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Are the old prophecies true? Is this the Roy?

prophecies about David prophecies prophecies about roy president apocolypse

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Posted 25 August 2015 - 01:52 AM

Sometime in April 2015 Roy and I started commenting on each other’s posts, and then by email, due to discovering that many of our ideas were quite similar. Roy and I had almost like another life back when I was about 6 years old and he was a friend of my fathers.

So jump 50 years ahead and he’s 87 and I’m 56. His mind is youthful and desires only truth. He rejects negativity and disinformation and is a fountain of wisdom and knowledge for the young and old alike. For those with open ears.

I am refreshed by someone who clearly seeks only truth no matter where it might fall. He has open ears to hear and a youthful heart.  We are now as calves, frisking in their stall.

We stood tall and asked help of the father regarding our current and common plight.

Answers came quickly!!! We created KidsKanAmerica (Free America), found on Facebook to tell the truth to the young as they have more open ears it seems. Our mission is to start creating villages that are nonviolent, no killing of animals or anything. We are hoping to find people who are fit physically and spiritually. Those who have the insight and understanding at working with each other , giving of our selves without the use of money.

So I guess Roy and I started talking on my dads birthday as far as it looks going through my emails. April 11th, A monumental date in the life of a person living outside the box almost in one dimension and trying to relate to the other side of the picture for the average mentality.  So the same as in Roy! We set up a page on Face book KidsKanAmerica (Free America). It didn't matter I was on the east slope In CO and he was on the west slope in Utah about 600 miles apart. By the end of May as well as I have been developing a blog on Google, Posting as well on Tsunami and Twitter. Trying to get our message out. So I will try to show the more important posts in order by date.  Here is basically our mission statement, As it gets towards the bottom you will start seeing posts that I put in red as they are the main ones that tell when things really started happening. You are welcome to use any or all of our postings here as long as you refer back to this thread. It will be well worth your time to take the time to read at least all of the bold print.


May 30, 2015

Mission Statement by Roy!

KIDS KAN AMERICA ! Listen to this Students & Parents:

Back in the eighties a man was

asked to run for President. I was that

man. No lawyer, no big shot, just a

guy that saw what was happening I

warned about rotten politics, greed

and coming terrorism. Kids like you

are now being be-headed cut in two,

forced into sex slavery, raped and

tortured. Not funny stuff is it? But

happening in America!

The President thing? Zero, ridiculed

by the big shots. POLITICS, UGH!

KIDS KAN AMERICA ! needs your

help. Send a five dollars a month member-

ship, get on the Net, find 20 others

who are concerned, enroll them,

have each of them get 20 more

Worldwide. See your Power in numbers.

A money tree that bears fruit to help

CLEAN UP things that adults haven’t.

*Send your monthly Five Dollar Bill to the (cause below) which

is sponsoring KIDS KAN AMERICA ! HEY! It’s your turn to be heard.

Get this: EVERY 3 MONTHS the best idea for helping America and the

planet gets a Big Surprise you will flip over. So - Just DO IT, get on

your machine, tell others who see what’s needed. Be heard, get noticed for what you are doing as YOU stir it up big time. Watch your Five Dollar bill each month create a Whirlwind of ACTION.Yes! Get noticed!

You guys and gals are dynamos – Thank you,

Roy-David Woodward, Presidential candidate 1985 The New American Pioneers Party.

You may contact Nathan here to donate outside of just purchasing products on CleankidsUSA.com

*Large donations from Moms and Dads? Do what you can. God bless you. You can support us on

https://www.facebook...merica/timeline ! Support us also on CleanKidsUSA.com by purchasing awesome green cleaning products the way these products should be. Just click on KidsKan in shopping cart.

We are not affiliated with any

political party or organization – strictly non profit for awakening America.


The prophesies, say that it will be the younger generations that hear the calls of truth. We represent the light beings here on earth. In this time warriors of light will come forth and defend our freedom. We are creating physical means of contact after failure of the grid. Learning to become one with Mother Earth and Grandfather sky. Building together with love, giving forgiving, peace, harmony and surviving any impending catastrophes inevitable at this point. Gathering together building communities that will be part of the new beginning of our ascending planet..

Bear with us as we present our aims, attitudes and helps. Isn't easy to please every type person or belief. But that's our aim without compromising what we have found MUST be told. A vicious element, both World and Cosmic is after our Souls, using half truths, lies and reworked History to get us confused and leery of each other. Few Talk Shows would dare what we know has to be said. It's to untangle and reunite us and true American values that our present government has twisted out of shape here and in the world view. You see that don't you? ROY and NATHAN


Our youth has much to demand of us for how we have been asleep at the switch and it is them we can trust. For they have not been fooled as to what's important, how we all need to, "Pay Attention" before the storms of lies, greed and blood overcomes us. You don't have to be 87 years young to see this and you Kids have a certain new power we need to get things done. So yes, we need you, trust you and want your future far happier than it has been so far. Ok? ROY



June 3rd 2015


Kids Kan America

June 3 ·  By Roy Woodward


A few “Sheeple’ are coming awake or wondering if they are having their worst all time nightmares. Meaning their raised eyebrows at Jade Helm 15’s military ‘exercise’ across America, China’s entry into the U.S. to take over their billions in loans and property (mortgaged by whose edict or vote?) – Americans had no say there of course, no vote, no warning. Congress asleep ala mode…

This Sept. 28 a Bank Holiday is planned (like in Greece) when banks closed, took over safety deposit boxes, checking accounts, savings deposits because their funds were gone. Illegal? Of course, but banks have sources who can get away with anything they call ‘a necessity’.

So too with our corrupt govt. which IS not just the NWO but a cosmic warfare scene like Star Wars to take over Earth - Aww… come on Roy? Ever notice how Cosmic events are covered up, ridiculed, excused? Catch is there IS a cosmic war going on which will be USED by Earth govts. to make you think we are being invaded so martial law can be implemented. Yes, govt. has such ability-high tech resources to make it look beyond real. Example see latest blockbuster movie, SAN ANDREAS with Dwayne Johnson. Wonder how that was done? Phenomenal technology indeed.

So “Truth becomes stranger than Fiction” and sleepwalkers are waking up to ‘possibilities that we are not paranoid.” Get all the pros and cons you can, Americans - but believe me, the ridicule mongers and the disinfo blogs and comments are mostly traitor govts. or deep sleepwalkers wanting you to join hands as they walk the ‘yellow’ brick road of “not to worry , govt. knows best – trust us.” You did that when you last elected a very promising man of rhetoric. Nice words, bad results.

Hillary isn’t your trusted hope either. A dupe, blackmailed victim, a liar - take your pick. Meantime get ready best you can, Jade Helm 15th of July begins a long planned drama for our nation. Father-God WILL intervene, be sure of that, just like He did with the recent Pentagon temporary counter to the EMP weapons our enemies planned to use – still do with their modifications. Even that is ‘partial’ disinformation seeking to hide Planet Nibiru’s passby. (Planet X to you who know the whole covered up story and the airbrushing out and the Contrails seeking to hide facts even worse than Star Wars presented. If there was/is an Evil Empire you can believe there’s a Good One! Nathan and I both have seen their huge Mother Ships releasing their small Saucers - weaving and dodging, wiping the slate clean across the world, reality and chaotic for the bad guys of all realms, who even now are being hauled into legal courts, jailed, stripped of your wealth they bragged about. Others are committing suicide out of fear of reprisals. One more just took his last dive off his High Rise Apt. See it on the net.

So the ball is in your hands. Pay attention, vocally BANISH their powers and wealth, physically and spiritually prepare your family and person. You didn’t think Noah was paranoid did you? It’s Noah time, People!

We love you and this is our notice from ‘upstairs’. Yes, we are hooked in,

telling it bluntly - like it is, due to His love for all of us. Appreciate it by your actions please.






Dear Vladimir,

Well there they go again, placing more sanctions, blocks - on Russia. And we Americans had no say, no vote, no way to stop them. Nor the government owned, censored Media, NATO, U.N. Just more White House lies about what’s really happening in the Ukraine and Russia. Making this much needed note to you, Friend and your staff explaining our side of this matter: We like you despite all of the disgusting media twist and spin on why you are doing what you are doing. Some of us, (maybe more than we realize), are up on the real story. Won’t repeat it all here again - The reason we’re writing is deeper than ‘their’ black intimidations and media millions to ruin your efforts for a solid and free Russia… taking back all of your former Russian territory given away at The WW11 Yalta ‘Agreement ‘ that’s what you are doing. Bravo. The words Rebels, Insurgents, Invaders are used to fool us Americans into taking the wrong side, as usual in Obama’s ‘interventions as “peace keepers”. Baloney!

We, like you Russians, wouldn’t let any of our States be given away without one damned big battle. So very obvious is this Oil Grab they are planning against you - since the mid east has them seeing less imports from there. So terrorism was created to make a grab look necessary despite U.S, oil wealth being almost endless if we were allowed to drill… by Big Brother.

Stories keep coming up about Russian and Chinese troops being contracted by Obama, (not our Pentagon military chiefs) even photos of your uniformed troops standing side by side with Chinese uniforms in America – ready to deploy for martial law. Thus tensions, fears, reactions so we Americans can be put in FEMA prison camps. What’s factual, Vladimir? We want to hear it from you. Are these photos and troop uniforms faked to fuel anger at you and Russia and China? Pull the plug on what you know, please. The money we owe to China, their holdings by mortgage makes such sordid stories seem plausible…The White House is destroying our people’s faith, seeking to make us fear and hate you and our Russian brothers and sisters.

Take a stand for us, with us, Vladimir ! Tell America what we need to know publicly - about everything. They want to rejoice in an Armageddon – Over OIL need and greed.

God bless America, Russia, Vladimir Putin and all of your staff and our peoples who want real peace and True Brotherhood under our mutual Fatherhood and Christian premise. Thank you for your kind response.

Roy-David Woodward



June 13th 2015

By Roy Woodward


Men and women as savvy as you are – (and this includes military young people that joined up to ‘have a job’.) Maybe you didn’t finish High School and some think you can’t think rationally…I believe in you and your commonsense and I know you military already see how you are being used, abused –doing the ‘dirty work’ the Elite shove onto you in wars and invasions that kill and maim by the millions – For what? Their wealth. And if you die? Big deal – just another drop-out or gun-happy grunt doing what they were told.

Other men and women who are military because they love American values, do their commanded thing because they trusted leaders who now are being exposed as fakes, despots and traitors to our nation. Fifty thousand top Generals fired. Why? It took even them a while to see through it. Disappointments, resentments, suicides, lonliness all for someones political agenda – nothing to do with freeing nations, helping them, just – “giving them a democracy” - covered in blood!

Jade Helm 15 is an enigma. Some see it as a necessary ‘exercise’ for some event-disaster coming on the very near horizon. But far more Americans see what’s up. Crowd control, gun grabs, American’s who ‘know’ being rounded up for FEMA camp placement at four in the morning - or even death if they rebel at gun grabs or being put into a FEMA railroad car with manacles. “Shoot the crazy, trouble making bastards!” their cry if you resist. But will YOU, American soldier, be that susceptible to your ‘superiors’ who have surrounded you with savage foreign U.N. NATO troops in case you go soft and won’t follow orders to kill your countrymen and women?

That’s what worries you and us. Why this letter is not just important but vital - A Life or Death issue. An operation as big, as expensive as Jade Helm, as lacking in full details, unanswered questions and sneering official response at public meetings – all that makes for very suspicious citizens and they are making tracks to make sure you ‘authorities’ get the idea…We suspect you of things no true American officer or head would ever do. And you are doing it in SECRET…Walmart stores emptied for what? Three hundred in Canada, dozens in America – for “plumbing repairs” – My God, are we supposed to swallow that? And then the last answer was, “The economies bad, supplies from China are too expensive and Americans won’t work that cheap.” Well, well, you going to blame us for that? Point is we only get part time jobs because of your doctoring of finances for a doomed economy we had no say about…$17.000,000,000,000 – that’s Trillions and you and we know there is no answer except depression, default and disaster for a once powerful and wealthy America. So keep trying as we see your military vehicles, tanks, railroad cars perched at our empty favorite shopping stores. With armed troops keeping the doors tight…and us trusting or stupid.

Congress won’t do a damned thing against your lies or guns but you know who will wipe you off the Earth IF what you are doing is against HIS will. Yes, all this scare and scheme might be what we all have earned because we aborted millions of babies, let the homeless grow cold and hopeless while we ‘allowed’ billions in bailouts and black budget tunnel hideouts on Earth and in Sky Labs named Top Secret as launch pads for the Elite to Mars, Moon or Venus - due to Cosmic or HAARP manipulations.

Do you secret workers, troops - know what you are about to do? Have you been told to shoot looters, dissident, angry citizens when the economy leaves us with no monthly S.S. checks, no job checks, no Internet news of your other activities here and worldwide? We know about stories of Asteroids, Comets, a huge Planet on course that will hit or near miss Earth. Is that reason to keep things bottled up, secret? Did you learn that in our nation of love and trust in each other? And our government? Hardly. You know our strength when riled and you have riled us. Something the big shots now forget or try to – is this: You GET what you plan and DO to your citizens. You, our servants have decided to make it an opposite. Guess what? A fabulous Being people call God of the Universes has armies also and some high level, super tech Saucer ships that me and a few of us have seen in action in past and present day skies. Years ago - without our consent, you made the mistake of trusting some negative‘Grey’s because you were impressed with their powers far beyond yours. That accord, trade-off of bases for them and tech for politicians turned into a blood bath in underground tunnels at Dulse, New Mexico and Bill Cooper’s assassination for telling it to us. God love you, Bill!

So Illuminati, Bilderbergers, New World Order, Skull and Bones juveniles, we are alerting you with our form of love for fellow humans. Like the Saucer crowd from upstairs and Inner Earth Agarthans told President Putin they “have our back” – Be honest, love us and your nation, send the U.N. and NATO back to their chaotic war games. Watch what happens as you plan your coming dates and secrets… Mother Earth is quite a weapon in the hands of Father God. Get ready to tremble…It doesn’t have to happen but you made it happen. Remember WE cautioned and you laughed at our supposed ‘weakness’. Wanna bet?

Save your butt, it’s in your hands.

Roy-David Woodward



Kids Kan America

June 18 at 7:14pm · Edited ·



A few mornings ago when I went to my truck I found a sheaf of typed papers stuck under my windshield wiper. At the same time I saw two tall, muscular men in army camo outfits and boots getting into the passenger side of a long white van with a large Z on the door. As they were getting into the van, they turned and saluted. I wasn’t able to see their license plates.

The papers had a heading: Read immediately and BURN. I wasn’t too busy that morning – just headed for a workout at the VASA Gym so I locked my truck and went back in to my apartment. Here’s a short summary of those twenty pages, some of which were red lined and in bold lettering:


“Roy, we, a nationwide group of vets and on duty military have left these details with you. We have followed your comments on the net for years now. We know a lot about you. We have read your book Monolith and the last section about the prophecies. We don’t doubt them, too many of us have had rare experiences when we read them.

But to the point: Your current articles about Jade Helm 15 got us itching to tell you what’s described (as best we can) about a counterforce (ZORRO CAMO) for the protection of our nation – Just in case Jade Helm 15 turns sour and is a combined traitorous operation – a Trojan horse actually. We suspected such and prepared for over two years now. Among us off duty vets and other Military Buds all over the globe who are following various suspicious orders, there exist some real patriots and brains. Know how – All of us are ready for about anything as you have appealed in your writings.

It’s true a lot of the guys in the forces are there for a paycheck as you noted recently. Or were gun happy and wanted to ‘kill something’ due to their societal disappointments and poverty – Blacks as well as whites, discouraged to the hilt or used to cause troubles and anarchy like in Baltimore. Our other Mexican Buds flood in to escape drug lord massacres or to have a better life for their kids. We understand! And we are one with all that and yes, it has it’s complications and tempers fired up everywhere. Still our enemies exist that do use all this to divide and conquer us –all colors are in jeopardy. Please, ALL OF YOU KNOW THAT and get a handle on how the politicians and war lords work. For God’s Sake, don’t be their sucker!

Here’s what’s happening in case we (and a lot of you Americans) are right –smelling a big fat Rat among Jade Helm 15:

We have been trained well, We know how a_____, where it’s ____and weak points are ____ areas, ______________, how far they can _____ a ______, how the _)__________ (and other items we added to the ___ .) Those things we have ready at all _____ and places of cooperation across America – And yes, Overseas, where we at last got it - that we were being used by liars among us honest men and women, who were doing the damnable job of so-called democratization or peace keeping. Instead it was, as always oil, gold and uranium. As said we learned the hard way as you American citizens have: TRUST is never enough! Words are not enough, Smiles deceive. Here’s the reason so many of us have committed suicide. But NOT all have given up…

What else are we doing? Plenty! As we said above, we know how the machine works, all of it. ____ have to have ____ on all ____. We are ready to ____ our way. ___ can be loosened in a hurry by Ordinance boys to cause instant havoc among hired foreign, bad guys turning on you Americans. No Ordinance working – no Jade Helm 15, no gun grabs, no FEMA, No round ups.

It is true that Obama has fired our best generals and officers or ridiculed them into submission with ‘invented’ sex scandals and other schemes. All departments are corrupt or corrupted –believe us, we are in touch with insiders everywhere.

More? When you know an attacker is running at you with a sword, bayonet or an AK you have no choice. America, us - we have no choice now. Time’s up. When/ If Jade Helm 15 is known to be that Trojan Horse we know who and where Superiors, Officers, Traitors, SLEEP. That ______ or early ______ their ____ will be ______. We are tired of _______ _____. Comical maybe, to tell you folks – Their ____will be missing…or _____…

Ever see an efficient officer giving orders _without_____against______?

Actually the bottom line is infiltration: Us and the Foreign troops brought in to do the FEMA-NATO-U.N. DIRTY WORK A pro and con issue and venue. We WON’T fire on or round up our own people or families. Paid stooges will. They’ll be the first to be compromised. Dead fast or herded into those FEMA camps. Are we talking Local and National Militia? Of course, all working together. Has to be that way – No wimps, no soft asses. You want family and old fashioned ways of love and decency? Well, it has a price. We are here with you, Roy ready, like you to plank it down on the table – our part.

Now this: We know as units worldwide, that what Russia knows and Admiral Byrd knew and Secretary Forestall bankrolled in Operation High Jump in the 40’s was/is fact – Huge factual details were leaked, told in the National Geographic mag years ago. EARTH, our Earth, all planets and many moons are hollow –Not iron-cored, centrical as school kids were told. Centrifical force turned all cooling orbs into hollow objects as you, Roy have told. Vortices made them hollow as they spun and cooled down – crusted to the OUTSIDE. Simple but hidden by ‘scientists’ in league with sordid political – military factions who want INSIDE to rob what’s there and wipe out who’s there, The Agarthans.

Yes, long ago – anciently, Atlanteans, Lemurians headed into caverns, caves, crystallized tunnels for safety when those civilizations were trembling like ours is now. Eventually they found Paradise deep inside! It’s true but few can or won’t believe it due to religious hang-ups – memorization. Nevertheless Russian space orbits gave out photos by Mir orbits, as our people got secret pics from NASA and European Space Command. All true and if you read Admiral Byrd’s detailed report and the ‘cuffs placed on him and Secretary Forestall you will begin a new era in hope, not hype for your family and yourself. Read it. The net has it all laid bare…Agartha and The Zorro Boys have your back… Z ”


The rest of this material (as said, twenty pages) gave a whale of a lot more.) I burned it as commanded because it gave too many austere details that are foolproof. Some of you Americans know about Valley Forge, General Washington’s Vision from The Angel of the Republic. A copy exists in The Congressional Record Office. It has been vilified, lied out of existence by those who don’t want it’s details known – or the 1,000 Shining Ships (Good Saucers) that General Washington, Mother Shipton and me, Roy saw salvaging America today – planting the Union flag, routing all enemies. The Z letter ended saying:





I was urged to Re-Write their twenty pages in my own style for their safety - In case other copies out there get into dis-loyal hands. So am I in danger? Of course but your prayers and Father’s fleet can do things beyond present belief systems. I am not talking Area 51 copies of, “THE CHARIOTS OF GOD ARE TEN THOUSAND!” - Bible.

And I most certainly do infer another famous help and warning –dependent on which side you are on:

“THEN SHALL YOU ‘RETURN’ AND ‘REBUILD’ THE WASTE PLACES.” All this: A foretelling of our enemies being, “ASHES UNDER OUR FEET.” Malachi- One of the true, but censored prophets. Bible But where is it that Prophet Malachi saw us GOING ‘IN’ to -hiding-safety? Who were the enemy ashes? You, Fellow Americans have some homework and prep to do and a lot of fasting and prayer – quiet meditation, awaiting answers to verify if this report concerns you and our tottering nation. Peace be with us all.

READ: THE SMOKY GOD about Agartha and it’s high tech super men and women. And smile – knowingly…

G’Day Mate



Kids Kan America's photo.


Nathan Millet: This is the intervention long awaited by many. They are here, with us, on a physical level fostered by father source, Grandfather sky. Whether be extraterrestrial or earthly they are here for us. The crazy thing is I have seen them as well and was trying to figure out just who they were and why I got good vibes about it. Thanks Roy for the enlightenment. 10 stars!!!




July 5th 2015



To Russia with love,

Vladimir, your strongly worded act: moving your fleet of warships to the Gulf of Mexico and Americas’s east coastal waters assured the state of Texas it will have your back-up as they reach for Independence from our corrupt socialist, lying – government of force.

Thank you for seeing what we, as you, have endured all through the present administration. Conditions have now become too short fused due to civil strife and disagreements among colors which that administration has created so deceptively and with such traitorous intent. We can rise or fall accordingly. Continue your belief in the American people – our real patriotic minority which know our enemies as you do: NATO, U.N., New World Order and Washington. Their intended stranglehold on Russia, Texas and us fed up citizens has gone far enough. The bubble can burst at any time and we who can see all sides, want to move from harms way. But how- where?

Vladimir –We are some of the few true American patriots left, we refuse to cave in their lies and deception. We also possess patented inventions and ideas that can help free and liberate the world and America, from the way the greedy usurpers have run it in the past. Maybe our preservation could be done by creating centralized safe havens here in the USA that those of us left can begin rebuilding, the once true America. MAYBE OUR MUTUAL SAFETY AND PRESERVATION for what we need to do can be assured... we have reason to believe that there are many light ships who could help in this matter that you have been in contact with. Maybe you already have transportation for us arranged with them.

Yes, fed up! The mass of the United States population is no longer united, but either pre-occupied or sublimely asleep Brainwashed. We are awake and want to help with your protection. We do not seek to injure our nation or it’s people but only to let it lie fallow until it awakens.

As of this writing I am fasting and praying as Mahatma Gandhi did for his country and OUR country as they were beaten down physically with bloody British sticks and sneers at their impotent requests for freedom while they forced the people as slaves in Poppy fields for ‘The Crown’. America’s crown has toppled off the head of a tyrant who would be king. Obama is your enemy -face it. We know he is ours.

I will be fasting, asking for ‘the’ miracle - giving thanks till I hear from you brother, Vladimir.

* At 87 young I have heretofore survived many long fasts ( 35 and 44 days) for spiritual and physical answers and needs. This one is beyond serious for both our nations. Do we need to be forced into Armageddon’s where billions die without a vote, without a weapon or a spoonful of food?

You are a very tall man in our estimation, head and shoulders above any world leader, past or present. Your turnabout in righteous cause we applaud. Confirm our further trust.

Thank you for your soon reply,


Roy-David Woodward


*See Prophecies included which concern all of us –

By Roy Woodward


July 8th 2015

Zorro Camo

I was contacted again today by Zorro Camo boys say they have been contacted by Indian tribes across America -lots of them Vets, some in service in states. Two generation or so since WW 2 tribes have been hiding millions of guns and Molotov Cocktails

in the boonies, underground, in caves because they were told to since America was going to be hit FROM WITHIN and to be ready in one hour after some big event like a bomb or object from the sky hits an ocean! They trust their amalgamated Chiefs and Shamans and the tribes are doing dances all over for power!

Once again ZORRO CAMO said to burn all of the many papers since it had locations for my proof , of caches of weapons and etc - even bows and arrows made by their youth for 50 years to augment the guns and....These guys are seriously moving like syrup across the US and near bases and ordinance depots they said and they can cut supply lines for gas, oil at anytime no problem IF they are required to by unlawful acts by military or other nations troops moving in, Sharp demo Vets now have their finger on buttons near the incoming tunnels (their buds have found said locations up North and South.) The tunnels will be death traps now. Way it looks at least 3/4 of a million are more than ready for an all out Guerella hit and run move non stop.They also said Canada is alert about the north tunnels and will wipe them.


July 12th 2015

By Roy Woodward

Early this morning I had a knock on my SW windows with two men motioning toward the security doors nearby. They were dark skinned and I took it they were American Indians as one had a band with a tall feather on his head.

Got my bathrobe on, opened up to these men. They were taller than I had thought -over 6'4" at least.about 60 years. We went into my Apt. and I asked them to sit down on the sofa. "We will stand." - they said .."Our ride is around the block and we have a short time."


From there I will try to recall the rest of their visit. I took notes fast as possible for this was a couple of very deep and powerful men of Spirit!


"We are from Arizona and New Mexico. Our Council has sent us to verify we are with ZORRO CAMO nationwide - even into South American countries. Our amalgamation knows many things White Man has not known or some have simply forgotten. Our Hopi Brothers tell those things loudly now- It is agreed to open all past knowledge among all of our clans and tribes and to forgive White Man in understanding and love - or we will lose our purpose and reward as peoples. The Black Man does not see how he is used as a dancer in a bad dance. Wrong thoughts hurt him more than other men can ever do. He MUST change from his Hero in the Big Capital of our nation. Every word from that man has tainted fire on it to kill our land. Do not follow a lost man or you all will become lost. Our Chiefs say this. And to forgive and think of peaceful ways as Brothers among all colors. Lying tongues cannot think right for they cut themselves into pieces in time.

Soon the European born House of Glass will crash into bits in New York. It has spewed lies and pain to all peoples and Grandfather blows upon it soon in great surprise - yet as prophesied.

Your young men and retired Generals, your Veterans of many wars are beyond any wisdom of your men in false power in any office. Their hearts are brave, yet sorrowful. They will not be downtrodden or whippped. These are America's ZORRO CAMO millions behind you as a great flood unseen,

ready to flow through all places... You may know that numbers are beyond

many, many millions. Some say now are over 100,000,000 in both North and South America and Canada..You have been chosen to tell this for us so we will be free of reprisals. Even then we will free all Brothers and hang those who even now tremble at "The Great Awakening" - This is what we call it as we dance in lodges and campfires. We go in peace. Thank you, White Man, you are known in our campfires light and Grandfather tells of you...." END


*To all in our nation: I, Roy am praying for a bolt of commonsense to hit in every quarter. Look ahead at what violence has left us with - This choosing of sides against an evil that does not have to be.

That evil defeats itself with such pain and loss!. Choose to live happily It is so much easier...".

July 9th 2015 https://www.facebook.com/KidsKanAmerica/posts/123798704622020


Here's some more of what the first 'Windshield' papers said to  reveal to  the good and the bad guys both - since they don't want to  leave the negs without a chance to  change and save their Lives and Souls. No truly wise person wants to  resort to  violence or war or suffering - So  they impressed in their long letter. Guess it comes down to  we are all  Brothers once we wake up or get Ripe?.


Here tis: They wrote about the Tunnels and the sending in of Foreign Troops (Mercenaries) through those tunnels up  north (Canada) and from Cal in the west. Those tunnels funnel troops and supplies into  various large buildings like Walmart, Target etc which are now policed by military to  keep prying eyes away from activity inside and out. Tanks, trucks are moving from these sites and tunnels mainly Texas,  Cal and Florida for now - being watched and patrolled by ZORRO CAMO quietly    with plans..Said also  We don't need foreign troops here even if Jade is for some Cosmic, Wormwood, Nibiru, Asteroid hit - no matter wewill exist our way!.


An aside they mentioned, is that for over a year now some former govt high tech  scientists have abdicated from the govt element of Jade Helm 15 and have been doing lab work on how to whip  the tunnel Invasion thing. Said this: They have the specific plans of most tunnels and especially the vent systems and emergency Exit zones and they have came up  with both Noise frequency and Particle items to place throughout the now used areas. The huge decibels cause ears to be deafened, pop and bleed, the particles cause continuous coughing and sneezing until the membranes erupt and hemmorage, making face shields and masks totally unrealistic or functional. They tested it all and say those tunnels will be chaos unimaginable as the troops will go bananas at the pain,blood and deafness - No  communication, zilch.


Said, a whole herd of scientists rebelled at Obama and the Jade thing and got together with secret funds for labs across the country, trading notes and experiments and have everything in place, not wanting to do  it but no choice now that Jade Helm is so  big, scary and secretive from the public.


Sad  - nobody wants this, but ISS or Washington can't even imagine, they say, just how much tech, ordinance and guts are in place. Ready


***From my personal 'non-commital' standpoint as the shocked deliverer of the ZORRO CAMO messages I would say, Saddle up  and leave,Guys - the pay isn't big enough!  Retreat while you can or face a real Hell of fury from a nation now finally awake and very desperate to  keep it's remaining freedom and integrity. We earned a lot of this pain, true but men can become wise at the point of a gun or a knife at their throat. Think about it - especially your low odds... ROY

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#2 Shura


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Posted 25 August 2015 - 02:26 AM

Do not fret too much, Russians are not shaking in their galoshes abut the sanctions, US are just harming themselves and their European "allys"

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#3 Guest_Malachite_*

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Posted 26 August 2015 - 12:07 AM

Yes, our corrupt leadership.I wish someone would remove the corrupt head of the snake from power. Let America be free like they never gave been!

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#4 macaense


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Posted 26 August 2015 - 06:26 PM

70% of the lobbyists and politicians in Washington are corrupt and so are the bankers of Wall Street. In Brazil it is almost the same. Inflation is about 10% per annum in Brazil, and the banks charge an interest rate of 10% per month ! Nearly all the corrupt CEOs of the big Brazilian companies vote for the conservative parties and they bribe the executives of the Workers Party. Some of the CEOs of Brazil are in jail today,

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#5 Guest_Malachite_*

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Posted 07 September 2015 - 01:07 AM

WE did not do  sanctions, We did not place those border missiles, WE do  not manage our State Dept. propaganda, We do  not hate and suspicion, We do not sleep with NATO and UN - We do love Russia, let us prove it, Dammit. 

Love Roy!

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