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A Great Sign of God for Ahmadiyya Muslim Promised Messiah Mahdi - The Promised Son

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 04:56 PM

Peace be on you. When Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah claimed that God speaks to him and shows signs, the people in his area requested him to show sign to them too. Promised Messiah (a.s.) had already in mind to go to seclusion to pray to God. He went to nearby town of Hoshiarpur under divine decree for prayers in privacy. He prayed for 40 days. During the time, God gave him many gald tidings. One of the prophecy is called ‘Prophecy of Musleh Maud’. In this prophecy, God gave him a glad tiding that a son with extraordinary qualities will be granted to him. The translation of revelation from God is following: 



“[Urdu] I confer upon you a Sign of mercy according to what you begged of me. So I have heard your entreaties and have honoured your prayers with My acceptance through My mercy and made your journey  blessed for you. Therefore, a Sign of power, mercy and nearness is bestowed on you; a Sign of grace and beneficence is awarded to you and the key of success and victory is granted to you.  O victorious! Upon you be peace. God said that, so that those who desire life, may be rescued from the grip of death and those who are buried in the graves may come out and so that the superiority of Islam and the dignity of KalamUllah [words of Allah] may become manifest unto the people, and so that truth may arrive with all its blessings, and falsehood may flee with all its ills, and so that people may understand that I am the Powerful, whatever I wish, do, and so that they may believe that I am with you, and so that those who do not believe in the being of God and deny and reject religion of God and His Book and His Holy Messenger Muhammad, the Chosen One (s.a.w.) may be confronted with a clear Sign, and the way of the guilty ones may become manifest.

 Thus, glad tidings be to you that a handsome and pure boy will be bestowed on you; an unblemished youth will be given to you; that boy will be of your seed, your progeny and lineage.

 A handsome and pure boy is coming as your guest. His name is Emmanuel and also Bashir. He has been invested with a spirit of holiness, and he is free from impurity. He is the light of Allah. Blessed is he who comes from heaven.

 He will be accompanied by Fazl [grace] which shall arrive with his arrival. He will be endowed with grandeur, greatness and wealth. He will come into the world and will heal many of their disorders through his Messianic Self and through the blessings of the Spirit of Truth. He is the Word of Allah because Allah’s mercy and honour have sent him with the Word of Majesty. He will be extremely intelligent and perceptive and will be meek of heart, and will be filled with secular and spiritual knowledges. He will convert three into four.  It is Monday a blessed Monday.


Farzandey dilband garami arjumand [Farsi: Son, delight of the heart, high ranking, noble.]


Mazharul haqqey wal alaa-ey ka-annallaha nazala menassamaa-ey [Arabic: A manifestation of the First and the Last, a manifestation of the True and the High; as if Allah has descended from heaven.]


[Urdu] Whose advent will be greatly blessed and will be a source of manifestation of Divine Majesty. Light comes - the Light, who is anointed by God with the perfume of His pleasure. We shall pour Our Spirit into him and the shadow of God will be over his head. He will grow rapidly in stature, and will be the means of salvation of captives, and will get fame to the ends of the earth, and peoples will be blessed through him. Then, will be raised to his spiritual station in heaven.


Wa kaana amram maqdhia [Arabic Translation: And this is a matter decreed.]”




This son was born in January 1889. He progressed into a great scholar, administrator and orator. He was taught commentary of Holy Quran by God. He was the second Ahmadiyya Khalifah. He established major systems and auxiliaries for men, women and children in Ahmadiyya community. There are thousands of pages which recorded his pearls of wisdom. He established foreign mission in various parts of the world. Today Ahmadiyya Muslims are actively taking divine message of peace along with humanitarian service worldwide in the era of Fifth Ahmadiyya Khalifah.


Further study:


Selected Books of Promised Son [of Promised Messiah (a.s)] @ https://alislam.org/books/

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