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AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT XI PING OF CHINA - November 2015 <posted by macaense>

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Posted 04 November 2015 - 11:07 PM



                            PRESIDENT XI  JINPING OF CHINA


Sir, the writers and millions of others come now to respectfully, wisely   present both sympathy, apology and solution for the many opposing

nations seeking to thwart your amazing work in the China Sea. Bravo!


A red hot issue indeed: Dangerous, misunderstood, uncooperative, selfish and a host of words and efforts placed against you for a genius and needed project – which other quarrelling nations have not the tech  or funds to facilitate – nor have they the vision you have presented there and elsewhere. (Silk Road replacement etc.)


Obvious enmity can grow, has grown recently, as cooperation and fellowship has been exchanged for military, naval threats by both sides.

NO SMALL DANGER all must agree. How would such threats and resentments end up if no reasonable, prudent and commonsense answer was not found and wisely entered into?  War – let’s all face it.-


International adjustment, ultimate wisdom and such commonsense against certain mutual disaster dare not even be considered. President Putin recently said it would be the ultimate folly.  So here are ways this impasse can be solved, simply: You, President Xi, know as all opponents should, that Honey attracts more bees than Vinegar? In other words give what is an attraction - benefits. Don’t subtract from either equation.


Now it gets more complex with that in mind: Why not divide up, share what all want as theirs, but making it mutually beneficial and LESS expensive? That great sea and territory has plenty of space, potential, resources and as yet many other gifts now not discovered. Let all parties share, working together, yes even bases for military and naval facilities as the international conglomerate does on the Nuclear issue. Let it be ‘clean’ nukes though for if multiple nations have adjoining bases, adjoining funds, adjoining precautions against awful  results much good will result. True, China may need to give, share far more than she wants

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but consider the total, resulting advantages - no more tensions, no  more dangers of warring, small or large scale but joy in one big, huge project where everyone rejoices WITH Mother Nature who  gives so  freely and with no limitations. Xi, your other grand high tech projects in China and Europe will offset any seeming loss by being kind, wise, sharing, prudent over your national  security.


You don’t want war if you want growth and profits for your people, for your government needs in blessing them with prosperity. We know that, you too shudder at such war mentions. All are through with war and  ‘purchased Armageddans’  – purchased by self, selfishness and lack of historical maturity. To even think of more war as we all embark on new ideas for cooperation, plenty, scientific and spiritual achievements especially the BRICS ideals is really a no  brainer. We have so  much ahead of us…


So, you, Xi  can stand back and look at that future as you decide that it ‘is’ better to  give than to  receive and that Mother Earth, just as Father-Infinite-Source projects no  limitations for any of us, in either resources or brain power. As His children you know what He wants us to be and to have.


We talk and research about a past Golden Age, really - was it, did it exist? The Arctic tells us so as ice melts and hearts glow with what cooperation there gets very exciting, Right?  So too with the China Sea.


Lastly this for your giving up a little: 

Whatever your Silk Road and super transportation rail and magnetic plans create in massive profits… give as free stock to your people, each  family, each  citizen so they can do their ‘thing’ in enterprise, invention and inter-citizen cooperation. Which today is hard for them to do. As their various profit projects grow they will gladly place in your care 20% of their net income. Call it tax or call it gratitude for helping others help  themselves. Not difficult to see happening as your larger, newer projects arise, is it?    Xi Ping, the wise, the giving, the visionary who birthed a real, tangible peace - right when a vicious global beast tried to  disfigure both Earth and families with hates, resentments , jealousies.



                                             Page 3


And maybe your wisdom and other nations gathering together in a China Sea family of strong military-naval settlements, side by side there, empowered a hundred fold against any and all contingencies is the best of answers for all concerned – instead of…


Let it be so, Xi.  Billions of respectful people are praying for you, for this

answer, inspired by common, loving men and women.



Roy-David Woodward


.Nathan Millet

.Armando Rozario

.Kraig Carroll

.Darla Cares

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