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Casten Semenya transgender chapter in Destruction of Athletics: Obama bathrooms bomb as 2016 intro to 2009 words

Casten Semenya Semenya gender Athletics Berlin 2009 South Africa Bolt 800 m Bathrooms

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Posted 19 August 2016 - 12:17 PM

Rio 2016 parody:  staged for the second time as "very last Olympics":
Seven years after Bolt's milestone for Human Physical Limits at the same Berlin World Championshps where Semenya won her first and only world title so far:
- hours after Bolt set yet another molestone for world titles, this time in the 200 m and both the 100 and 200 m
- just before 800 m women final, the world's oldest athletics record
A reminder from Last Prophet's words from August 2009, "Transgender agenda and Destruction: from Obamessiah to Semenya, from USA to athletics ".
Introduced by later deelopments, from Obama's bathroom bomb from May 2016 to "Semenya'a wedding" and the" comeback of Bruce Jenner as Caitlyn".
May 2016 - Introduction
2016 May - Obama detonates the bathrooms bomb. Obamessiah's miracle turns men into women by simply having them walk into the ladies rooms.
Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation: the gender bombs
The script included an official bomb to legally open the door of women's bathrooms to men in general and sexual assaulters in particular.
It was served as "Obama to Public Schools: Allow Transgender Students Access to Bathrooms".
Contrast it in the timeline with two other transgender suicide bombs,  exposed by Last Prophet:
1. attached in plain sight to Obama's chest ever since he stepped on stage together with the future "first lady Michelle", a former football player in college.
2. to be detonated only after the launch of the BIG BANG (resurrection of Osama crucified to the missing Boeing 777, at Jerusalem, Obama Bi-nla- den's staged arrest),
Transgender agenda and Destruction of Athletics
It started 2009, years before the related "reality show" chapter "Bruce Jenner changes sex, becomes Caitlyn".
A chapter that uses an actor to impersonate one of the great US athletics champions, literally executed by the illuminati not long ater Ben Johnson became the first champion to be figuratively executed by doping.
The Jenner chapter was released after Semenya's torture of 4 years finally resulted in her accepting to participate in yet another reality show: 
"Semenya's wedding, after both families were happy to negotiate the bride, lobola, .another south african athlete with Semenya's family paying R25?000".
A torture that lasted almost as long as what Lance Armstrong endured before he finally "confessed to Oprah Winfery on TV".
The same Guantanamo type of torture that Trump now officially promises to multiply "more, more and more" for everyone ("we will kill their (ISIS)  families").
Reminder of Last Prophet's words from Aug 2009 
Transgender agenda and Destruction: from Obamessiah to Semenya. from USA to athletics
1. Obama transgender lines in the Destruction of the USA
2. Casten Semenya transgender chapter in the  estruction of Athletics
Obama in the transgender agenda, part of the Destruction of the USA
Script lines range from: 
- day one: a transvestite first lady, what will never be served officially. 
[Side note added Sep 2014, after the fake death of the fake Joan Rivers: Obama will indeed confess this "murder", but the official story will be because "Rivers dared to attack Obama" not "exposed Michelle Obama as a man"].
- to just before the crucifiction, alias "Obama sentenced to death, executed by hanging": stripped Obama confesses the murder of several gay lovers,.
It's part of: the countless list of fake assassinations that Obama will confess to have ordered or personally carried out (includes strangling with his own hands his granny at her bed in Hawaii, Nov 2008).
Casten Semenya transgender chapter in the "Destruction of Athletics" agenda.
The difference between  Bolt and Semenya
Bolt will remain not only the fastest man FOREVER but also at the top of the list of athletes executed by the illuminati with false accusations.
Same as almost everyone else in the list: Illuminati sentenced Bolt to be executed by "on drugs". 
Contrast it with one of the few exceptions on that list: 
South Africa's Casten Semenya: executed on gender rather than on drugs
TV "commentators" around the globe are ordered to use the same defamatory expressions about Semenya as to all other athletics and cycling champions still competing, while replacing drugs with gender.
Reminder: Defamation paves the way for the official execution, other than directly advancing the same agendas as banned athletes, which include the destruction of athletics.
The Casten Semenya paradox
Casten Semenya is the only 800 m athlete who would have had a chance to break the 1982 world record had she not been non-stop psychologically tortured ever since she went under the two minutes barrier.
Paradoxically at a time where the iiluminati are so desperate for new world records that 2014 they manufactured the first one, at the men's  pole vault (albeit a new wolrd record was not the only agenda in that particular case)
Casten Semenya - the "woman is man" trangsender agenda combined with "destruction of athletics"
Illuminati mockery in  literal "black is white" went as far as to have "black Michael Jackson becomes white, has biological white children".
But Michael Jackson was also a star in another "black is white" agenda, this time figuratively: the "man is woman" or illuminati transgender agenda.
Semenya is the name that stands for the same illuminati combining this type of mockery with the torture of another great athletics champion, this time exceptionally not with false accusations of doping but rather of gender.
Apr 2016: Michael Jackson to Prince: pop variations in Black is White: literal, psy-op type, illuminati commandment 
For the the doping conspiracy, Bolt's execution and illuminati desperate for new world records, start here
From Jamaica's Lightning Bolt 2009 to South Africa's Van Nikerk 2016
Universe World and Human Physical Limits: was the very LAST milestone set at Rio's 400 meters?
All in Blog - Obama transgener bathrooms bomb, Semenya's staged marriage and fake Bruce Jenner added as introduction to original Aug 2009 article

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