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Open letter to Vladimir Putin

request citizenship Vladimir Putin prophecies about Roy

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Posted 05 September 2015 - 08:46 PM

President of Russia

Mr Vladimir Putin,

Re: Request for citizenship.

            I come before you with respect and honor for you and Mother Russia. My name is Nathan Millet from the USA, I want to introduce you also to a good friend, and amazing man Roy David Woodward.

We know that Mother Russia has taken a turn for the best as if they have invited the wind of God to occupy their lands. With good leadership this comes, unlike what we have been seeing in America and UK. They leave a path of destruction affecting the whole world, because of the corrupt leadership we now have here. As if inviting the darkness into your own home, and America has done this now to themselves. However not everyone subscribes to this evil hierarchy. There are a few of us like me and Roy who want to see our country and the world run with love caring and abundance for all. We have seen your restraint in the face of ghastly terrors that you could quash military wise in a minute, but choose to take the high road. We want to help you and want you to help us.

There are many prophecies of old even Nostradamus regarding a certain “Roy” This Roy also being one in the same as “King David” in a new incarnation, with lessons learned and new eyes and open heart lending itself to the father source who speaks through him. Roy is a vessel now given to understanding the depths world events now looming before us. Oh believe me Vladimir we trust your leadership or we wouldn’t be here in request for citizenship for Roy. We feel that with Roy by your side he can help you discern the wisdom from the misdirection of the many counselors and advisors you must have. He is a holy man, He has done much prayer and fasting for even up to 44 days resulting in renewing his mind body and spirit. He abstains from meat and killing animals. He has become so in touch with the father that I would consider much of what he speaks and writes channeled by our father, in the spirit of love, life and beauty.

Roy has in his days, been in the lime light in his younger days as a professional athlete and also script writer in Hollywood, was even nominated for president in the 1980s by the American Pioneer party. He has also authored several books. The last one Monolith has a lot of good information about him mostly in the back pages.  Even though he is in his 80s now he is a man as in his 40s or 50s with much more wisdom and spirituality about him.


Since Roy and I embarked on a mission to help lead the ones who will open their eyes here in America, to start new villages with a spirit of truth, beauty and goodness we have had some amazing things happen. He has been contacted twice within the last few months, by a group called Zorro Camo that is basically been involved in the last few years in putting an entire army in place in America, ready to defend us against our own armies. They gave him permission to share this with the world that they are laying to defend us against any corrupt defect by our own armies against the American people.

On their second visit they also told him the Native Americans or (“Human Beings”) would be in touch with him soon.

Within a two weeks the “Human Beings” had contacted Roy telling him that they also have a Army of over 100 million strong ready in place to oppose our now corrupt government, they are clear from South America through North America, and Canada. They told Roy that they are here also here in ours and their own defense. They are ready to forgive those Americans who will accept their forgiveness for the atrocities committed against their ancestors by our ancestors. They told Roy their Grandfathers have spoken about him for generations around their campfires as one who would come to spread truth and life to people and bringing justice these dark usurpers. They told him the time is now to share this word with our nation and even the world.

He feels because of your good and strong leadership he can do more good helping you from there. Hopefully I will be working with you both from here in America to accomplish building villages for an upstart of true America.

So as Roy David Woodward’s friend and confidant I am here in his behalf to request citizenship to Mother Russia, even as a holy man and advisor to help you in defense of all the helpless and poor to discern any looming dark cloud trying to infiltrate your spaces.

Nathan Millet 

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Posted 06 September 2015 - 01:29 PM

There are at least 600,000 Americans now living in Russia, many of them are professional people, actors, scientists, engineers and designers who are contributing to Russia with their skills. Some of them are just farmers, who are escaping the Monsanto terror.

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