often witnessing US air dropping arms, ammo and supplies to the terrorists.

So without Washington’s help, the Iraqi militia, Iraqi Kurds and Iranian military are set to take back Mosul the second largest city as the final terrorist stronghold in that nation as well. Because the real antiterrorist forces have made so much progress this last year combating the world’s largest terrorist organization that US Empire created and still obviously supports, that’s why the US and its vassals are resorting to such desperate measures both on the battlefield as well as the information war to keep both their terrorists and its war on terror alive.

In reaction to the warmongering rhetoric that Washington and its European vassals keep echoing about “Russian war crimes,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the West’s remarks are highly “unacceptable,” adding the truth that terrorists were misusing the ceasefire to “regroup, to replenish their arsenals and for obvious preparations to carry out attacks.” Hence, the double down on artillery and airstrikes before Syrian ground forces move into the embattled, jihad held areas of Aleppo.

Leave it to spot-on Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova on her Facebook page to rebuke Samantha Power’s hypocritical grandstanding:

Historically speaking… a barbarian is someone not belonging to an empire, and we have only one of those today. As for the imagery… the world has seen nothing more barbaric in modern history than Iraq and Libya done the Washington way.

The geopolitics chessboard game that US Empire is so recklessly playing with partner-in-crime Turkey is nothing short of full implementation of their Plan A (at one time masqueraded as Plan B if the so-called peace process breaks down, which the US had obviously been planning for all along), to establish a permanent terrorist stronghold with a no-fly zone over eastern Syria in order for the terrorists the US and Turkey have been backing for years to continue fighting to finish off Assad. Of course, invading Syria gives Erdogan an opportunity to fight Kurds to ensure they don’t secure northern Syria for themselves. After Erdogan shot down the Russian jet last November, it was impossible to invade Syria then without triggering an all-out war with Russia. So what does the subversive evildoing duo of NATO conspirators do? The US and Erdogan collude in staging an “unsuccessful” coup in July that prompts Erdogan to grovel in Moscow licking Putin’s bootstraps that then effectively sets the stage for Turkey to betray Russia a second time by suddenly invading northern Syria last month in an obvious ploy to finally secure their long plotted turf while restoring their much needed terrorist supply line.

It was recently reported that US Special Forces are stationed at seven different military bases in Northern Syria. With both Turkish and American boots now on the ground firmly and illegally entrenched on Syrian soil, the uninvited enemy invaders have finally positioned themselves to rescue their longtime sweetheart investment called global terrorism, force “balkanization” of Syria into weakened partitions while still seeking regime change against demonized enemies Assad and Putin as the warm up prelude to WWIII. Hence, this week’s over-the-top smear campaign by the US to portray Syria and Russia as cold-blooded monsters slaughtering poor Aleppo war victims, sabotaging all efforts at humanitarian aid while willfully refusing to comply with the peace proposal they signed and thereby torpedoing the peace process. This ongoing propaganda blitz is designed to leave the West no other choice but to stop the “evildoers” once and for all, thus forcing an unavoidable global war confrontation.

The history of the Middle East since 9/11 makes plain and clear who the actual good guys and who the real bad guys are, and not surprisingly for anyone half awake, it’s the opposite of how the Western propaganda machine is feeding the global masses its 24/7 lies as the primary driving force leading humanity on the fast track to World War III. 2000’s Project for a New American Century (PNAC) called for a “new Pearl Harbor” that the Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz neocons materialized a year later as their 9/11 inside job, based on bogus lies about WMD’s and ties to terrorism granting license to illegally invade, indefinitely preoccupy and lay to waste both Afghanistan and Iraq as well as NATO waging an illegal air war against Libya, sending in more proxy terrorists to brutally murder Qaddafi who was leading Africa toward independence and prosperity away from US imperialism and its petrodollar chokehold.

Murdering over 4 million Muslims in the process, US Empire with all its bloody wars has also continued employing its terrorist mercenaries to carry out state sponsored terrorism with not only America’s 9/11, but 3/3 Madrid, 7/7 London, last year’s January Hebdo and November’s Friday the 13th Paris attacks and dozens of other smaller scaled terrorist attacks like this year’s Brussels airport and Bastille Day Nice attacks and on and on ad nauseam they go, all diabolically perpetrated by Empire’s CIA/Mossad/MI6 handlers using jihadist patsies in a divide and conquer war against Islam and people everywhere.

Then came the CIA-induced Arab Spring uprising starting in 2011 as an extension of the neocon regime change operation taking down 7 sovereign nations in five years that General Wesley Clark leaked in 2007. With five down and still two to go on their unfinished hit list – Syria and Iran, the juggernaut to get to the grand prize Iran, of course, remains Assad’s Syria.


The fact that Assad rejected Empire’s 2009 Qatar-Turkey-Syria gas pipeline that would effectively crush Russia’s hold on European gas export sealed Assad’s fate as a forever target in Empire crosshairs.


Hence, the propaganda making him an evil despot, but like Putin, a saint compared to the demonic evil in control of the Washington warmongers. With upwards of 400,000 Syrians killed in the near half dozen year war that the US caused, and over 11 million people displaced constituting half of Syria’s prewar population, it is the US Empire that is truly the most brutally barbaric enemy to the entire world.


Up to 30 million humans and counting have been murdered around the globe in the 37 nations that the US has attacked just since WWII. And with all its lies and disinformation, the United States Government is bent on igniting a global war that will likely dwarf in both death toll and human tragedy the two world wars from the last century combined. So let’s not be fooled by the sleight of hand deadly deceptions spun by the ruling elite’s puppet show from Washington that’s currently waging a genocidal war against all of the humanity.

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Posted 28 September 2016 - 05:21 PM


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Posted 08 November 2016 - 02:39 AM

Chemtrails: Study found aluminum, barium and titanium metals in human brains

Chemtrails are plumes of toxic chemicals spewed from military and commercial jets that greatly diminish the sunlight, destroy trees, contaminate water supplies and float into the brains and bodies of all living things on earth.  Globalresearch.ca reports that independent testing results show the components of these aerosols filtering down around us. A typical chemtrail cocktail includes barium, nano aluminum coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, nickel, blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, etc.

Activists across the world have alerted the masses as to the extreme health risks of these blanketed sprays. They point to major increases in asthma and upper respiratory diseases, links to diminished brain cognitive function and heart disease.

A new study has discovered nanoparticles of metal are already present in human brains. The name of the study is Magnetite in the human body: Biogenic vs. anthropogenic. Researchers from the UK, Mexico, Scotland and America discovered that “high temperature magnetite spheres” which are less an 200 nanometers (NM) in diameter can “enter the brain directly through the olfactory nerve.”  The study says that magnetite is an airborne matter that found in urban areas, and these particles result from “combustion” or high heating.

The study remarks that “biologically formed nanoparticles” were first discovered in the brain over twenty years ago. Although the researchers didn’t look at any of the the toxic substances found in chemtrails, they clearly declare that the olfactory pathway is how magnetite nanoparticles enter into the brain and this alone is a serious concern for health.

If that is true, then how many thousand times more dangerous is breathing in mercury, nano aluminum, fungal mycotoxins or dessicated blood and polymer fibers?

Stopsprayingus.sf is an activist group located in San Francisco. They have discovered very high levels of aluminum in their drinking water –  4700μg/L. With this much nano aluminum in the water, how much more are in the brains of San Franciscans?

The physical proof of the entryway of nanoparticles into brains just shows how critical it is to protect ourselves and our families.

Protect yourself and your brain. Stay hydrated with alkaline water, it’s also essential to take detoxing organic herbs like cilantro and turmeric.


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Posted 01 December 2016 - 04:32 PM

The Future Is Deadly: Unbelievable SciFi Military “Weapons That Actually Exist”

It may sound like the kind of science fiction contraptions that would show up in a James Bond film or some other futuristic Hollywood spectacle… but these weapons are now making their way to the battlefield.

The technology that is understood by the general public is seriously outdated. There has been a revolution of new advances in technology, and much of it draws heavily from the use of electromagnetic energy, lasers and A.I. robots.

The future is downright deadly – that is, if you wind up in the crosshairs.

Though many of these devices may seem outlandish, they are, in fact, ready to make the difference in the conflicts of the rest of the 21st Century.   As this video points out, these science fiction-esque weapons “actually exist.”

These technologies (and more) are changing the world that we live in, and titling the tables in favor of whoever can maintain dominance over the spectrum and the arena in which the battle is to take place:

    Swarm bots: using the collective power of slavish, hive insect behavior – in the air, underwater and on land. healthcare, disaster rescue, mining operations, military operations and more. could play a central role in many military strageties and scenarios, using command and communication without the need for human operators.

    Plasma force fields: currently developed, soon deployed… protect vehicles from shock waves, explosive blasts, etc. It is a defensive projection device that can be created on-demand in response to an oncoming projectile, etc. The plasma field can deflect or significantly slow down the impact of any threat with which it is equipped to handle.

    Advanced-precision, kill weapon system: It attaches active, laser guidance to missiles or other weapon systems, and can even be adapted via USB to any non-guided (i.e. non-smart) weapon system, transforming it into a precision-killing device. This is already in use on the battlefield.

    Directed Energy Weapon: rumored to exist long before the Pentagon admitted that it did, this weapon focuses a high energy laser that can destroy practically anything in its path. A 10kw laser can take out incoming threats, enemy planes and satellites and more.

    Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS): This pretty much makes deadly, killer drones out of any robot of just about any kind. already they have been armed with automatic machine guns and grenade launchers.
    Precision-guided firearms: This smart, long-range, superior tracking system won’t fire the bullet until the gun is on target. Now, being a highly deadly sniper doesn’t require rare skill and natural talent, but simply the ability to operate this smart gun.

    Rail Guns: The major benefit is that they don’t need gun powder or explosives. Instead, it is fired via electromagnetic forces – which can be extremely potent. Projectiles can be fired at speeds up to 4500 mph, or more than 1 mile per second. Though this requires tremendous amounts of electricity, they may replace missile defense systems as a cheap and cleaner weapons grid.

    The Active Denial System: A leading example of non-lethal weapons, this one has already been in use on the battlefield in Iraq, and at home at protests both in the U.S. and other nations. Microwave beams can heat the skin and force a targeted population to leave the area immediately in order to avoid the skin-searing sensation – literally no one can stand to remain within an active denial perimeter… to do so would be shear torture. Nevertheless, it is considered ideal for crowd control and perimeter security.

    Laser-weapon system: There are many variations of this, but the most utilized is becoming the laser shot system deployed by the military on boats and other craft with the intention of shooting down UAVs and other drone craft. It is precise and very low cost, and certainly something likely to be part of the future of warfare.

What else is coming down the pipeline from DARPA that we don’t yet know about?

The answer is plenty, and there’s much more in development. Technology is advancing more rapidly than ever before.

Brace yourself, and stay prepared!


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Posted 30 December 2016 - 06:48 PM

   I am not going to argue against any of these things. However, I extend a hand and hope we can try figuring out the world together. The normal American has NOTHING against Russians. As a matter of fact, one of my best friends here is from Irkutsk and we are going to the WC in 2018 together with a bunch of other buddies. Keep the partying ready and we shall have a blast.

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#112 Zharkov


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Posted 31 December 2016 - 12:24 AM

True, but normal Americans are not hired by the Pentagon or the Obama administration.

I argue against these kinds of weapons because if America was properly governed, it would not need them because we would have no enemies.    Arming the civilian population is all we would need, and our citizens have already armed themselves very well, although they are no match for the neutron bombs and H-bombs stockpiled by the Pentagon. 


America should dispose of all nuclear weapons.   

We would then be as vulnerable as the Swiss are now and it would end any future arms race.

Switzerland has no enemies (except for US tax collectors) and has never needed WMD to defend itself.

Finland has no enemies and has never needed nuclear weapons to defend itself.

There are maybe over 170 countries without nuclear weapons that don't need them to defend themselves.


The main effect of announcing all of these science-fiction type weapons is to frighten other countries and make them obey, yet we know that many of those weapons simply don't work as advertised.     There is no point to frightening other nations into an arms race, because that is counter-productive.    The idea is that if a nation has no enemies, it will have peace.


So the primary goal of the Pentagon should be to turn enemies into friends by persuasion rather than at gunpoint. 

The war that was avoided is a war that was won.    Russia has shown the way by its methods in dealing with Iran and resolving problems with the Obama regime.   


Wars are obsolete if governments want to make them obsolete by turning enemies into friends.

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