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Alex Jones' Horoscope

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Posted 05 April 2014 - 05:51 PM

Alex Jones


Alex Jones was born with a combination of fixed and mutable or moving signs on the angles of his chart, 11° 54’ of the signc rising, ruled by C in l in the 10th house, brings with it a degree of psychic ability, guarantees a Mercurial caring disposition, and ensures he will ever be in the public eye.

The moving signs c i defining the horizontal line means he will “go with the flow” at least on local issues, the fixed signs e k defining the vertical axis is another matter entirely.

It predisposes Jones to “take a stand,” while the very close F m A right on the P in k, a sign often associated with “humanism,” as well as exponentially enhancing his public persona, indicates a man with a mission!

The close H m B in g in the 5th house says he finds pleasure in order and harmony, with a sure desire to live the good life in the company of his offspring, the presence of J in the same house is a fly in the amber however, and portends unease in matters concerning his children!


As well as exponentially enhancing his humanist tendencies, theB m H in the 5th makes the native liable to sudden and explosive fits of temper, becoming tantrums under adverse aspects.

Look now to the position of D the natural ruler of the sign g in j on the terms of G in c angular on the terms of C in l in the 10th, then I hard against the cusp of the 7th house in i on the terms of F m A on the P.

Look then at the mundane p aspect betweem D and I
adjacent to the cusps of the 7th and 9th houses, the location of G in c on the terms of C in the first house, and that body's placement nearly opposite the midpoint of the mundane p..

Which when combined with the C in l placement in the 10th adds shrewdness and aforethought, while the personages represented by D and I, will ever be used as stepping stones and as players in his own game, since G in the first house is highly ambitious and entirely ruthless .. so is Alex Jones.

Thus far there is no “final dispositor,” as when a similar chain of placements ends with a planet secure in its own sign, that essentially marshalls the power of the other bodies.

Here we have a situ where each planet has little essential dignity of its own, by being in signs inimical to its true nature and ruled by other planets, precipitating endless rounds of compromises and deal making, that leaves the native running around in circles.

The E placement in b on the terms of D in j in the 8th house provides a degree of reception, since E co ruler with J of h the natural ruler of that house, is in the 12th the natural house of the sign l where D has dignity, the close r aspect, means there will be a considerable degree of cooperation in matters pertaining to both houses.

As in all nativities, the relationship between E and D defines the relationships each man or woman will have with the opposite sex .. in this case while both bodies are in Earth signs, the relationships should be down to Earth and mutually beneficial as per the r aspect.


A m Fin k brings largeness of body and expansiveness, under stress from the hard q aspect from E in b in the 12th, expansiveness can become grossness and Epicureanism, portended by the B g placement with H in the 5th, can become gluttony.

C in l brings compassion, that it is in hard aspect to I in i adds evangelical zeal and puts a little fire in his belly. The 5th house B m H in g situ, in close trine aspect to the A m F placements on the P in the 10th house..

With adverse and highly thoughtful I strongly placed in i on the cusp of the 7th, in mundane hostile q aspect to the A m F situ the midheaven, in quasi beneficial o aspect with the B H conjunction in the 5th, indicates connivance.

While the C in l adds a degree of theater, the G placement in c steadies the ship and brings ambition, D in j uses wiles to get its own way.

This dude will cause trouble if he gets the chance playing his kids off against his wife, with the added proviso that if he does not get what he wants there will be a performance .. other than that he is a pretty cool guy I suppose. MT.


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