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Tianjin uncovers cyanide based compulsory global vaccination alias vassassination - parallel scripts from godess ISIS to Hitler

Tianjin cyanide vaccination global genocide. compulsory goddess ISIS Zyklon B China parallel scripts 911

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Posted 17 August 2015 - 04:39 PM

Tianjin blast uncovers cyanide based compulsory global vaccination alias vassassination - parallel scripts include:
- In ancient Egypt everybody who dared to publicly announce the "mysteries and secrets of goddess ISIS" had been sentenced to death by being forced to breath sodium cyanid.
- In NAZI Germany Jews were killed by breathing sodium cyanide in the gas chambers ( Zyklon B ).
Cyanide for dummies: Why unbelievable amounts stocked in Tianjin China
Tianjin blasts forced China puppets to admit stocking hundreds of tons of deadly sodium cyanide made in China and ready to be shipped.
First announced as 100 tons the amount was shortly after increased seven fold. 
Reminder: the kill shot isn't basically different from what was served until now. The cyanide dosis is what is to make the difference. 
Time to finally  get what illuminati parallel scripts are.
Talk of China: guess what was the first and only day that the "Communist" Party of China officially had two leaders.
Hint: check out what day did the "two popes first time ever" script start at the Vatican, controlled by the illuminazis since 1959.
The first missing malysian airliner was and still is scripted as parallel to the "two airliners that crashed on the WTC towers".
The second missing malaysian plane, originally scripted for early April 2014, was exposed also one hour later, Dec 28 2014.
The second musing malaysian airliner, AirAsia, was originally scripted as a parallel script to 9/11 Shanksville. 
Why the Black box "bomb" wasn't dropped on Jan 15 2015:

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