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Ukraine 2014: milestone in official resurrection of Hitler: nazi tactics beyond air bombing civilians

Ukraine 2014 milestone Hitler resurrection Rwanda genocide Iraq nazi techniques

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Posted 21 July 2014 - 06:53 PM

Ukraine 2014: milestone in official resurrection of Hitler: nazi tactics beyond air bombing civilians
Main qualitative differences between the Rwanda and the Ukraine genocide, 20 years later:
- the ongoing genocide is broadcasted all over the world by internet videos and livestream. Hardly anyone wants to see it, as the number of video views show: only a detail in the scope of this comparison.
- the targeted group is also bombed by rocket launchers, tanks and airforce jets.
Bombing civilians alone exposes Ukraine gov as nazi regime
Most important terror tactic of the Ukrainian army: indiscriminate bombings of civilians, starting with air strikes.
This fact alone exposes the Kiev regime, same as what the US Army did in Vietnam and NATO did or does, from Afghanistan to Iraq, exposes the US and the EU as nazi regimes.
Same as nazi agent Assad in Syria, the Kiev regime considers the bombed civilians as its own citizens: just a detail.

But make no mistake: these are two milestones NOT just two details
The first puppets in the role of UN recognized head of state, officially: 
1. bombing nearly all of its own  population: Assad in Syria since 2012.
2. celebrating Hitler's army and using  some nazi techniques that since 1945 were only covertly used: regime installed in the Ukraine, Feb 2014).
Kiev regime openly uses nazi techniques
- burns people alive in buildings, starting with a remake of Kristallnacht 1938 at Odessa. 
- knocks on the door at 3 A.M. in the night to arrest, interrogate and shortly after execute citizens.

- targets a GROUP defined by age and/or ethnicity and/or religion and/or political views: calling the members "sub-humans" and detaining them.
Note: when the illuminati did this during the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda 1994, it was concealed from the rest of the world. "UN peacekeepers" were present to suggest that an ongoing genocide would be impossible.
Same happened in Iraq during the genocide of Sunnis, just not as openly and in such a short period of time as in Rwanda, this time with 100,000 NATO mercenaries on site.
Jul 5 - Poroshenko, President of Ukraine, used the Nazi word 'subhumans' in relation to armed fighters that had evacuated Slavyansk, albeit without calling them 'Russians.'
English language press quotes Poroshenko with reference to his official website with "Subhumans" replaced with "People": 
"But the purging of Slovyansk of these bands, made up of people armed to the teeth, has incredible symbolic importance." 
The English version of Poroshenko's comment is conspicuously absent his website.
Neo-Gestapo in action:
Starobilsk, July
- people arrested in the night to be probably never seen again. 
- Interrogatory of police chief because in May he didn't intervene in a rally against the nazis (seen at 6.00 minutes), ends with "I'll shoot you". Only the execution is not shown.
Reminder: in the US The military already has the power to arrest and hold Americans indefinitely. Only difference is they don't use yet videos to openly show it.
Slavyansk, one day after the nazis entered the city: All men aged 25-35 arrested and taken to unknown location
Downed Boeing 777 hoax, totally staged with actors, is part of this:
Russia: 70 years later Nazis come again for their Lebens(t)raum. Impostor Putin opens the gates:
Hitler's Condor Legion was the first to air bomb civilians, at Guernica, Spain. 
This illuminazi milestone was celebrated as mockery of the "human cattle" by Picasso, an illuminati icon in the role of "artist".
Odessa Mass murder in live stream, all planned - Remix of staged Kiev riots and Kristallnacht 1938

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