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Ahmadiyya Message of Peace and Love from Maryam Mosque Galway, Ireland.

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Posted 02 October 2014 - 01:05 PM

Peace be upon you.

Ahmadiyya Jama'at bought the piece of land for making the mosque in 2009 in Galway, Ireland. Inauguration of the mosque was done with the Friday sermon of Hazrat Khalifa of Messiah Mahdi.



He explained what is purpose of a mosque in the light of Holy Quran:


Mosque is place, which remind to fulfill rights of Allah and rights of people.

Mosque reminds that Allah is Lord of all worlds for physical and spiritual growth.

Mosque is not a place for mischief. It is a place for peace, love and brotherhood in the society.



People who come to Ahmadiyya mosque, they believe that Allah has sent spiritual reform in this era too, as He promised. Allah has sent the peaceful reformer, as He promised. He is The Promised Messiah Mahdi (on whom be peace). After him Khilafat is working with prayers, morals and pen -- no sword, no guns.




Mosque is place to fulfill rights of people, with sacrifice and justice, even to the opponent.




The Mosque tells that the true Islam stands for freedom of religion.



Anyone who worship One God can worship in mosque, as Holy Prophet Muhammad (blessings of Allah be on him and peace) gave a Christian delegation permission to pray in his mosque.




It is obligation to Muslims to defend places of worship of all religions.




The Mosque reminds the believer that the part of their faith is be loyal to their country.



The Mosque reminds the believer should make self checks for offering five daily Prayers and behaviour with people.



The Ahmadiyya Muslims should realize their responsibilities which increase after initiation of a mosque in area. Non-Muslims come to visit. They observe the morals of people of the mosque. They ask questions.




These days Islam is in light. Ahmadiyya should inform people about the real peaceful teaching of Islam. They show it with their good deeds.




The name of the new mosque is “Maryam Mosque”. Respectful Hazrat Mary was the mother of Jesus. Jesus ( on him be peace) is a great Prophet in Islam. Ahmadiyya Muslims prove that Jesus (on him be peace) came down from cross live, he was cured, and then he migrated to meet the lost-tribes. He found them on his way to Iran, Afghanistan and Kashmir. [online Book, "Jesus in India" @ alislam.org (book section, with proofs from Quran, Bible, Medical record and Histroy)] He did his services well to spread message of Allah.



Holy Quran presents example of Hazrat Maryam, as a righteous example for believers. The name of mosque, Maryam Mosque, reminds this message.


Reference: Friday sermon by Ahmadiyya Muslim Khalifah (may Allah be his Helper), alislam.org and mta.tv


Good wishes.













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