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Macedonia Kumanovo: STAGED attack of albanian terrorists end with their surrender - ALL agendas explained

Macedonia Kumanovo Hoax STAGED albanian terrorists leaks psy-op Raw videos ethnic card

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#1 MattMarriott


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Posted 21 May 2015 - 05:51 PM

A psy-op fulfilling the commandment of telling the truth hidden in plain sight writes:
"Video of arresting 20+ terrorists by Macedonian counter terrorist police unit. The video look unreal, because 8 cops were dead in the police action, and yet, nobody is being shoot, kicked and the police officers do not even use curse words. 
The terrorists are also on their very best behavior.They do not try to resist , follow orders completely , even if most of them do not understand Macedonian language. 
Maybe they took some selfies with each other."
Totally staged "Raw videos of albanian terrorist surrendering in Macedonia" - for dummies
Fake vs real leaks: Macedonia tapes vs EVERY OTHER "LEAK" covered by illuminati media (psy-ops Assange, Snowden & Co)
"SKOPJE, Macedonia — An almost surreal scandal involving hundreds of thousands of secretly recorded conversations caught top government officials discussing everything from rigging votes to covering up killings."
Why are the Macedonia leaks totally censored by the same illuminati media that serves for years now countless episodes of the Wikileaks and Snowden series ?
Because for one time these are real leaks.
What was the reaction of the illuminati to the real leaks about the  Macedonia government?
To stage "a sudden burst of bloodshed that left eight police officers and 14 albanian terrorists dead".
Two first goals are obvious:
-  divert from the tapes;
- try to rally macedonians behind the government, using the ethnic card.
The less obvious third goal of the psy-op : to have albanians join the protests.
1. "refusal by dissociation" psy-op, trying to weaken support for the protests (macedonians who will no longer join the protest if albanians also part of it).
2. Have illuminati media finally "covering" the story thus "proving" that it wasn0t totally censored.
The "coverage" resumes to showing images of the protests, more precisely of albanian flags.
This additionally serves a third goal:
3. Suggest that this is an ethnic based protest.
Real leaks: Macedonia vs USA
Why were there real leaks about the nazi puppet gov of "Tiny Macedonia" but for decades now not even once about the nazi puppet gov of much larger USA?
Because of the laws of End Time Reductionism.
The psy-op was a success, everybody perceived simulation as reality.
Europe, USA: The story behind the first capital's open air rally in support of a government in years
see post below.
Tiny Macedonia Confronts a Supersize Scandal
Totally staged "Raw videos of terrorist surrendering in Macedonia"
Leaks published by illuminati media are ALWAYS staged, from pedoleaks to ""Whistleblower: government is spying on you"

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#2 Shura


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Posted 21 May 2015 - 08:33 PM

Budale Siptarske u sluzbi Americkog idiota.

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#3 Shura


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Posted 22 May 2015 - 03:40 AM

They are actively trying to do the same in Serbia, by sending recruited criminals to start "Maidan" there. Same as CIA is  doing in Syria

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