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Fake trials of 90 years nazi guards: psy-op part of "Deny the holocaust" agenda

nazi guards trials holocaust fake Denial survivors psy-op Auschiwtz bookkeeper

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#1 MattMarriott


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Posted 11 May 2016 - 09:21 AM

Last Prophet adds to "Global mandatory vaccination v abortion, euthanasia and extermination camps":
Talk of camps, either the coming Walmarts or the  "transit camps for migrants" with chimneys already releasing smoke:
They are both operated by the same entity producing this seroes:
Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Apr 24, 2015:
"Evil jews" agenda serves the "exterminate the jews" commandment of the illuminati religion. 
Adolf Hitler was the Illuminati Grand Master before, during and after World War II, his great nephew Alexander is the current Illuminati Grand Master.
He made Hitler's younger daughter become first woman chancellor of Germany and is about to proclaim Angela's half sister as the first woman president of the US since ... 2008 (actor Obama is about to be stripped, after his staged arrest on live TV).
Other productions by Alexander Adolf Hitler include:
Series of psy-ops advancing the agenda "Holohoax, holocaust is a hoax".
Goal: advance agendas from "Hitler was a hero" to "evil jews created the holohoax".
Two of these series, with the first two featuring 90+ old roles:
1. Holocaust survivors tell about their memories: Almost all holocaust survivors making headlines in recent years are actors casted in of this series of psy-ops.
Main goal: paint holocaust vicitims as fakes or liars.
2. Trials of 90 years nazi guards: the most recent, started only 2011. 
Main goal: paint butchers as victims.
3. Expose the holocaust as a hoax and be persecuted.
Main goal: suggest that what the "persecuted expose" must be true.
Fake trials of 90 years nazi guards
In 2011, illuminati launched yet another series of psy-ops to rewrite the jewish Holocaust.
Script with actors designed to have, for a start, illuminazi psy-ops "commenting": "93 years old and being tried for a 70 year old crime. Sheesh".
2015 April: This series is pushed to the limits by replacing a guard of people by a guard of books, the fragile gentle Auschwitz bookkeeper.
"News" choreographed to push to the limits the presentation of butchers as victims - see photos of the good old frail and peaceful Oskar Groenig, incapable of hurting a fly [1]
A "trial" that on one day alone got two and half hours non-stop "coverage" by the #1 member of illuminati's web of disinfo, Russia's TV channel RT [2].
Why the "nazi guards on trial" series only started in 2011
The first reason is obvious: the nazi guards finally reached the useful age for the psy-op.
First episode: "John Demjanjuk, convicted in 2011 in Germany as an accessory to the murder of 28,060 Jews while acting as a guard at the Sobibór extermination camp in occupied Poland".
Second reason; until 2011 German legal reasoning held that camp guards could only be prosecuted if there was specific evidence they committed a crime against a specific person.[3]
Launching the series also advances the legalize terror agenda
Before launching the "nazi guards on trial" series with actors the the illuminati finally removed the legal barriers used to justify until 2011 the impunity for nazis who had a leading position. 
No problem, because the series was to be staged with actors playing 90 years old.
On the other and as usual the move was to be used to advance other agendas, foremost the legalize terror agenda.
Example: applying this to people to be tried by the terror tool known as "International Court for War Crimes at the Hague".
On that stage everyone who is not an actor as Kenya's president Kenyatta, is also falsely accused.
In other words: it helps to smooth the acceptance for sentencing people without proof, as illustrated by Ivory Coast's former president Gbago, to take Africa again.
Who plays the star of the series, "93 year old Oskar Groening, who served at Auschiwtz"?
Note that as usual in these psy-ops  different people are used to supposedly show the same person, as illustrated in first note [1].
What follows refers to this one [4].
The right moment to expose it will be next year, when the actor is supposed to celebrate his 90th birthday just after the Oscar awards.
Why? For not one but three major reasons, including the role's name Oskar and Pope Benedict.
As for the third reason, it combines the role'name and Leonardo di Caprio.
As I admit that you must be confused, here's an extra hint: reverse scripts.
More precisely the actor has a strong connection to this act from January 2015:
How illuminazis use agents "Putin" and Yatsenyuk to rewrite History - Only difference is the audience
Rewrite History: Yatseniuk: Soviet Union invaded Hitler's Germany: Berlin Milestone hours before the "Paris shooting" hoax
Expose the holocaust as a hoax and be persecuted
Example: the theater "HOLOCAUST memoir author was a LIAR and is ordered to repay £13.3 million!".
Both series are based on the same persecution mechanism (on trial) and both  advancing the "deny the holocaust" agenda.
Yet the underlying mechanism works differently:
- nazi guards: dissociation; the image of old fragile guards contradicts the atrocities of nazi death camps.
- authors "exposing" the holoacaust as a hoax: logic: "if courts want to silence the authors then what they say must be true". 
Holocaust survivors tell about their memories
Staging episodes for this series starts by how the actors look like.
In fact some episodes resume to one photo  "documenting" episodes of other series of psy-ops.
This is illustrated by each and every photo of "Holocaust survivors attending the trial of Auschwitz bookkeeper Oskar Groenig".
Mockery pushed to the extreme: [5] 
- death cammp rewritten as birth camp: "Witness Angela Orosz-Richt, born in Auschwitz"
- note the deliberately obvious hairdo, to suggest a fake by association.
[1] April 21, 2015 - Ex-Nazi 'bookkeeper of Auschwitz' asks for 'forgiveness'
[2] RT Ruptly LIVE: ‘Bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ goes on trial in Germany, broadcast starts at 3:05.
[3] April 20, 2015 - SS 'accountant of Auschwitz' going on trial in Germany
In 2011 prosecutors won an accessory-to-murder conviction against Demjanjuk under the theory that since the sole purpose of a death camp was murder, anyone who could be proven to have served there could be found guilty of being an accessory.
The verdict was not legally binding because Demjanjuk, who steadfastly maintained he had never been a camp guard, died in 2012 before his appeals could be heard. But the special federal prosecutors office that investigates Nazi crimes launched dozens of new probes on that basis.
[4] Who is this actor?
[5] Holocaust survivors psy-op illustrated with the secondary roles in the cast of the key episode in the related series "Trials of SS guards":
To get how the illuminati censored the Truth as it took place, start by how they do it NOW. 
To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz concentration camps and Holocaust: Guido Knopp milestone series from 2000 NEVER again broadcasted and beyond
Leonardo di Caprio oscar script at the end of the show, exposed worldwide first also by Last Prophet
How illuminazis use agents "Putin" and Yatsenyuk to rewrite History - Only difference is the audience
Rewrite History: Yatseniuk: Soviet Union invaded Hitler's Germany: Berlin Milestone hours before the "Paris shooting" hoax
Global mandatory vaccination v abortion, euthanasia and extermination camps:

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#2 Ghostwriter


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Posted 11 May 2016 - 09:38 AM

Holocau$t Inc.


The NAZIS regime describes the jews as parasites and vermin while talk is rife in the propaganda machine about extermination of the whole jewish peoples in the world then you have the Nazis inviting the Red Cross to Theresenstadt concentration camp to see that the jews were being well treated. Go figure. Funny how jews act like swarming ants when it comes to propping that bag of bs. One ant leads the way while some followers break ranks to pick up those ants that stray from the stream. Sometimes they act like insects, driven by instinct alone. Drawn to money and power like bees to pollen. Drawn to public treasuries like locusts.

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#3 MattMarriott


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Posted 11 May 2016 - 10:30 AM

Ghostwriter, if you don't even realize that you're not replying but only spamming nazi propaganda then you're not a psy-op but rather from basic human cattle.

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#4 Matt



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Posted 11 May 2016 - 12:39 PM



Estimates of a total of 10,000,000 (Christians and Jews) .. wound up in Nazi Germany's Prison Labor Camps..


As the food to feed them dwindled .. where even German soldiers were losing weight, the prisoners likewise became skinny..


IF Germany could round up and transport and unload and set up 1000 Labor Camp Workers per day,
It would take - 10,000 days -  day after day  -to accomplish that monumental feat.

10,000 days = Over 27 Years ..

Dead Bodies..  no matter how they die.  have to be vanished, or else disease would spread. 


Burying 10,000,000 dead guys?    =  MUCHO TIME..   


Even if 5,000 bodies could have been loaded into a large oven every day... it would take 2000 continual days.  to pull that one off.

2000 days = 5 and a half years of non-stop 365 days/per year.. .. Carting, Hauling, Place in the Oven, Clean the ashes. 


ACTUAL TONNES OF METICULOUS NAZI RECORDS EXIST .  US/UK/RUSSIA have them.  I have the references from the 1940's re: Them.





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#5 MattMarriott


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Posted 11 May 2016 - 02:53 PM

Previous "reply": again 100% spam  not a reply to  the article. Talk of denying the holocaust, a reminder: not Hitler had the main role but rather his agents Churchill and Roosevelt. A reminder:

Satanic Trilogy of genocidal announcements:: Auschwitz before Lesbos and Homos
Fake pope in three genocide related parallel acts within one month:
1. "Pope Francis announces he is set to visit Auschwitz", 12 March 2016.
Followed by two related announcements, not only to each other but both also to Auschwitz:
2. "Pope to visit Lesbos to 'shed light' on the migrant crisis " Apr 6, 2016, "Daily Mail" headlines.
3. "Pope Francis welcomes Homosexuals to the church" Apr 9, 2016.
Explaining how the visit to Lesbos "sheds light on the migrant crisis" in fact mocks the ongoing genocide will no longer make it necessary to explain "how opening the gates for homosexuals" mocks the coming genocide.
This assumes that you are aware of who were the first, other than jews and Jeovah Witnesses (a sect created by the illuminati), to be gassed at Auschwitz.
Correct, the very same homosexuals who just had their "gay marriage" legalized by the very same illuminati.
Lesbos: "Pope Francis" mocks ongoing genocide, illuminati set milestone for truth in plain sight
One of Jonathan Pryce's main roles as "Holy Father" is to mock, deny and divert from genocide, past, present and future.
Apr 6, 2015 - "Greece: Refugee children fight barbed-wire with flowers and tears", a milestone video released by Ruptly TV, an obscure branch of RT, the #1 media outlet of the illuminati web of disinfo.
But the script's real location for this milestone was the "Daily Mail", a "news" outlet that reads like an illuminati set of tarot cards.
More precisely: embedded in the article "Pope to visit Lesbos to 'shed light' on the migrant crisis".
Fulfilling "black is white", headlines completed with "Pope to pile pressure on EU leaders over their deportation deal with Turkey".
Holocaust in WW2 vs gassing syrians in WW3: 2016 milestone for truth in plain sight: beyond rail tracks and barbed wire
Can you imagine jewish children, some laying on rail tracks in "about to be executed" position while others hold posters reading "we are killed silently", shortly after the death trains started the "relocations" to Auschwitz's gas chambers?
During World War II, while totally concealing the holocaust,  Illuminati media didn't dare to go as far passing truth in plain sight.
It took almost 80 years but it's finally reality:  
Milestone video "Greece: Refugee children fight barbed-wire with flowers and tears".
Same type of genocide as the holocaust again in Europe, but the death camps are now anonymous and the gassed, same as the children holding the ""we are killed silently" posters, are  mostly syrians.
This time it's in illuminati media, and to make sure the audience doesn't miss it, the images appear twice in the milestone video that ends with another poster: "Human rights don't apply here".
Truth in plain sight about the ongoing genocide of refugees and migrants can only be pushed further with footage of gas chambers or ovens.

Edited by MattMarriott, 11 May 2016 - 02:54 PM.

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#6 Ghostwriter


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Posted 11 May 2016 - 09:13 PM


Ghostwriter, if you don't even realize that you're not replying but only spamming nazi propaganda then you're not a psy-op but rather from basic human cattle.

Right back at ya.

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#7 MattMarriott


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Posted 05 August 2016 - 04:27 PM

All healines of ALL TV channels (cable AND satellite) all over the world
Produced by the same illuminati secret society that staged the diversion fronts of WW2 (phoney war, Western Desert Campaign in North Africa, Japan) using agents in control of UK and US governments (Churchill, Roosevelt & Co).
These fronts were also meant to create illuminazi icons such as "nvincible General Rommler, the Desert Fox".
Talk of marketing illuminazi icons from the III Reich:

Aug 2016 - "Himmler diaries reveal chilling details of Nazi wartime life"  - for dummies
Goal: suggest that the nazi horror is only being "discovered" now and thus support the "denial of nazi crimes" agenda.
In other words: suggest that if it these horrorstook 80 years to surface then it's faked by the same ones who are"jailing the truth seekers exposing the holohoax" .
Note that the hoax "jailed for denying the holocaust" is based on the same basic suggestion technique: "if they are jailed then it must be true what they are exposing".
Aug 2, 2016
Heinrich Himmler’s Lost Diaries Reveal Everyday Horrors of the Holocaust
The documents include details such as Himmler ordering the murder of thousands following a massage from his doctor and nearly fainting when he was splattered with the brains of a Jewish victim killed in a mass shooting near Minsk, are documented, MailOnline reports.
Himmler’s diaries were discovered in the archive of the Russian ministry of defence in Podolsk near Moscow earlier this year, where they had remained for seven decades. Extracts from the service diaries – which were written in 1938, 1943 and 1943 and contain more than one thousand pages – have been published for the first time in the German newspaper Bild as part of a serialization.
The discovery of the diaries come two years after photographs, love letters and even a recipe book belonging to Himmler were found in Israel.
Aug 4, 2016
Himmler diaries reveal chilling details of Nazi wartime life
Now for the real Himmler's "death" story:
Heinrich Himmler: SS commander's tomb in **ORIGINAL** script's crypt under a swastika on the roof - exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet

Edited by MattMarriott, 05 August 2016 - 04:44 PM.

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#8 hansel


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Posted 05 August 2016 - 06:41 PM

Hitlers Jewish soldiers
Jewish fighters Hitler: The Untold Story of Nazi racial laws and people of Jewish origin in the German army.

Bryan Mark Rigg's book (an Israeli citizen), which states on the basis of documentary evidence that 150 thousand Jewish fighter and officers waged war in the Nazi army.

The study was based on Rigga 400 interviews with veterans of the Wehrmacht, 500 hours videopokazany, 3 thousand photos and 30 thousand pages of memoirs of Hitler's soldiers and officers — those whose Jewish roots allow them tomorrow to immigrate to Israel.

Hitler's Jewish SoldiersWerner Goldberg

The term "mishlinge" in the Reich called people born of mixed marriages with non-Aryans Aryans. Racial laws in 1935 distinguished between "mishlinge" first degree (one of the parents — a Jew) and second degree (grandmother or grandfather — the Jews). Notwithstanding the legal "tainted" people with Jewish genes, and despite the high-sounding propaganda, 10s of thousands "mishlinge" quietly lived under the Nazis. They were called to the ordinary procedure Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine, becoming not only the soldiers, and the part of the generals at the level of the commanders of the regiments, divisions and armies.

Hundreds of "mishlinge" were awarded for bravery steel cross. 20 fighter and officers of Jewish origin have been awarded the highest military merit the Third Reich — the Knight's Cross. In general, many veterans of the Wehrmacht complained that the authorities reluctantly submitting to orders and drawn with the advancement in rank, thinking about their Jewish forefathers.

For a long time the Nazi press put a picture blue-eyed blonde in a helmet. Under the photograph read: "Immaculate German fighter. "This was the Aryan standard Wehrmacht soldier Werner Goldberg (and dad-Jewish).

Wehrmacht Major Robert Borchardt received the Knight's Cross for a tank breakthrough Russian Front in August 1941, then it was oriented in Rommel's Afrika Korps. El Alamein was captured by the British. In 1944, he was allowed to come to the UK for a reunion with his father, a Jew. In 1946, Borchardt returned to Germany, saying his own Jewish father: "Somebody's got to build our country." In 1983, shortly before his death, he spoke German students: "Many Jews and half-Jew who fought for Germany in the Second World War, believed that they should honestly defend their own fatherland, serving in the army."

Colonel Walter Hollander, whose mother was Jewish, received a personal letter to Hitler, the Fuehrer which certified Aryan this halakhic Jew (Halacha — Jewish customary law, in accordance with which the Jew is born of a Jewish mother. — KK). Such a certificate of "German blood" were signed by Hitler for the 10-s high-ranking officers of Jewish origin.

During the war, Hollander was awarded the steel cross two degrees and a rare distinction — Gold German Cross. In 1943, he received the Knight's Cross, when his anti-gang in a battle killed 21 Russian tank on the Kursk Bulge.

When he was given leave, he went to the Reich through Warsaw. Specifically, there he was shocked by the views of exterminating the Jewish ghetto. Hollander returned to the front broken. Personnel officers have entered into a private matter "very independent and lightly managed," cut him to increase the rank of general.

Who were the "mishlinge" Wehrmacht: victims of anti-Semitic persecution or accomplices of the executioners?

Life is often put them in absurd situations. One man with an iron cross on his chest came from the front to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, that? visit there own Jewish father. Officer SS was shocked by this guest: "If it were not for the credit on your uniform, you would have found me quickly where your father."

And here's the story 76-year-old inhabitant of the Federal Republic of Germany, one hundred percent Jewish. In 1940, he escaped from Nazi-occupied France on forged documents. Under the new German naming it called a "Waffen SS" — the choicest part of the battle. "If I had served in the German army, and my mother died in Auschwitz, who am I — a victim or one of the pursuers? — Often asks himself. — The Germans felt guilty for what he did not want to hear about us. Jewish community also turns away from like me. After all, our stories contradict everything that used to take the Holocaust. "

In 1940, all the officers who had 2-Jewish grandfathers or grandmothers, were ordered to leave the military. Those who have been tainted by Jewishness only from the 1st of grandparents, could remain in the army in the rank and file positions.

But the reality was different: these orders were not made. Without result because of their repeated once a year. Frequent were cases when the German soldiers, driven by the laws of a "frontline brotherhood" hide "their own Jews," without giving them the party and punitive organs.

Understandably 1200 examples of service "mishlinge" in the Wehrmacht — soldiers and officers from the coming Jewish forefathers. In thousand of these soldiers were killed 2,300 Jewish relatives — nephews, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers and fathers.

In January 1944, the Wehrmacht's personnel department has prepared a list of 77 hidden high-ranking officers and generals, "mixed with the Jewish race or married to a Jew." All 77 had personal identity of Hitler's "German blood". Listed in the middle of the list — 23 Colonel, five major generals, eight lieutenant-generals and two full-General.

This list could be supplemented by one of the figures of the Nazi regime naizloveschih — Reinhard Heydrich, head of the pet and the Fuhrer of the RSHA, who controlled the Gestapo and criminal police, intelligence and counter-intelligence. All my life (thankfully short-lived), he struggled with the rumors of Jewish origin.

Heydrich was born in 1904 in Leipzig, in the family of director of the conservatory. Home story says that his grandmother was married to a Jewish father soon after the birth of the future chief of the RSHA. As a child, older boys thrashed Reinhard, calling him a Jew.

Hitler's Jewish SoldiersSpecifically Heydrich held in January 1942 Wannsee conference to discuss the "final solution of the Jewish question." His report stated that the grandchildren of Jews and Germans are regarded as not subject to repression. They say that at one point, he returned home to pieces NIGHT MODE intoxicated, he turned on the light, saw his own image in the mirror and twice fired a pistol at him and said, "Disgusting Jew!"

A traditional example of "Shelter Jew" in the elite of the Third Reich can be considered as Field Marshal Erhard Milch aviation. His father was Jew-pharmacist.

Because of Jewish origin was not accepted in the Kaiser's military schools, but the outbreak of the first global war gave him access to the aircraft. Milch was in a division known Rihtgoffena, met with the young Goering and distinguished himself at the headquarters, although he did not fly in airplanes. In 1929, he became
CEO of "Lufthansa" — the state carrier. Wind is blowing in the direction of the Nazis, and Milch provided free of aircraft to favorites NSDAP.

This service is not forgotten. Once in power, the Nazis claimed that the mother did not carry Milch sex life with her husband, a Jew, and the real father of Erhard — Baron von Beer. Goering long laughed about it: "Yes, we did Milch bastard, bastard but aristocratic." Another aphorism Goering about Milch: "The in-house staff I myself will decide who I Jew, and who is not! "

After the war, Milch spent nine years in the slammer. Then up to the age of 80 worked as a consultant concerns "Fiat" and "Thyssen."

The vast majority of veterans of the Wehrmacht they say that going into the army, they did not consider themselves Jews. These men tried to refute his own courage Nazi racial chatter. The Nazi soldiers on the front triple zeal justify that Jewish forefathers did not prevent them from being quite good German patriots and steadfast warriors.

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#9 wirehaired


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Posted 05 August 2016 - 07:10 PM

Those jews were worse than the Nazis,i believe some joined the SS and German army to hide among them,if those Germans had found out about those jews believe me they would have killed them.

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