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Illuminati Revolutions, from Lenin 1917 and May 1968 in France to the Ukraine and Thailand 2014

Illuminati Revolutions Lenin May 1968 France Ukraine 2014 Thailand 2014

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#1 MattMarriott


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Posted 21 February 2014 - 04:43 PM

Example of what illuminati jokes about reversed reality are: "Finally: THE SPIRIT OF LENIN IS BEING PURGED FROM UKRAINE!".[1]
Illuminati Revolutions, from Lenin 1917 and May 1968 in France to the Ukraine and Thailand 2014.
Ukraine: "BREAKING NEWS" Feb 21, 2014: [2]
- police have been forced out of Parliament building.
- Protesters capture nuclear power plant in Rovno Ukraine.
- President:  DEAL REACHED TO RESOLVE CRISIS, announces new election.
Script: it was ALL explained in advance.
Illuminati revolutions in End Time
Russia 1917: one of the goals of World War I is achieved as an illuminati german agent using the fake identity Vladimir Lenin takes control of the former Russian Empire, after the last tsar was murdered.
The trick was to use communism as ideology.
France 1968: after countless failed assassination attempts the illuminati finally replace De Gaulle as president of France, the penultimate non-illuminati president in the History of what are now EU-states. 
The trick was to use a wide range of ideologies under the "May 1968" banner. 
In the illuminati own words: "a crazy array of leftist groups: revisionist socialists, Trotskyists, Maoists, anarchists, surrealists and Marxists".[3]
End Times Reductionism: illuminati revolutions reduced:
- from real riots to replace a resister with an illuminati agent (Russia 1917 or France 1968),
- to totally staged riots to replace an illuminati agent playing resister by an openly pro-IV Reich agent (Ukraine and Thailand 2014).
Ukraine staged protests reverse the EU reality
The main goal of the staged Ukraine riots is to pave the way for Ukranians to accept the loss of national independence by the Anschluss to the EU.
This simulated reality additionally reverses the EU reality;
- EU populace awakening to dictatorship is rewritten as "Ukraine fight to join the EU democracy"
- the immediate and brutal repression of any real protests is rewritten as "protesters beat the riot police".
"Black is white" is completed with the fake "dispute between Russia and the EU over the Ukraine".
The fake Putin, an illuminati agent acting as president of Russia since the real Putin was murdered in 2010, appears in the cast as yet another "enemy" of the "protesters".
The Ukraine theater: Yanukovich is an illuminati suicide bomber
End Times Reductionism: any of these basic facts immediately exposes Yanukovich as an illuminati agent, paving the way to be replaced by an openly pro-EU president.
1. Yanukovich exposes neither the fake Putin nor the theater "dispute between Russia and the EU over the Ukraine".
Example: the fake Putin, following the orders of his boss, keeps raising the price of the gas sold to the Ukraine.
2. Yanukovich plays into the script of "opposition is strong", going as far as offering the illuminati agent playing leader of the "opposition" the role of prime-minister.
- protesters, never more than 50,000 in the beginning, have been long reduced to never more than 5,000 weeks ago.
- around a thousand operatives in the illuminati payroll, trained to wreak havoc, had no problem taking control of ministries and other government buildings or to occupy Independence Square in Kiev for months now.
- the footage of the "clashes" shows what obviously made this theater possible: the riot police is instructed to in fact allow all this to happen.
Thailand riots theater is a parallel script
Nov 2011, The illuminati launched in Thailand at the same time as in the Ukraine the theater "democratically elected goverment forced to resign after months of pro-West protests".
The mockery as Black is white: 
- Freedom loving people around the world fighting the dictatorship of illuminati puppets, from Morsi in Egypt to Assad in Syria, is rewritten as "Thais fighting to put an end to democracy".
The theater obviously is scripted to end also simultaneously and in the same way as the Morsi script was originally planned in Egypt: neo-nazi constitution abolishes fundamental freedoms.
Reminder: The Morsi script was terminated not as planned by the illuminati but by millions of freedom loving egyptians.
[1] This illustrates what illuminati jokes about Black is White are.
Last Prophet's reply, 02/21/2014 08:40 AM. was archived as penultimate post, seconds before it was deleted by the NSA:
[2] Ukraine "BREAKING NEWS" Feb 21, 2014:
police have been forced out of Parliament building - to celebrate it, the number of "protesters" rose to slightly above 1,000.
[3] The ideologies used by the illuminati for the May 1968 coup, in their own words:
See more "Black is white" in HOW it's staged:
Ukraine and Thailand protests: HOW riots are STAGED to create a new dimension in simulated reality
Yanukovich in Ukraine, Putin, Obama and Bozize in the Central African Republic NOW, "victorious" signers of the Treaty of Versailles 1918: suicide bombers paving the way for the next act

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#2 MattMarriott


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Posted 23 February 2015 - 12:01 AM

UKRAINE: one year later: *** TRUTH *** was echoed by NOBODY 

Ukraine "revolution" - Goals:
- pave the way for Ukranians to accept the loss of national independence by the Anschluss to the EU.
- upscale the agenda "ethnic cleansing of russians" from areas where they are in the minority (Baltic states) to where they are not only the majority but also they are in their historical heartland, from Odessa to Donetsk, from Kharkiv to Crimea.
Crimea - a milestone in Black is white
This will be introduced by impostor "Putin" pretending to defend Crimea.
Reminder: population of Crimea is more than 90% ethnic russians, so it's impossible to transfer it to the illuminati without a general uprising.
That's why the process has to be previously rewritten as black is white: 
- "Putin" will send military to Crimea; 
- illuminati impose "sanctions" to Russia, used as cover-up to push to the limits the trasfer of russian assets (starting with oil and gas) to illuminati safes.
Note that this is a copy of rewriting the trasfer of southern european assets (from Portugal to Greece) to illumianti safes as "paying for the sovereign debt". 
Ukraine or what rewriting Black as white is all about:
- people revolting against the EU is rewriten as "people fighting to join the EU"
- Ukraine officially transferred to the IV Reich is rewritten as" Putin land grabbing, annects Crimea"
Example of the non-stop THEATER "Putin vs NATO":
Russia Vows to Respond to 'Illogical' European Union Sanctions
Moscow said today it would appropriately respond to the latest EU sanctions over the Ukraine conflict which target several prominent figures including a popular singer, condemning them as "inconsistent and illogical".
Talk of 'Illogical' and "appropriate response":
Why oil price is half of its average production cost in the USA: - for dummies
Two main reasons:
1. From "Putin" to Iran, from Saudi Arabia to Nigeria: ALL illuminazi puppets transferring as much oil as they can to illuminati depots.
2. The oil futures currently being traded are not meant to be actually supplied.

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#3 Pete_V


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Posted 23 February 2015 - 12:04 AM

The first French revolution and the American revolution were also Illuminati.

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