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Ukraine and Thailand: STAGED Parallel scripts using treasonous elected governments to pave the way for openly neo-nazi puppets

Ukraine Thailand ILLUMINATI THEATER Parallel scripts Yanukovich fake Putin Pussy Riot Russia fake jailed

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 11:04 AM

Ukraine and Thailand protests: STAGED riots in Parallel scripts, new dimension in simulated reality
ILLUMINATI THEATER using only a few actors illustrated by "jailed" Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine and Pussy Riot in Russia is upscaled to Hollywood type of productions in Kiev's Independence Square.
The premiere for simulated reality supposedly staged out in the streets, The Boston Marathon fake bombings, was in fact staged at the arrival area, previously cleared from anyone not in the cast. 
No wonder it appears as an obscure small budget production in comparison to the Ukraine and Thailand riots.
This time there are plenty of participants who are not aware that it's all staged.
To fulfill parallelism Ukraine and Thailand "protests" are served as the main series in TV "news" since November 2013.
WHY the theater is staged
Two main goals: 
- mocking reality, a general goal of simulated reality;
- let the president of the Ukraine and the prime-minister of Thailand detonate as suicide bombers, paving the way to put an end to formal democracy. 
Mockery of reality
Black is white: 
- EU populace awakening to dictatorship is rewritten as "Ukraine freedom loving people fight to join the EU democracy".
- Freedom loving people around the world fighting the dictatorships of illuminati puppets, from Morsi in Egypt to Assad in Syria, is rewritten as "Thais fighting to put an end to democracy".
Obviously the stage in the Ukraine is the capital's main square, a mockery of the real protests, from Egypt's Tahrir Square to Spain's Puertas del Sol.
Dozens of "dead" protesters mocks the fact that at this point the only ones ready to die for the illuminati are the mercenaries of the IV Reich: NATO and UN "peacekeepers".
Ukraine and Thailand rioters vs Black Block rioters or the goal of having the suicide bomber detonate
The rioters are almost all of the same type as the Black Block in the anti-government protests in the EU and the USA:
illuminati agents, mostly shock police dressed as masked protesters to wreak havoc.
The difference:
- in the EU and the USA  the goal is to suppress protest by justifying the riot police's brutal charges on peaceful protests.
- in the Ukraine and Thailand they are are part of this script: elected governments acting as suicide bombers, to pave the way for openly neo-nazi puppets.
This is the tactic to have the audience accept what they would otherwise not be willing to, from Ukraine losing national indepdendence by joining the EU to a formal dictatorship in Thailand.
HOW the theater is staged
Protests are CONTROLLED in the EU or USA in the very same way that riots are STAGED in the Ukraine or Thailand
As the Global Slavery agenda enters the penultimate stage the illuminati face mass protests almost everywhere in the EU.
The illuminati had no problem so far controlling the protests in the EU.
Main reason: both government and protest leaders, from Communists to Occupy movement and Anonymous, do nothing but to execute orders from one and the same secret society, the illuminati.
What is less obvious:  that's exactly the same reason why the illuminati had no problem staging the simulated reality of the riots in the Ukraine and Thailand.
What the leaders of the Neo-Gestapo alias riot police are instructed to do makes all the difference:
- EU or USA: suppress the protest as rapidly as possible.
- Ukraine or Thailand: make sure the protests continue.
This results in this paradox: 
- the protesters (NOT to be confused with their leaders) are delivered to the riot police in the EU or the US;
- the riot police (NOT to be confused with their leaders) is delivered to the "protesters" in the Ukraine or Thailand.
As illustrated by who's really being torched in the Ukraine [1].
Ukraine Riots: 
Simulated reality
The actors on stage are:
- the commanders of the riot police, whose orders are in fact to allow the "protesters" to do whatever they want.
- "Hundreds of thousands of protesters" who were in fact never more than 50,000 and were reduced long ago to around 1,000 operatives in the illuminati payroll, trained as professional rioters.
Feb 20, 2014: the Ukraine theater reaches the climax: fires all over Kiev's Independence Square for days now [2].
The quantity of red ink to simulate blood reaches new highs, as decoration for dozens of protesters "killed".
Mockery of simulated reality
Illuminati jokes mocking the staged reversed reality go:
- from "coincidentally"  having from the beginning in the cast a former heavy weight box champion as leader NOT of the riot police but of the "democratic pro-EU movement", Vitali Klitschko;
- to "scores of riot police arrested by the protesters" after they were occupying Independence Square for three months.
[1] Riot police burns in the Ukraine or has their legs blown up by grenades, as consequence of their role as sitting ducks.
[2] Feb 20, 2014: Climax of Illuminati theater: From the smoke curtain ..."Photos: Ukraine's Ring of Fire"
... to the quantity of red ink to simulate blood
Black is white: EU populace awakening to dictatorship rewritten as "Ukraine fight to join the EU democracy".
Yanukovich in Ukraine, Putin, Obama and Bozize in the Central African Republic NOW, "victorious" signers of the Treaty of Versailles 1918: suicide bombers paving the way for the next act
"Pussy Riot jailed for desecrating a holy place" is completely staged with actors, part of the same illuminati theater as "anti-gay propaganda laws", to divert from Putin's replacement.
For videos and photos:
VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed 2010 and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon
Parallelism and Reversal in simulated reality, to fulfill illuminati religion's commandment "(hidden) in plain sight".
Plenty of examples in this case alone:
Miley Cyrus simulates oral sex with REAL not Bill Clinton impersonator: from 1998 impeachment to fake Prince William now

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Posted 20 February 2014 - 11:35 PM

to matt marriott ::::::::::::::


perhaps this understanding of yours is just a big load of twenty mule team borax;


and then again it is good for the discussion.


this is the bigest of all the current events.



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