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"WHY RUSSIAN DEMOCRACY FAILED IN 1917" - azov's thread

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Posted 06 May 2006 - 04:44 PM

to all :::::::::::::::::::::::

this article can explain itself if you are smart enuf to understand.


Zvestia! USA-ju CBNN newsnetwork:

SAINT PETERSBURG, RUSSIA -- The Russian president Putin had a short
meeting this morning with the Russian Council of Language and
Orthography, consisting of five university professors in linguistics,
education and law. This preparatory meeting, which is part of the
initial phase in the long term process of modernising Russian
language, was mainly focussed on the presentation of Council's
evaluation of Russia's position in world literature. The evaluation
report and a document concerning the Language Council's reform plans
were handed over to president Putin who valued the Council's work

The Russian president briefly stated the importance of the linguistic
and cultural component in the economical stabilisation and political
integration of Russia and its befriended Slavic states, Belorussia
and Serbia. (Afterwards, some commentators interpreted these short
statements as another stab in the direction of the European Union's
democratic leaders who denounced the coup d'etat by the Belorussian
military dictator just over a week ago)

Although no conclusive decisions have been made as yet concerning
language reform, one of the first steps proposed is the elimination
of so-called 'softners' in Russian language. These are special
characters in cyrillic alphabet that slightly change the
pronounciation of several letters. One of the reform plans is to
rewrite all Russian language school books over a period of three
years such that these redundant characters are deleted. The first
books for ages 5-7 are already prepared and should be in print this

In a personal interview, one of the university researchers of this
national project slightly lifted the veil of silence surroundig this
program and told CNN of the highly ambitious goals of the language
reformers. Most peculiar is the intention of complete latinisation of
Russian language: the introduction and exclusive use of modern latin
alphabet, leaving the medieval cyrillic characters only a page in the
history school books.

The first few nationalist protesters waving panslavic flags outside
the Ministry of Education showed their mixed feelings about the
project. Four protesters holding hands were loudly
shouting "Panslavic unity, but cyrillic is not history!". But within
a minute they were wiped off the pavement by Russian police officers,
Belorussian style. Inside, one professor joked (to the independent
press) about the protesters that were brought to silence: "So? They
ask for softeners, they get softeners!"

Abigail McCrawford, CBNN, Moscow.

more later;
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#102 vladzo


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Posted 07 May 2006 - 05:35 PM

Originally posted by Torquez
Sorry no time for that I was busy building the Anti-Slavic Proton Gun on Vatican Moon Base. Some orthodox slaves escaped and we had to chase them with zion-droids.

to torkski ::::::::::::::::::

your content reviels that you are very much of an american.

(yes, that third word could be spelled differently; but my way is better. ?did you eat the veal again; reveal is it? )

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