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Paris Charlie Hebdo hoax for dummies: Mock the human cattle: manhunt script: = Boston Marathon = LAPD Dorner

Charlie Hebdo hoax for dummies manhunt Mockery human cattle Boston Marathon

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Posted 09 January 2015 - 04:27 PM

Mock the human cattle: manhunt script: Charlie Hebdo = Boston Marathon = LAPD Dorner

Reminder of Last Prophet's words before the "manhunt" for the "Tsarnaev brothers" began: expect an exact remake of the same act in episode "LAPD Dorner",
There are as many "differences" between the "manhunt" act in Boston Marathon bombings 2013 and Charlie Hebdo attack 2015 as between the search for the first and the second missing malaysian planes, 2014.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words one hour after the Paris "attack" [added text is signaled as update]:

All it takes to get "Paris Charlie Hebdo hoax": Basic Questions that you'll never hear
For a start:
1. Why would they now strike a satirical newspaper instead of the government or the military?
Reminder: unlike 2011 there are now thousands of french mercenaries fighting and air bombing the population in former french colonies.
Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger: an area larger than ALL of Europe, "ruled" by illuminazi puppets dressed as islamists (sharia law).

2, Why does this happen one day after "France says ready to strike extremists on Libya border"?
Reminder: Dec 2014: Libya's patriotic government launches an offensive against the ISIS terrorists that NATO covertly finances and sends to Libya.

All staged with actors, same as EVERY false flag since Germany school shooting 2009
The "dead" will now be given new identities
For people aware of who the illuminati are, facts that immediately prove it. For a start:
1. If Charlie Hebdo wasn't an illuminati tool it would have been finished long ago.

Main Agenda: supervised race war
Preliminaries for the internment and extermination of non-whites, part of the BIG BANG, about to be launched.
Just one day before the Charlie Hebdo hoax illuminati terminated another psy-op setting the stage for the supervised race war:
"Mayor denies burial to gypsy baby", an episode of the same Gypsy series as "blonde Gypsy girl kidnapped in Greece", 2013.

Web of Disinfo
As always since the 1975 coup: Israel's treasonous government (all nazi agents) plays its to convince the questioning audience that "it was indeed real and the evil jews did it".
For a start:
1. "this same week Israel vents their fury with France after parliament votes to recognise Palestine as a state".

Illuminati jokes - Update
Jan 8: Young mother let terrorists into Charlie Hebdo building after threat against daughter
This act is an illuminati joke about a REAL act: the fake marriage of Onassis and Jackie Kennedy.
As exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet in July 2009, Jacqueline Kennedy agreed to participate in this theater days after the illuminati murdered Robert F. Kennedy.
For a good reason: otherwise it meant the death sentence for her son, JFK Jr.

AP - France has now launched a military operation against Islamic extremists in five of its former colonies in the Sahel region, with 3,000 troops, 200 armored vehicles and six fighter jets in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Niger, Chad and Mali.

AP - The [patriotic] Tobruk government says [NATO member] Turkey backs Islamist militias.

Jan 5, 2015 - "France says ready to strike extremists on Libya border"

Jan 5, 2015 - France: episode "Gypsy baby denied burial" "finally" ends.
Half a million french law abinding gypsies are put in the same bowl as the romanian gypsies deliberately brought to France during the last decade, mostly thieves.

Update Jan 8: example of two members of the illuminati web of disinfo hammering for more than one hour that "it's all very strange, the Jews sure did it".

Update Jan 8: Young mother let terrorists into Charlie Hebdo building after threat against daughter

For what is now going on in Libya, start here and see BASICS in that page:
Jan 5, 2014 - Patriotic government bombs [covert NATO] greek vessel transporting terrorists dressed as jihadists

Reminder of Last Prophet's words as the "search for the missing Malaysia Boeing" started;
Missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 and Maddie McCann to orbiting Space Shuttle/ISS: global searches for fake items related to Milestones in simulated reality

Race war, extermination camps: Gypsies: previous episode: "Greece: kidnapped blond blue-eyed girl", 2013.
Page mentions the previous episode in France, 2013: Minister Valls denies french gypsies right to park their caravans, part of their nomad style of life.

All major "conspiracy" sites are in fact run by the illuminati.
Same as the political "opposition", from Nigel Farage to Alexis Tsipras. from "Putin" to Kim Jong Un, from trotskyst to "neo-nazi" parties.

The execution of Jacqueline Kennedy in 1968 behind closed doors, revealed worldwide first by Last Prophet, June 2009.
Illuminati Murders: John F. Kennedy Jr murdered - FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Matt M, 10 years later

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Posted 09 January 2015 - 05:10 PM

Something similar to hunger games...

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