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American Atrocities

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Posted 24 June 2014 - 09:49 AM

Iraq, Ukraine and overall lie of American democratization

24 June 2014

© Collage: Voice of Russia

As huge swatches of Iraq and the Middle East begin to fall to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, an al-Qaeda terrorist groups, determined to create their own caliphate in the region, the similarities to their rise to power and other marginal violent groups with the support of the US/NATO/CIA, is something that peace loving citizens of the world should take heed of and be alarmed about. What started as an "anti-regime" formation in Libya, Syria and the Middle East, is now on the verge to founding its own state. The parallels to their rise and the rise of fascist groups in Ukraine should not be ignored.

The conflict in Ukraine is the latest disaster in American meddling and geopolitical chess. And again millions of people have died, lost loved ones or had their lives destroyed or thrown into upheaval. And yet another country is facing complete economic collapse and in fact the end of its existence as a sovereign territorial entity.

The destruction of Ukraine, however, is now being overshadowed by the continuing destruction of Iraq which should have seen the end of US meddling or, at least, have been a warning to any state, who the US was interested in, spreading the "democracy" in.


The ISIL: The Rise of the US' Islamic Terrorists


The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), an al-Qaeda associated extremist Sunni terrorist army, has now taken over huge swatches of oil rich Iraq and parts of Syria as it attempts to create its own caliphate in the Middle East, one which will span the territories of multiple countries. Its territorial gains in the past weeks alone have included Mosul and huge sections of northern Iraq, as it continues to bear down on its goal of taking Baghdad.

The current rise of the ISIL is a direct result of US meddling in the Middle East, and has its roots in the US/CIA orchestrated war in Syria and the long history of US/CIA involvement in the creating and funding of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to fight the USSR and other terrorist formations throughout the Middle East and in particular in Syria, where the ISIL received huge amounts of US/UK/CIA funding and military support in the US’ failing attempt to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Government.

ISIL/US/CIA involvement was also instrumental in overthrowing the government in Libya and the murder of its leader Muammar Gaddafi. The ISIL has grown more and more powerful across the Middle East through US/CIA/UK funding from powerful Sunni interests, secular Sunni factions in Iraq and the Middle East, anti-Shia forces across the region, by black market trade in Libyan oil, trade in narcotics and weapons and outright theft and murder.

The ISIL have been described as worse than wild animals and murderous lunatics, who justify their brutality by hiding behind perverted and mutated interpretations of Islam. Intelligence reports and testimony, related to the recent slaughter of 426 children, which the US tried to blame on the Government of Bashar al-Assad as a pretext to an invasion of Syria has been largely attributed to the ISIL and the brutal Islamist terrorist organizations and groups which it is allied to and serves as an umbrella for.

The rise of the ISIL into what is approaching to be the size of a state actor again is the result of decades of covert CIA/US collusion with Islamic terrorists groups, who the US/CIA ally with, in order to meet their geopolitical and other objectives in the region and in many cases worldwide, including on and after 9-11-2001.

The CIA may have begun by thinking they controlled their secret Islamist armies, but the ISIL and other al-Qaeda groups decided that they deserve their own state and territory, and have become a force unto themselves, underlining the core failure and complete myopic vision of US foreign policy, which allies with, supports, funds, arms and trains any violent group regardless of ideology if it can help achieve geopolitical and military objectives.

In Libya US/NATO, in effect provided air-support for its secret Islamic armies on the ground and attempted to do the same in Syria.


ISIL and OUN/Svoboda: The Shared Roots of Murderous Hate


The scenario in Ukraine is the same as the one the US has used in South and Central America, in certain Asian countries and in the Middle East. There is no difference, except for the names and the particular groups. The result will also be the same if there is not a concerted effort by the international community to bring the nazi junta to justice in Ukraine and end their rise to power before they spread across Europe and destabilizes the entire continent.

As I have repeatedly said in the past, it has been long overdue for the real international community to put an end to US meddling worldwide and stop the imperial hegemony from destroying countries at will, and removing governments and leaders under the false and overused pretext of spreading "democracy", which is simply a code-word meaning "subservient to the US".

It is almost beyond belief that in 2014 the US/CIA/NATO/EU have enabled and unleashed nazis in Europe, who are today engaged in a war against their own people, but that is the reality, and the formula is the same as in Iraq and the Middle East, even down to who is profiting. From Greystone/Blackwater to Chevron/Exxon, from the neoconservative geopolitical architects behind the scenes to the Soros/USAID societal manipulators and, finally, to the war profiteers and the Pentagon/NATO dinosaurs. All of the players are the same as are their charges.

With the fall of Mosul to Islamic terrorists Europe and the world should now be raising the alarm at the fall of Kiev to nazi terrorists. Instead the pliable consumers of western media propaganda and lies, "zombified" and brain-washed into believing in their own exceptionalism and the “nobility” of their leaders, have been falsely led like a pack of sheep to slaughter into believing that somehow Russia is to blame, and its President Vladimir Putin (one of the few world leaders who dares to follow and independent foreign policy) is somehow guilty of aggression, even as Russians are being killed by the "nazi" junta and its forces in Ukraine.


No More US Credibility: Iranian/US Union?


The real possibility of military or other cooperation between Iran and the US, which has appeared recently, should be causing alarm bells to go off across the entire spectrum not least of all in Iran itself. From US soldiers, who are to make the ultimate sacrifice when they are called to, to politicians of every shade, to the US taxpayer who in the end has to pay for every adventure the US embarks on, screams should be heard after decades of propaganda, how the Islamic Republic of Iran must sanctioned, controlled and destroyed.

The fall of Mosul should have put the final nail into the coffin of US credibility and should have caused outrage among even the staunchest US allies, US veterans and the loved ones of soldiers, who honorably gave their lives in the heavy fighting in Mosul during the last US/Iraq war.

There is one loud voice who has spoken out, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the United States on Sunday of trying to retake control of Iraq, by exploiting sectarian rivalries reports Reuters.


The Same Geopolitical Architects


The US installed "leader" (holding the favored by the US rank of Prime Minister) in Iraq, al-Maliki, was basically told by US Secretary of State John "we know" Kerry on Monday to change the government to one more pliable, underlining the role the US has abrogated to itself of interfering everywhere and anywhere it pleases.

Another ridiculous exhibition of mindless hypocrisy that much of the western media has carried out without so much as blinking an eye has been the stream of discredited Neocons responsible for the historic disaster and illegal invasion of a sovereign country based on lies that have been rolled as at experts and commentators on the current disaster taking place in Iraq.

The likes of Dick "puncture an eye" Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and William Kristol, men, who should have been relegated to comfortable white padded rooms long ago, have all made appearances as of late to comment on the country they destroyed as if they are experts and their opinions matter.

If things continue as they have, and the failed US foreign policy architects seem to perpetually repeat themselves, then in several years we should have huge swatches of Europe being taken over by “nazi” formations and Victoria Nuland be rolled out to ask her opinion as another European capitol falls to nazi terrorists. Is this a future we want? I hope, not.


Other Failed "Democracy" Projects


The following is a list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces, who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders, all done in the name of democracy and funded by the American taxpayer and illicit funding. In none of these countries did the lives of the citizenry improve after US “intervention”.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).


What they have done and are doing to Native Americans might also be added to the list as the continuing genocide of the indigenous peoples is the foundation of endemic “American” racism and exceptionalism.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of (me) John Robles, I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 12:06 PM

Half The Country Makes Less Than $27,520 A Year And 15 Other Signs The Middle Class Is Dying
By Michael Snyder, on June 4th, 2014

If you make more than $27,520 a year at your job, you are doing better than half the country is.  But you don't have to take my word for it, you can check out the latest wage statistics from the Social Security administration right here.  But of course $27,520 a year will not allow you to live "the American Dream" in this day and age.  After taxes, that breaks down to a good bit less than $2,000 a month.  You can't realistically pay a mortgage, make a car payment, afford health insurance and provide food, clothing and everything else your family needs for that much money.  That is one of the reasons why both parents are working in most families today.  In fact, sometimes both parents are working multiple jobs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet.  Over the years, the cost of living has risen steadily but our paychecks have not.  This has resulted in a steady erosion of the middle class.  Once upon a time, most American families could afford a nice home, a couple of cars and a nice vacation every year.  When I was growing up, it seemed like almost everyone was middle class.  But now "the American Dream" is out of reach for more Americans than ever, and the middle class is dying right in front of our eyes.

One of the things that was great about America in the post-World War II era was that we developed a large, thriving middle class.  Until recent times, it always seemed like there were plenty of good jobs for people that were willing to be responsible and work hard.  That was one of the big reasons why people wanted to come here from all over the world.  They wanted to have a chance to live "the American Dream" too.

But now the American Dream is becoming a mirage for most people.  No matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to achieve it.

And here are some hard numbers to back that assertion up.  The following are 15 more signs that the middle class is dying...

#1 According to a brand new CNN poll, 59 percent of Americans believe that it has become impossible for most people to achieve the American Dream...

    The American Dream is impossible to achieve in this country.

    So say nearly 6 in 10 people who responded to CNNMoney's American Dream Poll, conducted by ORC International. They feel the dream -- however they define it -- is out of reach.

    Young adults, age 18 to 34, are most likely to feel the dream is unattainable, with 63% saying it's impossible. This age group has suffered in the wake of the Great Recession, finding it hard to get good jobs.

#2 More Americans than ever believe that homeownership is not a key to long-term wealth and prosperity...

    The great American Dream is dying. Even though many Americans still desire to own a home, they are losing faith in homeownership as a key to prosperity.

    Nearly two-thirds of Americans, or 64%, believe they are less likely to build wealth by buying a home today than they were 20 or 30 years ago, according to a survey sponsored by non-profit MacArthur Foundation. And nearly 43% said buying a home is no longer a good long-term investment.

#3 Overall, the rate of homeownership in the United States has fallen for eight years in a row, and it has now dropped to the lowest level in 19 years.

#4 52 percent of Americans cannot even afford the house that they are living in right now...

    "Over half of Americans (52%) have had to make at least one major sacrifice in order to cover their rent or mortgage over the last three years, according to the “How Housing Matters Survey,” which was commissioned by the nonprofit John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and carried out by Hart Research Associates. These sacrifices include getting a second job, deferring saving for retirement, cutting back on health care, running up credit card debt, or even moving to a less safe neighborhood or one with worse schools."

#5 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 36 percent of Americans under the age of 35 own a home.  That is the lowest level that has ever been measured.

#6 Right now, approximately one out of every six men in the United States that are in their prime working years (25 to 54) do not have a job.

#7 The labor force participation rate for Americans from the age of 25 to the age of 29 has fallen to an all-time record low.

#8 The number of working age Americans that are not employed has increased by 27 million since the year 2000.

#9 According to the government's own numbers, about 20 percent of the families in the entire country do not have a single member that is employed at this point.

#10 This may sound crazy, but 25 percent of all American adults do not even have a single penny saved up for retirement.

#11 As I noted in one recent article, total consumer credit in the United States has increased by 22 percent over the past three years, and 56 percent of all Americans have "subprime credit" at this point.

#12 Major retailers are shutting down stores at the fastest pace that we have seen since the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

#13 It is hard to believe, but more than one out of every five children in the United States is living in poverty in 2014.

#14 According to one recent report, there are 49 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity right now.

#15 Overall, the U.S. poverty rate is up more than 30 percent since 1966.  It looks like LBJ's war on poverty didn't work out too well after all.

Sadly, it does not appear that there is much hope on the horizon for the middle class.  More good jobs are being shipped out of the country and are being lost to technology every single day, and our politicians seem convinced that "business as usual" is the right course of action for our nation.

Unless something dramatic happens, it is going to become increasingly difficult to eke out a middle class existence as a "worker bee" in American society.  The truth is that most big companies these days do not have any loyalty to their workers and really do not care what ends up happening to them.

To thrive in this kind of environment, new and different thinking is required.  The paradigm of "go to college, get a job, stay loyal and retire after 30 years" has been shattered.  The business world is more unstable now than it has been during any point in the post-World War II era, and we are all going to have to adjust.

So what advice would you give to people that are struggling out there right now?  Please feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment below...

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 12:09 PM

The bankrupt city is shutting off water to hundreds of thousands of residents
Author: M.L. Nestel
Posted: 06/24/14 16:27 EDT
Deep Web Reporting By: Ryan Walsh

When a contractor from Detroit Water and Sewerage Department visited the city’s leafy Cherry Lawn neighborhood this May, Herman Davis confronted the waterman. Davis, Detroit’s Board of Education president, was outraged that the worker was shutting off water to dozens of households in the area.

“I asked if notice had been given to the persons who had their water cut off, and the contractor said, ‘That’s not my job,’” Davis recalls. “He said, ‘I’ve just got a list to cut these people off.’”

The DWSD has been cracking down since March on thousands of residents who are unable to pay their bills. The Detroit People’s Water Board, one of a handful of advocacy groups fighting the move, notes that the city has seen water rates more than double over the past decade, while the city’s poverty rate has risen by more than 40 percent. The result: Running water is now out of reach for some 150,000 households in Detroit. The Detroit City Council voted last week to increase water rates by another 8.7 percent.

A third of the city’s 688,701 residents have already experienced a shutoff, and the number of households that went without running water in May for at least a day totaled 137,659, according to the DWSD. Residents were left without water to drink, cook, flush toilets or take a bath.

The crackdown can be traced back to Detroit’s financial woes. The city filed for bankruptcy last year, saying it couldn’t pay back back the $18 billion it owes. In an attempt to refill the city’s coffers, officials have slashed public services, sold public property and even attempted to auction off the city’s art collection. Now the DWSD, which itself is $5 billion in the red, is trying to recoup a reported $175 million in unpaid water bills.

“We’re definitely shutting off people who are not paying their water bills,” DWSD spokeswoman Curtrise Garner tells us. “We are aggressively moving forward with that.”

The move has caused an uproar.

“It’s difficult to think about [people] in this country not having a basic thing like water,” says Mary Honsel, executive director the advocacy group Crossroads of Michigan. Honsel says that ever since the water company flexed its wrench, thousands of city residents have struggled to survive.“I think some of them go to their neighbors and get a bucket of water to flush the toilet. It’s not very hygienic.”

Ann Rall, a longtime volunteer for the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, says the water shutoffs have created what she calls “total inhumanity.” She mentions how school teachers are helping unkempt children take showers and utilize school laundry facilities. Rall believes there are plenty of other horror stories out there, but that people have been reluctant to come forward and seek help from organizations like hers that can assist those in need. “There is such a huge amount of shame around this,” she says.

Now Michigan Welfare Rights and other activist groups are pushing for U.N. intervention. They submitted a report to the Special Rappoteur on Human Rights to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation on Wednesday alleging that the city’s water shutoffs are racially biased and have forced families into homelessness.

“The burden of paying for city services has fallen onto the residents who have stayed within the economically depressed city, most of whom are African-American,” the submission notes.

Just today three UN experts came out publicly to condemn the city of Detroit for its bugling of human rights by going ahead with widespread water shutoffs and demanded a reversal.

“Disconnection of water services because of failure to pay due to lack of means constitutes a violation of the human right to water and other international human rights… The households which suffered unjustified disconnections must be immediately reconnected.”

Putting the blame on the shoulders of average citizens is uncalled for, says Meeko Williams, who heads the Detroit Water Brigade and The After Party (an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street).

Williams likens the water shutoffs to a “genocide” and has started a wedding registry on Amazon asking for support to buy items like coolers, bulk water bottles and water filtration equipment—the sort of gear one would expect NGOs to deliver in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kevin Boyle, a Detroit native who teaches history at Northwestern University, is astonished that basic necessities have become bargaining chips in the city’s effort to yank itself out of debt.

“When you’re talking about peoples’ lives, water is pretty fundamental,” says Boyle, “so cutting it off means basic stuff we need to live is now on the table.”

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 11:17 PM

A SWAT Team Blew a Hole in My 2-Year-Old Son
Officers threw a flashbang grenade in my son's crib, and left a hole in his chest. It gets worse.

June 24, 2014   

After our house burned down in Wisconsin a few months ago, my husband and I packed our four young kids and all our belongings into a gold minivan and drove to my sister-in-law’s place, just outside of Atlanta. On the back windshield, we pasted six stick figures: a dad, a mom, three young girls, and one baby boy.

That minivan was sitting in the front driveway of my sister-in-law’s place the night a SWAT team broke in, looking for a small amount of drugs they thought my husband’s nephew had. Some of my kids’ toys were in the front yard, but the officers claimed they had no way of knowing children might be present. Our whole family was sleeping in the same room, one bed for us, one for the girls, and a crib.

After the SWAT team broke down the door, they threw a flashbang grenade inside. It landed in my son’s crib.

Flashbang grenades were created for soldiers to use during battle. When they explode, the noise is so loud and the flash is so bright that anyone close by is temporarily blinded and deafened. It’s been three weeks since the flashbang exploded next to my sleeping baby, and he’s still covered in burns.

There’s still a hole in his chest that exposes his ribs. At least that’s what I’ve been told; I’m afraid to look.

My husband’s nephew, the one they were looking for, wasn’t there. He doesn’t even live in that house. After breaking down the door, throwing my husband to the ground, and screaming at my children, the officers – armed with M16s – filed through the house like they were playing war. They searched for drugs and never found any.

I heard my baby wailing and asked one of the officers to let me hold him. He screamed at me to sit down and shut up and blocked my view, so I couldn’t see my son. I could see a singed crib. And I could see a pool of blood. The officers yelled at me to calm down and told me my son was fine, that he’d just lost a tooth. It was only hours later when they finally let us drive to the hospital that we found out Bou Bou was in the intensive burn unit and that he’d been placed into a medically induced coma.

For the last three weeks, my husband and I have been sleeping at the hospital. We tell our son that we love him and we’ll never leave him behind. His car seat is still in the minivan, right where it’s always been, and we whisper to him that soon we’ll be taking him home with us.

Every morning, I have to face the reality that my son is fighting for his life. It’s not clear whether he’ll live or die. All of this to find a small amount of drugs?

The only silver lining I can possibly see is that my baby Bou Bou’s story might make us angry enough that we stop accepting brutal SWAT raids as a normal way to fight the “war on drugs.” I know that this has happened to other families, here in Georgia and across the country. I know that SWAT teams are breaking into homes in the middle of the night, more often than not just to serve search warrants in drug cases. I know that too many local cops have stockpiled weapons that were made for soldiers to take to war. And as is usually the case with aggressive policing, I know that people of color and poor people are more likely to be targeted.  I know these things because of the American Civil Liberties Union’s  new report, and because I’m working with them to push for restraints on the use of SWAT.

A few nights ago, my 8-year-old woke up in the middle of the night screaming, “No, don’t kill him! You’re hurting my brother! Don’t kill him.” How can I ever make that go away? I used to tell my kids that if they were ever in trouble, they should go to the police for help. Now my kids don’t want to go to sleep at night because they’re afraid the cops will kill them or their family. It’s time to remind the cops that they should be serving and protecting our neighborhoods, not waging war on the people in them.

I pray every minute that I’ll get to hear my son’s laugh again, that I’ll get to watch him eat French fries or hear him sing his favorite song from “Frozen.” I’d give anything to watch him chase after his sisters again. I want justice for my baby, and that means making sure no other family ever has to feel this horrible pain.

Update: As of the afternoon of 6/24/2014, Baby Bou Bou has been taken out of the medically induced coma and transferred to a new hospital to begin rehabilitation. The hole in his chest has yet to heal, and doctors are still not able to fully assess lasting brain damage.

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Posted 28 June 2014 - 11:18 PM

Police Shoot 95-Year-Old WWII Vet to Death for Refusing to Go to Hospital
Lawsuit says victim was shot by beanbag rounds at close range.

June 23, 2014  

CHICAGO (CN) - Suburban Chicago police shot a 95-year-old WWII veteran to death with bean bag rounds at short range because he refused to go to the hospital, his stepdaughter claims in court. Sharon Mangerson, stepdaughter of the late John Wrana Jr., sued the Village of Park Forest on Friday, and its police Officers Clifford Butz, Michael Baugh, Craig Taylor, Lloyd Elliot, Charlie Hoskins and Mitch Greer in Federal Court.

"On July 26, 2013, John Wrana, Jr., was twelve days shy of his 96th birthday and a resident at the Victory Center of Park Forest Assisted Living Center located in Park Forest, Illinois. On that date, Mr. Wrana was alone in his room, suffering from what the facility's staff believed were symptoms indicative of a urinary tract infection in an elderly person," the complaint begins.

Victory Center employees tried to get Wrana into an ambulance to go to the hospital for treatment, but he allegedly refused to leave his room. The defendant officers responded to employees' 911 call, and also were unable to persuade Wrana to leave his room and go to the hospital. The officers conferred and decided to seize Wrana by force, according to the complaint.

Upon entering the room, defendant Taylor fired "five rounds of bean bag cartridges from a 12 gauge shotgun within a distance of approximately only six to eight feet from Mr. Wrana, far less than the distance allowed for discharging that shotgun, and, consequently, savagely wounding and killing Mr. Wrana," the lawsuit states. "Mr. Wrana bled to death as a result of the shotgun wounds inflicted upon him by defendants. The Cook County Medical Examiner ruled that Mr. Wrana's death was a homicide caused by blunt force trauma to his abdomen as a result of shots fired from a bean bag shotgun."

The bean bag cartridges travel at approximately 190 miles an hour, and the manufacturer warns that "shots to the head, neck thorax, heart or spine can result in fatal injury," according to the complaint. After shooting Wrana, the officers handcuffed him, took photos of his injuries, and put him in a four-point restraint before transporting him to the hospital, the complaint states.

"At all relevant times, Mr. Wrana was alone in his private residence and had committed no crime by refusing to be transported to the hospital. Defendants were without lawful authority to enter his residence, and there was no immediate lawful reason to implement any police action against Mr. Wrana, including the use of police tactical intervention," according to the complaint. Park Forest officials told the Chicago Tribune claim that Wrana brandished a knife or cane, which justified the officers' response.

But Wrana's stepdaughter says that Wrana needed "a cane or a walker to stand up, support him, and to walk," and he could not have been a threat to the officers. The estate seeks punitive damages for violation of due process, excessive force, unreasonable seizure, failure to train and supervise, conspiracy, wrongful death, assault and battery, and emotional distress. The estate is represented by Nicholas Grapsas, of Inverness, Ill. Park Forest, pop. 22,000, is south of Chicago.

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Posted 10 July 2014 - 10:32 AM

Eight Month-Old Baby Dies Just Weeks After Hepatitis B Vaccination; His Innocent Father Is Still In Jail 20 Years Later

Christina England

April 7 2014

In 1995, Bryant Arroyo was incarcerated for the murder of his stepson Jordan and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Since that fateful day, Bryant has continued to proclaim his innocence and has spent the past twenty years trying to find out the truth behind his stepson’s death.

In a letter to me, Bryant wrote:

“I am aware that you are not only a former wrongfully accused parent, but an advocate who has utilized her experience to become a journalist to expose this broken system to assist those parents who are sitting dejectedly, in a cell, in some remote part of the entrails of this beast — without a face, or voice, stripped to their naked existence, unrecognizable to the world …”

I am using this opportunity to give back Bryant Arroyo his voice after he was silenced by the US justice system at the time of his trial.

The Day Jordan Died

The story begins on Saturday, September 25, 1994. Bryant’s partner, Pamela, picked Bryant up from work around 10 pm. When they arrived home, Bryant went into the house to relieve the babysitter, while his girlfriend went out with her mother and some friends. After working a long shift, Bryant felt very tired and fell asleep on the sofa with his stepson, Kyle.

Around 1 pm, his girlfriend arrived home and asked Bryant to check on Baby Jordan. At this point, it dawned on Bryant that he had not checked on the baby and he went to check. Bryant explained to VacTruth what happened next:

“I went upstairs to check on him and was stunned to find him ‘blue’ and unconscious. I rushed downstairs and yelled to Pamela to call 911 while I attempted to revive him using CPR. I didn’t have any formal training, but I gave it my best effort, as any parent would, given the unforeseen circumstances …

The police officers arrived a short time later. Officer Wettlaufer took over for me and removed baby Jordan from a chair where I had him and placed him onto the floor. He continued to administer CPR until paramedics arrived. Baby Jordan was then transported to Lancaster General Hospital. All efforts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at around 3:40 pm.”

As is usual in such cases, both parents were immediately arrested and interrogated for many hours regarding the care of their stepson prior to his death. Within days, Bryant was charged with first-degree murder and accused of allegedly beating and shaking his eight month-old stepson to death.

The theory of the case presented to the court was that Bryant had anger management issues and that one day, out of the blue, for no apparent reason, he had taken out his anger and frustration on his infant stepson and beat him to death.

Not one of his sixteen character witnesses, including his girlfriend, backed up this theory, and the following points should be noted:

    Bryant was not allowed to give evidence at his own trial.

    Bryant was not offered the opportunity to have any experts speak in his defense.

    According to Bryant, the only evidence given at his trial was a typed confession, which he signed, believing it to be his statement.

    According to Bryant, the last person to see Jordan alive was his babysitter.

Some Facts About The Case That Were Never Investigated

Like most children, Jordan had received all of his childhood vaccinations on time. In the eight months before he died, he received:

    1/09/1994: Hepatitis B

    2/07/1994: Hepatitis B

    3/07/1994: Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP); Polio; Haemophilus B conjugate

    5/23/1994: Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (DTP); Polio; Haemophilus B conjugate

    6/20/1994: Hepatitis B

In 2005, toxicologist and pathologist Dr. Mohammed Ali Al-Bayati PhD, DABT, DABVT, who was brought in to investigate the case, reported that Jordan was in fact a very sick baby who had LOST weight during the 43 days before he died.

According to Dr. Al-Bayati, both Jordan’s mother and babysitter reported that Jordan had become increasingly fussy and was suffering from a cold during the week prior to his death. They also reported that he was sore underneath his nose, on his lips and had a discharge from his eyes due to an infection.

It materialized that Jordan died around nine weeks after receiving the hepatitis B vaccine, dying of inflammation of the liver and gallbladder, sepsis, metabolic disease, immune suppression, weight loss and internal bleeding.

If this were not bad enough, Dr. Al-Bayati discovered that when Jordan had died, he had been suffering from the inherited metabolic disease ‘propionic acidemia,’ which would have seriously inhibited his ability to process certain parts of proteins and lipids (fats) properly.

Dr. Al-Bayati wrote:

“Jordan was born on 6 January 1994 by caesarian section at 41 weeks of gestation. His birth weight was 5 pounds, 15 ounces. He was taken to his pediatrician several times for regular checkup between 24 January and 12 August 1994. His last visit to his pediatrician was 43-days prior to his cardiac arrest on 25 September.

Jordan’s weight on 12 August was 15 pounds, 10 ounces, which is identical to his weight on 25 September (15 lb and 10 ounces) after he received 410 ml of fluid IV (weighing about one pound) following his cardiac arrest. These data indicate that Jordan lost about one pound during the forty-three days prior to his cardiac arrest. In addition, Jordan’s thymus weight at autopsy was 13 g, which is about 52% of normal, indicating thymus atrophy and immune depression. Jordan’s mother and his babysitter reported that he had a cold during the week prior to his cardiac arrest.

As noted, Dr. Ross performed an autopsy on Jordan’s body on 25 September 1994 and concluded that Jordan was killed by blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen and that the manner of the death was homicide. However, the medical evidence described in Section III of this report clearly shows that Jordan died as a result of serious acute and chronic illnesses. He suffered from spongiosis of the brain (cerebral cortex and white matter); focal Purkinje cell dropout in the cerebellum; aspiration pneumonitis; weight loss; thymus atrophy; inflammation of the liver, gallbladder, and mesentery; sepsis; metabolic disease; and internal bleedings.

The presence of these significant pathological abnormalities in the brain, lungs, and other organs explain the sequence of events that led to Jordan’s cardiac arrest on 25 September. The brain lesions caused neurological, gastric, and esophageal reflex problems that led to aspiration pneumonitis. This situation caused sepsis, thrombocytopenia, inflammation in liver and other organs, deficiency of blood clotting factors and internal bleedings, lung bleedings and edema, asphyxia, and cardiac arrest.”

Dr. Al-Bayati reported that when paramedics treated Jordan, they found eleven circular marks on his lower chest and upper abdomen, which Jordan’s mother stated had resulted from the CPR.

However, instead of taking into consideration that both Bryant and the police officer had attempted to revive the dying child using CPR, the circular bruises found on Jordan’s chest were put down to Bryant carrying out what was later described as a frenzied attack on his stepson.

It is clear that Dr. Al-Bayati disagreed with the hospital’s findings and, in particular, those presented by the coroner, Dr. Ross. All the way through his 40-page report, he stated that the medical evidence supports the fact that Jordan was an extremely sick little boy.
Did Multiple Vaccinations Cause Jordan’s Immune System To Shut Down?

Many of the vaccinations that Jordan received in the eight months that he was alive have since been found to cause autoimmune disease in susceptible children. We know that Jordan suffered from the inherited metabolic condition propionic academia, causing him to suffer from immune suppression. With this in mind, we need to ask ourselves whether or not it was wise to give multiple vaccinations to such a weak and vulnerable child.

In recent years, scientists from around the world have proven that vulnerable children can develop autoimmune disease after receiving multiple vaccinations.

In 2009, Ken Tsumiyama, along with other researchers, discovered that when mice were repeatedly vaccinated with vaccines containing antigens, they systematically developed autoimmune disease. They concluded that:

“Systemic autoimmunity appears to be the inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host’s immune ‘system’ by repeated immunization with antigen, to the levels that surpass system’s self-organized criticality.”

If this evidence is to be believed, then surely vaccinating a small baby suffering with an already suppressed immune system would further compound his problems.

Another report stated that, according to scientists, the antigens in the vaccinations are not the only ingredients to be linked to autoimmune disease. In 2013, a paper published in the Journal of Autoimmunity highlighted the discovery of a new syndrome, which was attributed to the chronic exposure to adjuvants.

The paper, titled Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) 2013: Unveiling the pathogenic, clinical and diagnostic aspects by Carlo Perricone et al, revealed that, in 2012, scientists Shoenfeld and Agmon-Levin began to use the term ASIA or ‘autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants,’ to describe a group of clinical conditions including Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), Macrophage Myofasciitis Syndrome (MMF), Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and other post-vaccination phenomena. According to Perricone and his team, ASIA is an umbrella term describing illnesses that share similar signs or symptoms. They stated:

“The most frequently reported symptoms include myalgia, myositis, arthralgia, neurological manifestations, fever, dry mouth and cognitive alterations. Moreover, really common is the presence of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), often associated with sleep disturbances or non-restful sleep. These shared symptoms suggested the presence of a common denominator which has been subsequently identified in the adjuvant.”

In section 8 of the paper titled ASIA and Vaccines: The Gift with a Bug, Perricone explained that vaccination reactions differ substantially due to the genetic background of the recipient and wrote:

“It is imperative that science aims to implement tools such as genomics and proteomics, to allow the prediction of population sets more likely to be non-responsive or develop adverse reactions to vaccines.”

He continued by adding:

“A number of autoimmune disorders have been reported following vaccinations. These include limited and organspecific conditions that can occur after routine vaccination as well as more severe and life-threatening diseases. It is evident that a live attenuated vaccine is more prone than a killed vaccine to activate the immunity response. Perhaps, this is the main reason why live attenuated vaccination is more likely to stimulate the development of an autoimmune disease or autoimmune symptom. Notwithstanding that molecular mimicry and bystander activation in a genetically predisposed individual have been called to be responsible, the finger should be pointed at the adjuvants. One in particular has raised several distresses: aluminum. Indeed, this has been used as an adjuvant for the past 90 years but it is also an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin. Experimental research has showed that alum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans.”

After reading Dr. Al-Batati’s report in full and hearing Bryant’s own account of what happened on the night that Jordan died, I believe that Bryant Arroyo is an innocent man and that this case is in fact an elaborate cover-up by the medical profession, the police and US judicial system to hide the facts of what really happened to baby Jordan on the night that he died.

I say this because the facts speak for themselves.

Jordan was an extremely sick little boy, particularly in the months prior to his death. On many occasions, doctors neglected to diagnose that he was suffering from a life-threatening genetic illness. Instead of giving this baby the special care he so obviously needed, doctors proceeded to vaccinate this chronically sick eight month-old baby with multiple vaccinations containing mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.

When his little body finally gave up and he couldn’t take any more, crucial witnesses were prevented from giving evidence. Instead of being given the true facts of the case, the court was presented with not only a false confession (mentioned by both Bryant and Dr. Al-Batati), but also a misleading and incorrect coroner’s report.

To hear Bryant’s own account of what happened the night Jordan died and the subsequent events that followed, listen to his story, told by him from his prison cell, on prison radio.

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Posted 12 July 2014 - 08:54 AM

POLICE BRUTALITY - Philadelphia Cop Sucker Punches Woman In The Face During Parade


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Posted 16 July 2014 - 10:28 AM

Florida man arrested for filming another arrest
Published time: April 29, 2014

A Florida man is facing criminal charges after an officer arrested him – all for taping the officer as he attempted to detain another individual.

The incident began on St. Patrick’s Day, when Miami-Dade Officer Michael Valdez arrived at a store in Cutler Bay in order to arrest the owner on misdemeanor traffic charges. Freelance disc jockey Lazaro Estrada was performing a promotional event at the time Valdez arrived, and started recording the arrest on his smartphone.

According to CBS Miami, Estrada said he started taping the incident when the officer threw the handcuffed owner down onto the sidewalk. Valdez can be seen signaling to Estrada to move away, and the disc jockey can be seen stepping back into the store, though he continues recording.

“I backed off into the building and I stayed behind the glass doors,” Estrada said to CBS 4. “Obviously, all I had was my phone in my hands in clear sight…and he only told me once. I did what he told me.”

When more officers arrived at the scene, they told Estrada they needed his information. Estrada asked what he did wrong, and later Valdez criticized Estrada for not listening to his orders.

“The guy’s armed, three times my size, I’m telling you to back off,” Valdez told Estrada. When the officer says Estrada will be arrested, the disc jockey asks what for and the officer’s reply can’t really be heard.

Ultiamtely, Valdez charged Estrada with misdemeanors: obstruction of justice and resisting arrest without violence.

According to CBS Miami, the police report on the incident states Valdez gave “verbal commands to back away and he refused to do so.” Valdez also wrote that he “felt threatened” by Estrada’s presence.

Lawyers for Estrada -- Frank Gaviria and Jonathan Perazzo – claim their client did nothing wrong.

“At no point did he interfere, impede or obstruct the officer in the performance of his duties,” Gaviria told CBS 4. “The video clearly shows Mr. Estrada was a very safe distance away from the officer.”

“Just like police officers have their dash cams, private citizens have their cell phones. There’s no difference,” Perazzo added.

This isn’t the first time police have reacted to being filmed with arrests. Earlier this year, a Massachusetts man was detained and charged with violating the state’s wiretapping rules when he took out his cell phone and recorded an officer cursing while he worked a street detail. The officer stated the resident was “secretly audio taping,” but the man claimed his phone was out in full view.

In a particularly dramatic case last year, California police arrested a man for allegedly disturbing a crime scene with loud music and video recording them. As they attempted to arrest the man, his dog jumped out from the car and was shot dead at the scene.

Meanwhile, police in Dallas, Texas, came out earlier this month and asked citizens to stop filming police, since the behavior was creating “major safety issues.” As RT reported, police argue that it’s not clear who is following them many times and why they are filming their actions.

A 2012 ruling by the Supreme Court, however, upheld the citizen’s right to record on-duty police officers.

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Scores of Death Sentences May Rely on Flawed FBI Forensic Work

MOSCOW, July 17 (RIA Novosti) - The US Justice Department and FBI delayed notifying prosecutors in scores of death-row convictions that their cases may have relied on flawed FBI forensic work, according to the Office of Inspector General report published by the Associated Press.

The report obtained by the AP shows "the inattentiveness of everyone involved in the process and a lack of focus on the need to treat those cases with urgency."

According to the report, justice officials have for years known that flawed evidence and testimony might have led to the convictions of innocent people.

At least three death row defendants have been executed before their cases were identified by the FBI for further review.

In the 1997 execution of Benjamin H. Boyle in Texas, an independent scientist later discovered that the FBI analysis was scientifically insupportable, and the testimony incorrect. The man was still executed because the FBI did not inform state authorities about the mistake in time.

The report recommends that another 26 defendants who are on death row at the moment should be notified that their convictions could be based on unreliable evidence.

The Justice Department agreed with the recommendations and is working on implementing them.

According to the government report, problems at the FBI lab started over 20 years ago, when a scientist complained that some FBI employees were fabricating evidence.

In 1996, the Justice Department launched a task force to watch over FBI activity more closely. However, the Justice Department did not properly review all of the cases by FBI examiners whose work was known to be flawed.

Throughout its history, FBI activity has been the subject of controversy and often criticized.

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Posted 19 July 2014 - 08:34 PM

United States: the empire of barbarism
The secret behind Guantánamo
by Thierry Meyssan

You think that you are informed about what happened at Guantánamo and you are astonished that President Obama is reluctant to close this torture centre. You’re wrong. You are not aware of the underlying purpose of this "facility" and why it is vital for the current administration.
Thierry Meyssan reveals the horrifying facts in this article first written in November 2009. Subsequent developments have proven him right: plans to close Guantánamo have been put on hold indefinitely.





We all remember the torture pictures that circulated on the Internet. They were purported to have been taken by a few soldiers as war trophies. Even so, unable to verify their authenticity, the mainstream media did not take the risk of publishing them. It was not until April 2004 that CBS broadcast a story on the abuses. It was the spark that triggered a big campaign denouncing the ill-treatment of Iraqi detainees. Abu Ghraib prison showed that the alleged war against the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein was in fact a war of occupation just like the rest, with the same litany of crimes. Not surprisingly, Washington attributed the abuses to a few unrepresentative individuals, labelled as "bad apples", acting without the knowledge of their military command. Some soldiers were arrested and tried for the example. The case was closed until the next round of revelations.

Meanwhile, the CIA and the Pentagon were getting U.S. and western public opinion into gear for a shift in moral values. The Agency had appointed an agent to liaise with Hollywood, Colonel Brandon Chase (Tommy Lee Jones’ coursin) and hired famous writers (like Tom Clancy) and scriptwriters to write new films and television series. The aim was to stigmatise Muslim culture and trivialise torture in the name of fighting terrorism.

For instance, the adventures of agent Jack Bauer in the 24H series, were copiously subsidised by the CIA to make sure that with each new season the threshold of tolerance would be pushed a little farther. In the early episodes, the hero intimidates suspects in order to extract information. In successive episodes, all characters suspect each other, and then torture each other, with progressively fewer qualms and the ever stronger conviction they are complying with their patriotic duty. In the collective imagination, centuries of humanism were being swept away and a new form barbarism was setting in. Thus, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, (who is also a psychiatrist) countenanced the use of torture as a "moral imperative" (sic) in these troubled times of war against terrorism.

In 2006, a Council of Europe investigation headed by Swiss Senator Dick Marty was released, establishing that the CIA had kidnapped thousands of people worldwide, including dozens or even hundreds within the boundaries of the European Union. Then came an avalanche of evidence of crimes committed inside the prisons at Guantanámo Bay (Caribbean) and Baghram (Afghanistan). Already thoroughly conditioned, public opinion in NATO member states had no problem accepting the official explanation, which was perfectly in line with the fictional intrigues it had been ingurgitating: to save innocent lives, Washington had to resort to secret practices; suspects were taken away and forced to talk through methods which were morally reprehensible but made necessary in view of their effectiveness.

On this simplistic narrative, candidate Barack Obama stood up against the outgoing Bush administration, pledging to make the prohibition of torture and the closure of secret prisons the overriding measures of his mandate. During the transition period following his election, he surrounded himself with top-level lawyers with the task of elaborating a strategy that would put an end to this black episode. Once in the White House, he dedicated his first executive orders to the implementation of his commitments. His eagerness enthralled international public opinion, generated enormous sympathy for the new president and renovated the image of the U.S. worldwide.

Except that more than one year after Barack Obama’s election, if it’s true that several hundred individual cases have been resolved, nothing has changed in substance. Guantanamo is still there and will not be closed in the foreseeable future. The associations for the defence of human rights are categoric: violence against detainees has worsened.

Asked to comment on this, Vice-President Joe Biden said that the more he delved into the matter, the more he discovered aspects which were previously unknown to him. Then, enigmatically, he warned the press against opening this Pandora’s box. For his part, White House legal adviser Greg Craig handed in his resignation, not because he deemed to have failed in his mission to close the center, but because he believed that afterwards his task would have proved impossible.

Why can’t the President of the United States get his entourage to obey him? If everything has been said about the abuses of the Bush era, why talk about a Pandora’s box; what is there to fear?

In reality, the system is more pervasive. It is not just limited to some abductions and a prison. Most of all, its function is radically different from what the CIA and the Pentagon have given us to understand. But before we begin our descent into hell, there is one confusion that needs to be clarified.



Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld participated in meetings with the Group of Six, tasked with identifying the torture practices to be executed by U.S. forces. The photo was taken during his visit to Abu Ghraib prison (Iraq).




What was done by the U.S. Army in Abu Ghraib, at least initially, bears no comparison with what is being experimented by the Navy in Guantánamo and in its other secret prisons. The Army did what all armies do when acting like a police force and faced with a hostile population. They subdue and terrorise it. In this case, the Coalition Forces replicated the crimes committed by the French during the Battle of Algiers against the Algerians, while at the same time referring to them as "compatriots". The Pentagon called upon retired French Army General Paul Aussaresses, a specialist in "counter-insurgency", to brief senior U.S. officers.

During his lengthy career, Aussaresses attended the United States wherever they were waging "low intensity wars", mainly in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

At the end of the Second World War, the United States set up two training centers specialised in these techniques, the Political Warfare Executive Academy (Taiwan) and the School of the Americas (Panama). Torture courses were dispensed to those in charge of the repressive apparatus in Asian and Latin American dictatorships. In the years 60-70, the setup functioned within the World Anti-Communist League, of which the Heads of State involved were members. This policy was widely implemented in operations such as Phoenix in Vietnam (neutralisation of 80,000 people suspected of belonging to the Viet Cong) and Condor in Latin America (elimination of political opponents across the continent). The same scheme, which coupled cleanup of insurgent areas with death squad activities, has been applied in Iraq, especially during Operation Iron Hammer.

The only novelty is that the GI’s are provided with a classic of colonial literature, "The Arab Mind", written by anthropologist Raphael Patai, with a foreword by Colonel Norvell B. Atkins, owner of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, the new name of the infamous School of the Americas since its relocation to Fort Bragg (North Carolina). The book, which proffers ridiculous stereotypes about "Arabs" in general under a pseudo-scientific sheen, includes a famous chapter on sexual taboos that inspired the scenes staged at Abu Ghraib.

The torture practices in Iraq do not constitute an isolated case, as the Bush administration would have us believe; they form part of a counter-insurgency strategy. The only way of stopping it is not to condemn them on moral grounds but to eradicate their political causes. However, Barack Obama keeps on pushing to a later date the withdrawal of foreign forces from Iraq.



Best-selling author, the father of Positive Psychology, Professor at Pennsylvania University and former President of the American Psychological Association, Martin Seligman supervised the torture experiments on Guantánamo prisoners.


The experiments of Professor Biderman

From a different perspective, Air Force psychiatrist Dr. Albert D. Biderman had investigated the brainwashing of U.S. POWs in North Korea on behalf of the Rand Corportation.

Long before Mao and communism, the Chinese had developed sophisticated methods to break the will of detainees to drill confessions into them. They were used during the Korean War with promising results: U.S. prisoners of war convincingly confessed before the press to crimes they had probably not committed. Biderman presented his initial findings at a Senate hearing on 19 June 1956, and before the Academy of Medicine in New York the following year (See documents downloaded below). He diagnosed the five distinct stages the "subjects" go through, as follows:

- 1. At first the prisoner refuses to cooperate and recedes into silence.
- 2. Through a mixture of brutality and kindness, he is taken through the second stage where he denies the charges against him.
- 3. Then, the prisoner starts to cooperate. He continues to proclaim his innocence, while trying to appease his interrogators by acknowledging that he might have made a mistake unintentionally, by accident or inadvertently.
- 4. By the fourth stage, the prisoner has lost all self-esteem. He continues to deny the accusations, but concedes they are of a criminal nature.
- 5. At the end of the process, the prisoner confesses his guilt. He even invents additional details to further incriminate himself and finally demands to be punished.

In addition, Biderman examined each of the techniques used by Chinese torturers to manipulate prisoners: isolation, control of their sensory perception, fatigue, threats, rewards, display of power by the jailers, deteriorating living conditions, stress. Physical abuse is of secondary importance while emotional abuse is all-encompassing and permanent.

Biderman’s works on "brainwashing" have acquired a legendary dimension. The U.S. military feared that their men could be subverted by the enemy, and conditioned to say and, even worse, do anything. Consequently, they devised a training programme for their fighter pilots that would render them impervious to this form of torture and unyielding to the enemy, if captured. This training is known as SERE, which stands for Survival, Evation, Resistance, Escape. Though the course was originally organised at the School of the Americas, it has now been extended to other categories of military personnel and is conducted on several bases. Furthermore, training programmes of this nature have been set up in every NATO country.

After the invasion of Afghanistan, the Bush administration decided to apply these techniques to implant confessions in the prisoners which would prove, post facto, Afghanistan’s involvement in the attacks of September 11, thereby Washington’s version of those attacks.

New facilities were built on the Guantánamo naval base where experiments have been carried out. Albert Biderman’s theory was complemented by a civilian psychologist, Professor Martin Seligman, a high-profile figure who is the former President of the American Psychological Association.

Seligman exploited a weakness in Ivan Pavlov’s theory of conditioned reflexes. A dog is placed in a cage where the floor is split into two parts. One of the two sides is electrified at random. The animal jumps from one to the other trying to protect itself - so far, nothing surprising. Then, the momentum picks up and the entire cage is electrified. The animal realizes that it can not escape and that his efforts are futile. Soon, he gives up; he lies on the ground and enters into an altered state of consciousness that enables it to passively endure the suffering. The cage is then reopened. Surprise: the animal does not run away. The mental state it was in suppressed the dog’s resistance. He stays lying down to endure the pain.

The Navy formed a high-powered medical team. In particular, it invited Professor Seligman to Guantánamo. This practitioner is a celebrity, renowned for his works on depression. His books on optimism and confidence are international bestsellers. It was he who oversaw the experiments on human guinea pigs. Just like the dog, certain prisoners who are subjected to terrible torture drift spontaneously into a psychological state that allows them to endure pain while draining them of all resistance. Through such manipulations, the prisoners quickly accede to stage 3 of the Biderman method.

While still relying on Biderman’s teachings, U.S. torturers, under Professor Seligman’s supervision, experimented and perfected every single coercive technique. To do this, a scientific protocol was developed involving the measurement of hormonal fluctuations. To this end, a medical laboratory was installed at Guantánamo, where saliva and blood samples are taken at regular intervals on guinea pigs to assess their reactions.

The torturers have elevated their crimes to a new level of sophistication. For example, within the SERE programme, control of prisoners’ sensorial perception was achieved by way of sleep prevention using stressful music. Much better results were obtained by broadcasting the despairing cries of babies for days on end. Or again, brandishing the supremacy of the jailers by subjecting the prisoners to beatings. In Guantánamo, they created the Immediate Reaction Force, a group in charge of punishing prisoners. When in action, its members wear Robocop-style body armor protection. They extract the prisoner from his cage and put him in a room with padded and upholstered plywood walls. They fling the human guinea pig against the wall as if to smash him, but the plywood partially absorbs shocks so that the victim is dazed but his bones are not broken.

The main progress achieved was on the waterboarding technique. Ages ago, the Holy Inquisition used to plunge the head of a prisoner in a bathtub, pulling it out just before complete drowning. The sensation of imminent death provokes maximum anxiety. But the practice was primitive and accidents were frequent. Now, the prisoner is no longer immersed in a full bathtub; he is attached lying down in an empty tub. Water is poured over his head to induce sufffocation; the procedure can be instantly interrupted as necessary. In this way, accidents are rare. Each session was codified to determine the limits of endurance. Auxiliaries are there to measure the amount of water used, the timing and duration of suffocation. At this stage, they recover any vomit, then weigh and analyze it to evaluate the amount of energy spent and the ensuing state of exhaustion.

As summed up by the CIA Deputy-Director before a congressional committee: "This has got nothing to do with the practices of the Inquisition, except for the water" (sic).

The experiments of U.S. doctors were not conducted in secrecy like those of Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz, but under the direct and exclusive control of the White House. Everything was reported to a decision-making group of six people: Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, John Ashcroft and George Tenet, who attested to having participated in roughly a dozen of these meetings.

The outcome of these experiments is nevertheless disappointing. Rare are the guinea pigs who turned out to be receptive. Although it proved possible to inculcate a confession in them, their condition remained unstable and exposing them to public interrogation would have been too risky.

The best known case is that of pseudo-Khalil Sheikh Mohammed. He was arrested in Pakistan and accused of being an Islamist Kuwaiti, although it was clearly a case of mistaken identity. After being tortured at length and, in particular, subjected to waterboarding 183 times during the single month of March 2003, the individual finally confessed to being Khalil Sheikh Mohammed and to having organized 31 different attacks in the four corners of the earth, including the one at the World Trade Center in New York in 1993, as well as the bombing of a nightclub in Bali, the beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl and, last but not least, the attacks of September 11, 2001. Pseudo-Sheikh Mohammed maintained his confession before a military commission, but it was not possible for the lawyers and military judges to question him in public, for fear that once outside his cage he might renege on his confession.

To conceal the covert activities of the doctors at Guantanamo, the Navy organized media tours for the benefit of complacent journalists. Thus, French essayist Bernard Henry Levy volunteered to play witness by visiting what was safe for him to see. In his book American Vertigo, he assures that the prison is no different from other U.S. penitentiaries and that the reports on the alleged abuses being perpetrated "were rather exagerated" (sic).




The USS Ashland, one of the U.S. Navy’s off-shore prisons. The ship’s flat-hold bottom has been redesigned to accommodate several tiers of prisoner cages.



Navy prisons offshore

In sum, the Bush administration considered that very few people could be manipulated to the point of believing that they had perpetrated the attacks of September 11. It concluded that it was necessary to test a large number of prisoners to be able to identify the most responsive.

Given the controversy around Guantánamo and in order to avoid indictment, the Navy developed other secret prisons which it set up in international waters beyond the reach of any international jurisdiction.

17 flat-bottomed ships - the kind used for troop disembarkment - have been converted into floating prisons fitted with cages like those used at the Guantanamo center. Three were identified by the U.K.-based association Reprive: USS Ashland, USS Bataan and USS Peleliu.

If one adds up all the people who over the past eight years have been taken prisoner in war zones or abducted anywhere in the world, a total of 80,000 persons are likely to have transited through the system, of whom less than one thousand have been pushed to the final stages of the Biderman process.

Consequently, the dilemma faced by the Obama administration is the following: it will not be possible to close Guantanamo without disclosing what was being done there. And it will be impossible to do that without also acknowledging that all the confessions obtained are false and were deliberately inculcated under torture, with the political consequences that it entails.

At the conclusion of the Second World War, twelve trials were held by a military tribunal at Nuremberg. One was devoted to 23 Nazi doctors. Seven were acquitted, nine were sentenced to prison and seven were sentenced to death. Since then, a Code of Medical Ethics was adopted, establishing the ethical rules of medicine worldwide. It prohibits precisely what U.S. doctors have done at Guantanamo and in other secret prisons.

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Posted 19 July 2014 - 08:40 PM

U.S. law imposes itself on European territory
by Jean-Claude Paye

European governments most hypocritically claim that the mandate given to the European Commission to negotiate a transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement with Washington falls within European law. Actually as with previous agreements such as Swift, data related to air passengers, and to tax evasion, the Commission has been told to suspend the application of European law when negotiating with the US. Consequently negotiations amount to deciding the areas in which Europeans will no longer be protected by their respectives States.
Voltaire Network | 10 July 2014


Belgium and the United States have signed an agreement looking to enforce a U.S. law in Belgium fighting against tax fraud; the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The signing of the agreement took place on 23 April. Several countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan have signed an agreement with the USA, applying the law on their soil. From 1 January 2015, financial institutions will have to report to U.S. authorities the transactions of any account held by a U.S. citizen. When the amount exceeds $ 50,000, or a number of transactions take place with the U.S, the bank must make an accurate report of the transactions in and out of the account. If a bank fails to comply with this procedure, all its activities in the U.S. will be surcharged at 30%. The penalty may extend to withdrawal of the banking license in the United States.


These agreements signed by member countries of the EU with the U.S. administration are in breach of national laws for the protection of personal data, and Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 "On the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data", directive integrated into national law of all member states. The application of FATCA on the soil of the old continent violates the national law of European countries and the EU law. These laws have not been erased, but suspended. They will not be taken into account in relations with the United States.


Previous agreements legalizing the seizure by U.S. authorities of European citizens’ data were just as successful. Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, Swift, an American Belgian company had clandestinely sent to the U.S. Treasury Department tens of millions of pieces of confidential data concerning its customers’ financial transactions. Despite the blatant violation of human rights, European and Belgian, this data capture has never been questioned. Instead, the EU and the U.S. have signed several agreements to legitimize it .


Swift was subject to Belgian law and that of the European community, because of the location of its headquarters in La Hulpe. This company was also subject to U.S. law because of the location of the second server on United States territory, allowing the U.S. government to directly capture data. Thus, the company has chosen to violate European law, to submit to the dictates of the U.S. executive. However, since late 2009, Swift inter-European data have no longer been transferred to the United States, but to a second European server. Yet, if the Americans no longer have direct access to data, it is still transmitted to them, at their request, in "packets" and only they have mastered the technique of processing this information. In addition, the agreements only just having been signed, the Americans have posed new requirements. The U.S. administration had already stated in 2009 that "the transactions between European and U.S. banks should be captured, without a proven need."


Similarly, the EU has never objected to the submission of PNR data from airlines located on its soil. The information provided includes name, surname, address, telephone number, date of birth, nationality, passport number, sex, but also the addresses used during the U.S. visit, the route of travel, contacts met, as well as medical data. Banking information is also included, such as payment methods, the credit card number and also food bought, which can reveal religious practices. The unilateral American initiative to seize this data was automatically accepted by the European party, which had to suspend its legislation in order to meet overseas requirements.


In both cases, air passengers and the Swift case, the technique is the same. In fact, it is not a case of legal agreements between two parties, between two officially sovereign powers .There is in fact only one party, the U.S. administration, who directly addresses the European citizens. In both texts, the U.S. executive reaffirms its right to access the personal data and thus exerts direct sovereignty over EU nationals.


The rule of U.S. law on European soil is also one of the issues in the negotiations of the establishment of a transatlantic free trade, the transatlantic partnership for trade and investment. (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).


With TTIP, U.S. companies can, in the name of free competition, file complaint against a state that denies them permits for exploitation of shale gas or imposes food standards and social standards. This system of dispute resolution could allow Americans to bring down swathes of European regulation creating legal precedents to this private American justice. The principle of introducing such a mechanism was in fact accepted by the Europeans in the negotiating mandate, issued to the Commission in June 2013, by the Ministers of European trade. The preferred forum for such arbitration shall be the International Centre for Settlement of Investment disputes (ICSID), a body under the World Bank, based in Washington, including judges, business lawyers, and teachers of law, who are appointed on a case by case basis: an arbitrator appointed by the complainant company, one by the State of Washington, and the third Secretary General of ICSID [3] .

If this procedure, partially accepted, comes into play in the future grand transatlantic market, European law will disappear once again, here in front of a private court on American soil, in which the U.S. side will play the leading role.

Jean-Claude Paye

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Posted 20 July 2014 - 02:29 PM

Keep up the great work Hansel!!!

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Posted 21 July 2014 - 03:04 AM

US Empire Reaches Breaking Point. “Greatest Threat to Humanity”. Time To End It
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
Global Research, July 20, 2014

The people of the United States must work to end the interventionist violence of the U.S. Empire.

This is Part I of a two part series on American Empire. Part II will focus on the Empire Economy and his it is failing to work for most Americans as well as most people of the world.

The historian who chronicles US Empire, William Blum, issued his 130th Anti-Empire Report this week.  In it he notes that the US, by far, is seen by the people of the world as “the greatest threat to peace in the world today” with 24% taking that view. Only 2% see Russia as such a threat, and 6% see China.

This should not come as a surprise since, as this map shows, much of the world has been bombed, had their democratically chosen government overthrown and has been occupied by the United States.  Blum follows these interventions closely and has reported that since the end of World War II, the United States has:

* Attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically-elected.

* Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.

* Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.

* Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.

* Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries, according to Chapter 18 of his book Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower.

It seems the people of the world are factually correct when they label the United States the greatest threat to peace in the world.

Yet, despite this mass public opinion about the United States, US leaders seem oblivious. As Blum points out, Secretary of State John Kerry said: “In my travels as secretary of state, I have seen as never before the thirst for American leadership in the world.”

And, potential future leaders show support for the path of military intervention. The Republican Vice Presidential candidate in 2012, Paul Ryan (R-WI) said: “We need to be reminded that the world needs American leadership.” And the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton has said “The United States can, must, and will lead in this new century.”

A more accurate appraisal comes from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Vietnam era when he said: “The greatest purveyor of violence in the world : My own Government, I cannot be Silent.” The people of the United States must follow the lead of Dr. King and work to end the interventionist violence of the United States Empire.

Reviewing the Hottest Spots in US Empire

The US is involved in military disputes around the globe, conflicts each could lead to a much broader war.  The US role seems to encourage violence, rather than minimize it; to intervene, rather than allow people in the country or region resolve disputes. The breadth of Empire is costly in financial and human terms as well as to the respect of the United States and its people. Is the US Empire spread so thin at a time of a struggling economy that this is a moment where people can come together and build a movement to end Empire?

There are multiple hot spots where US Empire is participating, supporting and approving of escalating violence. Here’s a quick review:

Israel-Palestine: Even before its founding Israel was entangled with violence – the violence of removing Palestinians from their homes to create the “Jewish State.”  Former Secretary of State and Supreme Allied Commander of NATO Alexander Haig perhaps most honestly described what Israel is to the United States when he aptly called Israel America’s “unsinkable battleship in the Middle East.”

The US battleship Israel is now involved in another slaughter of the Palestinian people of Gaza.  We could write this entire article on the atrocities of this attack and the lies on which it is based, but we will be brief (for more see here). As we write this article, Israel is expanding the ground invasion of Gaza moving from the “iron dome to the iron fist.”  The last time there was a ground attack on Gaza was January, 2009 during Operation Cast Lead when 1,400 Palestinians, the vast majority of them civilians, were killed.

There have been protests throughout the United States see e.g. Boston, Detroit, Washington, DC at the White House  as well as the Israeli Embassy). This week, when local politicians expressed their fealty to Israel in New York City, protesters showed up to express a different viewpoint.  In addition, students are organizing protests across the country and the international boycott and divestment movement against Israel grows. There are massive protests around the world.

The government of the United States supports Israel at all costs. Even when Israel kills children playing on a beach, the United States incredibly blames the Palestinians. The US never talks about the people of Gaza defending themselves from daily brutalization by Israel – that has gone on for decades – but always talks about Israel having the right to defend themselves. Social media is helping to show the reality of this manipulated and lopsided conflict. The veil is lifting.

As is common in military intervention hot spots, the US and Israeli public are treated to false, inaccurate and biased reporting. This has been especially on display in the current military attack on Gaza.  One recent effective propaganda ploy reported widely in the US was the so-called cease fire brokered by the anti-Hamas government of Egypt with Israel. The Palestinians were not part of the negotiations and it would have reduced their rights, but Israel used the failure as an excuse to expand their war to a ground invasion. Imagine if the tables were turned and Syria negotiated a cease fire with Hamas that gave Hamas all it asked for – would Israel agree? Here’s the truth about the phony propaganda cease fire.

Major media outlets have been caught in lies and misrepresentations. ABC News may have been the most blatant when it showed video of Palestinians running for their lives and said they were Israelis.  ABC was forced to admit the obvious lie, but that does not change their bias. The NY Times was caught changing the headline about the horrific killing of four young Palestinian boys playing on the beach. The pro-war bias of the Times is evident on many fronts of war. NBC has also become embroiled in controversy around its reporting as it removed a journalist who has been reporting on what is occurring in Gaza, and who witnessed the four children being killed by Israel at the beach just before the ground invasion began. The pressure grew so quickly that NBC was forced to reinstate the reporter.  It is evident the US media cannot be trusted when it comes to their reporting on what is actually occurring in Palestine.

Ukraine: We have been reporting on developments in Ukraine for over a year. And, as with Israel there have been many instances of biased reporting in the US media.  Robert Parry writes that “MSM outlets have been feeding Americans a highly biased narrative of the crisis non-stop from the beginning.” He points to the failure of the media to report on the right wing extremist role in the new Kiev government, describing the Russian “invasion” of Crimea – an invasion where no troops crossed the border, the harsh austerity plan agreed to by the new US supported leaders, the failure to report a secret visit to Ukraine by the head of the CIA among other false narratives and omissions.

Another important item not reported in the corporate media is how the two leaders chosen since the US supported and funded coup – the coup of an elected president to supposedly bring democracy to Ukraine – are consistent with US wishes. A Wikileaks document describes the president as “Our Ukraine (OU) insider Petro Poroshenko,” and shows how he has been working as an agent of the US government since 2006.  And, former intelligence official, Ray McGoven, points out how US officials were caught on a telephone call saying the current Prime Minister, Arseniy Petrovych Yatsenyuk, a former banker, was the US choice. These two leaders have gotten Ukraine deeply into debt with Western bankers and have done as Western powers wanted including accepting major austerity requirements.

The horrible shooting down of a passenger plane seemingly by a missile is causing controversy now.  We published two stories on the event, one from the NY Times and the other from Russia Today to show the stark contrast. RT reports that Kiev moved missiles that could shoot down a plane to the region and ten years ago shot down a Russian aircraft to demonstrate Kiev has the technology. This is not being reported in the US media which has ruled out the possibility that Kiev fired the missile and is debating whether Russia or the Eastern Ukrainian separatists fired the shot.

Both Kiev and the Eastern Ukranians have denied the shooting. Vladimir Putin has blamed the catastrophe on the ongoing attacks by Kiev against Eastern Ukraine and has urged a ceasefire, Obama joined in the call for a cease fire a day later. There have been aerial bombardments of Eastern Ukraine by Kiev. All the facts have not come in as we write this, so at this stage we just note the disparity in reporting. It would be wise not to make any assumptions but to wait for the evidence and certainly not use this as an excuse for direct involvement by the United States or escalation of hostilities. Putting in place a cease fire and finding a peaceful solution to the conflict is the approach we hope Ukraine takes.

Also notable is the lack of reporting on Ukraine. There are some incredible stories in the Russian media about atrocities being conducted by right wing extremists in Eastern Ukraine. We have not seen any western media deny the stories. One horrible story is of a child who was allegedly crucified by Ukrainian extremists while his mother was forced to watch and then she was dragged through the square by a tank until she died.  Some describe what is occurring as genocide with the targeting of civilian buildings. International lawyer, Francis Boyle, said in an interview that the US was aiding and abetting genocide.

Iraq: After military attacks and economic embargoes of Iraq by Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the country is a mess.  The government is in chaos, a new Muslim group, ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), has taken many of the major cities by military force and there is talk of dividing the country into multiple parts. Obama has already sent hundreds of troops to Iraq, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Martin Dempsey, has not ruled out a large US troop presence saying if “our national interests drive us there” we will send more troops. Too many in government do not realize that the cause of the problems in Iraq was the US invasion and occupation and that more of the same will not solve the problem, but is likely to make it worse.  As Chris Hedges writes, ISIS is “the final answer to the collective humiliation of an occupied country, the logical outcome of Shock and Awe…”

We are pleased to see growing bi-partisan opposition to military involvement in Iraq by members of Congress who are urging Obama to get authorization from Congress as required by the Constitution. This letter, authored by Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Scott Regall (R-VA) ended up with 103 members of Congress signing on.

Once again the corporate media played its usual role of propagandizing Americans to drum up support for another war in Iraq. They consistently aired people who advocated prior attacks and occupations of Iraq while never allowing war opponents on the air.  The media also exaggerates sectarian divisions, divisions the US made worse to control the population during the occupation. Despite mass propaganda, a majority of the American public oppose military intervention in Iraq and only 20% support it.

Those who oppose another Iraq War quickly organized protests throughout the country.  Usually war propaganda works long enough to start the attack. For a new war with Iraq and an attack on Syria, the public has shown greater immunity to propaganda.

As William Blum notes, Hillary Clinton now admits she made a mistake in voting for the authorization for the use of force in Iraq. But, she is equally wrong on its outcome. Blum reports that in 2007 Clinton said, “The American military has done its job. . . the American military has succeeded.” Can the American public trust someone who is so mistaken in her hawkish, pro-militarist judgments?

Afghanistan: The longest war in US history is supposedly winding down at a very slow rate.  President Obama agreed to draw down troops in 2016. This slow draw down may change now that a president who is friendlier to the US has been elected in Afghanistan.  And, the leading candidate for president, Hillary Clinton, says she would be open to keeping U.S. military forces in Afghanistan past 2016. Clinton notes that with the new president there might be a “legal basis” for the US staying.

One thing that has not closed is the secret Bagram prison in Afghanistan officially known as the Detention Facility in Parwan. This prison, informally known as the Afghan Guantanamo, holds 40 secret “detainees.” These prisoners are held without charges, many for years. The prison is reportedly believed to be holding Pakistanis, Yemenis, Tunisians, Uzbeks and Russians. Bagram prisoners have even less rights than prisoners at Guantanamo and much less is known about their conditions. They do not have a right to a lawyer or to challenge their detention.  This week it was reported that the prisoners in Bagram have been on hunger strikes which indicates there are serious issues at the prison.  If the US presence in Afghanistan continues, these prisoners are likely to continue to be held.

The Asian Pivot: The centerpiece of President Obama’s foreign policy is the pivot to Asia. This massive shift of forces to Asia is meant to focus the US military on China, which the United States sees as its only economic rival; and a country that presents an alternative to big finance capitalism.

The pivot has led to major changes in many countries in the region as well as increasing tensions. Japan may be the most important as it is the third largest economy and has a long history of militarism.  Japan has a large military and has worked with the United States for decades, buts its “pacifist” constitution has a clause that forbids it from engaging in foreign war. Article 9 of the Constitution says:

     “Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.

    “In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.”

Ret. Col. Ann Wright points out that the US has been pressuring Japan to change that restriction.  The United States wrote Japan’s constitution, but once China became a communist nation, the US wanted Japan to participate in militarism in the region. As William Blum reports, on July 1, Prime Minister Abe gave the US its wish. Without changing a word, he reinterpreted the constitution to mean that Japan could not attack another nation on its own, but it could do so in allegiance with another nation. (Hmm, we wonder what country he had in mind?) This unilateral change was made despite strong opposition in Japan, including a protester who burned himself to death.

Already there have been tense moments between China and Japan with its ally, the US. Last November there were multiple challenges as Japan and the US violated the “Air Defense Zone” of China resulting in China scrambling fighter jets over the East China Sea in response.  Tensions will likely rise as the US has now brought drones into the Asian Pacific which are housed on military bases in Japan.

The United States has also entered into new agreements with Australia, resulting in former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser warning his country may be drawn into a war against China as a result of how intertwined the US and Australian military’s have become.  Similarly, new military agreements between the Philippines and the US, protested by the Philippine people, create a situation where some see their country as once again becoming a US colony.

There have also been ongoing protests in South Korea as that country becomes more entangled with the Asia Pivot. The “Peace Island” of Jeju, South Korea has been a special focus as the country which was devastated by a US puppet government is being forced to accept a naval base that is inconsistent with the nonviolent views of the population.

Bruce Gagnon, who has worked with the people of Jeju Island to stop the navy base and who is active with Veterans For Peace, warns that the US is looking for trouble with China. And Nile Bowie warns that the peace movement should spend more focus on China. There are a lot of hot spots in the world, but the future of military conflict is likely to emanate from Obama’s Asian Pivot.

These are just the current hot spots. The US is also increasing it militarism in Africa. AfriCom has rapidly grown under President Obama. Tom Dispatch reports the US military is active in Algeria and Angola, Benin and Botswana, Burkina Faso and Burundi, Cameroon and the Cape Verde Islands, Senegal and the Seychelles, Togo and Tunisia, Uganda and Zambia. “From north to south, east to west, the Horn of Africa to the Sahel, the heart of the continent to the islands off its coasts, the US military is at work. Base construction, security cooperation engagements, training exercises, advisory deployments, special operations missions, and a growing logistics network, all undeniable evidence of expansion—except at US Africa Command.”

Then, of course, there is Iran where things seem to no longer be on the edge of war, but Iran is a nation the United States has been at odds with since the CIA put in place the Shah in a coup in 1953 and was thrown out in the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Since that time there has been constant conflict. While there are tenuous nuclear negotiations right now, Iran always has the potential to become a hot spot as it has refused to become part of the US Empire.

Is US Empire Collapsing?

The US Empire is the largest in world history with more than 1,100 military bases and outposts around the world.  To put that in perspective, compared to two other large empires, there were 37 Roman bases at that empire’s peak in AD 117 and 36  British bases at empire’s peak in 1898.  Not only is the US Empire the largest in history but it has been the most destructive.

Each of the conflicts described in this article could escalate until a much larger war where US ground troops become enmeshed in war. The faltering US economy can no longer afford the expensive US military. The people of the United States no longer support war and the people of the world are rebelling against US rule.  People are beginning to mobilize (see. e.g. World Beyond War) to finally put an end to US militarism and Empire.

Next week: How the Empire Economy

Follow us on twitter @PopResistance and sign up for our daily news summary here.

This article is produced by Popular Resistance in conjunction with AlterNet.  It is a weekly review of the activities of the resistance movement.

Kevin Zeese, JD and Margaret Flowers, MD are organizers of PopularResistance.org; they co-direct It’s Our Economy and co-host Clearing the FOG. Their twitters are @KBZeese and MFlowers8.

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Posted 25 July 2014 - 06:07 AM

US judge: Use firing squad for death row inmates
Thu Jul 24, 2014 11:49PM GMT

US Judge Alex Kozinski has called for firing squad as the primary method of executing death row inmates instead of lethal injection.

The chief judge of the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals urged states to abandon the injection following a recent string of botched lethal injections.

In an opinion, he labeled the lethal injection method as a dishonest attempt to disguise the brutal nature of capital punishment.

The opinion came after the botched lethal injection of Arizona death row inmate Joseph Wood took almost two hours on Wednesday. Wood was set to die July 23 for the 1989 murders of his estranged girlfriend and her father.

“Whatever happens to Wood, the attacks will not stop and for a simple reason: The enterprise is flawed. Using drugs meant for individuals with medical needs to carry out executions is a misguided effort to mask the brutality of executions by making them look serene and peaceful—like something any one of us might experience in our final moments. But executions are, in fact, nothing like that. They are brutal, savage events, and nothing the state tries to do can mask that reality. Nor should it,” he wrote.

The judge insists that firing squads would never be troubled by a lack of guns or ammunition, adding that the guillotine is probably the best method, but seems inconsistent with national ethos.

“The firing squad strikes me as the most promising. Eight or ten large-caliber rifle bullets fired at close range can inflict massive damage, causing instant death every time. There are plenty of people employed by the state who can pull the trigger and have the training to aim true,” Kozinski said.

“Sure, firing squads can be messy, but if we are willing to carry out executions, we should not shield ourselves from the reality that we are shedding human blood.”

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Posted 27 July 2014 - 07:10 AM

Ohio Stealing Homes To Launder Money Into State Pension Plan!
Friday, July 25, 2014 13:48













































This Defendant feels like he is screaming in the ear of a Corpse!





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Posted 27 July 2014 - 05:35 PM

American Attrocites started very soon after the Jew bankers illegally got control of the Federal Reserve in 1913,,,and it hasn't stopped since. 100 years later and Jew occupied USA has just about wrecked the world!

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Posted 29 July 2014 - 01:38 PM

Time to destroy Israel? Free GAZA? There are covert ways yet discovered...

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Posted 30 July 2014 - 07:43 AM

Hear Dr. David Duke on How the Lying Mass Media Distorts the Slaughter in Gaza
July 14, 2014

Now available on the Rense Radio Network archive: Hear Dr. David Duke talk on the slaughter of the Palestinians by the Jewish supremacists. He shows how the lying Jewish-controlled media is completely distorting the whole truth about the Jewish racist, tribalist ethnic cleansing of the Mideast.


He also shows the incredible hypocrisy of groups like the ADL calling upon Obama to “accept the stranger” by taking in the thousands of children dumped over our border from other nations, while at the same time won’t let hundreds of thousands of Palestinians return to the lands and homes and cities stolen from them by the Zionists, and now mass murders them!

Dr. Duke calls for freedom for Palestine and also for freedom from every Western nation of the Jewish Zionist occupation of our politics, media and banking institutions! Great Show! Share it!

Click here and look for the show dated 07-14-14.

Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern and 4am Eastern time.

You can also hear the live stream by calling 712-432- 7855 on your cell or home phone (US) or Skype (US and international).



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Posted 05 August 2014 - 08:15 AM

ISIS Praises John McCain For Helping Them Invade Iraq
By Ted on August 2, 2014 in Featured, General

By Theodore Shoebat

The Muslim terrorist group, ISIS, issued a statement attributing their success to the Iraq war, and they had John McCain to thank for it. In the statement they wrote:

    …the crusader John McCain came to the Senate floor to rant irritably about the victories the Islamic State was achieving in Iraq. He forgot that he himself participated in the invasion of Iraq that led to the blessed events unfolding today by Allah’s bounty and justice.

It is true, the war in Iraq that was started by Bush led to the enabling ISIS to commit the massacres and violence it is doing now. ISIS knows that Saddam would have not tolerated them, and would have without hesitated cut them to pieces, as his predecessor Nebuchadnezzar would have done.

Iraq does not need democracy, but a fierce dictatorship like Saddam. But thanks to John McCain and his ilk, we have devils like ISIS invading Iraq and butchering Christians, and the jihadists are thanking McCain for their victories and atrocities.

All I can say is, I miss Saddam.


US militarism need free oil

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