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Euro 2016 Football: Fixed Wales v Russia scripted as third and FINAL 7

Euro Euro 2016 Wales Russia Fixed Wales v Russia mockery rigged ban

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Posted 21 June 2016 - 12:51 AM

Simulated reality: Politics vs Footbal
You live in a simulated reality, staged by the secret society Ordo Illuminatus (illuminati).
In politics and media  the simulation reaches 100%: 
- all members of all EU "parliaments" or from the US Congress and Senate fulfill orders dictated by Grand Master Alexander Adolf Hitler, grandnephew of the "Fuehrer". 
- media stories are the result of a script, except for local news and (almost all) natural catastrophes.
On the other hand in the  football "reality" served by media NOT everything is staged.
In fact to achieve the desired degree of simulation all it takes is to cast a snall percent of those on stage.
Referees ican't use video to decide because otherwise the same degree of simulation could never be achieved.
Euro 2016 Football: Both the ball and the Puma shirts break out - for dummies
Staged during the match  France v Switzerland with material deliberately manufactured to fail. 
Goal: symbology for the break-up of Puma's star Usain Bolt, about to be falsely accused of doping, same as Lance Armstrong and all other athletics and cycling champions previously stripped of their titles.
Talk of deliberate failures and Euro 2016:
Wales v Russia scripted as the third and * FINAL * 7-0
Yet it was not only not perfect, same as the first, but actually it was a FAILURE.
incredibly a goalkeeper not in the cast was all it took to prevent it.
Grotesque Wales team
The welsh were unable to score the scripted 7 goals despite having half of the Russian team (but not the goalkeeper) also participate in the mission.
In other words: Wales was unable to complete the third SEVEN on the scheduled day .
In the script'ss words:
-  the day afterr the milestone "athletes executed simply for their nationality": banned from the Olympic Games simply for being Russian.
- two days after the secod SEVEN, set in California; mexicans slaughtered at home, same as the first SEVEN with Brazil at the World Cup 2014.
From Germany in 2014 to Chile and Wales within two days in 2016
In 2014 the germans scored each time the two brazilan defenders did their part of the job.
It became more grotesque as Chile failed to score several times after the five mexican players part of the scheme did their job, yet the script was not aborted., leading to goals scored as weird as it gets.
With Wales the plan had to be aborted because after even more failed attempts to score,  the show was becoming too grotesque.
The bigger the lie the easier it is to expose.
Despite the grotesque show not even ONE media outlet points out the possibility that it was fixed let alone that wha was fixed was a much higher score than 3-0.
The grotesque show continues with the served explanation:  "a fantastic performance by Wales and superstar Bale".
This simple fact is UNDENIABLE evidence that all media controlled by the same, from UK to Russia.
21 June 2016 - Wales Smash Russia To Top Euro 2016 Group
Reminder of Last Prophet's words one day before the match Wales v Russia,explaing the second 7, set one day before the "Russian athletes banned from the Olympics" milestone:
BIG BANG starts with the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden in Jerusalem, crucified to the missing Boeing 777.
The third and *** FINAL *** 7-0 is coming.
Chile slaughters Mexico 7-0 - for dummies
Mexicans slaughtered was staged the same day as Trump calls first time for "profiling" a group of US citizens "just for being".
Reminder: mexicans/latinos is one of the groups the neo-Geatpo will come for after arabs/muslims.
A remake of Brazil 2014, as parallel reverse script.
- result (7-0 was the orginally scripted result for Germany-Brazil)
- the slaughtered are at home (California is home for mexicans in the USA)
- timing: slaughter of mexicans starts after the game, unlike  Santa Maria disco 2013 
- scale: not hundeds of brazilians like Santa Maria 2013 but rather dozens of millions of mexicans are targeted to be slaughtered at Walmarts and stadiums.
Mexico sees ugliness on and off the field in historic Copa America loss to Chile
•June 19, 2016
With the match still scoreless in the 13th minute, Jesus Duenas missed a chance and Chile goalkeeper Claudio Bravo attempted his first goal kick. On cue, Mexico fans chanted a homophobic slur at the Chilean No. 1, an act that has been heavily criticized in the aftermath of the Orlando shootings.
Seemingly, though, the chant triggered a chain of events that broke the spirits of Mexican fans.
Only three minutes later, Chile scored to take a 1-0 lead. Before the break, the scoreline jumped to 2-0 in favor of the away team. However, hope and joy still appeared in the stands, which were described as one journalist as consisting of 29 Mexican fans for every 30 people.
After the break, though, Alexis Sanchez took only four minutes to show that two changes for Mexico would have no impact on the result. After their third goal, Chilean players gathered at the corner flag to celebrate before Mexican fans acted heinously by throwing beer cups and popcorn at the players.
Jul 2014 Footbal World Cup: Germany Brazil 7-1 impossible result THEATER: ** UNDENIABLE ** proof: ALL explained in ADVANCE ONLY by Last Prophet
Brazil, still took place because ukrainian resisters forced Illuminati Grand Master to postpone BIG BANG.
Brazilians virtually slaughtered by Germany, one year after the real slaughter of brazilians by the illuminati at the Santa Maria disco.
Neymar and two defenders blackmailed to participate.
All staged by Brazil's treasonous government, nazi agents executing illuminati orders.
The impossible result:  Symbolic score was supposed to be 7-0 with 5-0 at half time and 4 goals in 7 minutes.
Why the script wasn't exactly fulfilled 
COMPLETE LIST of illuminati TV 'news' stations: know EACH and EVERY television broadcaster selling nothing but LIES
Osama Bin Laden's resurrection, a 9/11 2001 remake: 
Original script for the remake of New York 9/11 2001.
God repeatedly postpones and irrevocably modifies the satanic script.
All in Blog

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