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How to recognize an illuminati puppet government - Reduced to the simplest form, an IF test: destruction of Israel

illuminati Bible puppet government recognize destruction of Israel Adolf Hitler extermination of the jews Palestine Israel

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Posted 06 June 2015 - 03:41 PM

How to recognize an illuminati puppet government: Reduced to the simplest form, an IF test:
If the government is part of the agenda "destruction of Israel" and "extermination of the jews".
Original text from Jul 2012, added text signaled by mention of a more recent date.
List of governments advancing the extermination of jews agenda
Since 1948 the illuminati replaced "exterminate all jews" by "expell all jews from Israel / Palestine", using three basic tactics.
1. Governments expelling all Jews from Israel.
Israel, controlled by the illuminati since the 1975 coup.
- 1992: illuminati agent prime minister Yitzhak Rabin proposes building the West Bank barrier.
The message: Israel government wants nothing to do with it, so Jews must get out, starting with Hebron, the second-holiest city in Judaism after Jerusalem. 
- 2005: impersonator of Ariel Sharon (murdered 1975) expells the Jews from Gaza
- 2014: Nethanyahu allows Hamas to bomb Telaviv for the first time, one year after Egypt's patriotic government had put an end to the supply of weapons through the border with Gaza.
2. Governments directly calling to "expell all jews from Palestine" alias from Israel.
official illuminati puppets: Egypt's Morsi, paraded in Germany by Hitler's younger daughter Angela Merkel in 2012 shortly after having promised that "Jerusalem will be our capital".
After Morsi was deposed, Jul 2013:  Turkey, a NATO member, with Erdogan in 2015 promising to invade Jerusalem.
- illuminati puppets who were originally created to play "opposition": Lebanon/Hezbollah, Iran, Gaza/Hamas and since 2013, Raqqa/ISIS.
Hezbollah, now the real government in Lebanon, was created by the illuminati in 1985. One of the goals was to set the milestone of becoming the first De facto state to openly call to "expell all jews from Palestine".
Illuminati puppets added to the list: Iran, and the newly created mini-states of Gaza (Hamas) in 2005 in Israel and Raqqa (ISIS or Islamic State) 2013 in Syria.
- self-exposing the fake war "West vs Iran and Hezbollah" went as far as NATO troops leaving Iraq in 2011 only to be replaced by Iranian "revolutionary guards" and Hezbollah. The same ground troops also try to prevent the defeat of puppet Assad in Syria.
- Oct 2014: in both Syria and Iraq illuminati were forced to openly resort to "air strikes by US lead coalition" against the patriotic syrian and iraqi rebels, all under the cover of "fight against Islamic State". 
IS or ISIS are fake rebels, mostly sent by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, mercenaries in the illuminati payroll created to fight and discredit the real rebels.
3. Governments indirectly calling to "expell all jews from Palestine" alias from Israel.
These puppet governments officially support one or both other two types of puppets, directly expelling jews (Israel) and calling for jews to be expelled (Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Gaza).
The list includes almost all governments recognized by the UN.
Governments officially supporting both: USA.
Governments officially supporting only the second type: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia.
2014: self-exposing the fake war "Saudi Arabia vs Iran" went as far as to have the fake sunnis of Saudi government officially participating since 2014 in the "US lead coalition" carrying on the genocide of sunnis in Iraq and Syria.
Jun 24, 2012 Morsi alias the illuminati making their promises: "Jerusalem will be our capital"
Why do lluminati desperately try to exterminate the Jews?
Beacause it's the ONLY UNDENIABLE way to  prove the Bible wrong
Israel: four fake wars reduced to two grotesque milestones
The uprising of freedom loving syrians against illuminati puppet Assad reduced three (Hezbollah, Syria and Iran) out of four into one grotesque milestone for fake wars.
Same goes with the fake war against Hamas.
Fighting Hamas terrorists: Contrast treasonous Israel government with Egypt patriotic government after the fall of Morsi 2013
To get Netanyahu alias illuminati agent John Sullivan: Learn about fake jews:
BIG BANG: Evil jews take over Federal Reserve Bank script: Janet Yellen is Martha Stewart, Ben Shalom Bernanke is Paul Krugman without toupee. Best joke: Stan Fischer was officially the governor of Bank of Israel.
ISIS are fake rebels used to fight and discredit the real rebels in Syria and there's none in Iraq.

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