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Children: After reading this you will NEVER EVER click again RT, CNN, FOX, BBC news site again unless you were already reduced to humnan cattle

Putin Self-Destruction suicide bomber Illuminati Obama confession most sophisticated conspirac Nixon ]Illuminati suicide bombers

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Posted 05 December 2015 - 02:43 PM

Children: After reading this you will NEVER EVER click again RT, CNN, FOX, BBC news site again unless you were already reduced to humnan cattle
Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Jun 2014 (examples added identifiable by date):
Illuminati suicide bombers play a role that has its climax at the moment of their full detonation, the moment when they blow themselves up.
Since this is a figurative detonation, suicide bombers normally remain on stage afterwards.
Full detonation
Nixon fully detonated with his resignation letter in 1974.
The impostor impersonating Putin will fully detonate by pretending to flee to Beijing.
Arab Osama Bin Laden is played by the same ethnic indonesian actor as black and white Obama. Biden by Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.
The BIG BANG starts with Osama Bin Laden's resurrection in Jerusalem, crucified to  the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, followed by the staged arrest of the Obama Bi(nla)den presidency.
All these full detonations are packaged as parallel scripts in the form of "confession of the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of ...":
- Politics ("black" Obama); 
- Religion and Pedophilia (pope Francis alias Jonathan Pryce who previously played argentinian Peron in Evita);
- Finance ("jews" Ben Shalom Bernanke alias Paul Krugman without toupee, Janet Yellen alias Martha Stewart, Stan Fischer an ethnic german).
Aborted Full detonations
John McCain is a role played by Henry Winkler, best known as Fonzi in the TV series "Happy days", broadcasted at the time that the real John McCain died.
Mitt Romney is a role created in 1985, played by Richard Jenkins with toupee.
Their role was scripted as "elected president to disarm citizens and immediately after fully detonate". 
Yet they never detonated because Illuminati Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler, the older son of William Patrick Hitler, was forced to change the script each time: 
- first in 2008 (the reason why Romney was reassigned the McCain role) and again in 2012.
Contrast with:
Postponed Full detonations: Obama, Putin
Obama and Putin are by far the kings of postponed full detonations. "Obama" is second to none when it comes to the duration of the process: Obama was originally scripted to fully detonate in October 2008.
While the main reasons to postpone Obama's detonation was the total lack of support for the "alternatives", in the case of "Putin" the main reasons were the failure to crush the armed revolt in Syria since 2011 and the start of the armed revolt in Slavyansk, April 2014.
Obviously postponing full detonations has consequences:
- Obama: from simply being impeached as senator to the most powerful detonation ever.
- Putin: paradoxically officially playing also the role of a literal bomber in Syria, from splitter to incendiary bombs, together with NATO for the first time ever.
Introductory bombs
These bombs explode before the full detonation:
- mostly figurative (Putin stages the fake death of Boris Nemtsov to suggest that he had him assassinated);
- sometimes also literal (Putin sets fire to a russian iconic monastery next to the Kremlin during the Ides of March 2015).
One of "Putin"'s bombs is of type "the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of ...".
But unlike in the case of Obama, Bernanke and Pope Francis, it's not packaged as confession and part of the full detonation but rather as introductory bomb:
"Putin" suggests to be the mastermind behind the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Sports, from "FIFA corruption" to "IAAF cover-up of doping in athletics". 
Bombs of type "Confession"
The BIG BANG includes a series of illuminati suicide bombers fully detonating in parallel with confession bombs after their staged arrests and as they are stripped of their titles: 
Obama, pope Francis, "evil jews" of the Federal Reserve Bank.
The mockery is pushed to the utter limits: each time as "most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of ...".
Contrast it with Nixon's confession to Frost in 1977, 3 years after his full detonation.
Note: Obama is scripted to confess to Oprah Winfrey, in a parallel reversed script to the greatest cyclist ever, Lance Armstrong, forced to "confess" after being tortured for years.
Same is scripted for Usain Bolt, the fastest man ever and forever.
The trigger for Armstrong's "confession", same as all other athletes and cyclists who finally "confessed" what they didn't do: otherwise be jailed for at least 7 years.
Illuminati suicide bombers - Two main mission types
Illustrated with bombs from the arsenal of suicide bomber "Putin". 
Keep in mind the ongoing "Putin annects Crimea" script, explained as the opposite of what is served by illuminati media, in the Basics section below.
1. Destruction of what they supposedly stand for.
In other worlds: the ultimate traitors in plain sight.
a) Destruction of russian icons using:
a1) psy-ops (all actors):
- "Bolshoi theater scandal: acid attack"; "biker gang ride to Berlin" or a "bunch of pimps" as most discussed "celebration" of the 70 years of the victory of the Red Army in World War II (May 2015).
a2) figurative bombs:
- falsely accusing of doping and banning russian athletes, ongoing for years now. 2015: upscaled to "Russia first case of state-sponsored doping exposed".
a3) Literal bombs:
- fire at Novodevichy monastery (Ides of March 2015); murder of sleeping russian parachutistes (2015).
B) Break-up of Russia:
- stopping the only ferry linking Crimea and Russia (2015). 
- no reaction to another illuminati agent, Kadyrow, no longer allowing the presence of russian military in Chechnya (2015).
c) destroying Russia's economy
- supplying illuminati with free oil and gas starting with prices below production costs, including to Ukraine, a government claiming that will militarily retake Crimea
2. Deliberate acts of Self-Destruction
a) cutting pensions and social benefits of russians.
Note: how much of this is caused by the transfer of russian assets to illuminati central safes is irrelevant.
It's part of "Putin"'s role to cause uproar against him, as illustrated by plenty of other unpopular measures not explainable by the plunder of the russian economy.
Example: forbidding people from Kaliningrad from collecting amber.
Note: this is also part of setting the stage for the break-up of Russia, with Kaliningrad scripted as the first republic to be "returned to Germany". 
B) "Putin" suggests to be the mastermind behind the most sophisticated conspiracy in the History of Sports, from football's FIFA to IAAF's athletics. 
- "Putin supports Blatter" even after the script has the last idiot understand that "Blatter is totally corrupt" (2015);
- "Putin closes russian doping agency" after the script has "Putin has every athlete in Russia on drugs" (2015).
The IAAF and FIFA suicide mission
Contrast "Putin" with presidents Blatter (FIFA, football) and Coe (IAAF, athletics).
Although "Putin" has the mastermind role in this suicide mission, it's the FIFA and IAAF presidents who have a mission of type "Destruction of what they supposedly stand for".
IAAF is to be totally destroyed while FIFA only partly. On the other it's Blatter not Coe who will fully detonate ("arrested").
Ongoing "Putin annects Crimea" script is the opposite of what is served by illuminati media
Turkey downs russian jet hoax computer graphics video same as 9/11 planes or almost all videos "Russia and US led coalition bombing ISIS oil wells trucks" (exceptions of this type: grain silos in rebel areas marketed as ISIS refneries).
To what lengths illuminati mock human cattle with agents Erdogan, "Putin", Netanyahu and Tsipras:

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#2 Shura


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Posted 05 December 2015 - 11:07 PM

My God you sure have a vivid imagination Matt. Are you sure you are not the writer of Lord of The Rings?

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