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Illuminati puppet governments 2015: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology

Illuminati puppet governments Russia Iran North Korea Ukraine Typology

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Posted 20 January 2015 - 10:21 AM

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from May 2013 - original text unchanged, added updates signaled.
Illuminati puppet governments 2015: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology

Every illuminati puppet gov, no matter in which clothes it's dressed by illuminati media, plays the same basic three roles:
1 - use schools and media to brainwash the populace, in particular to fulfill the "Black is White" commandment of the illuminati religion.
2 - transfer of national assets to illuminati safes, in particular to fulfill the "Global Slavery" commandment of the illuminati religion.
3 - advance the terror state agenda. This ALWAYS includes the "destruction of Christianity" agenda, that ends with the "Genocide of christians" agenda.

Until the proclamation of an openly nazi regime, illuminati dress their puppet govs in other clothes.
1. Democratic, with government elected by universal and verifiable vote (paper ballots, results for each ballot box and not only for aggregates). Examples:
- Russia since Putin was murdered and replaced with an impostor.
- USA, until 1984, long before the introduction of e-vote; UK before forced to formally obey the EU gov, 1999.

2. Democratic, although the government is not "elected" by universal and/or verifiable vote.
- the USA now with a gov not elected by verifiable vote;
- the EU since 1999, with a gov (European Council and European Commission) not elected by universal vote.

3. Democratic clothes (only for external consumption) of an openly terror regime.
a) islamists. Despite having proclaimed sharia law, illuminati media sells that there are elections. Examples now:
- from Pakistan to Iran, from Algeria to Tunisia, from Erdogan in Turkey to Assad in Syria.
- Afghanistan and Iraq after the NATO occupation.
b ) openly nazi: currently none. [UPDATE]: the Ukraine since March 2014. This is the first time ever that an openly nazi regime stages "elections" and is presented (albeit only for external consumption) as democratic.

4. Openly dictatorial:
- communists: from Lenin's Soviet Union to China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba now. Note: neither Stalin's Soviet Union nor Ho Chi Minh's Vietnam were illuminati puppets.
- islamists: Taliban's Afghanistan; Morsi's Egypt after he changed the constitution Jan 2013; Saudi Arabia.
- nazis: currently none.

Illuminati fake wars: US vs Taliban October 2001, Afghanistan
World Heritage sites: Destruction psy-ops: Afghanistan, Mali

[UPDATES] [after May 2013]
Egypt, July 2013: illuminati lose the most important battle of World War III so far.
Protests of 30 million Egyptians defeat the Muslim Brotherhood, illuminatzi puppets playing islamists, under the cover of imposing the sharia law.

2014, Ukraine after the Maidan "revolution":
- first openly nazi regime since the surrender of Hitler's army.
- first time that an openly nazi regime stages democracy, even if only for external consumption.
"Election" was still held, but "news" no longer hid that any real opposition candidate was previously arrrested or murdered.
No wonder, the puppets (Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk & Co) are ordered to use nothing but openly nazi tactics:
- nazi symbology; almost half of its citizens labeled sub-humans because of ethnicity;
- mass arrests, concentration camps;
- millions of civilians bombed for simply living in a particular area. How is it possible that Illuminati media refers to Ukraine as a democracy? Because:
- truth videos are censored;
- human cattle accepted the Mark of the Beast and will swallow anything without blinking an eye.

2014: Mockery pushed to new limits: illuminati media reports "Assad wins elections" after he reduced almost all of Syria to rubble.

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