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Euro 2016

Euro2016 zombie Daesh terror mindcontrol CIA false flag Patriot Act Islamic State islamophobia

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#1 Soheil


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Posted 28 May 2016 - 04:19 PM

Don't go to France, simple.

:vv: : And don't even bother to try to learn French! (useless)

:bolt: :bolt: :bolt:

Daesh plans to hit Euro 2016 in France: German spy chief

Sat May 28, 2016 2:10AM

Germany's domestic intelligence agency has warned that the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group is preparing for a terror attack it during the upcoming Euro 2016 soccer tournament to in France.

The head of Germanys Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Hans-Georg Maassen, made the remarks in an interview with the Rheinische Post newspaper on Friday, adding that he has no hard evidence on where or when the attack is set to happen.

We know that Daesh has the European Championship in its sights, Maassen further said, adding that there was quite a lot of background noise, an elevated number of indications that Daesh, al-Qaeda terror group, or its Syrian affiliate Nusra Front wanted to launch terrorist acts against Western targets.

The comments came after France's spy chief said Daesh terrorists were planning a campaign of bomb attacks on large crowds in France.

It is expected that some 2.5 million spectators will gather for 51 soccer games involving 24 teams at the tournament, which is scheduled to begin on June 10 and will last for a month.

On November 13, Daesh, mainly wreaking havoc in Syria and Iraq, launched a series of attacks in Paris killing some 130 people.



One should not make extravagant claims based on such shabby ground, unless of course, if these European regimes are the real perpetrators behind these timely preannounced terror acts.
Indeed, as obedient sycophants, always hell-bent on implementing their U.S. colonial master's policy, these puppet regimes will exploit the ever effective islamophobic sentiment of the European failed states, which will give them their zombies' full support, after some more false flag terror plots, in enacting the U.S. Patriot Act in Europe, an euphemism for an unprecedented set of totalitarian fascist laws, unseen since the 1940s'.

Previous 2015 terror plots conducted on European soil have already been debunked as false flag operations, with the obvious connivence of the regime's secret services, in association with France's racist, far-right nazi party, National Front member providing handy weapon to the so called Islamic State operative!

Mr Hermant famously revealed the existence of the DPS, or Département Protéction et Sécurité - a secret paramilitary group inside the FN in the late 1990s. Its mission was to protect FN officials, conduct intelligence operations and infiltrate and manipulate the enemy namely anti-racism groups or youth gangs in the French suburbs to foment unrest in the hope it would boost FN support.


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#2 Soheil


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Posted 30 May 2016 - 01:54 PM

Too dangerous, even with a tinfoil hat
:bolt: :bolt: :bolt:


Ten children struck by lightning in Paris park

28 May 2016 17:04 GMT+02:00

Eleven people including ten children were injured by lightning during a thunderstorm in a Paris park on Saturday, the fire service said, adding that six were seriously hurt.

The bolt hit the Parc Monceau in the north west of Paris on Saturday afternoon.

"There are currently 11 injured unfortunately, 10 children and an adult who was accompanying them,' Vincent Baladi of the local authority told iTELE television.
"We have six (children) who urgently need medical treatment but we hope they will all pull through," said Baladi, who handles security matters in
Paris' eighth arrondissement where the park is located.

"They have burns," he said, adding that paramedics and firefighters were at the scene. "The lightning struck suddenly."Police say a medical unit is being set up on site to treat the victims with "absolutely urgency".

Local media reports suggest the children were at a birthday party when the thunderstorm struck.

Fire officers were unable to provide any more immediate details of the accident, which happened at the Parc Monceau in north-west Paris in the afternoon.

Despite warm and sunny weather in the morning, Paris was hit by thunderstorms for much of the afternoon on Saturday.

Much of the rest of France has also seen storms on Saturday.
Météo France, the country's meteorological service, issued orange alert warnings for 19 départements of France on Saturday. Orange is the second highest warning level on the service's system, and asks the public to be "very vigilant".



Weather warnings issued for Paris and northern France

30 May 2016 10:33 GMT+02:00

France was left counting the cost after violent storms caused damage across the country at the weekend and on Monday more weather warnings were issued for the north of the country.

Flood and The storms affected large swathes of the country not least several wine-growing regions where vineyard owners saw their crops destroyed by hail stones.

And it wasn't over on Monday with 22 départements across the country given an Orange alert weather warning due to the threat of heavy rain and flooding.

Northern France, the Paris region and parts of central France including Burgundy were all set to be affected (see map below).

The warnings will remain in place until Tuesday morning due to the forecast of heavy rain throughout the day.

At the weekend the storms led to flash floods in many regions and caused the death of a three-year-old girl in the Yonne region of Burgundy.

She died when the basement of the family home in the village of Saint-Martin-d'Ordon flooded on Sunday afternoon.

Reports say the child slipped and fell into the basement.

Firefighters were inundated with call outs as the storms brought down trees and caused power cuts.

In one of the most serious incidents a group of children were left in hospital after a bolt of lightning struck a Paris park on Saturday as they were celebrating a birthday.

One child had to be resuscitated by an off-duty fireman on the scene and remains in a serious condition in hospital on Monday along with four others whose conditions are less severe.

Train traffic was also hit by the storms with a services derailed at Paris-Montparnasse station for more than two hours due to a power outage provoked by the extreme weather.

Several areas of the country were hit by showers of hails stones that left areas looking like winter had returned, including Limoges.

Vineyards destroyed

Winemakers around France saw their crops ruined by the hail storms leaving them with fears about both this year's and next year's harvests.

Cognac, Chablis, and Beaujolais were just some of the famous wine-growing areas hit.

"The damage is so bad," that even the 2017 yield is threatened, said Bernard Malabride a winemaker from the Madiran region of the south west.

The ferocity of the storms caught many by surprise.

The worst hit areas are Burgundy and Charente, said Jérôme Despey, chairman of wine industry body FranceAgriMer.

Thousands of hectares of vineyards have been destroyed around Chateaubernard, Jonzac and Bourg-Charente in the famous Cognac region.








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#3 Soheil


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Posted 02 June 2016 - 02:28 PM

Indeed a more dead than alive failed puppet rogue state

More strikes in France bring rail services to a halt

01 Jun 2016 13:13 GMT+02:00

UPDATED: A rolling strike by French rail workers on Wednesday caused travel disruption for many as around half of train services were cancelled across the country.

Transport chaos hit France on Wednesday, just nine days before the Euro 2016 football tournament, as railway workers went on strike.

Around half of France's trains were cancelled as workers from railway operator SNCF launched their eighth strike in three months, this time saying they will continue until demands for better pay and conditions are met.

SNCF was asking passengers to delay or cancel their trips, but many had no choice.

"It's a nightmare today -- even more than the other strike days," said Christine, an SNCF worker surveying the chaos at Ormesson station in the Paris suburbs, where commuters were struggling to squeeze on to one of the few trains that had shown up.

SNCF said that around 17 percent of workers had joined the industrial action - up from the 10 percent who took part in last week's strike.

The industrial action saw around 60 percent of Frances high-speed TGV trains running. In the Paris region only around 50 percent of the commuter Transilien trains were operating. Transilien line R was said to be the worst hit with only 10 percent of trains running.

The RER A service in Paris was running as normal, but RER B, D and E services were to operate at a third of the normal service. The RER C service will be slightly better.

Elsewhere in the country only 45 percent of Intecité trains will be running. Eurostar services will run as normal as will Alleo services to Germany.

International trains to Switzerland, Thalys services to Belgium and the Netherlands and Ellipsos services to Spain will all be hit. Passengers are advised to check with the rail company.

France has seen a number of rail strikes in recent weeks, which have all impacted on services although the most recent, a two-day strike which took place last week, saw a drop in turn out.

However the three main unions representing rail workers the CGT, Unsa and SUD-rail are promising a strong mobilisation for the rolling strike that will take full effect from Wednesday morning, while other transport strikes are set to take place later in the week.

"This week will be see the biggest mobilisation in the last three months," said CGT union chief Philippe Martinez.

The CFDT union cancelled its call to strike after succeeding in gaining guarantees from the government at the weekend.

The motivation for the walk-out is in part due to opposition to Frances labour reforms which has led to numerous protests and strikes recent weeks.

However rail workers have also organised the strike to put pressure on SNCF bosses as negotiations continue over their pay, working conditions and working hours.

It's the eighth strike in three months for SNCF workers, and this time they have said the strike will continue until demands for better pay and conditions are met.

For Parisians the disruption looks likely to worsen on Thursday June 2nd when workers with the RATP transport network also begin industrial action against the labour reforms and in a bid to improve their own working conditions.

However the transport minister Alain Vidalies does not believe the movement will be strongly followed so is predicting less disruption.

Frances transport network could be hit by further strike action in the days to come, with air traffic controllers threatening a three-day walk-out beginning on June 3rd.

Last ditch negotiations aimed at avoiding that strike will take place on Tuesday with French aviation chiefs confident they can avoid industrial action.

"This week will see the strongest mobilisation in three months" of strikes, the head of the powerful CGT union Philippe Martinez said on Tuesday evening.

On Monday Air France pilots also voted in favour of the idea of a long strike in June although no date has been set.
The second biggest pilot union at Air France - the Spaf - threatened on Wednesday that its members would go on strike on June 11th. The strike is scheduled to last two to four days, and to take place just as the Euro 2016 football tournament begins (on the 10th).

There was some good news around for the French public with signs that last weeks fuel crisis was easing.

On the ground, six of France's eight oil refineries were still halted or running at reduced capacity due to union action, but fuel depots were blockade free.

Despite the disruption caused to their daily lives, nearly half 46 percent -- of French people still support the union's call, a poll in the Journal du Dimanche showed Sunday.

President François Hollande has vowed not to bow to pressure to scrap the bill.

"The bill will not be withdrawn," Hollande told France's Sud Ouest newspaper. "The text assures the best performance for businesses and offers new rights to employees."


Air France pilots vote in favour of 'long strike'

30 May 2016 13:06 GMT+02:00

Pilots at Air France voted on Monday in favour of a long strike, due to upcoming pay cuts.

The SNPL union - the company's main pilots union - said the strike would go on for six days, although was not specific as to when it would begin.

The union's spokesperson Emmanuel Mistrali said it would "inevitably be in June".

The channel said that 68 percent of the pilots were in favour of the strike, which has been called over looming pay cuts.

The SNPL still needs to formally announce a strike, but major disruption to flights would have an impact on foreign fans trying to attend matches at Euro 2016, which kicks off on June 10th.

The news follows reports last week that the pilots may be going on a week-long strike from June 1st.

If this indeed is when their strike begins, it would be two days before France's airports go on strike, in a movement expected to last from June 3rd to June 5th.

The national strike is due to a drop in staff numbers, which has been reportedly going on for almost ten years, unions representing air traffic controllers and other civil aviation workers said last week.

Unions called on up to 12,000 workers from the DGAC civil aviation authority to strike, but aviation authorities are hopeful it won't go ahead with last minute negotiations planned.


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#4 Soheil


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Posted 03 June 2016 - 05:36 PM

Hollande declares natural disaster in Paris amid crippling floods

Fri Jun 3, 2016 7:33AM

French President Francois Hollande has declared natural disaster in Paris amid torrential downpours which have caused River Seine in the capital to reach its highest level in three decades.

Days of torrential rains raised the level of the River Seine in Paris to five meters above normal levels on Thursday, flooding the lower embankments and forcing the nearby Louvre Museum to close down.

Several roads in the capital were also severely hit by the flooding.

Since records began in 1873, it is the first time that Paris experiences so much rain in the month of May.

Thousands of people were evacuated in central and northeastern France due to deadly flooding in the country, which has forced the closure of Louvre, the worlds most visited museum.

People were warned to stay away from banks of Seine, which is expected to reach a peak of six meters later on Friday.

According to local authorities, a man on horseback lost his life after he was swept away in a swollen river in the Evry-Gregy-sur-Yerre commune southeast of Paris.

Emergency barriers have been put along the river that runs through the French capital. Officials asked people to stay away from the rivers banks.

The Louvre said the museum will be closed on Friday, adding, The aim is to move works situated in areas vulnerable to flooding to safety by moving them to higher floors.

Meanwhile, Paris Orsay Museum, also located on the banks of Seine, closed its doors on Thursday. Rail operator SNCF also announced the closure of a train line that runs alongside the river in central Paris.

Some 25,000 people in Paris and central France are left without power. About 3,000 people have been evacuated from Nemours town.

Officials have raised fears that more bodies would be found as waters recede in French villages.

The heavy rains also disrupted the French Open and led the officials to delay a number of tennis matches.

French President Francois Hollande has declared a natural disaster in the European country, which is already experiencing a gloomy mood amid the nationwide anti-austerity demonstrations and paralyzing strikes in protest at controversial labor reforms.

Northern Europe continues to be battered by torrential rain, which has also brought extensive flooding to Belgium and Germany, besides France.

Devastation in Germany

The rainfall has killed 11 people across Europe, with most of the victims in Germany.

The worst incident took place in Bavaria in southern Germany, where six people, including three from the same family -- a 78-year-old woman along with her 56-year-old daughter and 28-year-old granddaughter were killed in the natural disaster.

A 65-year-old man was also found dead in the flood-hit town of Simbach am Inn in Bavaria State, bringing the total death toll in the country this week to 10.

Three others are also missing, a police spokesman in Bavaria state said.

We are mourning those for whom help has come too late and who lost their lives in the floods, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said.

Merkel said her thoughts were with the families who have been plunged into this devastation.


Paris Shuts Louvres Doors to Protect Artwork

16:50 03.06.2016

The world's most visited museum, Pariss Louvre, will be closed throughout Friday as the River Seine has risen to a threatening level after days of torrential rain.

Officials have closed The Louvre, located on the bank of the Seine, and the Musée d'Orsay on the opposite side of the river to allow staff to evacuate literally thousands of paintings and sculptures. Both museums held drills earlier this year to deal with floods.

Heavy rains in parts of France have left some cities flooded. The famous 16th century castle Chateau de Chambord is surrounded by water.

​The river has already risen 5.6 meters above normal levels. Vigicrues, an agency which monitors water levels in France, said that the water is still rising; however, the current situation is far from the 8.5 meters recorded during a catastrophic flood in 1910, which left large areas of the capital submerged for 45 days.

The flood alert level in Paris is at yellow, the third highest, but is expected to be upgraded to orange shortly. French President Francois Hollande declared a state of natural emergency and said he hoped the country was encouraged to take action against climate change.


Even the world's most visited museum, the Louvre, will be closed throughout Friday as the River Seine has risen to a threatening level after days of torrential rain.


The French can now take refuge South, where there is still life and not too much environmental damages ! They must navigate all the way to the shores of Libya and Syria !

Thousands evacuated as floods sweep across France


And for a new better life in the South:

French Plans to Teach Arabic in Primary Schools

18:48 03.06.2016

France's Minister of Education's suggestion to include Arabic among the language choices for French pupils in primary schools has triggered a harsh response from French politicians.

Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem has unveiled several plans designed to improve the education system in France. One of these measures however included making Arabic a language of choice for pupils at primary schools.

"Arabic will be taught in primary schools if the human resources are there and if parents ask for it," Vallaud-Belkacem declared.


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