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Thee alone do we worship and thee alone do we implore for help

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Posted 04 December 2014 - 03:26 PM

Peace be on you.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said: About seeking help, it  should be remembered that it is only Allah the Exalted Who has the true right to be asked for help.  





Sometimes, a person is able to fulfill his needs and solve his problems by his own efforts and resources, he feels happy.





But sometimes the person is unable to solve his problems, he seeks help from relatives. Then he thinks, to have relatives, it is good.





But there are times when relatives cannot help, he gets help from friends.




There are times when friends are unable to help for various reason, he seeks help from systems like system of Jama'at. Then he feels it is good to be in connection with system. (some people do get tripped if system do not provide solution of their like)





There are times when system, for various limitation, cannot help someone in worldly matters, then the person seeks help from government.





But government is not able to help all the times. There are times when justice is not provided then the person seeks help from various institutions of human rights.





But there are times when these institutions do fail too.





Then, even then, if the person gets success. He says he got help from unknown source……. If the person has faith in God, he attributes his success to God. He sees the Hand of God…….If the person has no faith in God, he says worldly sources are everything.





There are people who deny God but when find no way out of troubles, they remember they have a God Who has all Powers and Praises. They pray with state of anguish, God listen to them. But later they turn aside.




Holy Quran

[17:68]  ‘And when harm touches you on the sea, all those whom you call upon, except Him, become lost to you. But when He brings you safe to land, you turn aside; and man is very ungrateful.’





Hazrat Musleh Mo’ud (r.a.) stated events:

Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) had published prophesy about great earthquakes……. There was a student in medical college, he used to deny existence of God and debated against, and would mock. When a great earthquake struck, he felt roof of his room was about to collapse, he started to call name of God according to his religion…..Latter people asked him why he did so? He said his mind was not working then!. Hazrat Musleh Mo’ud said, if fact it was working then.





In 1918, Germany had attacked allied forces. A time came when first defensive line of allied forces broke down in a way that soldiers were clustered on right and left and middle was open. In case, if Germany had attacked then, England and France would have been finished. The commander on ground sent completely hopeless message to headquarter. Then prime minister was told, he was in meeting with ministers.





Europe had had religion but practically they were atheist. The leader led the meeting to pray to God for safety, they had no means to do anything.

God listens to anguished people but if they pray against God’s prophets it is not heard because God has decreed the victory of prophets.





Two things happened. Germans did not know that line was broken. Second, the commander in chief called an officer, and asked him not to ask any question, and asked him to go to area and make temporary line of defense. The officer went there and talked to civilian workers of armed forces and told them the situation. He reminded them that they always wanted to be in military to serve country, today is the time. He gathered many people and gave arms in their hands. They filled the broken line. Thus 24 hours passed by without problem, and meanwhile the regular army was able to come.


Thus earthly people too call God when they are in position when there is no hope and help.





Allah has taught to say prayer in Salaat. Believer are asked to use worldly means but their eyes should be on God. They remember God always; not only when they are in trouble and find no one for help.





Allah has taught that believers should always focus  at Allah. They pray in each Salaat’s each rakaat:


‘eyyaka na’bodo wa eyyaka nasta’een’

Holy Quran [ch1:v5] Thee alone do we worship and thee alone do we implore for help.




Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said that when servant says “eyyaka na’bodo wa eyyaka nasta’een” [ch1:v5] Thee alone do we worship and thee alone do we implore for help. then Allah the Exalted says this verse is common between Me and My servant. Whatever My servant has asked I shall grant him.





It is blessings of Allah that Allah the Exalted grants guarantee to Muslims for acceptance of prayers. But it works only when there is constant focus on worship of Allah alone.  





Hazrat Khalifa tul Messiah V (a.t.) said: "We should remember that we are Ahmadis, and we have made pledge of Bai'at at the hand of Imam of era to mould each of our talk and act according to pleasure of God the Exalted. We have  pledged to seek help of God in easy or tough times, and to dislike other-than-God. We have to understand the subject of eyyaka na’bodo wa eyyaka nasta’een’. We do not have to call God the Exalted like an atheist who call God when about to sink.





We have to get understanding of worship and seeking help like ascended-believers. Our duty do not end after repeating 32 times  “eyyaka na’bodo wa eyyaka nasta’een” like a parrot. We are physically weak, our opponent is very strong, we have no power and resources for competition. We have to bow to God the Exalted. The only way we have is to be at threshold of God the Exalted by understanding the soul of eyyaka na’bodo wa eyyaka nasta’een”. Today satanic attack on the world is at peak. Difficulties are bring  placed in our paths everywhere. Thos who call themselves Muslim, they are opposing us that why we have believed in Imam of era. Others are envious as Jama'at is attracting attentions towards it.





A light glimpse of this envy was seen in German media few days ago for their anti Jama'at Ahmadiyya attitude. Surely this envy and fires of opposition will be burnt in their own fire. Insha Allah. But we should not forget to pay our responsibilities. We should never be ignorant of worship of Allah the Exalted and seeking His help because without this, we do not have power to contend with opponent. This Power is so huge that no earthly power can match it. It should always be remembered that when Allah the Exalted stands to help someone he gets success. No earthly power can stop his success because help of God the Exalted is very vast, and His Powers are endless. Neither the Being of Allah the Exalted is limited  nor His attributes.






Thus it is the duty of each Ahmadi to bow before Him and seek His help. It is not the duty of only Ahmadis in Pakistan who are suffering more, not of Ahmadis living in Muslim countries but it is the duty of each Ahmadi living in each country and part of the world that they should bow to God the Exalted with perfect obedience, and seek His help. Jama'at is held together in a strong bond, and it ought to be, it is the property of Jama'at because without it, it cannot exist as Jama'at. Everyone should pray for others so that help of Allah the Exalted is with each Ahmadi every moment, every place. When we shall have this state, we shall see wonderful scenes of help and victory from Allah the Exalted. Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says: Remember God the Exalted is very Independent and Besought of all, unless prayer is done with abundance and repeatedly, He does not care…..






Thus repeated and abundant prayers are the secret of our successes. We need to pay much attention to it. We need to pray that whatever problems we are facing, either they are due to a group or from governments or from envious people to create unrest in society, or through media or any other mean, or from those who are engaged in hurling disrespect against Jama'at – May Allah the Exalted help us against all these. We do not expect help from anyone else and cannot have such hope. It should be prayed that if our mistakes has pushed back the help from Allah the Exalted, may He forgive us by granting His mercy, and pull us out from the state of His unhappiness and enter us among those, upon whom Your shower of blessings and bounties comes always; those who have the true understanding of eyyaka na’bodo wa eyyaka nasta’een” (1:5) [Thee alone do we worship and Thee alone do we implore for help.].






Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says: Look Allah the Exalted has given teaching of  “eyyaka na’bodo” [Thee alone we worship]. It was possible that human might have depended on his power, and gone away from God. That is why, along with it, He gave teaching of “eyyaka nasta’een” [Thee alone do we implore for help] that do not think the worship I do, I do it with my strength and power. Not at all. But, unless the help of Allah the Exalted is there, and that Pure Being does not enable and does not give power, nothing can be done……Thus we should always keep this important reality before us too. May Allah the Exalted enable us to keep this important subject always before us, understand it and act upon it.......





Huzur (may Allah help him with His Might help) further said:  Again I remind for the prayer. The speed, with which, circumstances of the world are changing, may Allah the Exalted make them means of progress of Jama'at. May these not be hindrance in the progress. May we worship Allah the Exalted and get benefit from His help and victory, and continue to get so."


Reference:  Friday sermon (28 November, 2014) by Hazrat Khalifa tul Messiah V (a.t.) alislam.org and mta.tv

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Posted 18 December 2014 - 07:01 AM

No gods, no war.

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