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End Times Paradox: Accidental presidents: Fake Obamessiah was the FIRST and the LAST, the nine official ones knew it in advance

Obamessiah End Times Paradox Accidental presidents Obama Hitlery

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 05:23 PM

Fake Obamessiah: FIRST and LAST Accidental president. Other nine ALL knew it in advance: End Times Paradox
The ONE and ONLY TRULY accidental President -  the reduction from 9 to 1 who in fact is none of the 9:
Of ALL US presidents, "Obama" was the only one to know that he would NOT become president, from the day he announced his candidature to a few days before he was elected.
That alone makes him  the first truly accidental president, because the 9 official ones were in fact all scripted.
The ONE and ONLY TRULY accidentally reelected President
Officially the title of accidentally relected president can't exist.
Yet one President was reelected although he knew he wouldn't be, from the day of his inauguration to hours before he was reelected.
This fact goes beyond the reduction from 9 to 1, who in fact is none of the 9: it contradicts what officially can't exist.
Reductionism: Last Prophet just revealed, a few lines above, that there was only ONE TRULY accidental President.
So no longer need to mention who the ONLY TRULY accidentally reelected President is.
Paradox: the one and only truly accidental president is one of the stars in the last episode of the  real Truman show
This paradox is explained by two basic facts:
- yet another paradox: although initially not scripted as president, Obama is as much part of the real Truman show as the other 9.
- "yes, we can" was intended from the beginning as mockery of the human cattle and "Hopama" forced to play president is nothing but pushing the mockery (alias the self-detonation as suicide Obomber) to new limits.
Yet the reduction of the US populace to cattle made it possible for this mockery if unprecedenteed intensity to go on for more than FIVE years, without any signs of REAL organized resistance till the very end.
Reminder: The real Truman's show final episode is already being aired. The title is "Simulated Reality terminated".
Yet, from the Superbowl to "Obama", the audience will not to leave the room unless their TV sets are disconnected for good.
Read before:
Accidental presidents: ALL official 9 knew it prior to their predecessor's death (6 real and 2 staged) or impeachment (only case: Gerald Ford)
George Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton: the accidental presidents paradox in the termination of the USA
Read more:
Obama, world's most lonesome president ever as tables show
Obama's presidential tables include ELEVEN where he's alone FOREVER - EIGHT of them  officially
Obama: Not only the ONE and ONLY TRULY accidental but also TRULY accidentally reelected President.
Hidden TRUTH exposed each time worldwide first by Last Prophet Matt:
"Coincidentally" he will become the first president ever:
- to be stripped, "jailed" and "executed".
- to be NOT replaced by his vice-president but by the "REAL President", who happens to be the first woman ever. 
March 2014, Obama's detonation imminent:
Obama Bin Laden resurrects in front the missing Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines: Obama's very last video as Osama in an Afghanistan cave

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