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Statistics, Progress Report and and Events : Address of Ahmadiyya Khalifah on 2nd Day of UK Jalsa Salana 2016

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Posted 02 September 2016 - 01:47 PM

Peace be on you..In the second day’s address at UK Jalsa Salana 2016, Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (a.t.) mentioned  blessing of Allah the Exalted, statistics of various departments of Jama'at, impressions by non-Ahmadis and inspiring events.  


By the grace of God the Exalted by now, Jama'at is established in 209 countries of the world….In last 32 years [since when in 1984 fourth Khalifah (ra) was to migrate to UK], Jama'at has reached in 118 countries.


TWO NEW COUNTRIES….This year two new countries are added; Paraguay and Cayman Island. Missioanries from Canada too did effort for Paraguay, and from Canada and Belize they went to Cayman Island.


CONNECTIONS WITH NEW-COMMERS…Delegations were sent in 49 countries to meet new comers for their education and training, survey was made to make centers and registration of Jama'at. Interviews and articles were published in newspapers, literature was distributed. Public impression was good.


NEW JAMA'ATS…721 new chapters / Jama'ats  are established  in this year outside Pakistan….At 964 places, Jama'at reached first time…


One event for example: In Gambia, Jama'at established in a village, Ahmadis were opposed heavily. Ahmadis invited all village in a programe. Missioanry delivered speech and informed them about Islam. The chief of village said before all village that I had heard a lot about Jama'at but today the speech of missionary began with Kalima, Surah al-Fatiha and salutation on Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). As soon as I heard this all my doubts were removed. I am becoming Ahmadi and ask others to do so. By the grace of Allah the Exalted 635 people in the village did Bai'at.


MOSQUES……Newly made mosues and the mosques which were given to Jama'at this year is 299. …..New construction is 120 and 179 are brought by people……First mosques are made in Brazil, Japan, Comoros island. In Beligium, mosque is being made….and so on


In Benin, a Christain pastor was surprised when he was invited to attended inauguration of mosque. He said he was happy to come here.


MISSION HOUSES…..This year 121 mew mission houses are added……Now we have 2594 mission houses in 124 countries….In addition to it, now religious-centers to convey message are 450…..  Jama'at in India was on top with 17 new mission houses during the year……Tanzania is second with 15 added, Burkina Faso is third with 10 added.


WAQAR E AMAL… (lit:dignity-of-work-scheme: volunteer work by members) In Africa, Jama'ats do waqar e amal  in making mosques and mission houses. Likewise, in other coutries, members help in services related to electricity, water fittings, colur etc for mosques, centers and religious-centers…….In 78 countries, 46,986 waqar-e-amal were done and it saving was worth  24,11000 US dollars…..


Example: Tanzanian president announced that all country should make cleanliness-week on national day to give message to new generation to keep country all age. Ahmadis cleaned a market road and waste water path, all people in city were surprised to see such cleanliness, they were more surprised to know all work done was without money by waqar e amal.


WRITINGS / COMPOSITION……(Wikalat e tasnif) Holy Quran’s English transltion with short commentary, based on transltion and Tafsir by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah II (r.a.), edited by Respected Malik Ghulam Farid sahib is printed with correction in typing, it is now available after long time…….Some books of Hazrat Promised Messiah (a.s.) are printed and available (in English and other language)……. Allah the Exalted is enabling Jama'at to serve Holy Quran…..




In Mauritius, a non-Ahmadi professor of Arabic, visited book fair and said: I saw Holy Quran published by Jama'at Ahmadiyya in the hotel room where I am is staying, I thought there are so many Muslim countries and sects in  world but  if someone is being enabled to serve Holy Quran it is Jama'at Ahmadiyya.


Missioanry is Canada writes: we went to Guatemala last year to distrubte leaflets. A new Ahamdi told there was all sins in him, in these conditions chritianity forced me to become atheist. A Muslim women would call me to Islam but I rejected . One day I went to Ahmadiyya mosque, friend gave me The Philsophy to Teachings of Islam (by Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s.). My being was shaken by reading it. It forced me to accept Islam. It has favoured me


An Egyptian said: I sent message to join Jama'at through website. After few day, a member of Jama'at Ahmadiyya Egpt contacted me. He gave the book The Philsophy to Teachings of Islam (by Hazrat Promised Messiah a.s.), it is unsual book. By reading such spiritual thought, soul came in ecstacy, and it became sure that its writer is sent by God. I telephoned that friends to do Bai'at.


CIRCULATION PRINTING……(Wakalat e Isha’at Tabaat)….According to report from 126 countries, 891 various books, pamphlets and folders etc in 58-languages, numbering 15,620,068 were published…..(up 3,300,000+ since last year)…By the grace of Allah the Exalted now literature is published is millions.


CIRCULATION SENDING……(Wakalat e Isha’at Tarseel)….This is a separate department which sends books to various countries…….In 47-languages, 312000 books were sent to various countries. The books were worth 418000+ British Pound…….Books were sent from Qadian to other countries through ‘Wakalat e Tameel wa Tanfeez’. Books worth 405000 Rupees were sent to three regional libraries in Jama'at Ahmadiyya Madghskar and Jama'at’s library in Mayotte Island…………..Free literature  as 3117 books, folders and pamphlets was distributed in amount 13412000…..Message reached to total 24000000 people….. The 380+ regional and central libraries has been established in Jama'ats, books from London and Qadian were sent…..During the year 103 libraries are made in India on district level. In India, Press and Media departments are strengthened. Special efforts are made to immediate counter the wrong hateful news in newpapers about Jama'at and to publish correct view about Jama'at…….The Call-towards-Allah service is improved in India and work continues through various method, answers to opponents’ allegation are being given.


RAQEEM PRESS AND AFRICAN AHMADIYYA PRESS….. Raqeem Printing Press has been shifted to new building, from Islamabad to nearby city Farnham (surrey UK) ……This year books printed in this press are 674000+ (3 times more than previous year). Alfazl International, small leaflets and pamphlets and books of Jama'at are printed from here. New machines have been added here……………In Benin, Africa printed press is installed. Now 8 Presses are working in Africa. 1035000 books and magazines are printed…….Our Sierrra Leone Press, in addition to our literature, prints things for  government and private companies too. New machines have been bought for Nigerian Press too like color printers etc……..In Nigerian Press, Holy Quran Arabic and  translation in Yoruba language has been printed in 4000.


EXHIBITIONS, BOOKSTALLS AND BOOKFAIRS……This year, Jama'at participated in 580 Book Fairs in the world. in addition to that 1566 exhibitions, 13453 Bookstalls were established.. By these programs message of Jama'at reached to 4019000 people. 

Much more and narratives and about Russian Desk @ http://www.religious...adiyya-dir.327/

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