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How paper ballot elections are rigged: same basic trick from Portugal to Bulgaria as well as Germany

paper ballot elections rigged basic trick Voting machines discrepancy

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Posted 28 March 2014 - 10:30 PM

The script of having a US senate with "republican" majority and a "democratic" president was implemented by using software to multiply votes by 11, both in 2008 and 2012.
Elections by Voting machines are always rigged, the sky is the limit. But now  ...
Elections where people still count paper ballots are ALSO rigged
Printing extra ballots, stealing ballots, voting more than one time, etc: that's all a curtain of smoke to divert from how elections are really rigged.
Without e-vote it's not possible to multiply votes by 11, like it was the case in the USA 2008 with McCain and 2012 with "Romney" (1), using voting machines software.
But it's possible to multiply the votes by almost three, when the leaders of ALL parties "counting" the votes belong to one and the same secret society.
The mystery of the discrepancy between the attendance of rallies and the election results
June 2012, Greece: almost only paid foreigners attend rallies of openly pro-troika parties.
2013: illuminati puppets in PIGS (how illuminati call Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy) and in Eastern Europe. from Passos Coelho in Portugal to Borisov in Bulgaria, are TOTALLY isolated, they don't dare show in public. 
Their largest "rallies" were dinners for the clique of traitors transferring Portugal and Bulgaria's wealth to the illuminati safes.
Yet openly pro-troika parties form government in Greece 2012 and get almost 60% of the votes in Portugal 2013, the gov parties get 30% in Portugal and Bulgaria.
The mystery is easily solved.
Results are rigged in the same way, from Greece 2012 to Germany, Bulgaria and Portugal in 2013.
The first trick is to have the "oppositors" play suicide bombers (1). 
But it's the second trick that accounts for almost all of the job.
How illuminati rig elections where people still count votes: Germany, UK, France, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece: SAME TRICK
The answer starts with another "mystery", after results for each county are published, each one supposedly the sum of dozens or even hundreds of ballot boxes.  
Almost everyone who counted the votes at a ballot box wonders the same thing, from Germany to Portugal:
- how comes that Merkel in Germany or most voted parties in Greece and Portugal ("opposition" yet pro-troika) or second  most voted party in Portugal (gov) got about two to three times as many votes in their county as in the ballot box that they personally counted?
The mystery is easily solved.
Votes of some parties are multiplied by about two or three, eventually votes of others are divided.
The trick is as simple as this: publish only aggregate results, making verification impossible because results for each ballot box are concealed.
The same technique as to fake the REAL number of dead NATO mercenaries in the different stages where they are engaged in combat: no full list that can be verified by everyone, starting with Afghanistan.
Why the trick works - three fulfilled pre-conditions
There are three reasons why rigging elections by simply not publishing verifiable results works.
1. All party leaders are members of one and the same secret society.
2. All mass media is controlled by the same secret society. So polls reflect NOT the reality but the coming scripted results.
3. Humans were reduced to beasts and will swallow anything served by mass media without blinking an eye.
(1)  Example from Germany of "opposition" playing suicide bombers: 
Leader of Green Party Trittin played fake suicide bomber before the election, in the role of repented champion for legalizing pedophilia, to have votes transferred to Merkel.
"Paedophilia Scandal Bringing Down German Greens 3 Days Before National Elections!"
Votes of McCain 2008 and "Romney" 2012 multiplied "only" by 11, votes of "Obama" 2012 40 not 60 millions.
HISTORIC PAGES: WHY illuminati leader changed script for actor in the winner role, Richard Jenkins alias Mitt Romney:
EU population is non-stop fed with the BIG LIE "German economy is booming". But most Germans are aware of the reality.
Rigged German elections Paradox: Although Germany is robbing the rest of the EU, the basic trick with paper ballot votes is used.
Merkel's votes are multiplied by THREE the same way as REAL number of dead NATO mercenaries is divided by 100: no full (verifiable) list
UNDENIABLE fact that these 10 BASIC questions were ** NEVER ** MENTIONED in EU/US media IMMEDIATELY reveals illuminati TOTAL control

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#2 RobertD


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Posted 29 March 2014 - 01:24 AM

And it's always the democrips who steal elections because no one wants these bastards in office.

They own the TV networks so they keep everything hush hush....


So how do you get rid of the bastards?
Another election is just going to be another con job.

So how do you get rid of the bastards?

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