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Fake crashes, shootings: mentally ill agenda formally terminates free speech, legalizes genocide

crashes shootings fake hoax free speech legalize genocide mentally ill first amendment theaters Colorado

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Posted 06 August 2015 - 01:41 PM

Published first Jul 28 2013, after the fake train crash at Santiago de Compostela. Updated 2015 with the latest psy-ops and laws.
Fake crashes, shootings: mentally ill agenda formally terminates free speech, legalizes genocide
Fake crashes (from Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2013 to Amtrak  Engineer Brandon and Germanwings pilot Lubitz) = other psy-ops such as "brazilian drugs courier Goularte executed in Indonesia" = fake "shooters" team.
Psy-ops staged as shootings, from theaters to children at Sandy Hook school 2012 and marines at Chatanooga 2015: - "mentally ill" agenda
Colorado 2011 to Nashville 2015: one agenda is obvious, to complete the disarm citizens agenda by suppressing the second amendment of the US constitution.
But why is the role of the shooter scripted as "on drugs, suffering from depression, mentally ill"? 
1. formally supress free speech in the IV Reich (the first amendment in the US), by declaring anyone stating the truth as "mentally ill".
2. Have the audience accept the (so far covert) genocide of anyone deemed "mentally ill" / "on drugs". 
To what lengths legalizing the end of free speech goes
The same illuminazis who created the fake "conspiracy theory of a powerful Jewish cabal" now use it to package the outlawing of free speech.
The same illuminazis who created the fake rebels of ISIS now use it to label views challenging the official story as " vicious, brutal, fundamentally abhorrent."
Illuminati make clear that what is deemed a challenge goes well beyond denouncing inside jobs, either with real victims (such as 9/11, Madrid bonbings or 7/7) or fake (all since 2009).
It will go as far as including anyone denouncing slavery from China to Brazil, or the air bombings of civilians, from Syria to Afghanistan.
Snip from " Britain's Cameron attacks extreme conspiracy theories": "He is also to attack views that hold poverty and Western foreign policy responsible for terrorism."
Spain train crash, Jul 2013
Driver had boasted about speeding on Facebook page
Driver said afterwards 'he wanted to die'
July 19, 2015 - Britain's Cameron attacks extreme conspiracy theories
"vicious, brutal, fundamentally abhorrent."
Aug 2015 - Latest episode of fake shootings, same script ad nauseum:
Suspect in latest theater attack had psychological issues
Illustration of legalizing genocide of "mentally ill":
Snip from episode "executed in Indonesia":
This is why the cast of the "executed" had: a brazilian who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
Added one day later: "post-execution proof"  that "elimination of the mentally ill isn't a crime against humanity": they don't even notice it, "the brazilian did not understand what was happening to him until his final moments".
"Mentally ill": only a fraction of the ongoing genocide.
End Times Paradoxes: Since 2009 mass murder in hospitals, from USA to EU, from Canada to Australia, has DECREASED.
From about 5 million a year in this millenium until 2009 to 4 million yearly since 2009. WHY:

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