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Obama Is A Soviet Agent

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Posted 03 June 2020 - 11:02 PM



Obomber was put in power by the powerful Jewish Crown family. Henry Crown was the founder of the dynasty. He had mob connections and owned merchant of death General Dynamics. Obama was approached by Henry's son Lester and auditioned for the position. Drumpf was installed by Sheldon Adelson. The problem is the world is ruled by the Jews. A big and apparently unsolvable problem.

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#42 Zharkov


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Posted 08 June 2020 - 03:38 AM

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Posted 09 June 2020 - 12:58 PM

I thought this may interest you all. I once had a dream which I recorded. As it turned out it was about Obama but at the time I knew nothing about him.


Dream January 10, 2007.

If we did not actually have a section devoted to dreams here I don’t think that I would have bothered to write this one out but it was so detailed that I think that you may be able to have some fun with it.

This starts off with my family getting ready to sell something. It’s a small artifact. It used to be precious to us, It used to be held in high esteem but now it is considered of no real value. I glanced over at it and it was just an old piece of wood that looked like it had been carved as a crude bird in the likeness of an eagle, but it was now very old and dry and broken.

We were driving to a park to do the deal. The buyer turned out to be a president of a country, I felt it was the US but not the one in office now. This president was there standing by his limousine with his body guards standing on either side. He was a tall skinny black dude. My gut feeling was that this was another Mugabe but the chances of him being American seemed strange.  He had in his hands a huge wad of paper money but this was not the normal money. These bank notes were the size of A4 sheets. They were exquisite to look at. The printing on them was extraordinary with a multitude of colors with embossed artwork and raised printing. One look at them and the first thought was that there must be a fortune there.

We gladly took the money and gave him the artifact that we no longer considered of any value. Only then did I examen the money that he gave us closer. Although these notes were so beautiful to look at the top notes were only marked as having a value of $1.00. As I dug down deeper through this wad I came across the notes marked $2.00. Then I came across notes marked as $3.00 and got the feeling that this was false money. At the very bottom of the wad was some $20.00 notes. Although this huge wad of notes look like it was of such value I realized that they were all small denomination notes and the actual value of them, even if they were not false, was not very high. Basically we had the prettiest monopoly money you’ve ever seen.

In this dream I just accepted that we had been ripped off and made a plan to convert it into real money. I found my self on the side of the road holding this money up one note at a time and selling them off as art work for a looney (Canadian dollar) a note. This was going well and I felt happy in that I was converting this into real money, then I turned back to get some more after those notes that I had in my hand ran out. But then felt real disappointment when I looked to where the pile of other notes should have been.

Instead of seeing this pile of beautifully inscribed funny money all I saw was this pile of very old paper the size of regular bank notes that were completely faded and disintegrating as it blew away in the wind. I felt really let down that I couldn’t even convert this into real money any more! This is the point where I woke up!
Could this be a warning regarding the new Amero that will be coming out.

Looking at what is happening to the economic and political situation it is starting to seem that it ties up with this dream. The bird being the Eagle as representative of America.

The constitution and freedoms have been sold for a pack of lies by the common people to those in authority. And what they got back is worthless.

The bird is the old America and what it meant.

My Family represents the common people, working stiffs etc

The money is what it was given up for . A pretty picture that blows away in the wind

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#44 Bruce M Cow

Bruce M Cow

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Posted 09 June 2020 - 01:02 PM

Now this is funny

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