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Janet Yellen vs Ben Bernanke - the ONE BASIC difference - BIG BANG NOW for dummies

BIG BANG Janet Yellen Ben Bernanke Martha Stewart Jonathan Pryce Bergoglio Angela Merkel Hitlers daughters

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#1 MattMarriott


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 04:54 AM

Angela Merkel, Janet Yellen, Hillary Clinton: President of the USA, chairman of the Federal Reserve both within days, Feb 2014 as predicted 2007 completes "First Woman Ever" SERIES
Last Prophet Matt explained 2007 both the "election" of "Hitlery Clinton" as 44th president AND the role of "Obama" as fake suicide bomber.
Although the illuminati postponed this act several times over a period of 5 years, the SIMPLE TRUTH was echoed by NOBODY ever since.
Hillary Clinton will be proclaimed  first woman in History to become US president shortly after Janet Yellen will become the first woman in History to lead the Federal Reserve, Feb 1, 2014.
The consequence of postponing this act until now: it became part of the BIG BANG.
February 2014 became the new BIG BANG start date after illuminati first suggested November 1 2013 for "Social Security defaults", part of the "US governemtn shutdown" theater.
Main actors during the BIG BANG,  starting February 2014: SIX fake identities in two same-sex teams
Each woman is "first woman to ever become leader of": Germany, Federal Reserve, USA.
Each man is "current leader of": Catholic Church (the active of two current Popes); Federal Reserve, USA.
Janet Yellen vs Ben Bernanke - parallel roles
The parallelism for these fake identities goes beyond "evil jew leading the Federal Reserve Bank".
Hidden in plain sight:
1. Link to the Economics Nobel Prize :
- Janet Yellen's husband" also plays Economics Nobel Prize winner 2001, "evil jew" George Akerlof.
- same actor plays "Ben Shalom Bernanke" AND "brilliant Economics Nobel Prize winner 2008, Paul Krugman". 
2. Link to the BIG BANG:
Both Yellen and Bernanke are:
- each part of a team of three members;
- the two teams are the stars of the BIG BANG.
Janet Yellen vs Ben Bernanke - the ONE BASIC difference
Unlike Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke is a FULL member of his team, during the BIG BANG.
"Evil Jew" Janet Yellen's link to her team is based solely on a script calling for a woman as chairman of the Fed.
No wonder: the other two members are both Hitler's daughters.
On the other hand Ben Shalom Bernanke's bondage to his team is TOTAL: all three, FULLY and PERFECTLY synchronized, detonate as fake suicide bombers.
Janet Yellen's team
Yellen alias Martha Stewart's team is Completed by two Hitler's daughters.
The younger, "Angela Merkel", was the first woman in History to become German chancellor. 
Both were already officially (by Forbes magazine) proclaimed the two most powerful women in the world.
One of the key acts of the BIG BANG is to have the older, "Hillary Clinton", proclaimed 44th and LAST president of the US, the successor of fake identity "GW Bush".
Perfect fulfillment of this parallel script requires also a woman at the third symbol for most powerful, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.
Detail: Unlike Hitler's daughters and like any actor in the role of "evil jew", Yellen will detonate later.
Fake Jew "Ben Shalom Bernanke"'s team
The team of fake suicide bombers lead by the same actor who also plays "Paul Krugman" is completed by Obomber and Il Grande Broglio.
Obama is an ethnic indonesian who has neither black nor white blood. His "daughters" are NOT sisters.
Bergoglio "first [south] american Pope Francis" is played by Jonathan Pryce.
"Coincidentally" a shakespearean actor who played since 2009 alone:
- TWICE "an impersonater of the President of the United States of America";
- the "godfather" of the introduction of the female vibrator as cure to hysteria. 
Team designed for perfect fulfillment of parallel scripts: each member of this team will be accused of the  most sophisticated conspiracy in History for his domain, more precisely for Finance, Politics and Religion.
All will "confess everything", be stripped and "jailed" for "causing TRILLIONS of dollars to be reduced to Higgins bosons and vanish into one of Hawking's black holes".
But only "Hussein Obama" will be sentenced to "death" by SCOTUS. 
Disarm citizens: terminated by confiscating guns door to door. Immediately after comes the BIG BANG, Feb 2014.
Parallel scripts, a classic illuminati template, from jokes to celebration of KEY events.
Even as REVENGE, at the moment that their greatest military defeat was sealed, 1945.
End Times Reductionism: all EU and US currencies reduced to ONE
BIG BANG for dummies - start with ... the start
"Social Security defaults", part of the "US governemtn shutdown" theater, starts the BIG BANG.
Postponed from November 1, 2013 to February 2014.

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#2 mataj


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Posted 22 February 2014 - 01:31 PM

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