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Haiti vs Uganda and both vs US rigged elections - each time ONE basic difference

Uganda Haiti USA rigged election basics UN peacekeepers protest Bill Clinton Clinton

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Posted 19 February 2016 - 01:03 PM

Haiti vs Uganda and both vs US elections - each time ONE basic difference
Make sure you read basic fact #2 about human cattle (see BASICS section) after reading what follows.
Haiti vs Uganda "elections":
Similar numberes; Illuminati puppets get in reality less than 5% (uganda) and 2% (Haiti) of the votes.
Same scene: Shock police firing on protesters,
Only difference: neo-Gestapo are officially foreigners dressed as "UN peacekeepers".
So ...
Election farce in the IV Reich:
Is Haiti or Uganda more pathetic than US or the UK? NO.
Elections in Haiti organized direclty by illuminati (Bill Clinton and UN peacekeepers ) and in Uganda indirectly (puppet government).
Yet "elections" in Uganda and Haiti pale in comparison with what's going on in Greece and even more in Portugal and the UK, the ultimate example being the US.. 
Why? Because, to start with, there's no protests not to mention the need to shoot at people protesting the rigged elections.
The US is the ultimate example because the numbers of not only the winners but also of the losers are similar to the winners in Haiti and Uganda.
Uganda "election"
September 4, 2015 Uganda at 'crossroads', opposition leader warns
Besigye said he also feared that Uganda's role in regional wars -- playing a key part of supplying troops to the internationally-backed African Union force in Somalia, as well as deploying forces to prop up the government in South Sudan -- meant Museveni was above international criticism.
"They've taken advantage of having a huge military security outfit, which they have found handy in dealing with certain regional hotspots," he said.
"Museveni benefits from that relationship, and the foreign countries benefit from him, each one knowing that in so doing the people of Uganda are not benefiting."
But Besigye does have some grass-roots support, despite the risk demonstrators face.
After losing in 2011, he led repeated anti-government protests, at which he was regularly arrested and held for hours before being released while his supporters were also chased, tear-gassed, beaten and arrested.
Feb 19. 2016 - Besigye, who was arrested during campaigning on Monday and again on Thursday evening, was taken into custody for a third time on Friday.
Police surrounded Besigye's Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) headquarters, firing tear gas and water cannon, before bursting inside and arresting top party officials.
"Some reasonable measures have been applied to rein in FDC supporters who wanted to disturb the peace and the ongoing exercise," said senior police officer Felix Andrew Kaweesi.
He accused Besigye's FDC of planning to publish its own tally of results, contravening electoral law.
Suicide bomber Trump v terminator Clinton turning to Hitlery beats Jeb in head to head race after Trump exits race in disgrace.
for the only real polls confirming what you can with your eyes see Youtube views and likes not FaCIAbook computer generated likes
Basic facts about human cattle - self explains why reading it iwon't have you weep about yourself
Last updated Feb 2016 with recent examples.
#2 - Refusal to acccept that their government is already applying to them some of what they (or entities which their government is part of) are doing to others now. 
Example: Jan 2016 - There's no difference between the UN organized "election" farce in Haiti and for example the Central African Republic.
But in the case of Haiti, 600 miles from Miami, it became impossible for illuminati media not to broadcast some footage unveiling what's going on: 
- about everyone protesting the "elections" farce staged by the UN under the protection of its "peacekeepers"
Yet human cattle refuses to admit that even Haiti's "elections" organized by the "serious" UN pale in comparison with the US "election", organized by the "serious" US institutions: 
- McCain and Romney had around 5 not 5 million votes in 2008 and 2012;
- Obama had 30 not 60 million votes in 2012; and the climax is about to be reached, with Hillary Clinton declared first woman president although 98% of the voters can't stand anything Clinton or Bush.

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