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Iraq Revolution by Free Iraqi Army led by Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri not by fake rebels of ISIS

Iraq Revolution Free Iraqi Army Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri ISIS Mosul captured Fallujah Saddam Hussein

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#1 MattMarriott


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Posted 12 June 2014 - 06:16 AM

Original blog entry from Feb 2014 with updates with the fall of Mosul and Tikrit added in brackets:
Iraq Revolution by Free Iraqi Army not by fake rebels of ISIS
Free Iraqi Army led by Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri NOT NATO creatiion ISIS captured Fallujah in January 2014 [and Mosul and Tikrit now}.
Why have't you yet seen any footage of ISIS flags floating in [captured Mosul or Tikrit, not to mention] Fallujah (liberated for now six months?)
Because Fallujah was liberated by freedom fighters led by Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, same as Mosul and Tikrit.
To confirm it all you need is the publisher of the REAL videos of the liberated cities in Youtube.
ISIS created by NATO to fight and discredit the real rebels
The situation in Syria immediately exposes the ISIS hoax: ISIS "rules" the city of Raqqa, Syria.
Passing the message "rebels are terrorist jihadists" goes from mass beheadings and crucifxitions to drive-by shootings.
How poorly staged the hoax is: Raqqa is "coincidentally" the only city that was never bombed by Assad's airforce.
No longer need to add to the picture that the one and only target of ISIS are the real rebels, starting with the Free Syrian Army.
2011: Why did NATO create ISIS in Syria, along the border with Iraq (Raqqa)
With 100,000 NATO mercenaries leaving Iraq in 2011 the collapse of puppet Maliki could take place within one year.
The professional killers of ISIS would be marketed as the Iraqi rebels, something possible due to TOTAL control of the media by the illuminati. 
June 2014 - Videos by the real rebels in Iraq
June 10; Advancing towards Tikrit
June 11: Mosul returns to nornal life, one day after its liberation
June 2014: To what lengths the BIG LIE goes: 
The Illuminati, via Iran state TV PressTV, shows a video of dozens of civilians murdered in drive-by shootings in Raqqa, Syria.
The new label: "ISIL militants opening fire on people fleeing the city of Mosul"
Reality: images part of a one hour terror video published by ISIS in youtube  May-17-2014.
Later removed due to youtube policy on shocking and repulsive contents, so also not available at this mirror:
-- liveleak.com/view?i=fc4_1400369938
2013 August: Iraq same as Syria same as Afghanistan:
Illuminati media shows only fake rebels (ISIL), fake fights and Assad & his butchers, totally censors reality 

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#2 MattMarriott


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Posted 08 April 2016 - 03:40 PM

Almost two years later, illuminati forced youtube long ago to delete videos referenced in first post.


Genocide during World War and media deception
Armenian genocide during World War I in broad daylight and the Holocaust during World War II behind closed doors.
Contrast it with the genocide of syrians and iraqis in the age of the the "Information Highway", during World War III:
- in Europe's extermination camps since Sep 2015
- in Syria and in Iraq, for years now, what the following text is about.
Naming real rebels: Contrast Syria and Yemen with Iraq
Syria, same as in Yemen, illuminati call Qaeda to some of the freedom loving people.
Contrast it with Iraq, where illuminati started to call ISIS to ALL freedom loving iraqis shortly before they liberated the first city, Fallujah, Jan 2014, 10 years after it had been "liberated" by the US military. 
To what lenghts the hoax goes: unlike Syria, there's no ISIS whatsoever in the largest sunni cities in Iraq, same as in Yemen.
IV Reich "liberates" cities: Contrast Syria and Iraq
Syria: Large cities "liberated" by the IV Reich: Homs. Al-Qusayr was the first one but considerably smaller. 
With Homs the Fallujah 2004  milestone in Iraq was pushed even farther: "liberated" means reduced to a ghost town.
But new milestones for this time of media deception are being set in Iraq, starting with Tikrit 2015.
And that is only one of the milestones that were set with ...
Iraq: Sunni majority cities: Fallujah, Tikrit, Mosul, Ramadi: three milestones
Media deception about real and fake liberation of cities set for the first time and/or pushed to new limits.
First two milestones, in the words from Jun 25, 2014, after the liberation of Tikrit-
Third milestone: words from 2015, after the "liberation" of Tikrit, updated 2016 after the "liberation" of Ramadi,
Jun 25, 2014, - Illuminati had already set a first milestone in media deception related to sunni cities in Iraq: 
1. Concealing the genocide for unprecedented period of time, a decade now
Only a few times was some data deliberately leaked, to advance the "terrorize the audience" agenda.
But never did the basic fact make headlines, or in other words the genocide of sunnis that started with the US occupation of Iraq, using the shi'a militias as death squads.
Jun 25, 2014 - second milestone in media deception related to sunni cities in Iraq. 
2. Mosul, Iraq, "falls to ISIS" days after Tikrit - unprecedented type of media deception
Jun 2014: "Mosul fallen to ISIS" a repetition of the same extreme deception as days earlier with Tikrit.
One of the ultimate signs of end times information: illuminati able to serve to the global audience the second largest city in Iraq as controlled by the "ISIS caliphate".
Reality: Mosul, same as previously in 2014 Fallujah and Tikrit : ALL liberated and by the iraqi patriots of the General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries (MCIR) led by Izzat-al Douri.
Feb 2016, Ramadi pushes even farther the "Iraq's liberated cities" deception
3. "Liberation by the Iraqi army": Syria milestone pushed even farther
Despite one and half years of air bombings by the "US led coalition" Mosul was not yet "liberated".
Dec 2004: Fallujah became the first "liberated" city (read most of it destroyed) still with the US military used as main ground troops.
Ramadi "liberated" 2016 and Tikrit 2015 are now reduced to rubble, everyone either dead or gone.
US jets still account for most of the air bombings while most of the ground troops are now iranian and iraqi shi'a militias, all supposedly under the command of sh'ia "pope" "Ayatolah Khamenei".
Illuminati reporting all this as "liberated by the Iraqi army": this extreme "news" deception still pales in comparison with two previous related milestones in media deceptiion:
- first how the genocide in those cities, that started with the US occupation of Iraq, was concealed.
- later, in 2014 and 2015, how the real liberation of those cities was reported. 

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#3 Shura


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Posted 09 April 2016 - 12:31 AM


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