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VT Nuclear Education: Undeniable Proof of 9/11 as a Nuclear Event

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Posted 08 June 2014 - 11:50 PM

VT Nuclear Education: Undeniable Proof of 9/11 as a Nuclear Event






VT Nuclear Education: Undeniable Proof of 9/11 as a Nuclear Event Unburied Truth Buries Lies

Cars from 9/11 destroyed by Nuclear EMP


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and the NNP (Nuclear Non-Proliferation community)


“We may well be looking at the signature of a very “advanced” nuclear device  carefully set up to produce maximum radiation.”

The documentary evidence below was available to all years ago.  Some used it, what they could find of it.  The entire NNP community always knew 9/11 was a nuclear event.  They always knew nuclear weapons have been used continually as a handy solution that avoids the potential embarrassment of not having enough casualties or destruction during a state sponsored terror attack.  Getting nuclear weapons is so easy we could be selling them here.


One Suggestion

We are beginning to enter new ground.  We are now finding evidence that stolen Cold War era nuclear weapons slated for destruction were stripped down, remachined and built into enhanced radiation weapons of advanced design so they could be used with impunity, New York, Bali, intended for London, Iraq and Afghanistan, Damascus and more.  Among the released information, the “leaks,” is key information regarding weapon design, more efficient fusion reactions and the ability to cover up nuclear terrorism through systematic disinformation campaigns through Hollywood that utterly misrepresent the endless capabilities and flexibility of nuclear demolitions.

There are also reports of weather manipulation, two hurricanes, which helped dispel radiation that would have wiped out half of New York instead of simply killing the thousands who have died “mysteriously” of “toxic pixie dust” so far and the 70,000 reported by the New York Daily News as having cancers any idiot knows are radiation sickness.

Again, with weather manipulation, we enter a new ground.  VT has published on weather manipulation on several occasions, successfully predicting impossible storm behavior.  We have seen typhoons blocked and hurricanes created and in one instance, the use of an energy weapon to stop a storm blasting a hole 30km into the earth’s surface causing a quake and nearly a tsunami.  We will begin publishing these documents too if we have to.

This is no accident.  Nuclear weapons are now the “go to” choice for terrorism and, as we had discovered long ago, there is no such thing as a multi-national terror organization that isn’t controlled by multiple national players using it to advance a globalist agenda.  Anyone who conceives of something else is dangerously deluded and teaching military, political and intelligence leaders how to deal with this threat is my corporate “day job.”


All of this is lied about, how weapons work, the effects, how they are considered and how many of them, virtually hundreds, have fallen into real terrorist hands, governments including the rogue elements of dozens of governments loosely or “not so loosely” controlled under the successors the SSG (Secret Shadow Government) has chosen to carry the mantle of its Gladio operations.



Inexorable proof of nuclear demolition was always there and never questioned simply ignored

Nuclear terror attacks are being planned today.  We will see them in the United States.  We have seen them before.  No doctor will every diagnose nuclear weapons radiation poisoning.  When Dr. Chris Busby did so in Iraq, his reports simply vanished from every place but Veterans Today.

If necessary, we will bombard the public with evidence until something happens.  We have anything and everything.  Funny how you can do something that should matter so much and watch it touch no one.  What we will do, at least, is end the blithering in the counter-terrorist communities and the various activist and truth movements.  My text ends here.  An apology to those whose work is included who shun publicity or are included through quotations in reports that have footnotes omitted.  This is unintentional and unavoidable.


Always known to be seismic waves created by nuclear demolition

Aerial photographs seem to bear out his supposition because “upwellings” of steam were pouring out of street gratings two and three blocks south of the WTC. As he commented about them:


Support for alternative nuclear weapon placement hypothesis, not “alternative” nuclear and not “sniffer dust”

Seismologists point out that Richter readings always come from Earth’s movements or explosives coupled to the ground, not from plane impacts on buildings or falling debris. Earthquakes rumble up to a climax and then decrease, but a sudden spike denotes a ground-planted explosive device. A look at charts in the endnotes from the Palisades station across the Hudson River shows sharp spikes of short duration, a hallmark for detecting any underground explosions whether from nearby quarry blasts or faraway nuclear testing.
“These upwellings are some distance from the WTC itself. Assuming there was an extensive underground facility or small city under Manhattan, there would have been a certain number of air vents and other exits to the surface. …[T]he force of the [nuclear] blast would have also been channelled through the underground corridors and hollow spaces, forcing dust and debris up into the atmosphere through these exits.” 

Inaccurate Effects of Nuclear Weapons Effects and Terrorism


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Posted 01 November 2018 - 09:48 PM



The twin towers were pulverised with mini nukes. Most probably the W54 warhead that powered both Davy Crockett nuclear field artillery and the back pack nuke. The towers were pulverised into very fine pyroclastic flows by about four of these variable yield sub kiloton devices in each tower. They were detonated in a top down synchronised sequence, each explosion obscured by debris from the preceding explosion.

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