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Many Students Stabbed, Cut At Pennsylvania High School: for one time it's NOT an actor

Pennsylvania High School: Stabbed not actor illuminati joke illuminati shooting rampage

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 05:18 PM

Pennsylvania High School Students Stabbed: for one time and for one day it's a real case in the headlines
1994, still before the age of nothing in the headlines but cases totally staged with actors.
Two people were indeed murdered, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle, and the murdererer, OJ Simpson, didn't do it as part of a script.
The script started only immediately after the murders.
That's when actor playing LAPD detective  Mark Fuhrman stepped into the "investigation".
Mark Fuhrman's role was to justify the "black is white" sentence at the end of the script, 1995: "OJ Simpson not guilty".
More precisely to have blacks perceive OJ Simpson as victim of a conspiracy, so that it would end as scripted: large and almost only black crowds celebrating the sentence.
This was a test that the supervised race war could be launched at any moment.
2013 Oscar Pistorius case: Remake of OJ Simpson "black is white" sentence, 20 years later
At the end of the script, 2014: "Oscar Pistorius not guilty", this time totally staged with actors, or in other words started with the fake death of "model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp".
The most important related illuminati joke: first case with a dedicated TV channel.
20 years later, in the new age, Mark Fuhrman appears in another script: stabbing spree in a Pittsburgh area school.
Coincidentally just a few days from the launch of the race war and in one of the very few exceptions of the current age: illuminati media forced to have headlines, even if only for hours or one day, of a real case. 
Mark Fuhrman's role is a staged slip "LiVE" in Fox:
"The ACTOR is still alive in room 4."
Agendas behind the staged slip:
An illuminati joke about the fact that for one time it's NOT an actor.
It also illustrates one of the reasons for using nothing but actors: to suggest that REAL cases, which mostly don't serve the illuminati agendas, are also staged with actors.
This will divert the audience from questioning why there's no media coverage this time.
Reminder: mass stabbings have the opposite effect of the staged shooting rampages used to sell the BIG LIE that [second amendment, the right of citizens to self-defense = students murdered in schools].
That's why this time there will be no media covering the real families of the real victims, unlike the non-stop coverage of fake families of fake victims in staged shooting rampages.
Mark Fuhrman's 1994-1995 script in the illuminati's words:
2014: Many Students Stabbed, Cut At Pennsylvania High School
Last Prophet immediately exposes the agendas behind the staged slip: see comment #170, 09 Apr 2014 16:13:45 GMT:
Actors of totally staged Sandy Hook in the post-event script for the real Pennsylvania High School stabbings:
To what lengths the illuminati go to suggest that what is real (and thus almost always contradicts their agendas) is also simulated.
"Medical Examiner Wayne Carver" in staged Sandy Hook called in a rush to play "Dr. Chris Kauffman" in the real stabbings.
He wears the same distinctive beard to make sure that nobody in the audience doubts what the web of disinfo "exposes":
Since  Colorado 2011: ALL shooting rampages and terror bombings (Boston Marathon & Co) totally staged with actors.
Sandy Hook, Newtown: premiere for "school" with ZERO students

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