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Free galaxy wallpaper

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Posted 06 June 2016 - 01:41 AM

For more than a half-century scientists give up in finding the reason the number of stars fewer stars than what they expected.

For more than a half-century scientists give up in finding the reason the number of stars fewer stars than what they expected. Number of stars in the universe is not enough, and now the astronomers think they may have learned why this situation happened.

By using the Hubble Space Telescope, they have discovered a distant galaxy where stars self-destruct to create material for formation of new stars in space at two million miles per hour, and slows the regeneration new stars. The astronomers believe that this discovery may explain why the number of stars in the universe less than expected. You can also access free Abstract wallpaper , you will have more knowledge of the stars to help explain this phenomenon.

Astronomer Carl Sagan once said, the number of stars in the universe is more than the total number of grains of sand on every beach in the world combined. An estimated 10 stars corresponding to a grain of sand - or about a hundred thousand million million million, or 100 sextillion (1 sextillion = 1.000 exponentially seven) star. However, this huge number is not necessarily enough for modern astronomers ..

Stars form when clouds of gas pulled together by gravity. However, according to the computer simulation of this process always exceeds the number of stars that scientists can see. Can number more than 2, even 3 times number of stars visible in the night sky. Geach and his colleagues say they have discovered what the astronomers had lost track.

They have discovered a distant free galaxy wallpaper called star 10 billion light years it is forming stars violently than 260 times the speed compared to the Milky Way, our own. The torrents of radiation generated by a newborn celestial escape the residual gas. When the raw material was blown into space, forming speed will slow and even stop. As many new stars are born, the more pressure the light of the stars were created, more gas emissions and prevent the rate of formation of stars.

This is the first time this process is seen by active star formation itself. Usually it is associated with black holes at the centers of active galaxies. However, no evidence of such a black hole in the galaxy.

Not only are the stars alone could be sucked into. Astronomers believe that the maximum shape, black holes could blow small galaxies, which explains why there are fewer than 10 to 100 galaxies according to calculations by scientists.

Actually there are many other interesting things about the universe that have yet to be fully explored, install to your PC, your phone and share with friends free Space wallpaper for more experienced exciting new experience of life around yourselves, we will not disappoint you


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