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Energy - The Harbinger Of War


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Posted 08 October 2015 - 03:14 AM

Whenever we look to analyse a conflict, it is best to first consider the resource,  Energy.  Ever since the beginning of the 1900’s with Standard Oil; energy has been the driving force behind conflict.  To think that the leopard has changed his spots would be an exercise in self delusion; an acquiescence to the pervasive news propaganda of our time.


People take at face value the news spurted from our regional news sources; failing to realise that the source is unusually a singular point – just repeated many times by various outlets; each one quoting the other for validity.  Blindly, we follow the mantra – currently,  “ Assad must go”. 


Manipulative beasts, like Cameron, cleverly use derogatory adjectives or metaphor to subliminally sway public opinion. His current statements are punctuated by the use of “Butcher” when referring to Assad.  Of course there is no factual justification for this [and his other statements] but he utters them and sheepeople blindly accept them.


So, if we are to objectively look at the situation in Syria, we need to really look at the situation in the Middle-East, Europe and the changing world order.  Looking at Syria in isolation is akin to putting blinkers on a horse.

There can be very few people who if allowed to look dispassionately and in an unbiased manner who would not agree that President Putin’s address at the 70th meeting of the General Assembly of the UN was anything other than a masterful display of statesmanship and diplomacy.  In this speech, he laid bare the hypocritical stance of the “West” and destroyed the arguments of the West/ US lead coalition.  The rhetorical question,  “Do you know what you have done?”, from my perspective, really summed up the speech.  The West created a monster, feed it, trained it, let it loose and then continued to fund and support it; only to find that the monster was not to their liking.  The same thing happened in Afghanistan; the Mujahidin, while fighting the Soviets, were dear freedom fighters and worthy of the full support of the West.  When they eventually won ,  their true colours were revealed and they didn’t want the West to interfere.  Now they were Taliban, evil terrorist and are to be bombed into oblivion for daring to bite the hand of their master.  From this, with the help of the Jews and the CIA, all manner of varying factions of terrorist have emerged to now gang together in a loose consortium to form a Caliphate.  Why can people not learn from history?

Enough, back to the point; the world is changing, there is a tectonic shift occurring which in my opinion, cannot be reversed – the demise of an empire and the establishment of a new empire(s).  Failure to recognise this fact is simply ostrich mentality.


In order for the West to try and maintain the Anglo/US hegemony over the world, it is important for them to destroy the completion – Russia and to a serious degree, also China.  Wars are economic in nature – the killing is simply an external image of the progress of the flux of war.  It is by finance that a war is won or lost. The Sino/Russo war in 1905 was won by Japan because of the Rothschild’s bank refusing loans to the Tsar while facilitating loans through Shift in New York to Japan at a time when Japan could not financially prosecute the war.  Lack of wages and war materiel meant mutiny in the forces of the Tsar while the flooding of finances to Japan allowed them to double the war effort and eventually win.


So there really is no need for a “Hot War” to destroy Russia, simply choke Russia financially and the West wins.  Equally, if Russia establishes a base other than the IMF/World Bank and the SWIFT system,  they destroy the dollar and the West.

A blind man can see what the West has been doing to Russia with sanctions and proxy wars on her boarder – fifth column activity in Russia and the prospect of further Colour Revolutions orchestrated by Teft and the USAid Agencies and other NGO’s.


However, the weakness the West has had is that Europe depends on Russian Gas – the war in Ukraine was to get control over the values and thereby denying Russia revenue from Europe.  The fact that this could also plunge Europe into an energy crisis was just incidental – collateral damage and eloquently summed up by the pastry queen when she said “**** the EU”.


The Ukraine and Syria are linked – linked by the Energy pipe.  First puff of the pipe was for Qatar to get a gas pipeline through Syria to the coast, under the Mediterranean and into the underbelly of Europe.  Once that was achieved, the second part was to turn off the Russian gas in Ukraine – whoopee, the US controls Europe by energy and destroys Russia’s foreign exchange.  Europe will never again act in a sovereign manner.


Ukraine was undermined and under US proxy control after the 2004 Orange Revolution; at this stage, Washington had control over the Gas to Europe.


Next was to remove Assad and get an alternative pipeline laid.


However, Assad, a loyal friend of Russia said no to the proposed pipeline so obviously Assad had to go!  The Western gang rallied around and formed a united coalition against Assad and through slander and lies, blacked him, vilified him and turned world opinion against him. [Same as they did for Saddam and Gaddafii].


The best laid plans of mice and men often go array! The US has failed in its attempts to control gas into Europe via Ukraine – Russia with the Nord Stream, will completely by-pass Ukraine and in fact, will turn off the gas to Ukraine in 2019. Hence the pressure is stepped up in Syria.


Things haven’t gone as planned in Syria, also – Russia’s unstinting support for Assad has meant that the war has taken much longer and involved more factions that initially intended in order to achieve their desired results.  It is likely that Turkey was a beneficiary of the pipeline, in some form, perhaps the line did not go under the sea but via land, through Turkey and into Europe?? Whatever, there is a hard group of “stakeholders” who planned on benefiting from the pipeline and the demise of Russia.  The Anglo Saxon confederacy, the Jews, Turkey, Saudi’s and Qatar.  US plans on dividing Syria up [ala Kosovo – which incidentally, is a blueprint for dividing up Ukraine, if the West was consistent]  with a new Kurdistan being part of a “democratic” [don’t you just love the use of that slogan?] Syria.


Russian MIG and Sukhoi  have put an end to these pipe dreams.


Russia, by seizing the Alawite populated areas in coastal Syria, Assad’s regional stronghold and base, have prevented the capture of a coastal launching pad for any pipeline.  Even if Assad was pushed from Damascus, he would retire to the Coastal area and with the support of Russia, still control access to the Mediterranean.  Any ideas about accessing via the illegal Jew state or Lebanon would be subject to constant harassment by Hezbollah and supply would be problematic at best. 


Other than mutterings of Moderate Terrorists [an absurdity] being targeted and civilians being killed [no mention in the Western media about HATO destroying a hospital in Afghanistan, guess those civilians didn’t matter!], leaves the West looking very foolish and hypocritical.


So for the West at this stage at least, it looks like Check – if not Check Mate.


But let us look into the Mediterranean region in a bit more detail.


A major gas and condensate find has been made off the Coast of Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus.   Oh, of course, the Jews claim it too and draw charts to show it extending into their “territorial” waters.


This field, if it could be exploited by the West, would dispense with the need to cross Syria – it would also cut the Arabs out of it too so look what has happened – a “Consortium” of Anglo Saxon, Jew and Arabs have teamed up to exploit this field.  [Great bed pals, aren’t they?].  This consortium claim sole rights to it and cut out Lebanon and Cyprus.  The Jews dominate Lebanon and have built up a naval force and together with their air force and US pressure, keep small Cyprus at bay.


But notice what happened in February this year – Cyprus offered Russia a base!  A very clever move by Cyprus who recognised that HATO was not going to support them in the struggle for a share of the gas field, or in protecting their territorial claims against the Jews.


This astute move by Cyprus [Greece is looking closely at the benefits as well] gives Cyprus an ally in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Russia, keen on expanding its influence in this area as it will help it dominate a strategic interest in the gas resources, quietly jumped at the opportunity and established an Air base not far from the HATO base in Cyprus.  From this base, the Port of Tarsus and nearby air base at Latakia in Syria, Russia can saturate the air over the region as well as pouring in major naval assets which prevent it being challenged in the region.


The Jews, intent on trying to maintain their control over the area, sent 4 F-15 planes to the coast of Syria recently – they were intercepted by 6 Russian Su30 planes and when the Russian planes went into battle mode, the F-15 turned and flew in over Lebanon [in itself just another of their arrogant violations of international air-space].  The Russian planes were outbound from Latakia airport and proceeded on to Cyprus.  This event has not been given news coverage in Western Media. 


Russia, by military domination in the region, is going to prevent the development of the gas field by the Anglo-Saxon consortium and thereby, maintain Europe’s dependency on Russian Blue gold.

China is joining in – perhaps China too is looking for a sniff of the gas?


It’s all about who controls the energy and who needs it. 

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#2 Asterix


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Posted 08 October 2015 - 05:26 AM

not only that

but following the Club of Rome report in early '70s



Jimmy carter issued a hidden Casus Beli


while italian Prime Minister

Aldo Moro was killed

together with two popes

all in 1978

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#3 Kysusha


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Posted 11 October 2015 - 09:44 AM

What, Only one reply - not even Mandrake had his two cents worth??!

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#4 mataj


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Posted 11 October 2015 - 01:41 PM

What, Only one reply - not even Mandrake had his two cents worth??!

Methinks you're too optimistic about the nature of the politics. First off, the most common motive for war is the Orwellian "War is peace".


Besides, it's not just energy, but also heroin, strategic metals, and such.

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