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HOAX Mecca Haj: crane kills 107 faithful : ZERO DEAD mockery

Mecca Haj HOAX Bin Laden family Bin Laden 9/11 Grand Mosque crane Saudi Arabia genocide of sunnis

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Posted 12 September 2015 - 02:20 PM

Mecca Haj HOAX: crane kills 107 faithful : ZERO DEAD mockery.
"The disaster, the latest in a series of deadly mishaps to hit the haj" part of these agendas: destruction of icons of false religions, END of SHOW.
Mockery staged as :
- Bin Laden family runs company of crane that crashed on 9/11 2015.
- crane crashes on roof, doesn''t even break apart, so no logical reason for anyone to be killed.
As usual:
- all actors have their faces covered or are not recognizable. 
- photos released later contradicting previously released footage.
Inside the Grand Mosque after the crane collapse 
All the actors have their faces covered. 
Hours later the crane has pentetrated the mosque:
"Evidence" that 107 people died...
Saudi Arabia blames winds for deadly crane collapse, opens investigation
The disaster was the latest in a series of deadly mishaps to hit the haj, one of the world's largest religious gatherings, after hundreds of pilgrims died in a stampede in 2006.
Hajj ‘will go on’ after deadly Mecca crane collapse
The construction giant Saudi Binladin Group is leading the mosque expansion and also built the Abraj al-Bait project.
Syria and Iraq's sunni neighbors, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, same as Turkey; not run by sunnis but by illuminati agents participating in the genocide of sunnis.
600 members of the Bin Laden family = 600 students at Sandy Hook elementary school = ZERO
Jan 2015: Talk of Saudi fake families:
Agendas behind the timing for "King Abdullah dead"
Destruction of icons of false religions: 
Most acts involve christian icons, ranging 
- from nazi agents playing popes since 1958 "sell" churches [to be preferrably used as gay discos]
- to China gov (illiuminati puppets) destroying first crosses and now razing churches to the ground.
Episodes related to other religions include;
- Taliban leader (illuminati agent in the role of suicide bomber) destroys Bamyan Buddhas in Afghanistan (also part of the 9/11 script), 2001.
- NATO fighter jets destroy the tomb of Prophet Jonah with a missile strike] (images marketed as destroyed by ISIS, as site was controlled by Iraqi patriots of MCIR), 2014.
- ISIS (mercenaries in the NATO payroll protecting Assad alias fighting the real rebels) destroy  Palmyra ruins, 2015

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